Slacker and Steve - GMD: Nasty Nuptials 6/28

Thursday, June 28th


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Selector in Steve's son today. Her son we'll he had us. It's anger and stays great leg. They say nice things I guess we're going to nasty actual size holes. What would its plants including get through one without destroying people. We just need to. And Neil and Jesse's gonna go first to Jesse. Yeah naive to what's happening. Are you guy didn't. Our crown well content CEO and I we have been dating for a little bit oh free here. We we live together and my eyes and green. My guess the pastor and the fact that Neil and I are both living and shin. I'd eat they really just hate it so but. I love meal and I think what Ian and I haven't. Wonderful and great news. Basically. I want my Stanley alike and what they've really gotten to know him and my cabinet getting married on Long Island next month. And so I want you to come to me I wanna like put my camera here and be around my. My dad and have my dad be around O'Neal and how he gets everyone to come and I really think that that's the good guy at. Help this economy can just mood and then to see that's not living in January. We love each and every gonna get married eventually I don't know but. I don't want them to like him and got a lot of company. How long are using to be out there for. Me just a week. And simply want to get out. In Oaxaca but yeah I did said legs just a weekend that you can put it just incredible weekend the so. Talent that would bring in my parents' house for a week and a. Boca are on the Internet yeah oath from living in Santa living in a hotel and sand and then be surrounded for a week of people that hate you were. Yes your boyfriend didn't. Now do we're making his case weren't that well for. You guys yeah I. Metal it's totally not. Like I mean she were badly need and I don't wanna be around that but beyond that like I don't have anything to prove. That like having gotten that chance you know from the beginning. So. You know there's no reason for me even though I'm not gonna just might win them over in a weekend poll you know why. He's got a new and that that I mean. Nearly all political week is the week of that blank at you know just by blocking an actual gold club. And why use I mean I hate is such a strong. Word she's kind of coming it feels like she's coming from the angle that they just don't know you and they can't accept. He's just acting you're living in send you you sense more of hatred for who you are what what are you sensing a. Yes it's true like who I am and just. I have no idea they've just always been really like rude to mean just like unite a trying to engage it's been like you know. A little over a year now under it's just really no nothing like back Philip. Can be current worry that like me. Rallying gain over the O'Neal like I. I really can't break it or bear it or around my Camry they're gonna get no ear and see what I turned my lip and I just. I wanna give them Matt Light and I don't know you won't. So I mean we tried we tried a bunch figured to enact them malicious in not playing well. Now. What do you what do you feel like it would be like Neil if you go I mean could you describe what you have it in your head what day is gonna look like you feel like they're gonna. But when you walked into breakfast they're gonna throw food you mean how bad he's he's going to be or what what why do you think they're gonna be means he. I mean it's just yesterday who were awkward and being around them and sitting down and Mike you know being judged about what I do relate you know. In one I'm like doing it highlighted in that kind of thing it's just put. Harm then just sort of like questioning about different things about my life and also you know just know. No real leg match and it's it's going to be like you walking though remember when you call all the court. Are you never gonna put got a lot of do you wanna deal with Jessica is if you're never gonna make a connection with them didn't eat your relationship hasn't has an expiration date card because I sounds like Jesse needs her CME's approval for her to Mary. Begin a life with you Neil here. Yes no I mean it from Brooklyn like long haul with each it's just sort of no I don't have anything good crew and I'm like I know that I love you whose sole you know like. I don't. It and. I don't know why can't why can't we go and show you that right. I know felt like you they just don't know yet. And we haven't gone to admit that perhaps the reason why they won't really light you that much can they think that you never let me come over. Too Long Island in mind. You know it's just it thank saw that you're willing to make it it'll play I think shot that they do like our. He's got a record heat totally want to be part of our diet and I think the going to be so much better Beirut. Now I don't know well. I'm this isn't this is awkward lie because it's a bucket I mean Jesse you make him really good points but it. For a second can you put yourself in Neal shoes he's got to take a week off to work. And to have to. We're did shoot for your to your family is his vacation to yeah that's going to be fun. Secret clean up your current we're right there if you are willing to do it then what is he is the Internet and along the wall like for me so it's kind of shows the commitment level and we just come back and forth about it and I just don't understand why compromise a little bit like. He won't even go for like half a week I just wanted to beat air and I want to eat my family he's not and I feel like it's a kind of like. A make or break. They think Jesse can I ask you if you guys ever have plans to get married if your family if you Kim went over he can't win over your family. You're not gonna go through with the the New York show is more important than Neil that's what I stealing. I mean I don't wanna say that my family is important and I want and should be. Important. Theme park and I don't know I just really just feel like you would. Make a commitment Whitney it would really good. But. Guys we have we have another point for your hat there hang on hang on the roof armed icing camp. I think Neal melted a lot of women's hearts that are listening he said you know I don't care I don't care about an inning I just wanna love you. It's true runs and you reach a certain point in your life and I don't think they're. All by any means for excite you don't I don't need to win anybody over Damon in it's it's us it's new to us to against the world and at some point. As a dad of daughter. Don't I have to reach OL while you're the man who my daughter loves I did she do you know reach out to meet then I got to reach out to him. It doesn't sound like Jesse's daddy is doing a lot of reach now I understand he's a pastor and things are living in sentinel at a certain point you lose your daughter if you don't. It's it sounds like he's right now meal has to go all the way to Long Island and nobody's going to come past way to Denver. No I see it's it's all I'm allowed to huddle and steel and if they don't like I don't like walk into a room where I know. There's going to be conflict I know you don't like. Wants to balk and a conflict and it would kind of questions. Jesse's dad because he says he's a pastor there's not a lot of forgiveness or compassion he's just anti. Yeah so but on the other hand this is net. This never gonna end unless somebody's the bigger man and it's in just he wants Herman meal to be it so he's already then there is a retrial associated should they go to the Long Island's. Massey nuptials or. Can she go buy yourself an uptick in different time for him to try to win over the Stanley. You guys get to decide. Jesse knee Ole. Feel free to jump in here comes your jury yeah Logan. Hey guys aren't totally with me a lot of thought because I myself and in the exact situation currently. No. Thank you back. Read it would Neil are reporting it because I know what it's like that to have aid. Kind of vacation I felt and I know what kind of struck you know. Traveling on your significant other how to put you under and I also know that if you're watching it to a situation where people order got opinions. I'm a doubt you before you can really express yourself up. Appropriately. It's really difficult to sway those who fine dear if he's out there. Unless you've got the ability to I can't hold it hung it a little bit better than I do. It's it's typical you try to defend yourself and calm manner Eric Bernard everybody's learned it echoes that of all he's trying to discredit itself. He's gonna be stuck in New York. Jesse Neil connect is the world's. Yeah. It could do worse have you thought about digesting. I don't I don't think it will get worse I think the only issue at the fact that they don't know we can't. They feel like that he that stranger you'd like spoke to the wet you know like this may. They just need to do I need to learn and understand why we're in love and I just really think that this would be the thing to do it like I understand the apprehension that I I respect. But I think that show you this. Like initiative. Well beat any African each connection and overt. There thank you wouldn't call it opinion either you there is. But there is a point where it's it's it's got to be a two way street there maybe maybe it has to start with you Neil. Families. Are here. I am so I'm not Jesse Saturday and then. What are you hearing as he augmenting a great opportunity to kind of show how much he'll have a SPS and how and then. Jump and I get to the hard step after a year when you start talking about like that I am I ever really know what you're gonna work in what event and. I mean the state is looking at me like a dog during high as it sounds like they're. I look towards the hard stuff. I can't tell you not to see that the. Hello I let and I just got out of out of their relationship. A week ago because of the same banks and I was low liner like you know I don't I am forty and I think an hour long. It's. Like to him. I even really close to a mom and dad and about it gonna have like I permit all the time it would mean gonna make me happy. True but I'm through thank you for the call him only. Let's see Shannon tells us. I I. Sleep chant all I you know I and I'm yet I I and our report here's where the BC. With me but I love epic Eric Berry don't act that I showed me. That I'm back here I got it baby dilemma that. My dear Abby at. And you're not there where their. And I am luckily not that you don't like you don't expect you to. Debate. You're not rarely your bit quick at the bit after. A complete nearly. And eat everything else you may. So whose side are you ultimately on if you've been on both sides you sound very Daniel. I'm happy I don't think we went into that they let somebody. I'm not they're very religious she got that anybody that there are they really hit and I are old are they put it back and it worked because it. You know apparently that the Mikey but. It hurt you if you really love you like he said he'd aren't you go. There to show that army that he really really cared marker which are my new show. How happy. But it doesn't work so everybody's outs he sits in time and money let's get one more and then I feel it's going to certain direction your Alex. Yeah I a guy. Space so totally rejected on that point on the ticket well out of band Robert played buck right here and it's. First date are all we interviewed it's an addition with her parents know Neil got to show up improve that hey. Like in May not be the first time but I'm here for the long run and you the passer so he's all about repentant eat out like crimping your style and making it better emit nauert double or may not have liked it. I may have not been like the court but this is it got to go like I let your daughter and I think in showing up with a huge step in the right direction. I could screw it different then you know let a huge step so they can prove the difference then between them. Being in a cannot okay. Nice thank you for the call Alex arm of what's FaceBook look like well let's say kind of down the middle it is. Well. Little League just told us that million made a huge push at the end but ultimately. C wins and you're going along that this. But I really think it'll be good. You know I really think it Gerald. Nice are you willing to look to go. It okay way down the hall I you don't Ford's effort when you get there is like yeah it's not just getting on the plane and you got to try a little bit. Little by little. Or go to power while he knew a guy. Pile on and on me yeah. After the wedding hang on right Daryn MCI's I mean that's. I feel like some. Coming year so it's jackets in new series router. One you won't play this is a lot on their total DDO. Did you hearing my goodness he sounds. You I still weak but shoots eight to a bunch of time he met.