Slacker and Steve - GMD: Making the Move 7/6

Thursday, July 6th

Charles was offered a promotion that would cause he and his family to move. His wife, Laura, wants to stay behind with their extremely introverted 16-year-old daughter to get her through high school, then move. He doesn't want to be apart from his family on account of their daughter's inability to make friends. Should they all make the move or just Charles? 


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Selector in Steve's son today. So. It's. You see his. Miles an election special stay do you that I olympians it's beyond. I'm not even sure what's going on today so let's just jump right in and none of them tell us their problems Laura. Yeah right yeah I comment here has been Charles here as well so what. Charles to Laura's gonna start today we'll see what's going on. OK tell Charles is my send we had a fifteen year old daughter and I. And yeah. The great news is that Charles just kind of mesh network. But the bad news is that the promotion will require afternoon. Yeah. Out of state. Though. I don't want to move with and that includes conditions high school she will be junior had thought all and she'd been injured bird and you kind of very hard time making trends like fall through her childhood. She had one gets and that she analogy started at school and. That's pretty much and her only good friend. And I really don't want to yanked her away from her only friend and school at home and you know have her struggle her last year of high school you know I want to move wit -- when Emmett goes to call. A little. Italy already epic change actually do her good. On the security here saying you wanna live separately for two years is that is that your. Your solution Laura before we get Charles. Affect on my god area. In Charles you don't wanna live separately what are you wanted to have. I mean I think it's obvious what I wanna do I'm certain knowledge that it's probably one of the best job opportunity you have ever had and I just feel like. I don't want this dispute like change for all of us I think it's a bad idea to put an offer am not a one thing and I don't wanna. Number I don't wanna spend two years that a state without my only here would make it. And it's going to be hard enough. Even if they did come with me live album Albanians starting in the new place in every saying and now it's like okay well he or take. Am I out of high school she hates high school that he each she might have a better chance in a new high school and another state. Yeah. Com. 882 or you will you be making enough because I know that people are compromise there's will you be making enough that you could commute back and forth or is that it is I mean I know that's ugly but it. Had these huge stipulated. Nice to pay raise for sure and that I mean. I can tell contributor during weekend. You know especially at the beginning when I'm gonna have to really put our most of the guard so it's going to be really building up just not gonna have a ton of time. Due to try to. That kind of distance meal maybe it's something I could do want to get settled every month or so but I still that's that's a lot today. To not see my mind like a child were over a month. Charles so a bit but I don't wanna put words in her mouth but the way I'm hearing this is. You it feels sort of selfish on your part that you wind you're moving and you want the whole family come with you. But I mean that's understandable because yours like Dennis follow the money file and I. But that's your argument is like I need my support group around me when when I move is that is that your main thing. I don't the main one but also like Gallagher stand like I know the damage have been problems in school. And she doesn't like get scared she only got one trapped in the why not give her second chance and maybe start making new friends of the different high school I think we are personally I think we Koppel are too much and I think. A change would be really benefit hurt. You know that's why why wouldn't change work for Lauren. Well all due respect we heard you don't know what it's like to be a girl and high school and I do and I. I really don't think that would be good for her when she's applying to colleges and she's going through the most typical two years of high school and I know my daughter and. Although I. Love the fact they believe in her and think she was a gap I ache and worded that she wouldn't and I am just not willing to keep the chance. Cat when an. Al Gore can just ask you what do you think's the condition of your marriage will be. Is you you're live apart for I mean I know what you're doing you're being a mom and mom sacrifice everything from further for their babies but what he. I think there's a chance you're actually sacrificing your marriage Steve do you see that. I don't see that but I that I would. Do my best to make sure marriage important affected. As much as he might be thinking boy that Charles might be thinking I. I don't I'm not saying I think I told the support a little trouble sort that told you I don't think our marriage would like it's not not taking it gonna end. But it wouldn't be easy or thereabouts yeah I think about all the sudden be in a single parent do teenage girl. And she's on to have dad around anymore either right there so that's in effect through our way to flare and Laura do you feel like Lake Charles is kind of put money. Above your your choice your children a little bit and use the provide around here but. I I wouldn't wanna say that about my husband say do you think that there is you know an issue with that I think. You know we made the decision for me to take care camera and contribute a majority vote to work outside of the home I know that it is now we make together so that should be. The reason why he would make it to this petition our our. Do you want him I'm not take a job. I mean is adding any consideration if you lore for mice so you're committed for instrument to stay here would you want Charles to stash and skip this job. Well I think it's a great XP. Experience for him hey I know he then line in the sand and never I would never want to hold him back. They are seated unless you guys do what she does. Yeah day I would like she got immediately be happy. Oh Charles. It's like you're using your your she's pushing you out of the nest. He has I don't know. Normally expect she would come up there after two years and we still we'd be able to pick things up but also like to think that kind of frustrates me is it's almost like I'm expected of him guilty. For wanting to provide for the tea. More that's a good point two home and this this is not good you know it's but it's you know. I know other people have gone through it and I know a lot of couples have to do that commuting because they they love the city they live in or whatever but this is on. Let's let's let's stop right here in mobile gets and to remember some hang hang tight Geisel honey I know you hate my focus on new agreement today but. Poachers did you do that pull that off for two years does he really tough school you can be really tough to your you know. You had a tough day at work you come you wanna come home. Sometimes it's two years of and it's not coming home to her. I'm sorry. You're eventually gonna come on the assumption that if I was if I was Charles I feel like eventually I'm kind of imposing on my own family either moving on with their dynamic and I'm out here. When I'm on our mind yes we're going to different Oka I it's I know families do it. And an NN is ansari Laura's heart is in the right place trying to protect them are being a mom. But he's he's protecting the right thing for sixteen year old is it better to let the sixteen year old start over even though she can introverted or letter stay here. Where she's safe and knows she's got the one and trying to friend's room. Lauren Charles are basically asking you to tell them what to do next Gerald. Yeah darn nice. So my wife of the military brat. And I'm from Colorado I cannot stand it when she tells you need we need to make up and move. I guess she didn't and one Clady or I don't know eighteen months. So. But your news out when you buried her though that that's. When I married her and I are all going into debt it was going to be. You be more emerging elite sport. Into wanting her career around every year like you do in military families are moving around I don't know I'm. The one thing I learned from her end and everything in and almost twenty years of marriage. She was grateful for being him old high school that she was then granted he was in Germany but. She was grateful first game there. So you're saying now saying oh bill. NS NS future is more important than Charles being comfortable. I have no. Idea what this man does for a living. But what I do know would I have two kids. And I would never put money excel in front of those two Kennedy goes and I'm sorry well work to do gentleman's name again Charles. Charles do you make enough money right now to support your mainly for the next two years. Oh of course but this is gonna give us a better light. Absolutely I'm all for the better life absolutely. I just think debt in. OK I'm gonna say you're you're late in the game. Because a better life. Is not words it's not your family in movie when he's got a sixteen year old. Do you gotta so those roots. Error now. And then the other you're not happy where she is now I think that obviously and also when I say I didn't. Provide for them right now doesn't mean there's no stress about money that could take a way that stretch you can tell your family wouldn't be happier if you guys were worried about. Lol. Yeah I just riddles so alien to build a more normal. Spot okay because I it's strange to say that the sixteen year old. Has but only sent young rates in this ever. They use has to revolve around I know once the child in Paris always has to be about the child but she's sixteen. You know what I have to say something here I I appreciate what this gentleman is saying because I you know I didn't. I know my daughter and I love my daughter but we all know their kids just don't do well especially are kind of awkward OK and that it. And I end. I'm worried as a mother that when you move. We moved she would. Be sold down and have such a hard time fitting in that he would become an annual ten K don't even wanna say it but. Too it's legal or something and you know look and parent. The only day I wish we understand the difference when things like that happen I don't want to be at parent and I child I don't think you do either and of course I mean I don't know Downey at your life around your daughter but the link and then. I know her and I am very concerned about putting her life endangered potentially. Is least like that and so many much happier home with it. And there's no way to prepare to always say I wish we would have done that I wish we would have done that what do police think that here is it's worked for her because she's not happy here. And here it's giving her another opportunity act and high school he's got the game has hired at a little place with new people. Not how you wanna be staying and we could have done something different XP a lot of regret this opinion not much of the job worth. Potentially hurt right happy. Lawyer and now you're getting the job you jets says not five minutes ago that you beauty e.'s leadership take that job now you're saying that taking the jobs means. Yeah I think about her life X. So you. We're like I'm guys you guys this year to year did not law it is not that you're okay in the gulf of a light. While you're OK let's let's keep going and now we've got more infamy I mean if that's true okay Colby's. Yeah I yeah I. And I wonder how that. You think you're really actually a child and the situation and I'm that would make the air tight quietly and in the meantime my entire life. I might get back category John Kerry and of course there are they really get that an epic family. And I'm Lou I had the concern grandmother had between concern about well by the end and then got in the acting ever happened to me with the rest Barrett. An expression of hurt having one friend I do think it could be good began to hurt to start over at such an important need. Nice. Thank you for the call Kobe because she's an introvert. Who doesn't really matter word jug geographically she's out there and. An introvert here and now what yes a change of scene very Al Turk break out of her shell and let's see how it's more important to keep assembly unit together. Alex. Night. So I wanted to say is good and I'm Charles. On my gate cut and many red flags going on here. Laura. Mentioned that two years to Charles is not a long time. In our lifetime but in a teenager's life time in sixteen it will look like that's. A lot of time he'd be missing out on mom. I think like that side that Europe basically what I think you're basing top. Your decision not a sixteen year old with a bit naive if she cannot change and adapt. At sixteen somewhere else then how would college going to be and how would how the real world scenario gonna be when she get the job. Problem. Felt also that Charles being at the main provider here he needs all the support that he can get especially under the lights on. Telling him go ahead and just go on you know or say that getting. So the bad money Ed that's kind of hard for Charlton mentally to do this and try to provide her ballet. You know the but said a gentleman earlier mentioned nineteen Lleyton and I it. There also and I even somewhat immature. There were never late in the game associate we're always trying to provide for our family and give them their lives food on the table you know education and whatnot. Learning thank you for the Carly don't appreciate it. Shelley's. Married John. I I'm ready you are wrote here while. I am the mother and a third when you're out where Carl add out. And ironically I think the act that got her what are her decision. What does she said she and you can't. Charles did not take is better job and not bring his wife for them is a sixteen year old says is sixteen year old. I'm sorry I. What I thought was the right thing when I was sixteen. Turns out was not right now and what kind of know what dollars and sixty year old makes Staley decisions for everybody they don't it's. Oh yeah it. I'm very I'm clean and try to your trap during being that an already. Actually helped my daughter. I OK then so you're you're giving his little theory a little bit decree and slate as long as. It is if they move the change of circumstances might help thank thank you for the call. On the Patrick. Yeah I nice. I'm much road team is well only because. I'd seen bowl scenarios played out by a he has sister lived here which is in her sophomore year. And did very introverted. It would be absolute best they never happened air live on. And they were very scared as well they had this same types of this year though Michigan herders ops unit cut yeah it. Yeah wouldn't that they never happened to work and likewise. I can't didn't. Their family my uncle took a job there Stanley stayed behind. And that family was posted eighteen months they got divorced is is nothing in the absence of a father. Big year for that girl. Destroyed her even more that they'd just apple support system broke out. All I double play out and it just flooded street through our message behind. Learn while they do they called let's get 1 morning here and then them we'll tell you what may be becoming obvious. Sierra. Night. I'm I'm Charles bag because I let the child in the hole next tranche my dad decided smush. And my mom stayed with that and like Kerry ended up getting a divorce and I suffered as a child I would much rather have my parents together ex because I mean it's split Shandling is the worst and it it. So horrible boating they're critics admit that they give its. I would just say. You guys are enduring all life altogether you I actually am weekly gates shouldn't poet Charles. Nikkei. Light and Jerry you gonna stay back into. Play. Ironic that I would go to Charles. You get their family you guys need to eat together. Thank you for the call Sierra yeah Laura. I think you get a sense of what's happening I don't know what it looks like a taste of Steve I was Charles was charles' arm. It's really heavily when we we got we only got a few votes total for you and and and please don't go to social media later because they're being sort of means you and I don't think you wanna see that but. What do you thanks to new Kenyon. T get the moving van ready and can we live with the leg you Hester removed together when what do we need to do. Well I mean we came on here because we couldn't make a decision on our own and you know I love my husband and I want our camera did it together though if in fact is people are saying that I am you know gang go ahead please that's not it's more complicated than that excellent date act. I mean they've dedicated you know back I'll have my life back every day. Over you are so audio yeah. You Harlem. Bull honestly. You have guys things are common on and it's going to be if it sounds like it's gonna work I think he is I think you're gonna be pleasantly surprised by what in the does when she gets to a new place. So easily and you are darn well there at yeah. Did you hanging unwritten understanding about our. Awesome arm. If you guys have more advice are honestly they will go check the social media please try to clean it up a little bit it is can be a little less means it. Gold digger Laura resisting being accepting checks that's not what's happening here they're clearly a strong family so. Any more advice you have for them go to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.