Slacker and Steve - GMD: Make My Movie 3/22

Thursday, March 22nd


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Selector and Steve. Her side room okay she. It's. Accuracy and I would really like our show to be known as the show that crushes dreams who tell us where you're. Hey you lose you assures it's a great big debate about dreams and when you should Russian. Or go for a moment I'm proud get Jolene Jillian and I believe Joseph we don't first Joey. Joey didn't act. On up. It's crush injuries. Are you there. Oh definitely given earlier you don't worry I'm not whole C a little digging get a better connection Leslie Julian go first. Julian you guys. Hey Bob doesn't this tell us. To. OK so I mean my husband Kelly had we been talking a lot about. I am are you carrying you know whereas our careers and so it. It yeah he is a writer and even really great right there and you've done and might. Sorry stats and which I did it's it's been published but not not anything like incurred. Huber she edged. And that he recently wrote ball. Powell mini scripts I'm consumer grade out. And yet and yet not let my immediate at the bird that you are exciting news any leaks and enact it into good track. It'd really got to. Julian but we I think we have Joey backs will let him take it up from their received you've got. Joey are you there. Ice so you've got to scifi script you've written bombs and and what happens now. Yes I would hope I can't divert and am I I've judged I judge Gary did and it's a Hollywood in and I am I'm hoping no doubt. That they're gonna make a movie out of it. Okay choice. You had so laden. Yet the next step is this you know I just really wanna get this moviegoing so Meehan a Chilean chant. I have some money you know god for the teacher. So what do you wanna deal right now Joey. You do you want do you. Do you wanna go to LA what's your plan. Yeah I want to go to. And I wanted to talk to us some time producers about pitching the idea for myself and you know on. I know like Matt Damon has been aptly you know and they did do well hiking you know a lot of people were kind of skeptical about their Shelvin. They persevered in you know they got a movie out of it sidekick I got something really good he's really got some and good. That's cool armed Joanna Gillian what you jumping here and tell us why you do I mean you you. You press this this whole thing as saying he's a great writer so. Do you believe. In. I I love my health and I want eagerly but I mean I understand you know. I I don't think I. Eight we need to go to LA and picks this trip EL I think you know he did aren't gonna go I'm gonna go to LA dominant pitcher script. No but like me turning making it an indie filmmaker get them back in like and our home count like you know it's just Camelot now and we aren't allowed. Lulu got to go straight for Honolulu got to go to Paramount we need a production we need money we're gonna hit eagle eagle makes films. Not only is at the big immediately you don't need it big in really can make a film you know all light. You're worried about my hand I you know there are. I gotta get this shot I got to go to Hollywood I've got to go to Hollywood and I got to pitched the idea. How long are you guys in marriage aliens. Need I married. Like Horry back. On you know this he had aspirations of being a writer the whole time. Not likely until maybe you know come on. Let me out of them uncle opinion you have the right Aaron and buying you know yeah I mean he gets kind of read only know like movie isn't. Pat on the Hollywood always fell like it's been a little bit of a very odd when you are. And I you know no one can abide books anymore will be there where attacks. I go uncanny all. Even by electronic but errant film library during your rented out. OK okay all right so could the so they they debate here is to go to Hollywood it is is do you have. The money to do this guys or is isn't. This is just about you know what I don't ceremony libel or both oh well. You're. I think realize though we keep losing Joey but Julian do you have the money. No lead no we don't realistically how that money like nano it is account alike. I don't wanna drain cleaning the count nearly length it's not it's not born that it's very it's not gonna get greeted by religion in Tehran my same got a money. All right okay. No money. And this is a Joey is so bright guy he's so I love everything gone home in Louisiana yeah I just. He dreamed I can't work not normal job done I drydocking shaped like Trisha. That's been that's cool limits its start to see if it was just you will be we'd be like the helping you talked to you Ryan dude it's generally is life too and it sounds like she try to be supportive but just on a. Won the Stanley. You know like lead we had to start prepping Bernanke can't feel like I have a baby at all the money now like. You know you opera. And I understand I just got out I just gotta try this out so well you know when you know. I don't know I have and you even read and arguing and debating about for some time. Here's Lauren do hang tight guys worried that you are you jury jury or. You go into it a Hollywood studio I would guess I'm Miramax so we'll continue mega do Harvey Weinstein's go from The Hague should take any company that went well. Warner they're Rio. 20th Century Fox the CIDs. Like if you're gonna shoot he's going for the top but. It's I wanna shipyards in front of him I think I don't think chooses. It choices so you saw but she wants yes it could put on maybe when we come back what asked how. I don't know how she's never going to be able answer that truthfully there but if here's the thing she's greens if she sells they should support. If she's the reason he doesn't go. He'll resents her for a if he does Gelman doesn't get anywhere and blows their whole savings she'll present. Them forever and it's is his dream shot again it but he so bright occasion yeah. Dreamy good you know he's he's already knows the studio. I'm Scott got back to he's got all the window down and it's just you this scifi script here's saying guys what is what Joseph is it. What are Jolie's legit the next hearing and that's also it's really awesome bull yeah and that's where the what does return to ignore all the other ones came from as they were all knows what it's yeah they were all he had there was nobody had their Julian to that wanna. Be sensible wouldn't illogical. You know why he's being emotional is changing. Your ideological ones on so I guess is a do you guys does. Joseph we get to go to LA and pitched a crud out of this ISI slid to its senses and or does Jillian get to control the purse strings and say let's let's go about it a little more him. Low key. Not quite so gung ho Marchini in in town and down the doors of Paramount's iron Joey Gillian were aggressive during numbers you can feel free to jump in if you need to if you don't like what they're saying where you do. Might. Yeah I. Child going Michael fertility. On. No or bill it's chilling but here's the thing you guys who had children now. And you wanted you apparently. Are now a deterrent to do it there's that your long enough to use audio and you have a dream like that you have to go ahead. And we get a shot or you're watching as a slight. You gotta go or got a goal and you know what it really doesn't do this you've ordered that the double wrote Juliet if you truly love them you'll forgive you know just. On call phone I'll put down there is future relief card how do you feel. Flood. I get a they'll like I don't I don't wanna go to mid day. I'd doing that because they'd take a long kinda get out of debt and that he put that the debt I would also prevent him for that. Oh sure that you get out and arrogant about the best execution to make that happen. But yeah what are you overeat them. So they even call Mike appreciate it Randy. Nine. My book is going toward the white towards Juliet. And my reason is because when I hear the husband say they just have to do their. It's been selfish rather than you or rather days together and it sold out her. That's where my vote goes. Just because it sounds like she's so it's kind of a but it doesn't have to be at if you can be easy to succeed that this economy has. Except wish you want your heart where they are a whole grain yeah you should do apparently. He's do you look. I wouldn't want to have to couple cold and how the story when you get either with me like how a whole pack. Wow thank you for the call Randy appreciated. Mac. Yeah I'm. My book tour de La Jolie I could be a bit like teammates total grant it. If you're gonna go through it all is being you know hey this entire life you're never gonna like. Recruiter or you are ludicrous and what you can actually reached. And I think just she can just go and do this without a hit and others it means they which we will just even turned out. But I hit it can under sell it uncritically. On stream. So he could opt in LA as a server or something while he's banging on doors. As I don't think she did and ended their series. Even if you reckless on the table like there's already a part of Arkansas plays out there. Yeah that's some good points there while thanks youth a signal more and then we're gonna get a verdict and. I. I gotta kinda do what did you see Denver Utah in the content thread ten years of my growth spurt. Ideally didn't eat by the broken derby in a couple of deep down they're great in a meeting writer meeting director. It is better than hadn't had been. Yeah it's it's it's tougher than it looks I mean you can sit there and say I mean this kid's got the education. And everything. On the phone what you've heard so far is it time but then. And it is a really super close vote you guys what's face look look like Caesar you're saying go pursue your injury might pass well unfortunately for you Joey Facebook's just a little slow and add on to decide zones are what counts down. Julian wine and off. Sorry are. You full. So cool Boozer there's really no content you care I mean she just keep writing and stuff we send stuff yes maybe I'm moving him. We are you in India. So I did you know they wanna meaning indie film first and then ended the ID I like email it allele and. Nine season we support and we can they didn't say that strip are calling it. And don't like me Lendl he I don't think or how little we. We ask you. This Celine. Yeah. I'm a little part but I think I I think it'd been the better actually I I've no idea I don't support behind a Polly your dream to tell you I'm not a you know. For real if you need guys if you need actors or just people might. His background dues we would totally call it. Although I'm new to me and yeah be juniors as my movies are cool cool all you got all right yeah almighty. Yeah. Could could he still bow to this guy or maybe go fund his scifi project and of the soccer and Steve sees revenge.