Slacker and Steve - GMD-Homeschooling Son 4/6

Thursday, April 6th

Our Great Mate Debate is all about teaching your child how to handle their problems. One of them wants to teach their son to deal with it head on. The other wants to teach him to run. When you hear what the problem is, running might not be such a bad idea. Hear their argument and pick a side.

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Slacker and Steve are there. I believe Smartphone out there regardless I don't good human Smartphone. Go to. Updates. Brazil now this is the point where you can be she's ending this arms race here. We'll get you. Into a very big debate page. Where it's probably an oversimplified. Question. Two people come US a this complex issue from them just and we slowed down legs should. I don't wanna see these okay this is very serious ones today so she is and now we want you involved on a full team. It's. Maria and Andrew and Maria is going first step Maria. Yeah I didn't you tell us what's Conan. Well how do you come home and complain about my son Braden you. I'm even get crazy and he's he's generally experiment or. I'm a police found about it because he's been getting volleys. And we talk about all about it they said they're going to monitor it but nothing has changed. And so I'm my diploma at a school and start home schooling him yeah mama mama mama I have no problem home schooling him. You know Andrew don't normally do that but and you also. I don't think that he's cute how bad it is. Because our son talks to me about these things and into that workload the time men. You know literally see how much it's affecting our signage not. It's did not name calling it it's more than that it's like he's getting tormented. Every single day. And something's got to change you know I I was screen implement kid. Commit suicide tripping like that you know. So. I just. It I need to get something to protect my son. And typical of not gonna help I need to take it and to my own hand. Okay but some. Let's talk to Andrew as well Andrew. Young guy. Is what is it did you did you just not find a serious she does why why don't you wanna do this. On the ice I think that if we hate him go to school we believe shedding the president in his life that when ever he comes to. Our problem in his life he can always turn to these parents to calm and so all backed. Problems. I'm I don't believe. At that pulling him out of school is that the best course of action it's not even a good course of action. Okay because. Eyes when when can go to school and you learn more. Vander what these study in the books it's a barrel human development. And learning and to interact with other people and learn communications. Skills. OK and if we say. The precedent that hey will always be geared at you know it took six is probably don't even have to say he's armed he's gonna be setting himself up for. A world of hurt. Really I don't. You know to be probably aren't like I can hear the pain in my wife's going to do until it breaks my heart a little bit but I do believe the term bullying and end in tormenting like eight to expect a term that's getting thrown around a lot these gains what you're deep end of the world. I'm I was bullied what I would suggest that. And you don't know why I solved that problem I broke that I know yeah he never bothered me again. That's what bully under him. You know I dealt with my problem that was the only way that I Doral and any inmate six tips and I no longer got bullet. Who cut so they know are you suggesting that your son going in and start a site is that what you want what do you late. I don't want my son to go and start a fight but I want Mike's not if she's getting bullied. He'll learn how to stick up for himself yeah I get that he's only eleven years old but he's getting to that age where he's going to need to start becoming a man you don't. Six or Saturn OK he's eleven he's turning twelve bury Sarah. And she needs a certain learning to stand up for himself we're not gonna be here forever. And it's sketchy start a fight I suggest you defend himself when people are given them. Maria why why can't why why is her to come and save this we knew we knew spoke. I looked in Steve's eyes he looked in mine and we were all and we were on your side and now and Andrew spoke them I'm sort of all in on his side why. Why can't we find common ground here what. Our series since he thinks it is. It int because. The British company he talks to me about these things together and talked to in true about them as much as he talks to me and he's eleven keep a title like ever. And parent it is our job to deal with the problems and to guide him and helped him get through these things and we are failing him right now because we are. Abdel Al Sharpton helped him what's his problem it's not our job to Asia's problems. Spanish and you say hey that's tricky for you you don't need to deal with is that if we see him out of school were telling him whenever you have a problem don't even worry about it you can do is come and we'll talk you wonder our way and that's that's that's a really really see. Let's say that's not what that's not more teaching him OK because we've already taken the first step by talking to the school and they haven't done anything. So with the next step we're taking it to remove him from abusive situation which is something I think it's important parts until. I think you'll have jumped about seventeen different steps I agree that you went in to discuss it with the principal and not much has changed with ten home schooling is like sept eighteen we haven't talked to his parents we haven't taken into a self defense class we haven't talked to the I haven't gone with him directly to speak to the billions they you know if you if you are hurt my son and her cover it. I don't stripper well all your steps are still huge negating the thing you said you're still defending him so. If you're gonna defend him why not send them all away and do a Maria wants to do. And just give him how does Jeremy Jim saves tomorrow. Because kids who are home schooled. Grow up to be really weird people. OK okay now. Oh yeah. All the way back to access I had stands at you know learning arithmetic or spelling at the world capitals himself that's all really important. But what I use it might hate it daylight that I learned at school is how did talk to people how to into packed with people it's learning to live. A life surrounded by people if we home school our son fuel hadn't known outside influence others and my wife who is lovely and wonderful by the way but he's not gonna learn from my white what you learned from his best friend at school welcomed some of the insurers orange at a schoolyard bullying. Interlaced is Eric he's gonna have to learn how to do with the with art all right Maria. Injure I I need to understand that he is the child in need should be the funnier that they're quiet and neat it's starting to become to crack. He is too young. To be depressed. Now you want it. You want him to be good. It socializing. And or you know feel weird kid because they don't hold or do you want them to be dead because that's. That's the option here at lake we need this it's really bad. You know. Learning art and I. Idol I read I read the articles that you sent me about teen suicide rates and depression and what it. It says it is it's not the bullying. That is college in those kids to commit suicide it's just fact that they don't have anyone to turn to to elicit cures he has two wonderful parents who just happen to disagree so strongly well we're having a dialogue about this we're trying to figure out what's the best option color socks I'm not turning a blind eye to what's happening I just believe there is a much better way of handling the problem binges completely disregarding it and you know what that probably doesn't exist anymore sweetie you can come you're. It all in NC. I guess is that the size of coal and turning a blind I'd do it and we have our. You wondered I went and double team has got to put this on both. I don't want you guys to get ramped up what we need to stay united as parents we're gonna see your sums announced a break in so. Do us favor just hang tight you may you both made such great points I I don't wanna vote on this thing hang on. Where are you attitude andrews' wife and his son are in pain. So ends he is so logical and so to analyzing with a siamese endangers a 100% right within the emotional side all she does do is say words to a starter yes suicides we're killing our son. In for Jane Kidd out of there today but then you'll say so yeah our. It is still worse. All alone moved into sole bottom line we're not gonna vote it's a two year Eric we you know voting is voting. Just give them some pointers I'm sure there's other ways to doing bullies and stuff but if you had to choose the two options on the table. Fortune back and that's cool to deal with it or do unsafe and made it safe and home schooled which one would you do. Maria Andrew. We I hopefully we're all calm back down and we can non or this or didn't you some bison carry. How can I just heard. He's reasons. I went through this with Terry and my children. IE and I didn't watch I don't change. Her saying pretty narrowed video taken moments and school. I'm teaching him that educated I am home peaking at such a good idea but I do believe inch. Aren't putting your opinion you principal and the school board which I did. And I also old. My daughter I pulled her out so I ain't cheap crap and I finally put her entire class because issue with the recession at a different time. She. Just graduated from college. She with a double major she's very independent. Very I mean nothing's normal Hershey chief delicate trying. My grandson in its hand and cheating going through it church for years but. I mean her to hear your senior on her side you didn't schooling yeah yeah. No but I do understand. They you have to get the ball away from the bully if you have to call the school at Yankee cap skew the I would try I try to change first but I your purse and got them. Mother cash cash Julia is to get them out of the situation. She didn't tell me. At first I doubt here it is eat he would just come home and cry is Durham. All right he wouldn't it or won't he wouldn't kindergarten and first great start your eagle Peter general salt and so. And everybody told me there's something along OK you know and I knew that allow us to finally started volunteering every bit. You and I are watching an eye camera the boy who it doing it. Did you did you confront the boy yourself. Yeah. CNET but I endanger the Khobar I just gotta be careful with that though you. You do but I mean Andrews it's even suggested he's gonna show up I mean. He's ranked. I don't I can I clarify that point. Yeah I was suggesting to my wife stead going straight from one talk with the principle that didn't work okay east home school there's about a million different options that you can view in between running I'm. My my point was that. And you know. The other spotters are so into W what you don't what I would secure a very told the story when I was a kid there's a bully I would detract you at school and so he would tease me and I would come home crying and my dad says you don't give mr. maxed you know you've got a hundred pound but this kid so they'll stop doing it so I went to school the next day he came Abby are broken nose. And not only did he never bothered me get this self confidence that instilled in me to soul my don't problem alert at all yet I you have to work in this world. Which it. Put quite like a whole new trajectory. It might parentage and wow there's a bully almost like you're gonna see you're gonna protect forever I would not have become the man that I am today. The seats do you some call me Sarah. Yankees nice. I'm I'm running into it right I whole heartedly I understand. Why Maria ought. Cheered her character's son as a mom of the little boy and a little girl crush any time anybody metric hurt my kid I want to eliminate the issue immediately. Note cocky about it honored my tiger being kicked our but technically illegal etiquette school doctor Craig gore didn't change we character Erica teacher didn't change. We had a meeting a actor's school link this to experience. After her at the school. And that every country can't risk taking on my yet young bench and my little girl a lot and Mike Turner. Told him I told them the lead at the ceremony and finally called clock a seven year old and knocked him flat. We I didn't see action on this meeting especially at a picnic you're like look. You keep saying that picture nonissue. What how would you like to explain why your second grader Nikki and preschooler. And why my high girl has not in black or. This isn't. Taking it had in the nation and certainly apparent apologize Bain partner they can understand the issue is not bad it's my turn in the we get most gentle hearted child and Turks and meet people and about it but we took him home we told him he wasn't in trouble much addiction. Sometimes that's what ancient happened for people understand that they cannot act like action and. It's unfortunate because I don't wanna live in a world where we have to resort to violence and but I but that's bull that's what police understand. It's only thing they understand launching a make them stop Joni. Hi guys how you doing yeah yeah Heidi yeah. Okay Andrew is living in the past get person almost everything. Is very much Cheryl. You know aren't yeah need to come warmed. You know sorry but are that it should be teach it. Aren't interrupt you really know your. Because you know you can maybe a little embarrassed actually come and take that I'm I'm this is really hurting me but pretty what was mob. Okay and and arm emotional and it's because I'm totally with Maria. Oh. Go home schooled not a bad thing maybe that's not what this step that needs to be take it but it drew let me just tell you something. Aren't. Your your center attraction entry kid that well you know you know. You know great at our Charlton heart problems or probable he'll work. They are just break up an AK 47 or does not combat. And so okay. I notice I'm happy to expect that it absolutely ridiculous for you to accuse me I was sitting my son are to bring an AK 47 or how are you a. I don't I don't years old and eat and they don't know twelve meter I'm setting myself a gun to his workplace. How do you think you are great aren't terrible might need a lot of curious aren't you might say honey you know he had a good parent. In not only could I can be any hint at school and doing solution if you get the guys interact you don't you're not anymore. If you yeah. I would say use your words and talking him again okay. When you're look surgical neighbors aren't just strengths and tell you I imperial. Go ahead Maria we've we've we've let Johnny go but good Maria did you wanna say something. I what I wanna think Jeremy because. Don't get there. Are better than you do Andrew and I mean and believe who's sitting in an all white although we. We don't have the time. To sort that out what the school day. That we'd all week and not. Continue to send him there it is very. Bad acts Kyoto went in your whole thing until he should not be the cut out all the time. And I don't think you want to get. But Helen what not it does no one remembered it. You're 1112 and thirteen are terrible for every one your body is changing you're starting to notice girl's people are picking on other people it did we have it easy when you're eleven or twelve years old age because we got so why would we turn into it we. You can meet and you shot usually in the senate I'm setting my son merlot undone why. Didn't you anymore. Guys lets just arm. I don't even let's just take one more real quick and then were to tell you where the verdict set and then let's all just calm down and realize it's its entire thing is for Braden. So let's not some make it about Maria or Andrew or Joni or anybody else it's about brain. Adrian. You guys. I am yeah I ate I am completely. Number one top rated I'm. He has to get school. Out of it I work turn this school district and it captain Dick kindergarten. Big star then they politte big bully they police and he. Well not sure right if you can get out now. Mom. She's the school had to be held accountable. Bottom line. And it it can't fight for that right now she can later. Ten and UH actually am only need to Cuba at the school has to be held accountable protects. Believe in should be stopped and have to stop now. The cut into thinking of the golf arm very emotional on one side and very logical on the other side I know and hence that's so. The people who voted just unsure as I am. Who just read it very simple logical question. And drew one. But. I'm assuming is he spoke of FaceBook a Maria actually end and Marie also won on the phones by. An unbelievable. Margin the people who are listening NT hearing both of your arguments injure it sucks because your making some good points yet it's funny and FaceBook most of the guy is. Kind of slanted towards Andrew and most moms is so Mars Venus thank you asking you out right in front of our face. Enjoy I know you're you're you're wound up but. If you came here for an answer. From people who don't know you know most people came and said the safety of your kids now. Trumps. What your kid's gonna be in ten years from you can figure that out a little bit but couldn't make Braden saves now. Are you crude. No cause lung X ray it's ridiculous. People what what you're suggesting is there's a small problem now. OK let's avoid it altogether and set him up for a world of pain rather than taking the time to figure out and salt solution to give him the confidence and the skills to deal with bigger problems down the law. Like gender or white it's very emotional moment I can each year to pain in her voice and that breaks my heart but. But I think she's just. Completely overreacting to hear it but she agreed with that Joni person that I'm I'm turning right on into shooter in the workplace so one sounded an unbelievably. Ridiculous. She's clearly not seeing the situation clear. And she thinks you're not seen clearly either dude so Maria song are you going to be okay. I'm I'm going to be fine and injure I do corners of the fact that you're getting so angry and your screaming you're yelling. I think that just goes to show that like neither you didn't learn. How to deal here emotions that well. And do you think you're dead you know like you're well maybe you and I don't normally stationed about how I should react when someone tells you might send an attorney to someone who carries an assault rifle into the relatively calm and OJ would back you agreed with her you would I have now more issues to talk about. You on Braden. OK guys. Yeah arm and it. Thank you hang on guys it's you sir I'm I'm I'm of I'm I'm for I'm afraid for everybody situation at this point if you wanna see this is that we we knew this was gonna be a hot button but not quite to this level so. Obviously. If you wanna keep talking let's keep the conversation going on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.