Slacker and Steve - GMD: Popular Because of Clothes 7/20

Thursday, July 20th

Jonathan and Rose have a daughter that is about to start middle school. She has been a little overweight most of her life and has always dealt with being bullied. Rose wants to take their daughter shopping and get her cool, name brand clothes for school. She says middle school girls are mean and it could help ease the cruelty. Jonathan says they don't have the money for name brands and school should be about education, not fashion. Whose side are you on?


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Selector in Steve's son today. And her side okay say. His. This these and and games. Still license in the down because I don't like truly does and this is one of those ones where I grew up 1 morning and I grew up to the right way in the in the mood. She's done otherwise I mean the other. Let's get started that. Either way I think they got their kids best interest if you aren't lowering its Rosen Jonathan and Starwood rows and rows. Yeah yeah we'll tell us tell us how we can help yeah. A aren't god yeah. I mean happened guns and we haven't got everything in the middle well now. Now and where. Give an all that back to those shots staying and where having us CNN this agreement we thought you had my vehicle that helped us sort out and seek head as. And you can got married is. You know she's. And she's a lovely guy give a great personality that he gets picked on so much by other children unique digital and larger than her agents you know in a little bit larger and. I'm a little bit lighter only to that larger. So it can make it easier for her I was thinking that we shed by her you know some are brand name clay and I'm originally aren't up by chicks but why do you think that that would help elections get kicked around so much and I just unheard of and then. And there are cash so you you want what's I mean. What do into the new school is a big deal it is at that age and that gender because they other schools funneling you may lead to new clothes aren't gonna six you're you're wrapped. Between fourth and fifth straight right there Mary knows he's huge he's got other schools just funneling in there a chance to going to be somebody different who you were. Absolutely. Stunned I get what you're thank him. Omelets finally Jonathan doesn't want that to happen Jonathan. Yeah RA and I go yes this is stood why do you hate your daughter Paige I'm sergeant whoa whoa well and no I'm just. I love my daughter. Can. No I just don't think that she needs to necessarily be wearing name brand closed. To try and impress these bullies here's they're going to be bullies. And it doesn't matter what she's wearing. And we can't afford this stay out you know we have maybe. Maybe accused 300 dollars for school supplies and goes east and to dismayed to beat out you know. Stand up to these voice. What are what are the how did you grow up let's get some well how did you grow do you did you did you Wear. I got picked on a lot further through wanting I was always smaller than the other kids. My parents the same way they can afford to buy me that. You know that eyes back then it was like Ricky Greg can afford that though. You know I just I Dell would fit and made me stronger in the NBA now that so that's sort of whopper Lilly. Nice but but you were a hero boy and I know. I hate that I thought yeah I know but still your daughter and a little it's a little bit. Different I think for girls at that age because of the mean girls. Really boys have to put up with older boys may be but girls that's a whole different ball game going on. Would there at like they a lot of nickel war past air and it. It ain't you don't stay and liked it is a major part of her filed with the union now. And you sink if you don't do this rose how much damage are we talking about here I mean I don't I don't wanna. You could jewel sort these clothes when you're young. I mean I really tracked to similarity to what they try and Blair and my parents made sure that Iowa as well accommodated and now. And at those you wanted to Catholic school as well Wear uniforms were talking about. You know as I did that lay out Garrett adding he had an LA and they you learn a girl. I'm wearing leg you know I year old Jean Bernard I'm saying it's all good counter acts you've got done. Bro I didn't marry you because you have you know. UG bags in whatever I hear it's your right you know your personality either way you look it's not about to close. I don't understand why don't understand that. Safe and that honeymoon that that completely different from whether I got a good situation Q hang in there are these people I'm gonna have great hair her personality. They're gonna look for what. Baked out and they're gonna all play make fun of her and let clean hardly any that could be made that play cyber bullying and I'm really sorry I want to protect our daughter. I'm not well okay let's say we drop like a thousand dollars on this let you know name brand clothes and she still gets to east. What then are we gonna take her clothes back I mean. What are save every really see how how much do you wanna stand I mean Jonathan I don't know how much middle school fashion costs right but. 300 bucks 20300. Dollars to buy all the notebooks pens. Calculators. And close might not need to get he's done an old navy dude you're gonna you're gonna be three days. Exactly I would rather give her like school supplies that she needs you knew your everything's good Internet ebitda does ought to have a good education yes we keep that's all I care. Well with that you can she's gonna get an education but she's going to be key immersed in this socialism and how all of that aspect that goes with that. That's tough to. Now that's a whole education into itself is an Jonathan I knew nobody senior wrong and nobody seemed rows is right right it's I user awesome you're looking at one thing. And roses for a while leaving brokers in she's. And normally console long logical Linear guy I'm a little scared of sending. A girl to middle school in into that. Here's what here's where I kind of look at a Rosen Jonathan you guys are great parents your child's being bullied you're doing everything on you or end. In the bullying one little layer that you can do. Is held by her some status a little bit help but you can buy that. This is the message that that's how you get out of things it's like you throw money that's not a good IC would Jonathan. Exactly. Page you that's the problem bro as always regardless if there's any problems your source or curled our hair you know they air conditioner. Oh money and another problem that might have now that's a lot and you wrote and sorry sweetie but yeah it can't be happy that address. I'm all right guys for a week but I think your bulls but Steve sat that you guys are great you are being made great points both you're right. Neither of you were really wrong so let's let's go so let's give us a name brand labels. Girls got to look and all we're gonna we're gonna get center remembers enable ultimately decide hang tight hang tight feeling Jonathan's. Early on X loading meals and a hat. If you can afford it why wouldn't you but it sounds like thinking they can. I heard books and in computer he off the bat self gets kicked to the curb this is about status the education shall get that comes along with it. He wants to teach her. The end of life lesson at tight end UN high school college right because. The thing is he's still one big picture. You know when you get a new job I can be able to dole out by a sure a new and Taylor Susan walked in your first day she got to do you still like not having everything in the world. Where is roses like. I'm Dave blind you gotta have something and review what I would were what is it with you first is schools like a fashion show. Show everybody. See you walked into that school you're being judged and that's where you gonna set a bar and we all due respect or maybe. You don't you Wear old navy these other. If this 200 days of school. But that first day one didn't set a bar yeah you're right a little and I hate to keep harping on. This is a girl it's different for girls and ask age those three years off a boy to Roland where Wal-Mart clothes bright and he still looks nobody you know the dug the label is small but a girl who like and she needs to get into a lot of girls. That occupant protection a little bit for her and the way to do that is a serious look flared what they're real I don't think the closes announced it better and and it'll help but to start. I don't symbolize and everybody says thirtieth the ground level you can buy your way up. Tell me it's like those games you play your phone you could buy your way up a couple levels you're telling me and me marching band I mean if I had an Izod shirt I would have moved up two clicks. Like if you're a special. Earl say all this a bit closed won't change adapt much we will help you might it feel you're not even know which morning. I it's up to you guys did it by her nice a whole bunch of nice closed and thousands of dollars. Where does she teach the lesson now that state core look closed door on her sang it at age there helps. John offender bros could really use your help I Rosen Jonathan we're around. We're gonna decent jury members Cameron figure out where we're at here. Jeanette. Yeah I got I. I'm under this side that person we haven't met by this. Figure out what erode consider the name brand. And students should be about crude which he showed good and not about the label because that's giving her the mental dressing internally that she feels good about herself. Every once in a student in neighboring. Are totally. That is why they've since been it's not Sarah I give yours last longer you right into an eruption in my back. Yeah I printed it depend on your body's still finding might make sure it's still there and building up our confidence from the inside to out right. Matter far more than the label that plummet on the clothing and you couldn't find a lot of great deal on line you can I'm glad I yelled at pretty compact. Played O clock where you can get earnings. Spring and Turks that make her feel great and give her the confidence to ensure that social circle she might not have tried to enter the port so. It about how she feels. Into signing what Bernie and makes her feel good and setting a limit on that. There Mays started sadness to me what a woman a man who are there remains no woman ever you know when answerable hard pill. Yeah a test they just continued are you are you relating to what she sang all can you understand that that. It can help. I mean I mean a little bit yeah down by and I agree more the part about on. To close it makes herb you know feel let her look better doesn't necessarily have to have attacked again meet. It is the tag that important that and countered that. I'm just saying Jonathan if you've got 200 by the school supplies and the clothes. Your clothes your do you normally do you know I can do it Hulu would zone. You can tips hoax that. You've. You know I know. I mean I'm willing to compromise you know maybe that one nice outfit sort of first day of school you know maybe. One for the last that's probably how he supported this. What. Armed by the way if you if you wanna drop a bunch of coupon tips. Analysts and our FaceBook page is now over yeah it's it's overflowing with yeah frugal mom two with the it's like this dog on this something that we we're we are down narrow narrow going to it will put all that we'll run our FaceBook page Jessica. I nice. Our I don't have any at seven freighter ship going in the seventh grade thought I had to choose potent but you know I do relate to. I would sue Jonathan I had. And I would actually a little. I had beer I didn't go out so I agree with the last call eight up claiming to find out that just makes church spilled out that's gonna make it different. And if you're looking and they ran I don't think it amen I think I pray tell you can go to Iraq in China what to intimidate. Are much cheaper. She is just about making her feel good and you need to BJ that I don't friendships if she. Looking at these type that there are other conference she wants. If you play and to what she asked in our. Engram blowing and I metal ball good again and you're and her mother bark and you're gonna go there with no matter where you make up. Is that you're Richard Otto or make up there I can't I can't. You know not bring the old mother lode. Well I do agree with Don at it on making your daughter will betting comfortable in her quote. Thank you for the call Jessica. Rose what do you think of that. I mean I agree that ad is important that she feel confident that he. Like Jill Bennett and the Clinton as she thinks she looked in my current item don't think Rick and I I met. On that clearance rack at Wal-Mart in LA I think that. And she did better quality and Blake that I both are just better when you get name brand class. Yeah he. You guys. I yeah. Such attack aids you know and but my mother did for me I would it mean Grant Hill waves as she we need under the act like maybe every three months. Her groups and transporting all that money a warrant because he had child which owns and yet they keep chopping right. And then I wanted to name brand I can either stay in our hundred bucks per one out or actually error and an Angel and search for the nearer. Are they in all that stuff in there really shouldn't eat a value of my my blood and offer I really don't control our home what I do more and she returned which you know we of course fetched. You really might say too little eat. Looked Larry Q the next story I like that you know. And I can look at that may cease sealed and stuff like that but it was my decision and also. I'm Italy do not two years into them as soon she'll much her so realize that brand are important that right now. It's about this cute kids her like. Can you I'm John as they could do could you may be teachers some fiscal responsibility while you're given her a little. A little terror there. Yeah yeah I mean maybe she knows more about their computers and I they're gonna Lang and maybe finding bills somehow you know you can do that we have a certain budget. I am in court that. I Lanka. Thank thank you better off appreciate it does she surfing Rodeo Drive store yeah I don't know because. You know what there's almost web sites now where excite you she's Katy Perry walking the runway and then right next who says one on this look and it's as you combined. This car sick old navy. And this skirt or knock out somebody you could still pull long it's true the little things without spend albeit without amnesty march. Muscular with more. I. Someone younger instead of you know getting all their really nice clothing and stuff like that. I can't find something that I really love and help it to the basement some disdain I didn't Taekwondo for awhile and you know I was the take down to being mom Lynne you kind of frail and pale looking though that really helped me out. OK so maybe not necessarily focus on fashion steer her. Find your confidence somewhere else and Byron and stuff like she's Taekwondo gonna Tom. Nice is now a law it's going to be that you don't bind the belts Steve you are never know that yeah. Look at. What to do much for the with the kids. So okay so psyched I didn't do their days were my frustration with you collective field. I'm not a perfect pitch because that's a great ones thank you get the call. Yeah I change yeah. I if they don't put a collar and had just that prior that I need and I yield on the long match edged humor. Turkish in you are telling her that this is the only way that she can make track. It's 11 IRA. There's a vicious one there's other your rice argued on camera I'm John. They're good they're gonna. That you're gonna keep track that. She says. Already you're gonna say you do need to change who you are you need to have the anti closed in order to be trapped when. They're really had a few people need a message that you are already and not. Who you lock. Shall learn that what you told all us Steve that they're unmarked you don't listen are you wanna teach all the lessons on 12 Sparano as the one where materialism works at a for the girl this age heading into the school yes it does Donna. Yes yes I. I'm Torres lives were. All of that session here's an as the adult I'll meet new friends do this do that it's her that needs to go to that's not actually it's so easy for as you know they're doing is nothing wrong with going out to the mall play can't they name brand or wherever you contrast just as cheap as you know all the it's it's amazing how much you can sign up their first failed summer builder going on I'm all for her to looking good and killing get on when we'll have a new person that I have a new out so we sold two million bucks. There has done a ballroom they're gosh I'm. Steve what assays were closed like because look he just told me be who wins on the phones and I am a little bit slower it's a lot of where to find good deals on a nice merchandise but I have to say in the end Jonathan wins. Well Jonathan unfortunately for you these songs are actually what counts and rose one Y ten times. Oh gosh yeah but I think I think what I think it has a lot of women. Who understand the pain and mean girls you ask calling little dean going. Not much dismay and ruin her first day while middle school while her entire middle school Jonathan your idea just I'm one myself it. That's only in a buyer a day and then she's gonna have to like skip school every day somebody forward you know you've got. Well you know what. I agree with the caller that talk about the Taekwondo. That's on the net. Do both yup I know it's a lot of money to fire nice robe. IC DE. Higher atop blowing east and south. But Alanis Morissette. Yeah you're very dearest search Sorgi and then buyer nice clothes its wounds and I am just go out there com. Rose if you don't see sounds like Jonathan's coming around a little bit he was open to that allowance idea that's agreement DeLia and RRR. Hello. Nice because you guys are both awesome well he won by name brands for. Yes you just go to our FaceBook page right now is so low they did with suggestions thank you guys are coming on we appreciate it. On Hillary you're welcome for real he's doing is just more vice that's great we'll take it but it is literally turn into waste coupon cutting recession and overruns slacker and Steve since both say it's.