Slacker and Steve - GMD: Quit Smoking Before Getting Pregnant 9/28

Thursday, September 28th


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Selector and Steve. Another sign. It's. This it's. These good. As Loyola no bet com ticker need to make Steve has already austere shown that he's. Willing to lie and I don't know really actually. Any thing. I do it you lose yeah. But the work they get their sides are you start your lobbying colliding perhaps. Tonight I greatly debate has anything that has even remotely to do with your own life right. I'll do anything to make it seem like the way you live a normal course puts them both look good. With and that. Happening here OK. So let's get a month here in mobile. Then you'll understand why Steve is lying all around me now it's Vanessa and Clark and we're starting with Vanessa Vanessa. I Taiwanese knows what's going on end. How Steve can you OK with that. My husband Clyde and I leave and I don't acampora kind of our young men and east. I did a better word getting at each other and we are mourning got a baby in a position got it should not good I don't care perhaps you know I mean we decided let's. What do you guys that's it you can help us. So you're trying to have a a beast and that that process can Nissan but daunting so what is it that's causing the argument. I'm a smoker and nines are. You Sloan. Say it's bad it's not some you'll go somebody in blanks are so few moves last week yeah. He would not join her myself. Tyranny and it's a mean you know he's proven to cause I'm not gonna get on my soapbox but okay anyways nice to Nancy you're a smoker and what how bad the problem yeah. I know I'm gonna stop you know like I know I'm gonna quit the baby you gonna hurt the baby. But Clark what do you quit like right now we have no idea Obama. I'm gonna get pregnant or even Oprah won't get pregnant through in trying and trying and it should not been happening. And that. I just I don't feel like I need to stop smoking until absolutely need to stop smoking. Won't stop about it and it's becoming a huge issue. So the more you get stressed about it you know the more you probably wanna smoke smoking is one of those I've never smoking is it it's one of those like relieve stress things and yet a guy. Almost. But you're you're only you're gonna wait and tell what you can tell you peed on the stick and it says a plus sign that. And then you go cold Turkey that day that's your plan. Late it's your right is why I mean seriously amounting facetious but why quit something when you don't know you have to quit until it's time to. So why quit now and in the final they can't going to be parents but she's gonna start up again so when I just keep going. Until you find out. Okay well I just ask you this Vanessa let's remove the child from the scenario entirely are you smoke forever. I mean he's your question Steve is why quit now why quit now 'cause it's bad free little. Not well it's bad for you so. Are you do you play if let's say you can't get pregnant and I don't wanna say that because I know you guys are gonna get pregnant and you know great parents and or I hope that happens where you. But if if if that's not in the cards for you we just keep smoke forever or what's what's your. Which are planned smoking. I mean I know blogging about it in her all that you know you've heard and everybody's heard it but. And is it hard to Clinton yeah. Yeah cuts troop Clark I. I don't know the even need to give your side don't happen again well what's your side this caller to. Well I mean. Look you gotta quit sometime. And I'd IE I have other friends who smoke and they're nouveau who like try the first time and they're good to know it's a battle. He tried to quit and you you know you just looked again need try to quit again and that it's ongoing you know start also. I think it's cool to get started early and make sure that we can kick this thing when the baby comes and I'm also worried about like. Eighties is everywhere we try to learn LB 'cause she's so let's see him you know I'm not a scientist I don't know what chemicals there and shtick are expected. Certainly can't even in the fertility process so I'm yeah so I I I I think my point is valid I am. It makes sense you're right it is hard equating a lot of quarters got to keep trying over and over and you can't keep trying over and had a baby growing inside you real quick Clark that's funny you bring up sites appears on the first line is nobody is what are your did you tell out of here comes the first life slacker Utah already read the scientific study resent that. What do you had a friend yes so you know a lot of popularly held one person. That did he went to the doctor and the doctor told that blew a woman who's about to be a mom. That she needs to keep smoking because being stressed out is worse since it was. Get yourself out or I'll go trying to quit smoking gives some shrapnel is finally go home and have a cigarette he didn't speak trillion. All you are you guys Steve goes the storied team should should urge to smoke and debris straw. I'm like that's what the study your friends you my one friend who was so wig out now that they wanted to put her on my H lithium or let her have a cigarette. One that's not a study that's one person but there was a doctor it was a memorable season medical sales was involved one Nobel. Our expert advice yeah Vanessa. I mean you get it's not going to be easy you you what you just said it's hard to quit what do you really want that stress while you're trying to take your baby. Inside of you. You really want to. Or I. If it ain't gonna be stressful and probably stop me from having a baby just by being stressed. Because I'm talking. Good poor and play. What is it that's something that just making it not hate but whether. I'd like fighting every night and me being stressed out stressed out and stretch out is not the thing that's making out. Internal late I didn't feel like it if we can stop and let us go about our days. It can happen and then. Not good together like full figured out that bit distracting me out even more. A clerk your stress and around. It's. A Vanessa I hear it. Stage trying to quit while you're pregnant is even more circle and then there's like a living inside your so you know. Why not do it now. You know who do I am arm oh always he wants to end the argument we are told to pull the chair I'm Clark. It's it's her bond all of the and ever no signal. It's her body and loves dory part. It goes both your kid inside her body separate console that's her best arm are disappears what we're gonna do we we I mean and I'm sure there's plenty of people listening. That I can help you out so that you can do the patch and stuff from Greg Greg Norman back in I don't worse and yeah pain to I don't move. Possibly see the doctor your friend went to. Before I guess I'll get a referral for that episode one particular doctor if you guys can help them out at should date so quit. He's good about you can tell she's you do the right thing you can tell can't you you can just. Hear I'm if you if you have any ideas on what they should do is he's quitting smoking could now be contributing to the fact that they're not. You're getting pregnant no well then she should quit now. We know that you can listen to help. I get to your your jumper then go and it's nine yeah you're right it is big time I guess we mini golf course you know she even passing he's quit smoking though he wants or quit smoking now she wants to wait tell their pregnant what would you do know. So let's get some people in your amber. I had guys. So I am what Clark on the edge island day mom that I quit smoking when I got pragmatic and I would had a bad day alert. Kevin excuse first cigarette. And there are so many more sheltered when you're pregnant. Did you just make little excuse to grab one here and there and then the night used not to buy as they're today. Candy mutual. Include porn that's a great point was your baby okay. Yeah eight and he downed a kind of you know I don't know Noelle I'll call this if you're lucky. Yes okay. So you wish you would have to go on the quitting process a long time for you your minimum. Yeah welcome thank you for that matter who points. On the skid Lindsay. I I. I am at an at bat unless I'm I think you can't make them and yeah I had been pregnant why it needs time let. Terry is. Buried. Had it been dating tips you know they're able. I. What the smoker but just don't put it to you as a. I mean how different days the first three months I need Latin. And I just don't want you in the thought that motivation hit like that mom and kick in the you know you get late. You're crap I quick called Ricky and then I didn't even about prayer went after. I mean do you do you feel that that makes it you know that it's when somebody asked to quit something big like alcohol or cigarettes or drugs. They have to do it for them. They have to make in you you telling her I know I've been on your side this whole time and I'm just I'm asking you if you understand. It probably won't stick is if you force her or weak. Mentally here you get Clark. Yeah I mean no I got I I get that and I guess I I don't have the power to force there and I'm just hoping that she consumer credit Barton and then. Long who want to delude herself but I cannot you know and you know. The amount you know yeah. Clark let's say let's say your she's progress is pregnant and you catcher sneak in a couple of drags ball for a month. You have no readers you can complain a bitch all you want but in the end is nothing absolutely nothing you can do except leave her. And your not gonna do that. Your right now. And I and I also I I believe that's on the end now while she's pregnant she's gonna. Is she gonna get that really strong at certain it's not going to be a call. Mocha honesty don't you tear us. Yeah I dad. And well I quit our common brand and I had Indian and I pregnant is really trying to get pregnant extra well there's really LE a toy action. And I know that their kids out there you are apparently helped me round not an ounce during pregnancy at their kids to have the real problem though. I think that's why would you want to run there at the back. And you know just one time math math then something could go round with a baby differently now. And you never forgive yourself rate the NASA. I am going. You know I know I I am and it I animal. And thinking and Sarah. And I. Karma and I cart I don't want to iron. Quitting anything in Q perceptual grip on hop are trying too cute that even try to get pregnant at the same time. And got beat Craig in it especially your first car and eat it it's like the un panel. Arm is stressful in an audit Fausto. And she'd spoken and aren't quitting smoking that's the first under a baby she can ever do for her child. Then it takes little profit getting pregnant and that's what they're focusing on and as long as Clark doesn't harp her about it in his supportive. That and the first thing that they're gonna come chick get their soup do you act. Koppel for their child. And their. The focus will be getting pregnant it'll be getting healthy to gather at all. And met many people get pregnant or they're not focus street trying. It's in the first indignity to get their and there are at a Seoul may be other thing that. That there have to come together at period. That they might not a. Re on a leap but they have to find some common ground shifted a little human being and. Dependent solely aren't that you are that. And it's very united front are all aimed at that cute they're gonna get that little person. In the world. Nine Sara thank you can call Sarah new Mexicans which to be a personal the most. Well actually we usually at least it's not about math which I'm not let them. The net. Com. And Steve deaths have some bad news for the bulls and the lights. Clark wins which part. This whole thing will pockets sweet there's like two people total that are on Vanessa side and you know what you can see the tax. They're saying thoughtful guy that day that smoking does. Cause some infertility issues so. You might be time to just we I mean we distressed and us out even more Nam and I'm sure she's had a cigarette while. I don't. Student. And I mean I. Again none of us can force you Vanessa but did did people talking did it did it sink in or is it still just it's easy you against the world. No I had to totally understand like I'm not I'm not a complete moron you know like not even that I know it's not that like I get. But it's just it's one of the hardest things to anybody could ever do and right now. All I need in the world right now is the cigarette because now I'm stressed. I don't think I can. Raise sea and are. I know I am I know but let's just until we're into the folks up you thank you guys to come. Junior bass and we they keep us posted medicinal thanks guys when you're pregnant we we appreciate driving so well. Yeah you every time watching me try to quit the stress of trying to quit. Makes them wanna cigarettes actually it's a good dishes or is this snake eating its hotel there's got tips from her or anything else who wanna say to them. Hit us up on the soccer and see FaceBook page.