Slacker and Steve - GMD: Sister Helper 3/2

Thursday, March 2nd

The wife in our Great Mate Debate is about to desert her family…and she says she has good reason. Her husband wants your help putting a stop to it. Hear their argument and pick a side!

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Selector in Steve's son today. William and his side and her side. It's okay it's okay. Updates. To this where you stand right here this is song you're searches and you tell you about the death solution Zale. Just she's images your phone now. Hello this is M out getaways. I don't like sports pages and yeah zoom in June and we're gonna get to pull out and get home and she did when I told us she's everywhere so. Just. Gonna work. I know you read our when Susie right away yeah thank you grid condition right now it's Britney to me it's cool content. Everyone's doing it. And then here's Trish. Yeah I had I can tell you me and Kyle is here as well what are you start traditions also tournament. Okay well. It's currently working its job I really really hate I. My husband Kyle and I we talked about it we both agreed that I should quit I were on the same page about that. I'm about ready to get my two week notice. But my husband was under this impression that once I quit I would it be home with RI and news fourteen. But he pretty self petition. But I have a different idea. Right now my manly than a little bit of an emergency situation and I had a younger sister who lives. On the other side of the country. And she is due to have a baby in six weeks. And GAAP. And down and she doesn't have any whining no supports that stern and she's not really financially in a good eight. And. We can't seem like it timing is very right critic I'm I'm going to be quitting my job and I each. Proposed to my husband that I need to go and stay with my sister for about three months. Or when she has the baby and for about three months while she's. You know nursing the baby and turning on their feet. I think OK I can yeah arm. It is she does your in your these should Nieves parents she does then the baby daddy's not in the picture it's you would be the only person helping her out. I yes no there's no no doubt situation it was a damned. Precarious Katrina needs to. Me he's not he added that is not not in the picture. Well that we're so perfect is you're gonna quit your job anyway so yeah. Race. Well that's how I feel I think get a win win and he didn't mind. Chiming in a righty thank ER yeah yeah I. We've got to try to introduce you and it's like you're going to be able awaited songs sung K okay why can't she go help your your sister and. Local league we agreed on her quitting her job which has been making a reserve role at its further go to the whole ceremony but it will look good either go to the charity chart together in order in. Think I I I wished. When we when we talked about this guitar rehearsed anymore trying to college in March or done anything with me. You know like on a weekend like we expect your entertainment and that's something I look forward to. It you know and she's gone. Then I'm going to be had to pick up just like you know taking them to ball games and needs. You know this is going to be harder and. Kyle put in the first question that when asked do and I I'd try not to take sides. Do you believe. I know would be tie us fur you hurt to go away for three months. Do you believe it would be three months on end on a what do you think she might. End up staying longer. Where she says you know grinch serve out her most but I. I wish like we have a kid we know how these things go right. Chartered. Beauty terminate and I mean he needs help after that cannot wait you know I mean do you like the ball on not working job I don't have to be back at exactly three monkey no I mean it's still that cigar everywhere Prado. Oh still I had wings whom I mean due to New York armor or do you hear your. What might need to be able to count on her own whenever only the only member at that can help her that's. Since what Stanley now is that the being married into the out. The army to. On the over under center cube barks and sweet you know Archie didn't know. You writers to restore that that such as Norma got knocked up. And at an all boom it's. This. Week. So I know there are OK. Oh. So permanently like passed away or something that be okay but because she doesn't have demands saying it because this pregnancy is under. And this guy like Kyle Oca. Yeah it I don't you are loved her sister I do blood pressure made a mistake she used in patient. You wanna sacrifice to. Hope that I really were. You relate well wished we cherish quicker Jarvis you know things are not gonna get any easier for actually like we can do it. But if I'm cavernous you know support her operator you like all across the country to save time and that you are set to make such. You do like and have to try to work out there are so. Sounds OK so I didn't know you passed judgment on anybody. He now I mean my sister isn't a situation and she just needs help bearish. Six kindness and then you showed somebody that you love kind. I three months is is your versioning takes three to six months and you can you. Can you say Trish I mean I I I wished Kyle hadn't said that because I feel like. The listeners assigned currency are going to attack him now and not look at the whole situation at sites who cares how this car got pregnant but links. You could you make him reasonable assurance that you know for sure be back in. For months thought he can you can you save 56 win win would you for sure be back with your husband and your Sutton. Well I don't see it being half a year to meet acting like a long time I watched it get longer then three mines ticket. For a month that's. You know that practical till I can't see just bailing on her she's trying to juggle the eighties she had a eighty I have I know with that would like to. I would not yet and it is time I had help from my mom and my mother and watched it should not any active. Tank there. Arms and and so we're gonna get some jury members here I child it makes sense why. I mean as a man as a husband and Dan's father you're like I wanna support my wife and I'm cool with you quitting your job is in you have more time to do things here. It should change in the plan. But the universe changed the plan a little bit so. And I wanted to secure permanent Rangel and saying bring it right I'd rather see our order she came here. Apparently that's not an option deal what I year. We know we're not I really okay. She had a job it's not a great job but it's not something she and she did not seek yet. No doubt she'd she can't believe where. Well colonel I artwork that it. So. Hey hang on things Tristan weirdest Trish you know that's that's where we and your head is. It sounded to me like the beginning you were ready lie. I was just wanted to clarify wasn't taking sides there is one of the clarify when you're in your clarification sounded very accusatory yeah. Home I just tough this is talk it out to your husband and you made it. Your your mother but your kid is fourteen so he's kind of self sufficient right AM EST this has always thought the look a pregnant woman is fine until. Like the last couple weeks before you have to it's go time and it's after that the show needs the most help if I knew Morse assistant without any luck. Don't eat each species you while you leaves here in a months. And she's out to for a couple weeks for the buildup for some nesting stuff. And all okay the first three months of pretty you know first couple months from real tough so is she needs to be there Bolick little but compliments. Oregon simply if you go to 24 and then you know OK and then beat their fur fume that's the hard part that's somewhere but you pregnant I'm not saying it's not hard but. Her sister doing not to sign rising energy you know once the baby comes out. It's a dead heat oil in the end Kyle Kyle was for a toll suddenly he's got to sacrifice now I was like no. You quit your job you just can't go there is the cook was the day sees some do not distressed dole supports her sister. Or does she stay here quitting the job something's gonna happen either way. But he she. Air quotes are allowing them to leave her seemingly abandoned them for three or more months at Kerio we're gonna start with she elite. I. Yet guys who said he. Our answers inside although a man. I'm sorry the guy is Blake. Privilege all the way. It's ridiculous I mean they white tulips are not even like Carrie thank. It is a privilege you're lucky announced they hear why it's too late we heard job right now in needing quit her job because and I. I'm on the have to work two jobs even my case that boasts two of the fact that you're Martina that she gets to quit. I live and relate your owning up your responsibility or a worse situation under 200 yeah. And so on and that you know ready yes. You don't send. Also. Rain now I have been. Is going through my mind. My momma concert stage are entering now he didn't inkling in tingle. Lake to act now dirt you aren't into it never went brain sure he kept him out to remind our you're strictly right. Rita slam until the airlines. It's story mines have your life that she can he interprets mr. Who is a card and her Campbell hit over it like that it's ridiculous. Like 198. My husband I really how much I'd like preparing now a humane thing. You're Ingrid. I tell you ready to be a love that way I mean deep can you imagine what would happen if he made that's exercise. Yeah I wish I had no doubt or fear it I don't so I children Q. I don't children I have my money had cancer and not in here and I don't like a month. My my older and had stepped up in the national action I feel like Arctic it BC's for the calls. Christie's. Yeah guys. I'm. I'll pretend that sounds like she's trying to blatant managed. Should networking too much to begin went socialite and oh my not a now that she's quitting her job. And the collection looking for another reason of ordinary citizens every I has her way out. Who. This. How that is written get ill let. I don't think you know I would working because we needed. At a time we needed need to work had been working for along time my and it's fourteen had been working since he would young which I'm not trying to avoid any paying. I mean hey Indian now. Any woman out there had it been married for along time and has a child yeah. Maybe you want or break you once and and good free yeah that's great but I am doing that because in my law. My editor. You're quitting your job your quitting her job to send retirement your family and I you're really understand. And part of my family do you not have been playing. He had sibling. And I have a harder on apparel and yeah you wouldn't normally you heard. Repair it not just quitting are fairly quick and didn't jars terrible instruments and have horror. You know and thank you for the conference. And that might have been can't take my funded eight Amin on the weekend because that's what I usually Q clean. Group of guys we've got. It we gotta get through this so that the three months is in the beginning of a separation rodeo we got to do we gotta get you guys on the same page. And yeah and happy with the each other Cindy's. Warrant guy. Earned my vote is such risks early can line that it had a baby out by myself. One year ago. And I had family and I don't know how I would need it without them and I only have my mom which means my house were wantonly in. After that with all meat and external hard and they're sometimes you can't predict who I either hear of failure of the baby daddy. And and you can't get anybody try to act and the fact that you want to go help her that there is. That year. In claiming value not the only streamer pounding just talk about. The piddling man. Mom broke don't you know my strongest record after. So he all right is found in the but the sisters not I'm telling you it is district called. Difficult I think think he's gonna cost you. I. I think in the next three months may be human dealing can get even car. Something do you don't even you even know what I could be. It. Well I mean yeah there are of course that's good average parent. Yeah yeah I don't see choice really neutering dorm. And I want you know we and we need it actually you know are one actually force a partial currently there are on the national. All right let's sum let's did you a couple more. Jury members in here in G. Yeah I nice. I would Kyle. And I eighty curable and it got to understand I asked you multiple loans Ali. But she's a mom first stop and then she is a good start. And rebound quickly I want you wait premiere hit a in my opinion and also I feel like you're needling her cheap to get our stuff together relentlessly tournament could be helping her out. No I don't think you. I think she should tell I hate group like I will help me per week. I got stuck together and I live my life. Breezy kidnapped three weeks to. Return really she does Art Bell won't ring with just to be quite there when she has. It's it her an eight. Eighty sleeps usually. Get over when she circuit got. Their three week. And eat some Turkey you're. Nice neat things you've heard a call injury. Hurt. George. I got a guy he's. Gloria good who sandy. Island church's side. Why are your life. On the church's family. And leave for a word did actually to cited yes of course she's trying to get together with all sides of the family put the sand on it her sister. It is in need that takes president I mean obviously the husband. Trial. Is doing fine I mean they needed on what they're on anyway has it. It say at what point in time use data you're wise at a slave and she can't dole helper tramp. I don't remember him saying the were slaves. You know he can't if she can Angola let me let you controlling her actions. Who. Oh my Yost insists it I don't know I don't zero our I don't control. My wife anyway. And let her know that certain. Little cups. And why are we having this conversation. Purdue or. For Dillon always please go. Well listen it's like you're having this conversation. Or need a couple more in your Marie Antonia who won. Andrea. A nice guy and I'm let Kyle I'm I'm almost every teenager she'd be employed but most of our. I just wish you convene at present going. I cannot rescue while you can how much. It can give them a helping hand but you can't back up they got to end militancy. By one client set a lot different a couple of weeks. Then he got it Dutch shell out you gotta get back up in the got to do you think Atlanta track. Oh my preaching leaders and they need me more than my eight political and I'm sure you'll tell. You know and what might think Kyra that some truth to that point that every woman wants every right. You want to spend time with her. Talk about it but can't he wanted to be filled. He's saying and come right back and it's not that her sister doesn't matter action it spat. You can help her it just can't rescue her. I thought. Thank you for the call. And I think I should just it's it's a it's a much short list for brand names now that the don't have the. Daniel. Yeah I get nice. I think demonstration started college you guys decide okay. What can this territorial. We means. Well I am I what did you get him to meet for three months we are and are a little bit of a reputation around here so what happened would you can't shoot at the end. Didn't. What about why not you've got. Kyle hasn't burned so you want. So I'm not and I don't mean for a little while to. He's seeing you and I. I don't side answering your descendants his titles the skit could lend money right technically. It's a glossary that you and that's title you don't wanna go Daniel's trust me aren't there is hope that they do the color Daniel we appreciate it on. Here's the deal and I'm not sure how you can take it. But. Have you ever seen Greg makes me. It's close a group on FaceBook it was neck in neck back and forth but at the end will pull away our our chef Sam. Is 51 is 49 and it's pretty much like it's pretty much the same on the phone salt. Trish you're not you you can probably do know that should not go home for three months is here to abide by it there. Well. You know. Marriage is about compromise and I understand that this is. I also know that warning intuition usually minor league scared me very well and my heart feels that I need to beat their seats. And I had taken into what all of these callers had said and it makes and and I think it Kyle and I need to have a top may be about. Me going to her once for a month and a half or something CD you may be Q Mack. And I didn't need yet I mean great you know. Well I don't love it but it is it's got to happen is to have them. Sweet Casey Carlos thanks so tonight plus tax that I think yeah guys honestly you just appreciate the debate so hang tight. IE those American it was net connect and in the end to what I think what you're saying a lot of the peaceful people Hussein as. This is your legs your series examining brightly. You can shows these people this is this is your little priority. And it's kind of got to be if you wanna keep your argument going hit us up on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.