Slacker and Steve - GMD: To Marry or Not 10/19

Thursday, October 19th


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Selector in Steve's son today. And her side okay it's okay it's time. As these red. Base metal it's actually her side and her side yes Tom we're Stacy and here in Indy car. Dina did in the pickle here. Let's start with Stacy. Oh hi guys hey let's tell us a time. Okay well and I have been together for a long time expects that over five year context and and I think you know now that we can and we should get married. You know I don't even read or was it wasn't really there yet but now I actually. I mean you know why do we have to pick girlfriend when. We could be married we could be illegal couple met so just be perfect you know. Tom do you guys live DOD not not you guys listen they're not perfect now since the way it I guess I'm not yet I'm. Sorry I'm dragging need to let I don't care what you are terrific now. What are the kind of scary now liberty complaining about how. I'm not complaining about the way we are just can't. Cleaning up or art or lack of protection the couple books I mean it's. If you got a. I have biased and got rushed to the hospital. They I they might not mean because I'm not family. But we were married I beat family. Like it what display port issued I need any band I diet. What what intrigued at the I would be miserable it's how you like money without my heart done everything together a little IO. Maybe that's why I'm pink and light. What if I died tomorrow. It would be so much more complicated with the house and the car. Inheritance is a much more complicated when you're not a legally married like idol why he got to the main and I and I didn't go spend a week not a tumor not a couple of religious friend to me what how to get actually actually get to present you get interest and the Internet makes no charge you wanna get really get married to Serbia could beat her. I mean we are perfect yet we love each other he's been trying to get it looks like a fixed and you know my history you know what have to. We we don't know Leo mr. Aaron real quick can we jumped and we don't know your history and rather than you guys blow this something your typical but having her fight let's. And what what's your history that makes marriage not good for you. Well the car payment just beautiful woman that I am madly in love when I was married to an. And the out and you know he and I need to get their first seven years before we decide to get married and had a big blowout wedding. All the bells on the court you can imagine how much money and among. Seek out a piece of paper tomorrow we got rich everything fell apart. Cat so you just think you know you're afraid that you get married in UN cease you'll fall apart. I mean he took heat at the end of the day right thanks I am worried that it might repeat itself. Pled not only different not only different you and. He not. Really merged Eli age together even have a ways to under it's I mean we bought a house together. We bought cars together and we'd we travel we we live our lives together were truly a couple you and he learned a couple until you got married and then you realize that you are not meant to be together we know we're likely be together. And that level that extra level of commitment. A marriage a legal contract is not going to shaken up. He's over the long to get to just ask you don't already have. Don't you already have legal contracts thanks if you bought a house together you're gonna Contra TS true word car. Yeah luckily. But I could mean we've got a different type of contract when I wanna I wanna sign a paper announcing to the world that I'm Linda Biehl a spokeswoman for the rest of my life. I mean but I did learn that I didn't know that they're gonna be together there. This doesn't make any sense why did the world need to see a paper to note that we're gonna be began after the regular life I kinda people with bad. You know why is it more divorced a year. And it's a strategic deeper. Aren't blood BMW mini just everyday and I guess there. Is no word I guess you can pretty Burton and then you wouldn't care. It'll just the truth yeah. Saying that yeah senior care so much prudent not just a piece of paper I can't figure out what you're putting out paper. That Peta people destroyed eyelash marriage I don't want to destroy you know he. That's stupid little piece of paper that you he needed sorry I can I not like. You I try and more each papers that you are trying Carla is it particularly deal lets think we tried everything we kind of look don't registry illegally together. This kind of marriage license I mean what are Dinara might accuse him in his right. It's okay this an act I don't want I think you guys sound madly in love how you guys are great and I. I I don't it's so. Overall I don't know it's there and and don't want sorrow. Don't they don't they're just these old guys since. I don't know I was loving couples and I've experienced hungry media disease so let's let's try to find a way why wouldn't matter. If I do dad. Pat on the OK Stacey airing hang tight don't move we're gonna try to get some advice. It's a weird thing I could I can't put my finger on it dude I was with my ex wife. For like I was gonna bring an open feuded for years you work. And we got married we urge horse for the nine month exactly I'm not saying they had sirens anyway right body changes the way you seal it for some people. I get where parents come from she's really we are married we live in the same house. Both earnings we do everything that America we do more of them American couples zero but as soon as we. I didn't I forgot about the legal aspects about you know like insurance and all that's I totally spaced them out but I think there are different papers and I don't get down into. This state vs that state vs what ever and like what they're legal things are trying to figure out if it's a more seats. Because one of them really feels like they wanna announce to the world that they're married but she's right you can do that any time. If you stand on some milingo date I love his first though this person never leave them as long as unless it is a matter what you but she's not saying. I am married to this person I'm gonna live there tourism realize there's a word married have to be in there. For some people I guess it does so Stacey wants to get married. Erin doesn't wanna get married and they need you to talk one of them into it or the other one. Out of vets are you guys call your not dinner everybody's we're gonna be happier candidates Mara all. In all I'm sure you gotta absorb and and breaks the at least. A nice. And I'm actually on tour can meet. Aaron I hit because I'm actually in the exact situation I wanna get married and he does not keep it or eat. And we've compromised to where. You know it's about the partnership at the paper doesn't need to finish kitten and I economics each year the I mean the nice thing isn't that we're gonna do a wedding but not an paper I'd never been married and I want the wedding cheaper that way I look at it that you with neighbors and seen eating in a relationship that doesn't needy they only break. Quite honestly and the relationships should be defined by the shoot you in your partnership not a. Things don't you air your parent legal protection and hurt you don't. When. You're not only learning Merrill you know that you can you couldn't enduring an emergency contact that's ED. Eric you asked us real quick to would you would you be willing to do a wedding would you would you. Get all dressed up in and announced to the world that you're gonna be together forever as long as there's no legal paperwork at the end of it. Do I need to do a dog and pony show to show the world that this and a woman in my dream. You're never gonna spend much. Yeah we money I'd gotten learned here. I'll come high and Darren would you would you rather meet you buy you something nice and you can look at that and say wow she cared about me. There is not spend money to everyone else to eat and drink each. And give us cracking president's I'd say hey come on it we about it not a book or when we picked vacation spot it. We know we can buy trinkets to remember events I buy. What you really remember it experiences. And the experience of having all of our friends and family everyone who support our relationship together. Celebrating our relationship. Can be beautiful tiny slot machines 100 birthday party. I can carry you Brit did an important don't need big birthday party is our us is that I don't think Carty would be a good until I. This is why her weakened but aren't they get up early. I is all my times I rarely shoot started five years ago our breakfast I don't know what five years old pals. Are celebrating. And you are. Own elite gonna got laid back week we let me I don't think they are you really very apparent contribute in a did we get married Jean king that apple change deletion as well didn't aren't into that right. Who does do me and my glow would how would that. Are all come our honeymoon I mean a married couple you know gay straight that. You know Wendy get married then what bad. It slows down I don't know why that happens but it's thanks we're not to challenge out no Pineiro and her. I eat good tiny critical. Now being under her certain period. But we didn't do you need everybody we don't get married. They'll gonna be bad anti bearish. Guys. I don't want anybody doubted this in in the wrong way. It seems like we team and this argument just. We're gonna decide whether to get married or not now or figure out how often remember later in weather and not ceremonies a dog and pony show so sorry I don't know I don't know I don't get up Jack we we love you guys for being open and honestly this is an amazing but you still tell behind the argument arguing you guys still love each other so let's get a couple you're. It really lobbied other already arguing about those who make up what would he put CU. I'd say anger that state he once pretended like a lot higher than the situation married you and and it didn't work out. Own element of I dreamed it would more important hurt and it was to each had ever been married. And we actually got marry the plant I guess because they are. But all alone can't. I will what did you eighty I it. What changed her meeting with that. It would import what has changed since they weren't or what he can make you want to get your okay. What works what you're waiting on that so answered under 26. Okay what happened out actually got it they actually that's the thing did you wake up part of when he got you know I am. I like how. And I yeah route but it is more Obama got I got it against us yeah. I love my life where you're. Comparing her. How how do you feel about calling her your wife now. I'd feel better about calling her my life spent my girlfriend absolutely just like at all. I couldn't I don't know why we go and so ago and this is no guarantee right he. Didn't do women eighteen and united negro. When you do when people hear it grading com or light for the rest of that I could try. Title. This evening that I don't Julie yeah new year when people hear this isn't my girlfriend Erin. They hear I wanted to come and I like a lot and get along with well and spend much of my time with me here this is my YE air and not a whole different level OK this looks really I find you don't need to meet certainly not only that. It is not totally gave to the call you back on how do we how wade and O'Neal white short course total Whitey white Peta Lisa. I'll call home and do what more do you I don't know what might see yeah. The court to be worried about seeing out of me even more so. I'll hum our diet out Diana are you there. Yeah guys what are you sinks. I can't Ernst thinking trying to. I'm not I'm their parent. And you can't it can't I went with my accent then for years. And we let me or entry here and a ha. And the way I see it. So I didn't I get I didn't never knew when I got divorced I don't know whether or not wanted to get beaten here. I totally at a bank yet when you marrying the wrong person. That amplified everything that is too long in the relationship. But when you leery don't write her strong and meaningful played everything that is great. Call and I and I. I can't say that the clinic. What I'd marry my husband Mike Turner and I don't want that they wedding I do you want me to beat me again. That gave her scared when we welcome eighteen hole each change for the better computer right parts. From the right normal. Channel and CNN has played her ridiculous in my account without you I don't be broken around. I don't think we have more than. Biggest arguments. And her relationship together. I. And number I knew everything was gonna be okay beat Herman. He's my husband he's not going anywhere. And non government need. I. Know that is why they do. Chart strokes that trapping married people don't cheat. And RT don't fraternity. They do. Mean it just it architecture is any quality even good to her. Peter good terms and even if I cursor actually wouldn't leave me now are Aaron and. It Aron yes it's time for the verdict and I don't know what FaceBook look like the millions he said it was a landslide. You on YouTube and FaceBook where you write pretty well. It's. Based on Jackson was kind of down the middle they were all over with their thoughts and opinions and arguments but in the ends. Can congratulations Aaron you're getting near. Move. Our. 08 ball. I don't. Yeah. I'm unit in and you didn't meet the plane crash. Hop. Well play justice of the peace does it will definitely come to a live human by this we would. We will absolutely it'll be. It'll be in your studio. Where you are I. Is the deaths of prosciutto you obsolete now you know winning you guys sound like a married come and really user awesome yeah. He's got to do once you're one signature away from actually do and that in itself the are you guys. We openings where the white now. All this aren't good at. You can be I don't know he made a lot of Wear and what does the reg season incentives. Other news I mean I. I am I it's over I think it's anything like this doesn't do disaster. Gets up there are. Yeah some of gloves off now thank you guys for voting on that we appreciate any shots or which is you have to then go to the site currency since rotated.