Slacker and Steve - GMD: Psychic Life Change 10/26

Thursday, October 26th


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Selector in Steve's son today. Zero. Crazy I mean big east's. All these high yardage out ice and have things here there arguments. I know which side you're on home while it's consistent your transfer and we've got Erica in Jerry and they're fighting over something that they'll tell us all about right now let's start with America. I value and I am not capable. Yeah Jerry's your CU what what's going on between you Jim yeah. Okay well I need and Karina and does that mean you know on the complete started going out and our whole relationship he knows I'm deeply involved that I really follow astrology. The highlight. Yet. I mean my key if it I think I relationship on it I'm really into it. Com eight earned I also have a placate that I go to jail on and he's great. Lake before I got pregnant she told me I was gonna get pregnant she knew it was going to be a girl I seen this person and I trust the court bench and he's now. I went to get a reading with her and she told me that something bad. Is that she saw something bad happening in my future she's and she was like you have to be very care portion was super adamant about it. Now. It really he was. Like my heart constricted my stomach was like in not a parent. We had a vacation planned and I canceled it because we had to take plane and I did not want to do that. On the. And I mean I don't wanna take any I don't when it. Purposely put myself in harm's way to sell everything from like how I get to work the way I usually take and guys actually get on the highway I have not been doing that. And I think he east side 31 now it's Brussels where he's yeah. Anything that I can do that you know if it's my normal routine has been changing. All this. How long is this is your danger period did she give you an an amount of time for. You're in danger or. He told me like she got the feeling very strongly that that there with them being back in the future by. And she she thought it was mere. But he also told me that whenever she'd get these kind of download that there and she can communicating on a different round and there is no speaking time dared now. She doesn't really only have the most accurate it com. Idea physical earthly time. I. Scioscia and Carolina home. Okay I'm real quick I'm not going to be able to keep going Steve if you keep making NASA I'm I'm sorry I know I am trying to keep under control your but I only tell the psychic you know she had a 5050 chance on. Oh boy girl yeah actually she told the wind choosing you try you know and then there's the human we have through week there's clocks machine we have she would have clocks everywhere let's. Jerry's side walk around Jerry. Yeah yeah you know some what did you tell us what what's going on what are you want out of this. No I don't own personal behavior Pallet making or there is the same when I'm making too because this is ridiculous. I don't know together picking up what are stored but they'd like everything that she told you it's been completely dig like I feel like something bad is going to happen again and good evening meeting me. You mean we're in their reading it you know reading he would know that she like her faith got Y eight. Oh listen he's not easily like that. They're guys energy which are in the hole took eighty Paterno wondered baby and everything she told her that we were. Like trying to have a baby so now like I mean the odds were in that the psychics favored dared to citizens crazy. But she's got she never gave information and OK you never get her what information. You did your when you're older. OK and so what are ordered a cache is so what what how do you what do you want Jerry I mean. What happens is you go back to your normal routine and your wife is killed and weighs just you who's in harm's way your car is a balsam. Well she admitted aid it's either me or someone very close to me which echoes that of earth and would be scary. Okay good this particular like Karl I do so I'm tired of going to light a weekly to do on vacation when we've been planning his vacation and then all of a sudden it's like something might. Picking up forever ago places because she's always like taking a timer like China beats you perceive him as his mic and her paranoid about everything very. I need a car with getting hits you and someone said oh my god in a car coming straight askew. You would run out of the way you would you everything you could to keep state like what about the same thing. I'd probably wouldn't even call our click this little aviator like giving you random big information it's crazy. OK so then you what what what what do you want I mean Erica is clearly. Happy. Nate taking these precautions you what do you want Jerry you wanted to stop seeing a site HU wanna take a vacation what role do you want. Right now. I late. Honestly at this. I don't search can't completely he decided Gurney thing like that but I just feel like she needs to just relax a little bit and not take it too seriously you know and I mean Mike it's getting to the point where civilian control in her life which is alternately controlling our life yeah you know by AM by just. Being just precautionary your all these little things and we can't have fun what we used to I just wanna build the relax have fun and not always be talking about. Wait what could be the beginning and that could be happening or do it's gonna happen soon I'm just tired of all the conversations. Eric I. I don't have that he's there but it's I feel this is extremely real we are all connected by energy and I've talked at business. Any kind of anybody that deals an energy you've now that energy is it really doesn't go away we're all connected this woman which she deals in energy and see that she do you remember Jerry when I was up for a job and she that I was gonna get that job and I get. Do you feel you deal and money not in your chance OK you're seeing huge energy and money into energy. Oh don't say some things sauce how many things Erica the I think we're gonna get some jury members in here and we're gonna figure out. If you're overdoing the psyche thing or not but how many things do you think she's gotten right like the job getting pregnant to sex of your child's. Is that it has she been wrong. There. Though there well those are three very very thick line that she nailed. She told me some information about my father that was very accurate. There is something that she played not known totally she'd gotten survive Chris say but she's always told me if that would like she's like okay it didn't pounding the coming in so strong the wind suddenly comes in a really strong she told me and she usually a machine right. Okay so it's it's because she had such a strong feelings that you truly believe somebody's in harm's way. When you think Jerry's just. To cycle for not go along and just yeah I'm Gerri what did you think you were telling you decide you're not believing in right up but that's yeah I get a guys. Hang hang tight we're gonna get decent health and figure out I don't imagine every time America goes to see the site you can stuff code trepidation Gerri as always great when she gets back here now I'm gonna have to live my life differ what are we gonna do ya wanna shoot NTELOS to do now. So you don't believe in any event I don't know as it episodes like coach a life coach doesn't tell the personal to you that's go to that we do this do that knew the coach and then it's up to you did you design Yemen the psychic person I guess they. Tell you what you have to do when you have to. All along I feel like there's a possibility this is going to be somewhat of a slam dunk but why don't we. We're gonna we're gonna let you guys beat the jury members it is if there's any of you who get a strong feelings from Erica do you think she's right. In taking these precautions. I know I'm one of those guys who. I don't believe in it as strong as she does seem at all which you do a little I do. But it's one of those sings I would be to polling and the regulate honey we're just getting on the highway and then. My semi it says besides I lust not would be here it Nationalists and I should've listened to my wife's law so. But I'm just I'm paranoid like so. Is irritated too far probably. How do we find a compromise or aids she genuinely scared views you can't make her sergeant on the highway and get on planes. What can they do to solve this psychic dilemma let's get some jury members in here in C yum what to do Melissa. Yeah I I. I had. I'm I'm very tired and and married and I am I'm very excited because aids. When and it. When you're going to be a psychic and you get that diet and the energy like I completely understand what she's talking about how matter. It just like. You don't put your life I don't hold it. Let's say you're more aware of your surroundings so we don't need a whole drive over the speed limit you will take extra precautions around at yourself and around your house or you know whatever about diet meat beat. So I think the energy. That you probably feeling she'd taken a little bit she's serious. So you'll leave this yeah. I I can't believe is right take however I also believe that. That oh win you going to keep somebody and it started absorbing your life. And then bash that's not OK you know because Ali is is it it should it's just a warning like you just have to be more aware. You know talks. You know what you're talking about planned cleaners and iPad saint. Yeah I know I mean to gay to get on that Iranians wanna be more aware of other surroundings and in the end you know that it's going to be okay Amy don't picture right now you can view once you're on a plane there's nothing you can do here in the air there's nothing you can do once you're on had any. That every TD every day even just driving down the street or walking across the title locker order today is what every now are on the road or whatever you're always in danger so when something like it comes cheer when that energy comes to you and your beanie even here believe me later being told that perfectly fine but it's not to touch your life on hold its hero just be more aware of your surroundings. Thank you nice for the call Melissa on well yeah it is like nobody dies on a side street ever. You can yet you're etc. more likely to get in an accident on the side streets are then record a psychic says do not replace my intuition intelligence. Dude don't ya still use your common sense and guidance if and when a psychic. What I feel like I'm doing everything you read it and I'm just going just put that collar that I'm just taking precautions at all and yeah. You're not you're very extreme that's I think I mean look at Carlos playing with like you know be cautious but you're going extremely change your whole life around ever it's like one thing. Annaly Washington. You and I got my ticket. What he's thanks. Well I'm Gerri I don't iron. Erica clearance you know her whole you know your routine how did he know what I. It back into think and it happened in the interior who like this show went with it back. That's one thing that drives me nuts if decides it no bags no what are you know it's if you know it they just tell these cars and planes and I think that a chain saw. What's give me. Think one thing you know avoid the crap out of change sides but not. This one for once give me a detainee at the generalities. There you are and our leading new the vagaries isn't what scares me Erica and I don't want. I don't want you. You. Change based on any name we're seeing that right. Being so cautious you're probably gonna do something bad to your not doing your normal stuff no good at. And you might end up hurting yourself is the weird thing. I need. I don't think that that's the case like I did have a different feeling. I might Al felt very much hold till like thumping around travel and I just I did have that. By these sensitive something regarding travel and so I'm just gonna be as as the I should that I possibly can. And Erica I understand we're juries frustration with he was for canceling their vacation because you didn't consult with them you consult your psychic. What do had to cancel their pool hall and Jerry didn't even have a say. Breeze. Yeah I. I'm Gerry and well I feel this week because. Aaron you know she depriving her light in her life Alan. And I could do short Q who lit it outweighed. Thank you for the call unless you've won more in here and then mole well you know what you may not need a psychic dirty figure tonight haley's. Guys. I don't know and both of them have like considered best but. And fact that maybe the bad thing that she could be dealing with the situation there and right now that put such a hollow and their relationship. That it can cause so much. Problem that maybe young CT. I they knew what the psychic that is what's going on right now. Com site takes predict it was like I. It's a Celso selling process easy yeah that's they ukulele. Good news bad news for you guys Jerry. Did you get any deeds did Erica any both on FaceBook on you got no votes on the phone. Either you Erica it's. But what real quick guys. We learn in the show that between that and a marriage if one or you was uncomfortable was some thing than the other one has to accommodate that correct so even though Jerry won his wife Erica isn't as uncomfortable shouldn't Gerri have to. Now OK I coach trying to borrow enough and hope I mean it's true Boca but she's take do yeah she did Jerry you want so yeah. Well not yet and I I knew a lot. To like hey I declined to give I'm gonna put it out here for you all that feels like what it's like right now to be in my fishing but no you didn't have. At this psychic reading and I I appreciate it you weren't there I wise bell. Let's say we get off the sound and two days later god forbid but two days later something happens you put. Jerry Chang and then you find out and how are you going to feel like oh we get that it was okay. Could you deal with that the. It will suck. Erica but I also this two days from now if nothing happens are you gonna call apologize to slow you're not. So. If they I just I think it's time to let go don't you a little. I eighty at. I won't trust in men like you'd have to hit that is really hard for me because. This is everything that neutrality act follow everything always points to break her actions fell excessive there really a tough one for me ash. All right they do for the call they're going to come and on your staff. And good luck thank you don't you have com date to go get another reading on you because it's an. Go to any other site yeah yeah. Well how. Gone nearly. But it's just our. I feel bad for these guys if you it's. If you want to pilot on further we're taking more of your comments over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.