Slacker and Steve - GMD: Live or Save 6/1

Thursday, June 1st

Today’s Great Mate Debate has a simple question that everyone has an opinion on. Is it more important to save money for later in life or enjoy life now? Hear their arguments and tell us who you agree with!

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Selector in Steve's son today. Inside it's. Oh okay this aid is okay. She's good legs are OK he's so used to we're trying to figure this out. I'm quite sure how this all works but it's all about. And for Nader news and I believe my it's my team Jessica and Mike's doing first Mikey yeah. Yeah I don't listen to one run and how we can help. So it. So here's what's going on I'm news. My grandfather to Hathaway erased. And then nine and I agree yeah I mean it's okay dvd lacking a little bit of money needed it saying come and my fiance and I. Are going through it's a little bit of a stroke figure out what to do a damn money right tons. I I've always been you know I've been all had been stable job nine to tie his flight to save money. And so that when we earth you know all grown up we had a little bit by the way. On the tour raised a family he and you know live the lifestyle we wanna live when we're older and to support herself and where it. My grandfather was absolutely the same way never spent a sentiment money corked all the lights. And and never really heard. Got the chance to live life to the fullest on. And seeing him paso way and never get the opportunity to do that. As I really like changed my perspective on the way I wanna live. My lights and I think you know now while we're young we could use some of this money at every DS. And really take the opportunity to live like the way that we want to live it while we can really see some some crazy things like travel the world a little bit. Spend this money while we can't synthetic. And number and Jessica a problem with that it is non pac. You know she really want to how to Stanley week you know we're just engaged right now are married that summer were really excited about but. I I really wanted to spend on a little bit of the money that we we came into. Comments you want to put it away for later and I really think like right now with the opportunity you'd. So let's let's let's let's did her Simon Jessica. Yeah I. Hit what do you think what's what why don't you wanna spend cash and lives. I don't now weighs sounds like you're really weird question but what's what's your philosophy on life. Well I ate. I think that if you put an effort into the the president interpreting things the way into savings and you can reap those rewards and the back and and a lot more rewards than you could write out. Am I I I really can't type the plane going through. And and I understand that this is presented him with kind of a critical light moment and I appreciate that that. You re dealing. Where are going to be so much better robbed at least docked at a Lanny and now he's alternate ways for not I don't mean that in that. Animosity tone that it sounds like like who are you soccer weighs four. I don't camera house or he sock it away certainly you wanna retire ten years before the normal retirement age what's what's your life plan. Oh my gosh yes bad idea to me is very attractive being able to retire before I'm nick edicts or can enjoy any at this school style that you know week that we can eventually do. Had a couple honorary. I'm that's kind of where I am I mean we even we need to. Not that 58 and we did our prayer card they can crack at that Iain and just travel the world benevolent back. Because what's wrong with shrapnel and assist DA Mike. I don't know where I'm going to be when I'm 68 you know I mean like who can plans are that. I'm not I don't know I don't wish it anyway. Since Jessica oh yeah. A young right now I don't I'm saying. So make memories now take this money. You guys are gonna happen in just let's just do it wring every last June some slice on of the rag and let's do our return this is this is an interest. I mean that's he's just seem to serve my do you believe that's Steve are you acting is that your point you know you sought Saudi judges and rising gas pump. Why don't you wanna do anything now DR Jessica you really are you the type of person who would rather play. It's frosting is your favorite thing on a piece of chocolate cake do you eat that first did you meet with every night and that lackluster. It seems to me for a delay of gratification kind of person. I did later and it got here around. And then and I don't ask you can't see how I. Think right now wants dive headfirst into the chocolate and if he never gets indicates it's a tax. You can only he had seen that Elaine I mean I don't wanna do let's let. His grandmother dead and just and just never and then I don't want. All right now I mean we can take a little short getaway you a little leak leak down in Mexico a little weak and you know over on the West Coast just a little. I was little stylus okay. A year during my own monarch ever later I can. Also a Jessica supervised you because Michael was the same as you guys were the senior on the same page for so long and now he's like had an epiphany and going off there this year. OK you don't want. I. What are you guys know beyond the money you just got this is gonna beat you guys have to come up with a light strategy because you whether you spend that money. How about let's talk about when you get married. Are you are YouTube's Max and your 401K and put in south and other investments or are you today. You wanna keep doing this as long as you've got money might you wanna hit the volcanoes the Iceland then drink to sign this one and be dangerous flu and you know. I'm I'm not saying I'm not saying we blow everything we have in the Bankrate like we still should have that emergency fund then I still wanna clan to have kids in the near future I'm just saying. You know this this money that we got from my grandfather. Would unexpected money it's it's against and we should you do that again you know I mean I'm not like. Any store that away. We can even get allowed not to get more higher end line live where we're trying to TN twenty by the parents. You also didn't need. And yes the what do you know I don't know us Britain. Or do I wanna do this with you you know and I mean like I want to be yet to boulder must be able to experience. End and I know I returned to the Zune Jami for saying this but. If you guys are playing a kids are enormous as you can do all these things with children not really can't you gotta get this drama clocks you guys getting it. Experience either you do boom. Mary says. As. Sure yeah admits he's telling the truth there goes into it's an idea traveling is not as fun. All. Our guys I don't know what you hang tight and we're gonna figure out I'm a few of the things that we talked about with them before we got him on the air was. We don't need a bunch of compromise here. We don't need a bunch table going you know you could say you can say this logical it would only do dent in the weeds what we're talking about Seles optically here is what's better. Took up a bird in the league I'd burn him that's the wrong one but it's like she is she bright philosophically. He's better tonight. Delay your gratification like she wants to win like will be done at 55 to 58 and you'll start to make memories at 68 and sixty does not you won't make any men's room Richard reason. Save the mall and do them all it is true or were young were fair and see us through it looked juice is well your stays. Right now. I mean it's the people who know how to laid down a mine. And drink it when it's ten years older and better oh well look at the war. I think I want some of their right now boom I don't care if it's Freddie or not thought you guys decide whether they're going long game we're short game we're gonna get you guys and jury members feel free to jump into. These guys aren't. I'm here and Dina. Yes. You guys. But he is I happen I have to examine my eye here on the planet I. On of a lot of work before I would married and when I lived in newly engaged in completely understand where she's coming round however. The bottom line here is that you're not going to work or rat. Sending them money right now I'm living your life you can regret it later on down the road but it wouldn't have been at lunch. Expect that money is in the burger summit is to live light and you all of those things that it grandmother didn't get to do. He won't regret it there's no way the you can regret spending now. You don't we may even matter Nader and we need. Rallied and that I'm into turned away at. I understand that by you know why it gets more than anything you expect that this was not like he can unexpected Marmol. You know what I did and yet you're still going to be building. And an evening and and trying to do you know put away in trying to life that you guys want to have an want to build. You're still going to be like an alien doing all of those things. I thank you just do what you think of me believes we've been over the current. Content Egypt says the universe. Through. My grandpa. Just laid down a beautiful soft rather you know cushion. Or that we don't that we are a little pull it. Late you don't sealer I once you're not using it as a cushion you want you you wanted it's eager cushion. There's a lot of candidate but it cushion like to me that's. I feel like it's a question for us to like live likes to that the missile the you know I mean like I feel like that can't until it what you're seeing is. It exactly what I wanna you the cushion did not I don't know. Question this is losing its eating at me because I kind of I'm kind of on your side because it's found money. But I also have a little bit of fear because yesterday. Before your great huh. Died you were conservative work and you handled your your finances now are you gonna be this way any time all we got a taciturn. Every time you don't. Lol. Okay yeah I know and we've never we've never done that I don't think this is a essentially a changing light you know I'm saying I'm saying that like. This money has come at such a crucial time in our lives and I think it should like. We are so young and so like it. Able to live life to the fullest right now. These are the memory that I want to pass out when I'm sixty you know I mean yeah he's gripping it maybe you remember. We believe we can still do things I just I mean I. I just I don't buy into the living with their mom and got. Maybe. So I mean I don't know what happened my friend to be dead when did you birdie there. This out but we haven't we did have given up like and I want to add that could give an Blake. Something that that we wouldn't have had otherwise I like collaborate aren't alone already. We were able to click our lives liquidation mainly in the late we're we're living right now without this money. Knowing that at the heart to see you made your living Murray Sarah yeah. Thank you guys. I'm I'm just at back in the current owner at all. My Lebanon religion thinking thing about people Wear ear telling him that grandmother unexpectedly packed away each and much that can go out and out like totally out of the political. In the united we're totally cable only had a great life. No you know we can't about the direction. We can't begrudgingly. We didn't I I wanted to see that. My husband Blake when he acknowledged being armed let's go east. And yeah yeah content. I wore an adult and we have particular tiger country you're old. Now. And that where we don't have we haven't captain and Armani excluding an account that both the capacity credit score. Ticket sales cash and now we're leading McKittrick grammar yeah. And we're going to Europe. True you are shell. A collaborator wedding anniversary celebrating my birthday actually. Saved that money can make sure that everything was going to be okay and the economy would hit an all out to touch and now we won't. Are enjoying it and we're not blowing yet because we're getting stacked with what we wanted to do you how we want it to you rich and knowing that we. She'll have money energy in the count and now worst took it to go. So that learning intricate and earning potential. See if you just yeah she's not alive this company. I think it only more so a lot of glory years. I didn't when he tried. And warrior you're still you still had a cushion to do it started with its decent as a medical disaster or need any added it's one of the accepted yeah. I don't like to not not. On your side I just. I just I had this when somebody has a philosophical. Switch. It's I can see how would steer your future partner make sure no you know you're at the same guy kind of though I building a future Doug yesterday we are sick person. Now. Speaking in the grand scheme I still am though I still am a Saber you already like 200%. Agree with or should be an emergency fund or like a you know something you have. You could adjust and click straight. Like how we how that money set aside. This money list. I think she's so lucky to have you know be a little bit farther down the road and and be able to use that money for something like that but I know there right now. The cool we have ever done so perfectly in line. But let's take the trip while everything is so good you know right well let's let's really go see the world while we know things are good while we are you know and it's hard. But I think there are well one thing that our generation has just. Blog I plan and you have to admit that speaker let that happen reference error with their parents. She's in that eight and are not preparing tribute to her and I know liked her when I am forty years ordered something. I mean it like the it speaking of I think it's like the I want it like we have a cage into decay and now it covered in ankle. And it's like an. Yeah I I. I am. Simon makes I. I understand Jessica and coming around and having Christian and he ain't. But I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow or even in ten years he had they want to hear it either I think firm. Red brick and then you Don you don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow or in ten years. I'm like your house is going to be LA cash if you guys want to have to hand on my client and then they can grant and Eddie Herrera. And that's maybe not something you want to have to worry about you wanna go on your chance and have a good time and sell into money don't buy your savings bank. No real quick and I I don't wanna be the couture of this does this is great in this is what you guys feel and it's awesome Barry knows you're losing a little 58. What do you slap down your money at that at and it travel agencies for your European vacation and that plane goes down in the Al although this is on how we just. Money we'd be ain't rich and be alive. And but could I. The argument that you don't know what's going to happen. Is exactly my argument we really mean in a nutshell I and you can stack it like and I'm appealing it the opposite way. Ray I know I'm just and everybody's going to give my car and I was like right you can get hit by in Europe when you're traveling. So maybe you sent a trap. Apple outlook world EA. It's probably written here people traveling but all that's well here's how much size as an arduous trek when your old though I mean it's all about. Taken man sleeping on a few jokes you know I shot. So the that's not the reality people 52 news he makes all folks Patrick. Oh I I. So I've got very similar situation happened there are black I read no least stated a lot. In our marriage but we also spell into quite a bit of money. And we have we I lied and I got my way we are gonna planned a vacation leave we're planning that we get at eight or bad. Two years and I don't feel good about it right you don't wanna spend that money went and there was no flatly we canceled everything I'd snuck by and let her have her way. And I tell you would know that it's hit a month later she had a blood clot can we didn't know about whom and she had been out on glory or agree. And then I would shortly after that I got in the car wreck and I got to get back out out there have been a vacation in the world that was worse. This safety and there's nothing like that in a waiting room. Why why why I'm here you're wondering how you're gonna pay no built and how you're gonna take share hurt while I'm not at all he had read and I'm not trying to. You know our buddy Mike you know what I. I wanted to have done our vacation you know if that. Those memories are tribe and that by my life was irreplaceable I can always go on vacation I can't get another Kirk. Yeah. Cool but it's. Very little that is that I mean I have chills right now is thank you for the call. I'll call you well we'll get 1 morning here in and tell you where you're at Tammy. Me you guys. I am I know my excitement. I need to do that in a keenly you never went on vacation. So I never went on vacation in new in my twenties. When they had money meant a great friend and I never went anywhere. I am 52 years old and remain very turns vacation into my entire life while we pick a typical comment. Is my 26 year old son. It was the most amazing thing ever I have never been to an airport because you're never ban on an airplane. And make it burn or playing Miami. Our speech my first created it was the most amazing kind of patted my entire life strokes don't go blow at all. But do something you've never done win you can. Just ten years ago I got hurt that worked. And so I can't do that seemed I used. Do yeah I don't know what it. A lot more fun to do when you correctly. Now I have next on his opportunity and I cannot wait truly go on vacation again. Paying ten early in the car boy are due to extreme once you have. Parent. Mom as powerful as Patrick was. He was one of the very few people. That was on your side Jessica countries could do was move. No oh yeah. No more. The I don't worst case scenario for you Jessica is you losing this and you started to go do some awesome stop yeah around. Where you're an adult you're only allowed onto Nevada but the conflict. Well picks and really I mean. But I really got I'd I'd. I don't wanna be in that situation EID wanna put some of it away you know I mean I'm not I'm not we all I I don't wanna have that little that's carrying it easier you. Are you I would do something nice. We're gonna keep our lives and we're gonna go to CJ now guys and Agile guys hang on and they see guys that worked out. Owes us to cause I love and on don't you suit and then. You still wanna sound off we'd love to hear from you over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.