Slacker and Steve - GMD: No Kid Vasectomy 6/16

Thursday, June 16th

Thad and Jamie decided early on that they did not want to have kids. Now Jamie feels that she might change her mind, but Thad is ready for a vasectomy. Both are in their late 20's and Jamie thinks that's too young to make that decision. Thad is positive that he won't sway on his decision. Whose side are you on? 

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Slacker and steam until the yeah. And her style. Strain. Is ignorant C. Days. Two we've got a couple people. Really confused by this one no good time and I think they came together agreeing on something and I didn't do you still agree on it opens they're not sure they agree on an 80 OK okay. He's a true self. I. All of may think oh let's start with Jamie I guess elite. I didn't tell us what's going on it as a disputed were little confused. And it's not Medicaid. My husband got an IA. About three years ago and but I don't think we really hot and comment is that I never wanted kids. Oh. Age you finance settled on. And shot anyways so I'm about last summer we got married and everything and really call you a lot of traveling it's great I'm. Unemployment is that at its batted and turn on the idea getting to the media which I mean right. Yeah now with beach I mean I never want kids bank. I am kind of like man accused aptly put it teaching your line let that it cheers from our. I eighty years from now I mean that's a really Gettelfinger Merck's you know and they're allotted internally that I can keep from getting pregnant and I can think I Il having a little bit of the typical heat coming to an agreement. On and the. You don't want kids right on right now right you don't want to it's rewarding our uniter but why. And we did didn't you get married under the yeah contents of lights. Neither of us want kids when you still don't. Eight yeah I really don't I mean my age you just. I don't know you. You can't ban on I don't know what like next year all older the next few years did you play at the surgical procedure and make it. When he didn't expect there would sure hurt and it keeps. You do you never analogy might change my ranking by mine you you don't I'll win and you can't really had to let it catch into the Herbert you know what I mean. Wakefield I'm kind of caught off guard Jim because usually when this concession comes up it's it's usually the wife it's pushing the husband don't you go did snip because you're never gonna write yeah. And so basically you're saying that if he decides to leave you want go wanna start concern filming was someone else or you want him to doubt be fertile no matter what. Not cooperative I mean I didn't really know and then leaving one another and then like I might change my mind you I'm not saying make. You know I either way you know it means she had a pet. I always been the handset now I don't have kids and it's a you know I have to relieve some market and it seemed and I don't that's gonna change for him and I just don't lie at the U lake a surgical procedure action and then. Know how that conversation at like what what what you thought that he is not what I make now and I can't I talent my kids you know and edge. Announce it you didn't want kids and that's why he married just think I'm. I'm on the Tajikistan I think kids are amazing. Here's an resorted to assist Safin plays. Its use and have to get to certain I mean because they both. You you're using your sons are now. Yet yeah like I'm on the hill it totally. Era which I can totally not an excuse. It and they were like came along you know maybe you only want and I can't I can just say okay are not thinking earth install it backpack and one day you like. And yet at the Canadian weekday Abby well aren't yet let. Oh and you remember that back. I any tricky period with the hope how much sat in the. I just commune so it is an ever hear the white sees these things so please don't get a yeah. I'm. What do you mean you know early here. It's usually go I'm lucky to do really in my about it so you go get that way you can't go run off the start sales it was a you know usually. Host tips. That they have this discussion would then not having any chance. Yeah I think she's hedging her bet next. Not seen it out loud but you've got to biological clock and ends. Okay you're aren't sure if you don't adjusted to adding your sad. Say hello hey mom what's your scientists. They still I guess I decided really that I am very good lead. We really haven't so long and I mean a liable for no reason why you know we. Love each other and always on the same page is because we were never actually having kids. You know I just think in general kids they're just there are a lot of work. Is a lot of pressure and it just are a lot to deal with that night you know it's we've looked at friends do you know we came out within like to be really cool it and then suddenly they hit it out like you know maybe they don't oddity years and yeah. Thanks so well. Dog and I don't disagree I don't disagree with I'd I'd immaculate just weeks. It's awfully early to be completely turn in the all you know and saying Ariane never gonna happen never gonna change my you know I I I think that earned her a permanent. The surgery each and there is then weighing maybe. Political point is that if we eat I mean. This thing is is that I guess if I get delegates just died and they should not have to worry to his you know actions always tablet to read it's like the piano or condoms or whatever and so. I mean yeah there's no reason to change or might it mean we definitely don't like kids and we don't want to be if it actually happened that's an actor and we have her like at least eighteen years that's a lot. Please let's longer than AstraZeneca cut and I'm not affect the so your you do your doing it. It just so lit society yet the agreement you made when you met you want you're like we both agree no kids. And I'm gonna hold you to that by snip in my to send himself Syria were both holding each other yeah. Jamie are you being complete that I I guess my question is if you really believe you don't want kids now are. See I mean but exactly what you get that Arab which is you you're really thinking that you don't like kidnapped or. You're actually right now. I. You guys it doesn't want to. So all of eight and you know. Annie in the heat he'll permanent incompetent now exactly change people change their mind about I am so Amy and the united building. This is on the hit a good Jeter remind our yeah I mean you you know we can't do this so he argued that yet. Our doctors learn and we are both on the same path about that you know delegates and then. I agree what a view I mean I did you that you may legitimately Jewish private age backbone area which hit it just like. Give the kid out and thank Allah bring the error I wake up 1 morning like look how wide and the next gate gate you like a load nevermind your salad that he can. Yeah and I think all parents don't trust is we've only got so that left a couple L science fiction because it seemed magical on paper. Cup car. I think it's weird because it soared out of the basis of your relationship. Thank you guys came together it's hard to find you people who in frankly that is true no kids cover and now this site and yeah your pulling back just. You still want no kids but you're taking back the forever parked. And it's and he's like I'm I was serious I'm gonna make this sure it's forever I'm not gonna happen swimmers going so. I guess it's it's the finality of it all night thinks is staring you Jamie bump. I mean I guess I mean we've talked and we got about a lot but late. I AEA I definitely have always been late in the moment. Yeah great now I totally don't want them it's scary. It's totally scary but I'm much lake I haven't really thought about click OK it forever I'm totally dead. Eat out at bat and I think he's a lot more comfortable attack at a Herman. Well casinos but I don't know hooks up with a. Parent I would never made them early are kids that are making someone and don't bother that didn't want to be even if I change my my eighth we saw it. Quickly quelled any you know gets sacked and the dukes it out in the end it is sometimes body boom and I don't care. Got it for a guy is usually very good benefits. Yeah I. I'm hang on we're gonna gain some jury member elect is this weird I like Jamie for not wanting him to go do snip surgeries procedure because every wife once with a your husband to go does here on a new and I think did. I don't understand why you haven't done it. This this question is plagued me forever you don't ever want kids I don't know why you the moral. Wouldn't you have done it by now because for the exact same reason that Jamie just said you think it did somebody money might meet somebody. And so it kind of held out for that but yet that Chrysler lost selling twenty years ago senator do you think what are youth back. Not true but we can do you grew three. Boy could have bags early yeah six charges carry personal feelings just like us spy. Coming is suffering it's a smell of burning to both Steffi are those solutions. They've agreed no kids but she's starting to he's like you said earlier hedge isn't hedged her bet she's she's she's a boy and I went up one day and he's like. Irony no I'm not. Right in its bode well for a while female to totally give up a chance of motherhood for ever that's that's that's a bit they base their relation you know. So which is better our own deal breaker for their marriage is the voice policy was to be a monster and we'll find another guy some guy wants to be adapt more recent address that hey she might she can be leaving you if you don't she probably wealth while she's at our. I lust and and the second okay recent jury members should sad get cut because they've agreed. No kids or should she win because they might change their mind at some point the state do some I jury members here. Tammy. I know I. Reasons. He voting Jordanian you're glad my husband and I both got married and at the creek and that we ever ever have did that but we loved about her relationship. And we both need I remind our mid thirties. We ended up not being able to have biological each other and it has been adopted one child Ethiopia and are working on adopting outnumbered here. You never you never know what happened why you have. Yeah that's that's hanging and that entry and political you know what I'm worrying about and I mean I'm birth control all there is totally different ways that I you know whatever so I I don't know looked. I did understand why a cute so eagerly keys that he trucks meet. Birth control and are now birth control is not no single form of birth control is 100% accurate. Unless you. Don't. I'll put that I mean I get out daily that they like he checked me I wouldn't like try to track him in Q. And you're like a relationship that you can't eat or how about the Italia you know trust units is that it's it's it's an art. Or is expected to be remembered before we had like a little air. And other whole series stating that we weren't sure what was gonna happen and what can happen and needs smoothing -- delegate if we don't want kids and they need MM IB creature that's great and very happy that you re -- adopts an everything but I had children do you like I don't think I can handle the responsibility the terrorists we have to make a lot of it financial changing is let's make a lie cheat or like it's not be able to go on vacation -- it was usually get big and they need it we both are likely don't want kids that next issue rich adults are my idol is getting diets you have to worry that scares or anything like that is to soak up. And I looked flat and how old are you I don't understand the eagerness like Alec so I'm learning that an Heatley quite twenty now. Yeah we've both seen their might at ages thirty I'm saying you never know eye. Out but. Yeah yeah. Act can and Mike and and then look at me and if she and mean it can turn at the plate it is. Blake he tracked me even if we even in the scared I was like you know ultimately we're not gonna make it it is then that we regret right there wanna let it struck me without and she. And they didn't let it try to guy immediately concerned lake if you trust me and you know that I'm not telling you know that I would never make it to this day and it. MIA is there or someone else you'd dull. Try and move. Oh my god this is not. I insist this is not like that at all there's no it's not like I am trying to do this let get away like a big startling on the side it's not about that is the matter. I care about you and I want honesty you go to dished. Do we need to do and they are not have to worry about let me have a I'm like I'm that is taking your book that's not something you have to remember at such a thing that you have to worry about you know it it's something that I take care of and I don't like it or not in the league like the site tomorrow and then not tell you got ill and you know that I'm. Schneider. Helmet or even get an autograph gathered western gate. Rabbi is in the years instead of like everything to me every day I did get it started as a. Yeah yeah doing it for you forever so you don't have. He's not at night I mean if I do. There are an ad or did you work the month W everyday if you argue that you and then move on Bourque better let's just somebody else you Sharon. And I I'd vote for Jamie because of two reasons. Number line a lot of men have. Difficulty with functioning after they've had a vasectomy the doctors telling you who doesn't happen but it. They all say no other at least eight guys that hat bit. Things don't work right anymore and they regret having them may read it and the other reason is shockingly men do you have biological clock. And I'd often known men that literally wake up at 36 and all of a sudden they're like oh my god I wanna have a family. That does happen I'm fifty years old that's the neat thing happened off spend. It so it and Shannon Perry Sarin and your hair care and I think that first example you gave probably get one my. Hey are you ready for your Johnson not works its. Yeah I mean value added there's a pretty seriously and that kind of glad I never heard of that that. You have yeah I read it. They're very very big people replied I mean I know that there's no I do see a while where it's going to be sore down there by. And from everything I've read at least a chance to everything is flying so it's like an open though got a lot of work downstairs at all. Com. This ice. Yeah not bad I. Blue okay why. Well he said he doesn't want children and that's the most. It's a way to guarantee it at cleared issue once children went. Ater apply. Do Jamie can you just be honest 12. Thanks so I don't I don't. It's like it's it's really believes though the wait to add talks it's I just. I what I said I don't think he'd be a good father and seeing if you don't want to be a father you're not going to be heroes. You're going to be dead. There's something that you be honest there's something in you still that thinks you wanna be imam. I think that there's something inside me and saying. I don't know what I don't analyze light years from now mad eye you know and I also believe that I love him not to think you know look. Don't it's not my god he's not right into that and what it fight your serve out. Elephant and we packed detect each other from ourselves and you know what if he he's changed you know. Attic I feel like actually maybe maybe you'll do it maybe you all may be neither local undermine that. I don't laugh again like yeah I don't want a slam every single door shut and it still Mac at an annual changing a lot of traveling and hopefully we'll change together whatever that meet. Jamie you'll be prepared if you decide to wake up tomorrow and you wanna be a mom and he still doesn't you have to go find some other guy you do figure out because he's not gonna give that to you are you. Yeah and I I'm totally prepare record I cannot believe it will be somebody insurer relationship or try to pressure them into doing something I I appropriate for them to mean and I wouldn't if you look at the failure per hour lakes. EDB let's have a BB I would like to know it then I don't I would stand by that I would expect that our show me their. Millions I don't. Yeah I nice. Tumble banker Jeannie mainly because that. My father actually had two kids and then decided that they were done with our children so he got a vasectomy and not a year after he got his attract media. He had eight. Mil both. Or few. Yeah it actually and the doctor even called and that it was. Technically possible for it to grow back after a certain amount years. Noon he got to go in Iowa saw him a sample make sure that brilliant so this is an end just done well you just if you really want to be sure in an eight she Daytona how many swimmers are getting through and it should be all right. Right yeah no and I feel like it to you gonna going get a vasectomy and it's not like you and a 100% positive after a certain nine years white and spend money on that. While it's more I mean peace of mind to learn. You throw me a little bit more that's why I keep track I'm not I'm not pressuring you but any time aboard the sector becomes obviously to me I I all we should. I don't. That's weird this if I don't. I want all those words back to I want him back. And I'm flattered and hey guys yeah so where I don't think communion with the actually. And you know I don't know what I'm gonna have to see the dependent visual on my hands. Easier. Trench. I'm. So. Excited I am. Not Mary keep trying to keep keeper apparently you don't need her. Made it where urging an outer about it like a kick out there and let matters as just an urgent shake. Rock irks you use something like diet your I can't repair it. I know your every big say in our Brian. I'd go to you kill. It how I may get out. What he wants to do and should not about why they shouldn't make that decision together so why should. Not quite. I know my hard and when anything like without need a hundred OK. And I bet that's little chip integration. Patricia what trumps all all the time is it's my bought. He's. Trying to keep it right it hurt Eric I out. The company doesn't. Doesn't work if I'm if the genders or reverse it never does there it is they do it doesn't yeah I did my body trumps and ends everything will win. To be any black lacquer would you like okay no I wouldn't like. Me does. Once he stressed that. And I know why I'm. Listening right now and agreeing with you he ever anything I knew sitting there. Okay it and I think my Weis wouldn't. When it comes a double standard it falls better on our guys understand this the more awesome than it falls on the scene outside but I must say this but my wife can go. O'Neal had seventeen tattoos it's my body and I think there's no absolutely not think I want I think I would but I think what ever he is she wants to enhance this changed its. Women women. Act very irritating you know. Now we can't really compare XIQQ it kiddie. Tony I like disease. It's permanently Giuliani hurt a lot faster than the. I don't think yeah they do not and I asked my. Idea is. He's he's now is known in the anyway. And I do it because I don't wish and I love what are my art I would. Do it. Cause. Yeah. And get married and and I ain't. A you know all auction apart might light up through that. Every sequel to yeah so what do you think people like whenever. Your nutrition. Throughout pages on Trish let's say you're awesome non. So we've got a verdict what's it look like a FaceBook actually. Compromise. Somehow. But I had a two say becoming a must I think it's in the end they want with that stands body. Well unfortunately things the doesn't count it's a phones account and Jamie won in a landslide. Yeah oh god no room zillions times I don't know what you got a little bit so people should elderly do you know yeah. It's recent. I'm sold at these junk bond you out. Coolest I mean. Led the league in these are two thirds of all it's my body they admitted my body should be. The consensus that may be already agreed if we agreed to our kids. I detailing this is just a further steps towards that it's not like I'm. You know I think pat LA at the very skewed view we teach me in that case that are dictated you know lake. Early Saturday and I need something yeah I mean Michael I would like science house. I read it that Barack I don't without re we can read this that the discussion every year he wants Q but lake each. I mean and that. It just it's but later we're actually honored every year he didn't need to answer which is that I get this will do well to get this done to get over it but you're much everywhere that you made. Changer rear review and you'll say oh he has fueled record to keep that but then. To my body yeah I hear is yeah. The guys we do appreciate it's awesome yeah and we'll have you back on one year from now on a superior yeah you guys. Yeah thanks guys I do think things we should count it seems really unfair that those people get this new if you do still wanna do us sound off over there you know where to go FaceBook dot com slash slacker fans the fans.