Slacker and Steve - GMD: Moving Mom In 7/13

Thursday, July 13th

A mother would do anything to help their son in a tough situation. The husband in our Great Mate Debate wants to return the favor, but his wife says no…and you might agree with her. Hear their argument and pick a side.


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Selector and Steve. This game is under anesthesia. They do instead of the days. We got them rob we've got Diana. When we're sick stuff now we're fighting over mama journalists I guess so I didn't run you know first and run. Yeah yeah. Don't what's going on maybe we you know that is so well. I thought so it's. The low wage they have they're having any problems. And mine mosque is an alcoholic. And I want to let her. Back to narrow. And put her out and my white guys and obviously and. I didn't feel like you know he's making an effort that we have now and we see it out too that they were ordered go. So I'm personally and she raised me she cared for me problems in those days you know. And she's making an effort today you know. I do to make herself better and. What if you don't bring her in. After rehab rob where where would she go what are the alternatives. How did a good question I don't I don't concede doesn't have a are planned for that as of yet we have to she's taken it you know like they say what they would do it at times so. Isetan I did so I figure it out pie at this. I'd like didn't step out and be as important therefore. And and if you step up and be there for her. How long do you who owns about the meetings I mean I'm I'm not taking your right side entering into it's just like you have. Yeah an idea of an expiration date on. Under that. Not I don't really have a the expiration date but not forever not forever it's. Oh yes there was a fees. OK you just feel an obligation I did it I comedy like every year a year maybe eight year. Year tops the tactic to you know I wouldn't. Communist revolution and it but I would go to I would Garrett Willis she's on the line so well I am dunks and yeah and it's. That's why why now I think the reasons might be obvious but why don't you wanna help. I wanna how all they hit I can't keep doing what we've been doing our entire lives. Basically she's been repeated the pattern over and over again I don't. I don't know how this kind of going to be different you know I and then he just told like and I just heard him say a year and I literally. A must era that I don't think they're a year is is. How profitable it hit we can avoid I don't want our round gene. Created like a lot of drama and out lied to and it's. It just not something that should going to be healthy and you know I didn't read given her so much and were basically the only family members to instill in her. Oh no. So I don't I don't. This is this is alcohol we're talking about. Yeah okay Coca com. Hey wait a win win she goes off the deep end does she did she steal does she just. Did did you guys what how does it a violent you guys yeah I went what happened. Actually easier to have multiple DUI is that she has stolen and cash from. She doesn't remember the a lot of like really. Well you don't let any thing is is it morally wrong to feel you know borrow it she says. You know it it she she special Ed back from a multiple lonely Portman are you never get it back anything at. But could do it yourself Diane this is she goes on the streets I don't know what I'm. Yeah. And what is it gonna hurt actually like grow up. You know we're an apparent in the situation like what the term bottom like how winning ever gonna have bottoms apart me and Eric how are but apparently can't go on the street like he went. Real life pit stop like that would. Be meant playing in the parking in the human mean yes and well no no no no we. App and it will you know I'm mark how club and rob as. It can ask you go sometime I'm not Montenegro when it comes to those step programs in rehab and stuff. So she if you guys to allow our your house then you guys have to kind of adjust your life to help her in stuffer is a helper all their stuff going on that you guys have that governor Dewhurst. Eight apparently ends like I'm somebody who elect Democrat and I am I come home and catch a break he outlast a couple of laps in the wind I don't know how you who. You know I changed my lifestyle that has a car I pray. And yet if you can sit and convenient strategy okay. Yeah I love you think it. Oh that's the post and I think both so rob you're willing to not drink makes. I mean. What what what are you willing to do I know what's your mom here's what I'm hearing I'm hearing you. Being a son who puts his mom on a pedestal and I'm hearing and being a mom who puts her sale only. On to make she's I think she's trying to protect her boys and protect her shard name but I. But The Who played OK. What are you willing to sacrifice rob. OK until it's my momma. And I have a fairly good for me it's all my way so that's home this is awfully early for me right it's that period and then there. What Emily do I am willing to give it to not drink in front of her number that we are willing to that you're not telling Diane. What to do it all. You know. Sit and I think he lived a big difference for me. And I gonna to drive her. Her around a little brick yeah it should. How I'll take care of that I'll take care that no problem you know. Now had an act. Now I can't create an Abbott and likened come duet like how hot the life and up like sticky everywhere. Now. Instance it's like having another child. In a way out of an airplane here. We haven't peaked in eight minutes you can beat her and saying you know and we can do our and they were they when we need to do. Our. Just ask you this if she relapses in front of your boys and those yet again is at a restaurant SH. Okay. That would obviously. You yeah we're gonna have to certain ground rules. And it should there should go back that debt like. Didn't do it and it didn't want timely. Didn't let me and that you don't allow time. Last time I mean it and see I know when did European even enabling her to continue to do the same day. You know I think the pattern at the waved her her to feel close to him that should she relapse comes on his bench. You know it Alberta and the men and like I love and all Lipton it's okay well near. I honor. I don't get. Okay here's the different position than it did time and before. This time it's gonna hurt OK she checked herself says next time OK the other times it's. We had to persuade her. At this time it feels different it's being such easy to. Do you know like she's she's one group. Again owning some of it this time and I take three more I mean and I've known tiny and alcoholics in my life and it I I don't know. Guys this is tough executives hero quick so let's say god and a group Graham on doesn't move in with you guys in Soros the kids are so she's allowed to be around the kids even though she. Or not and all your cut her off from. Yeah yeah. I mean I had at this point and you know I I look so yeah I think I don't want her our rowdy how okay they dependant. Like these kids don't know about any of this you. OK that'll as far as I'm concerned they don't need to make this is not a part of Graham all of it yet they love grandma and a great drama off the X you know and that's late teens. You know maybe when they're older we you know we have been. She meltdown in front of them rob you're gonna you're gonna have some explaining to do so let's do this let's get some jury members in here hang hang tag as armed. I cannot offer an opinion as I am a mama's boys and I love my mom and my mommy's help. I think I would fight just as hard as Roberts I know that wholesale only thing enter your family got to do. Everett takes for failing to meet in this instance it's just if it's not failing it's just this this person. But once you come and your house and there's a wreck everything and intention I don't Ernesto are out to repeatedly right you can you can read you keep that personal weight as a matter for sale your friend or whomever it's really hard to do once your mom but I hate it I don't know you try your logic is. Smart on June that's his mind also that no matter what their number one family member does you half to take their menu half to help them out regardless of it's your spouse's family. Or your failure I did say sibling you might have a little more only led to your your mama's parents you've got tougher. I don't know Boca I could you guys this one's on you it's. They're obviously torn Diane doesn't want her anywhere near the kids he wants or all the way in for six months to a year yes she's like all the way oh we've gone through this already so when mom gets out of rehab where should she go you guys ultimately decides let's get some jury members in your guys and hopefully you can be open minded in wolf. We'll find an answer here. It needs. I. I vote for rob. What you know what I think what they need to do is when proportion of their an invitation was an epic sit down and Tom went up with two rules. You know he she got to be told what you need something you go to rob. You know this is what's gonna happen you don't want anything to happen and senator kit Peter and you need to be told that the debt you know it's not to be the next task. Thank you. Okay you left. But Diane I got asked do you believe she's has he said this is it before 'cause I'm just from the alcohol arrests at the next few days here this is like yep got it brochure and problems. Really I'd say it integrates her leg and a half and and you know and I'll bet found out I had it. People don't understand like you know it happens over and over again I am and I'm good morning how glad he announced that it. Are you willing to get rid of all the alcohol in the house I mean Diane you sound like she still I mean I'm not trying to teach you in a bad light but I mean that. If you're bringing somebody whose eventual who's on their assist under rehab or whatever. She can't be around alcohol she's cost medicine is their all those other things ascent I mean. I. Mean that Manny maybe I mean gluten you know it and our room or something I don't know I mean. I guess it at this stage you know it's kind of a pain in the. And morneau and tons. Let's keep let's keep going you're Patrick's. I John Wall. I mean and I and I'd absolutely. Not picket this whole thing gets a little marine liability. Yeah we hear it because really there's species it after all the concrete and lead a kid if anything happened. Anyone in or out of that family it game over that it doesn't mean you're insurance adjuster. Well I think there are a lot cute wit and how what an addict cannot tell you man who. You have to view reluctant drive your car. Let her hurt another kid on your street. And it your life is over it's geared up. You just so we usually. Yeah. That I like our kids go to Lincoln might have played eight for our other kids that come up like you know I mean oh. Yeah okay and also my mom on the street great yet to go there again they don't you automate. Your wife or mother or your mother if you're not you're not your problem YOK can take the word mother out of it. If you let anyone else with this history order although you can find your. Your lifestyle and their community you understand anything about how all of them know how do you definitely it doesn't work she's. Every time it didn't work the first time in and often it. Alcoholics need half a block things needed someone to their present that is why it. That and how people do it now and they need to do like to change their character and she hasn't done. She hasn't done that's not reliant on you while genetic yet. Even in rehab now that's she's in rehab. I'll now rob oh my god. I then let's keep going I feel really bad for you rob because I know music you want your mom to be used Mac guy. Series. Yeah nice. I am definitely lit I am Ahmed. I grew up in an alcohol problem and I know how that metal can be. I don't know what and the rest eat just eat so we're still do it on their own and you can expect your trial. Could step up and being the parent trio. That's adopting market street but they've been there they've got and that's how many times how many I can get perks. And so Kerry in your in your solution. Then. You don't help and all she can't spend the night she can't come soon. That I'm really note Thanksgiving or Christmas so why not no I'm okay I'm the camera eventually can be it can maintain her high on heroin out the mental. She can be part of that might. But not you not gonna come and live in my car and create certain higher up people again and Chet says that the more than one time now you can do not that naive and she turned to how he can it will it will. Block the. Door to them to lower part of the house. Gosh that's getting out ally and a great kick big game ahead. Well it's called a mother in all of you eat that apple did that but I mean yeah I. I really like these I. So if you take mother out of this you wouldn't let this person anywhere within a hundred miles drought that is true but you guys keep saying the trail we trumps all sold mom that you were mum trumps everything I does that trump type. Our guys hang on. There and there it is you just boil that down. Hi Eric here was the priority mom or your children. Rooms but. Didn't hit it hit didn't it didn't it don't work they didn't board content that they don't work. You'd about a lack time I mean I don't say it didn't hurt women and then homes round okay Luke. I I. I am for our rob. Is that. One mission to I learned it it was her mother which he yelled at Shane. Well I'm not and our track. What's ahead. Ignorant my mother I wouldn't enable her that long they are my mother I would give her talk loud and stay in my gun. Andy and it doesn't it. Not an ailing if not monitoring. Not a what I tell my children always is Stanley to the blocks away eat eat eat eat there to support each other no matter what I. All right thank you get into it. Com at Diana and I know that irritates you but that's that is the other side of the argument at some point if you need help. Don't you hope they nurse your two young boys when their men will be there to help him I mean. Slowly but I would hope that they also wouldn't enable me. I would hope that they would hold a firm line with me can we respect and our family you know in their blood that they're I know it sound like I'm coming up ballot but. You know you have to hold firm money. Tiger and Steve if this didn't didn't limit sales in the period story a while I'll see it and read every now okay who's drunk you blacked out she fell she hit her head. Do you recall that she told me rehab. Should include all night long wide she called rehab. She called 91 water and okay that's where we are right now. Okay did we don't want it we don't wanna date you to this place so. Let's just take it. Yeah yeah I you know I. I clearly promote and recovery. And what I'm going to stand you have to look into it. The most helpful and important thing you can do you treat your mother it's her figured out which she needs to do this on her own in the I didn't include the worst excuse for the looking. Which eighteen don't let her back in your outfit didn't you don't want her much it means at its current entry to protection what I can protect. You're handling unit and I let her out I mean she's not giving them all on her and she's doing this on her. She's only sorrow she's not she's not why we knew we couldn't each I've been wondering how it. And I have to smolder and I had been that bad thing that he did for me. Mean I left home and over and over again for your own hurt Ricky. It really all turned out that that's a kid which he kicked me out Oakmont how completely explain to Fatah. And he got there are arts. I we have pilot. Minimal. And see me I don't know all the money tomorrow. Normally you confirm its and I have to let that got a call I had to let it go. Her mother to the rule that you don't want her that it needs which you have to try another inch between went even keep. She still hurts to open the toxic situation. Where you're quite mutual branch and you're thinking children don't know you think they know he ain't nobody heat beat it would never punched in the current and you know why they don't think he got. I'm still looking at you need a little bit better ports and airports are hopes aren't hard. I'm it out. And target chip eater so you're you brutally you know Dana we do appreciate how we gotta we gotta get a couple more people or at least one more let's do it actually easier. Actually you guys. I have been really heart that's flat on Monday and I flora and read an incredible whatever you believe it. Current god not our. You know that marquee Garrard out every delete the cops you your life your children and then your other than luck on don't. The public saying can't you imagine that they aren't so we'll break up your marriage. Aaron. It's and it's not a cheap it's shelter and cut. Your action don't have consequence better. Critics don't look at it correctly any bullying is but apparently not teach that there are consequences for your. There and I didn't know about that. And nearly 800 but got very Christian thing to do to help someone that of course. Learn these classless. Here's the deal and not enabling guys this is helping. Somewhat yeah. I don't wanna do this deal. But it eat gasoline is enabling ends. Do you think you lost in I don't I don't wanna say it like lost. More people said. Protect the kids for Texas needs it and that's it's it's there's no winner in this write me debate at all. By. Your mom's gotta figure out dude and she got her hoop and a group. But may be earned her way back to the yes. Yeah. Still I mean QL so I figured out Burton. And now it's just harder now. It is. Are you refusing to be okay. Yeah I mean I think it is you know holding a firm line about her being an out but that doesn't mean we're not gonna be there. Kirk and we'll get her absolute support a lot of hope edit and you know lecture I'm Murray. And you know inspire her to make a change it and hearse all. The idea but I mean she can only give up her golf and political entire group collars so. Right rob seriously if this was a big deal so thank you for coming on yeah thank you guys. We're not. I hope who worked IE truly do that stuff I it's I've never felt like we made the right decision like we did today rented that this was this is the right thing. If you guys have resource is maybe for mom when she gets out any of that stuff. We'll take it over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.