Slacker and Steve - GMD: Gun Control 10/5

Thursday, October 5th


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Selector and Steve. It's Sue. Bird serious subject it's gonna be sensitive. On the fact we cannot only be the decision next time we can't talk about here where can we are about so let's get done. Stephanie included on the phone. And we're gonna start with staff and Stephanie. And Heidi. What did you tell us about what's going on what's his argument about it. Palestinian might have to detect. The sound ordinary a couple of yeah it's yeah it's on even ground. He brought three into how. And yeah. And I don't my guns and I always didn't get a couple of them being married but this. So you know especially now what plus they get and how many natural means I didn't I think it's been transferred. To pick on how. Good all all give Brit a bum legs have a friend hold on are you talking on cell mosque take him and turn him in just you just want I'm going to. If I get when I'm gone and I just don't I don't want them in my. You know in our house anymore. What did you say you have kids. We don't have a kid and now we're planning cricket in the future so that's another thing that like. I don't wanna bring children and guy how put on me really uncomfortable. Okay bombs. Let's let's just jump right into David here I'm sure you guys have had this tough argument the last few days and haven't again for us if you don't mind David what's your side of more. Battle as well yeah I got there yet. Com well yeah we have been having that argument you know again madam. I. It's just tell united some big I grew up with a very comfortable within mark Guthrie got into action and I've got to Glock nine millimeter. Remington has 700 rightful. And they are just seeing it is semiautomatic. Have has some modifications central but everything's legal com. But so I keep under lock and key. I just. I population you know they they all have their own purpose. It's not like various. You know it's a gratuitous kind of collection. What are we tell us the purpose what's the purpose of millions the pistol. A lot of Glock is horrible protection. It's a very it's you know. Well armed either Remington was a I don't values aren't. And I don't offend everybody knows what that is but it's a terribly daunting rightful. But Mike got my grip my what might actually right. Father gave it to me when he passed away so it's kind of becoming an heirloom. So for that reason that's just. This got a Turkey. On the I'd liked it. Pass it along at some point in time to mind. Hundred in the cellar in the ER. That's so a lot of fun this year that I think it has so. That's what actually that's kind of my I had my little release some might weekend shall go to that target range units Stella. Tanks you know our core. All right and so let's let's go back today and you know one day you don't want a dear freedom from what what what what is your argument or her. When she feels so strongly in the light of current events. Own to get rid of them what she how do you and your wife and say yeah no. It wouldn't wouldn't buy why you keep him I mean I understand that no doom one is an heirloom. What about the other training. Well the beluga Glock as a protection mean. He can be given you know this the recent events and am. I mean that's kind of firm mean part of my argument it's to do what if these are these people were carrying able to protect themselves how. Com. Just coming here they randomly into the air China chairman of the Pulitzer come from a zone. I'm not okay maybe it's evident example but the but as far as you know other situations. On just being able to protect yourself as. It's if you're responsible you know gun owner I can these it's. My my biggest camp when it is not the guns it's the people behind them you go to means so. You know there's. Plenty of responsible gun owners out there. And you think so there. Are using your ARC has no chance of falling into the hands is the wrong person I mean he did you're not. Unita strayed and anybody using that the way the guns were used. I don't think did I mean now I'm not I'm not committed we're begun battled and some were stolen they won't go so no it. I I don't I will I don't think so no I I look at Ted I'm very responsible very very vigilant about keeping my guns locked up. You know that it is safe and has not like. The bad luck or anything and is a serious deal extended its like a fingerprint than. And Stephanie your your your totally trust David you you know he's not going. Wake up one day and snap and then run amok with great course. All I do it. I you struck him but you know there is. You know you're never there early that you can't in else and Trout come another hundred. Club but you don't know. I mean you know let them yet and you later in life order surely know it. It's something where I that's what scared me I guess I don't know what's gonna have and and the fact that they're Internet and I'll. You care by sleeping you don't shoot SaaS and you don't you don't you know I don't I don't. I don't you know honestly it not much. He you know it it's not an every every weekend hobby it's not like it's something that. You know is. You can also go to shoot undock at gun range and may have gone rare that you can hear there is no reason to have to bring your own gun and I see. So loud there I mean that is. It did there I mean I'd died I've kind of grown attached to a new so it's like they're played too good period you know Snickers huh. Sounds very new immunity and you know he usually willow but especially the Remington and that set screw that for no reason. With that are like you know. You let him keep that when I mean I am not a we're negotiating right I mean. It does feel weird to let go all the same heirloom when he does feel attached to the handgun as a point of protection. Which you haven't needed to this point but what he did he know I've had that same argument in my own house. Are we willing to negotiate down the number of guns happening here is an all Knutson situation if. Ed and me honestly it Arnott in I don't I don't after everything that's happening. An earlier country is I get I honestly I don't think people need and not have a field. That's the only air land him a gun like that I it it it can hurt someone I can eat. The damage someone's life. And completely and then. And you have a in an ad for a necklace from your grandmother could show Q I mean to be out there that you have to take actor to choke someone. My I can't say to get caught onto something here. That I mean that's not the greatest analogy but let some heroic Stephanie and David you both promised to abide by the decision of our. Comes agreement today there's going to be a major life change for one if you guys are still more with Stephanie if you don't lose your still on board with the guns being around you for the rest of your life. All. I think we arguments hang tight guys don't move I need you don't it's. Have a site I mean I have this I I act pot full disclosure I haven't done Soto. I don't have an AR but I don't I don't save that. There's one guy went crazy then no one can have them I don't really see the purpose of room for. Johnny suburbs to be able to shoot off that many rounds but they since they didn't legal up till now I. I don't see this guy being in a freeze in the to go house absentee wave but. She's on com stir bowl and the millions time we've learned on this show. If it's no for one earlier in the relationship we should be no for both of you have which you're making your your meat uncomfortable. Then you need to stop that. The one guns and your room that's now when I'm having the hardest time classroom. But I mean if you gonna leave one and has miserly mall there you go refusing to display it in the shadow box on the wall or whatever. We still firearm in the bottom line is it's they've got three guns I don't really and I know one's a Glock and one's a bright tried earlier yes in ones and AR. She wants a mall gone. She never really liked him she I think she gave in and just tolerated it but with things that have happened recently she's done is done. So did she the right to make him stop. Mean constitutionally at this particular moment she doesn't but in a marriage marriages sometimes they're from different than the constitution. Oddly enough. We need you to help them make this decision I know this is serious so let's get some jury members in here and get some perspective on how people think. Sarah. I. So I kinda can't get excited I'd go out and I got an airport Antarctica or if you are an airport. South Korea that the kid I'd explain why he or not to market and be feeling very comfortable and I hot and I Karl. I can't pretty much I think I had exchanged diet. Stock and that it wouldn't get crawled mount and make well and conduct illegal her area we the government isn't because black. And I and then there were no I'm not how most piping. It would have been a totally different situation and because equipment to pass. So you do you see you had so I suicidal Sam remember you don't think they would have chosen some other method they would have they would have just done it. In fact. Good. My family member I happen here dame challenge that the terrific guy and I am just gonna be one bullet he got every note package that is. Luka. Oh hang. Yes there are no apparent how popular bird that actually makes your options one and it do what you can deal and it goes out of situations and but. You know outraged. I thought situation. I found it very scary stat the other day and I was kind of floored by it I do not realize that makes. I always assumed that this its fifty some people who died in Vegas did most of the gun violence in this country with somebody shooting somebody else that I am I've read it like 66% and it's. The gun related deaths in this country are self inflicted suicide they are so. Arm that's a little scary when I called on I don't turn me be on voice disguise her. I hope it's working and it's Andy became the meal can be is up next night your disguised Yahoo! says you want. Wouldn't. Look at. True. Our our group would or tomorrow or are we Altidore who can we YouTube. Nor Jordan all the goal driven don't lose your. There's no or were huge portion order butchery. All of the sort of told you more order on it and move more and more intriguing mortgage were ordered huge. And with the world treat you know. All. I want to do due to a portrait. All of America we are we'll do it in the ocean and a bit of a group. Actually the problem what you wish her bid to build a pollute water and you should. Always do our troops in all of image. Who. Didn't abort or give him scored only begin to dream of new promotional switched between Morton and small. Or an important. And he com or go to one Q we have gone to a whole week on trooper merchant. It didn't work huge to me between liberal and put more girls who think abortion all. Washed dirt torching. An expert don't. The question. Are our producers let us know you you just kind of glossed over you said you were you had gun violence when you were young. You're downplaying now you you were in a mass shooting. You wanna tell us which mass shooting urine. Or. Boca. While and yet you're still yet you still OK with everyone having guns. Given what they're true to. Initially gore nor are we doing to do and don't completely your computer but Altria Group siblings. Ya know it change I wasn't against it I grew up around on them having kids there and knowing that if somebody came in was something that I didn't have because you have a juror your closet Dow for us to. Literally haven't I would do and Jenny seriously thank you for the call AZ and you appreciate it. Needs two more years so CS. I. Okay I'm in David died. And you're pilot and I completely understand it Gary the biggest issue in the world right now instead. Guns. And look like one of the technical product out. Even wish you wouldn't argue that and you take away that content. How that's not gonna stop the shooter that's not clearly meant a whole country it's not getting people helping me we cannot and have a gun determine the spill she yeah. So wouldn't you rather they're weak they see in the house. I'm I really think that apparently not call about a go to range get familiar with you if you're more comfortable. I think local matter about having an account but it's not a man. Helps the issue in the world that it's gonna be shooters and it reissued or regardless but it has come to her spending your house. While Stephanie thank you for the call I Stephanie. Yeah. The first call we got that was on your side. Is literally the only person we can find who's on your side on the phones I don't know what FaceBook and other social media looks like Steve it's predominately for David. So. I know you guys agree this is a really big thing and I I don't wanna be the guy who lets you off the hook but I mean are you. Pretty much everybody says he's doing the right stuff he's keeping them locked up. And year you can't. See the words over reactors can't react. This knee jerky to something else that happened that isn't your husband's. You. I mean I understand that I am just I I mean in my I mean I'm maybe I'm one of the steel. People who look into the show them a call and by. And I just don't believe anyone could have cut a gun in their house says you know I ten. Especially I mean like I handed goal is. You know from being that different but I hadn't you know there's not a fault right all like that it can issue. You know that's what the Matt seem to be used for and it showed significant people home for me wouldn't be having efficient country so we're the only country in the world happened issue with these masks you eaten. We're the only country in the world that it allowed to have those are. Now all I mean I am. I don't know at it it did it haircut Meehan maybe if I am from mark moderate that I'd putt. David are you willing to my husband has the locking keep the his fingerprint so I'm not even allowed into the box. It's did you run did little. I mean what what's your next move if you won but you Weis is saying she's petrified so that's still kind of lose what I can. Know that in a couple of colors and it you don't nailed it on the net and that suggest deter well that. We go out you know a couple of weekends a month and just get familiar with the guns and get more comfortable with the men. You know I think that's really the solution. Did you do more compromised. Fox. There you go to we if we appreciate both of you know watching didn't you ask does that mean this really is something that people are thinking about talking about and down. On the CDS onto this conversation going. We have our FaceBook page people are you have the debate going trying to help police right now which is weird globe ELL players is they didn't. Go over their TP arguing gone do try to be civil.