Slacker and Steve - GMD: Son’s New Friend 9/21

Thursday, September 21st


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Selector in Steve's son today. Ever sighed okay so. It's fun it's. Good and legs are updates. Things. Why do people. My parents why do. Why do we keep doing great makes it consistent with probably yeah Jane and Tyler and ninety touchy subject so let's just jump right into it with down's. You can go first. And I need what's going on yeah. If you catch. We. Are married and we have a eighth annual tons. His name is Elijah and he had only attract Q I'd love I think you. Very individual old kid I know I can tell and is very unique and embraces that. Comment earlier and the like him because he thinks Sidney McCain might be get it. And he's betrayed heads are content hello hi Jack is going to get Leo why he has pled. I think that it's you can't and I'm going to hit you know how can express himself. I don't know I can't go through phases of folate. What Bartlett who will no one can predict anything I stayed there about ten. Do you day just flat out how deep do you lean one way and it does it matter but do you think you don't think he's Jack. I think dad he probably a fluke. After. And not I ain't just plot Elijah the except saying and I think dragging him away from his new friend. Is just teaching him to be discriminatory. And is setting up a bad foundation to direct the light. OK Tom let's that we got to jump straight into Tyler Tyler. I don't think I guess we don't every choice but didn't play tennis treaty was hostile witness here do you just don't like gay people or what's what's your deal. No absolutely not I've never said that. They don't then why can't Eliza be friends with two gay kids. What do I mean I know it sounds fairly it is the. I don't I don't know but he does have like a lot of email and increased. That's kind of how I would describe before you started hanging out with him and he's really interested in sports. And now there's this new player and they even acquaintances who may also carried it all around. And all the. I'm just trying to figure out and they you pain snails carries a dollar around why cannot your your. You're describing the kid why can't you guys have be friends with him. Well because a lot of you gravitate to heavily towards him east too reliant on this on this relationship. And and I think that the Randy is is dilute. Kind of theory Irish candidates are probably his brain is working but I feel like he's sort of driving Elijah away from other kids. And and sort of demanding all the lies in his time and attention. And Elijah is all really easy swayed by the wind and other technical ideas and head and I'd like to accept that. It makes you may notice. Are you nervous that a lie Asia has done I am and I'm pleased people if you're listening I'm just using language forward for Tyler say it. Do you think Eliza is going to turn gay. Is is that Diaz and. Well I'll bet that that's how words I don't think that you its own dad but I think that. You know maybe there's still one kid who didn't get anyone can do in the gaming goes what is gay youth I eat it in I don't know I I don't know what these things go. Anonymity experience with the our goal is this situation. So some of Tyler. So let's say Elijah has a friend that's more you know man but he didn't. Pardon and all that's ever stuff pretty even though of that new friend might be taken allies away from everyone else you'd be more you'd be a better than you would sit better with you. If he was doing manly stuff guys is not a license to getting taken away from all the other kids and spend too much time with this one kid. It's you don't like this yeah if the kid was different you out you would never brought. He's gonna do what the kids he's a round or Buick and either you don't really get to choose who you spend time with doing it and he now. Okay. So do you do you feel jade is Tyler right. I don't I don't wanna overly focus on the gay part of this web of the Q oh. But do you think that date date your son is dating less interest in sports. On his own or is this other kid. Influencing him to do to change his his past. Yeah. Did very well might be that this came influencing him but I don't see why that's a problem I mean you see would be influenced. By any new friends and keep discovery like that he enjoyed doing other things. Yeah this other kid. I can't help it may be in that you don't like a light and didn't really liked what they get wet and now he's discovering what I like doing these. You saying they're not independent of his near Pratt and Jude and I don't yeah. And an eruption of elation ledger came home from school with painted nails you be cool and there re no problem with that. I don't care who could plague I'd I'd rather you just. Learn how to express himself could and that's I'm not I'm not gonna tell him what do you know. We're certainly not in regards to something like best. It's a Tyler you wanna sit Elijah down and go OK you can you're allowed to hang you know these people over here in their purchases or not yeah I hear Z here's the people you're not allowed to hang around is that it. Locate this bodes well I don't know where I am exactly I won't long am I think we should come up with an approach will Jane and I. And and get into the point where the issue is not his only friend and he is not coming all campaigning has failed because I mean. It department did you hit and I can't really disagree on is that. In the way you present yourself to other people especially children are I mean 88 and bleed and you have a lot of ridicule in our news like I don't. He needs. Tiger. Or so. The ball so Indy any doubts it will load test. I guess what I would what would see even trying to get to because it's time to get it to jury members. You want him to have zero contact this kid. A little bit of legs do you wanna open is circled back up but still have limited contact this kid what's your end game at the end of great need to make it is. Well you know a bit there in the same class. So you know I can't say what I would hope not haven't collapsed but I don't think that Elijah should be going over to this house a couple times. Doing whatever it is you know dead dead dead this kid's parents let them do. Oh my gosh early in. June. Signs they're good they're doing normal kid being played I don't know plain wood. In the ardent. Video game thing didn't I'm not I'm not concerned apparent. Well messing around Ernie thank the friends. OK okay let's do this get any and Jay your cool people excuse is if Eliza puts all his eggs in this friendship basket. It it it could just be a phase any might get other like you're you wanna leave things as they are and in Tyler wants to. It to limit the time with this other kid is kind of where rats. I I wanna let Elijah drive would you want studio yeah. You are us. On. I eighty trucks would lead to the parents are being moved the child down and kind of restricting who is social circles gonna because I gotta tell you. Right now. As never gonna or it doesn't I mean do work Jeremy. If you give me that people in Norman hang out with someone or make up these nine writes all just goes absolutely even at ten you think you're that yeah. Absolutely there's a second I left my parents' home. One day and I still going to be friends cried I who I wanna be friends with. It is there anything to the only thing that I'm like a little. I am not even trying to I guess we're trying to do is take you a little bit of a devil's advocate in Tyler's defense and go. Kids are really lazy now and if if if there if it Elijah was in organized sports and now this kid is influencing him away from that. That would be the only reason I might go like hey man you should still hang up when your basketball friends because I paid for you to be playing basketball right. But it but this is foreign is. This ten year olds. Potential future sexual preference. That's where we did it just. The thing is is tiger's been dad goes I want my kids still play sports but the fact that this kid he's gay the world and be like she's also. You might be but he might just be trying to be good data exactly and cheapest it involved in physical activity right so. Can allies and hang out with a kid who's a little bit of salmon it still should be limited. Or should they just stepped out of the way we're gonna get some jury members guys and hopefully you're you can bolster listen. Was like an open heart and hear what these people are going to say. Only CF. Yeah 89. The Dell and its own well you're my date flight CY. One pretty good about that I am indeed generally a little bit I have a eighteen year old daughter. Well yoga play soccer. She split the transnational capital total this year actually switched to tackle what fox. I mean my kid blows over it'll every way shape or form should get good grades she knows exactly who she is election want to do. From the potty training on she you she like course you know. Tackle football like I support her no matter what she she used to do and it makes. Confident she used to writing. And if she'd grow the open is gay I'd if they won't even bother me because I know. Her whole like she made decisions that got her to actually extension of the current independent crowd child. Good for you well. Hello about Tyler how I mean how do you feel a deep. Yeah well in here and I don't. I I just I don't wanna bring into the fact that she yeah. She said she's gay upfront so does that disqualify her from giving her opinion Steve Tyler. Lowell singled out there however they know I'm I'm happy to achieve all do you think your daughter as straight into debt now we're talking about here we're talking about. Well I ate Beckett but that's right I mean I became. Only girl on her tackle football team and she is loving white. She loved it. And if she wanted to do ballet eight we do that like you have to support your child that can't explain it I'm sure no one's gonna make fun of her when she's in middle school tried to date boys claim tackled Pope should expect it to be a problem. Oh yeah probably not I don't think it'll be a part of yourself. Thank you for the Connelly C we were losing your phone there in the let Melanie. You guys. I don't I like the right and I can't. Our credit too loud and Eric anger among a trend that it not at the elite it. You guys have but it trend that I PR I get and climbed unto him alert you know I know that you put them off like clay. And I tell my thanks to watch the relationships that is go right now with his friend. It's ERT it's fun influence on him any acting and it is better not right aren't I got it seems. No I think also you cannot obviously when you didn't old Helen you cannot imitate it but at least now. After school you picked 88. Let's have them played it with another crack or let you and other activities not anything to portray it or not you could you can't get like you say. Need the date they did it are Bob and everything that they do you think you are allowed them know they're they have a circle friend I can get an. Got her act as. Nice par. Right they think you've armed Jay would you be open to. Encouraging not now. Not saying we're limiting this other kid did you next hear your encouraging a few under who died first friends to come over or. Are you is this. Okay I so I. I'm I'm I'm I don't really wanna like a link and not only that Kay and I just don't want you. Not to limit hit I'd I don't want you say he can't hang now that get but I no problem with other kids and now I want him to hang out with the new trend exclusively. I really in stealing what Steve said earlier what I what I do in that if you if you say Elijah. We're gonna bring other kids overtures we think you're standing too much time connected. It to ten year old brain is like I got to button on my parents and I'm gonna push me and I'm gonna say. I wanna go over who did this kid's house over and over and over. I'm not gonna tell where you know hanging out at me trends in order to keep you awake from the Atlantic it's just going to be like at any. More friends great leg if it's not. I don't like it can't I don't want you to hang out and it's like hey Alec had not inside of your other threatened thin and prioritize them but. All eyes. And I. Last okay outlets at memorial here and then none too late notice verdict brandy. Yeah I can't guys. Try airlines inside. Striving to argue that type of situation when I would die it just made a complete different what kind of person I I am. It didn't change who I don't know what when I was a teenager. And it made me have to change it when I was told to be who I am supposed to do each and feel like I was OK let's uranium. Your parents tried to discourage you from being with some friends and likeness. I'm I would big tomboy so wearing a bullet quoting Alan boy playing all the sports. I'm doing all that wasn't accountable I went to grow and eligible to brush like a girl at all. Are already and there are. And powerful. And so you're here that you think Tyler shouldn't let this kid just beat himself. Yes big dirty im gonna be either a lot worse things that he could be doing you're getting involved in any of the eight he does it account you are watching in the great hall. Thank you for the call Brennan appreciate it we can keep gallon but. It's for a pretty much a landslide what's FaceBook look like rather on Jed side. You go to the Disco. Oh I thought but just can I just took 12 absolutely great people Colin. I will pursue it on my side and the attitude people who called in organic. Oh yes they'll. So you're saying they're biased appealed a little last year. We have other people I mean would you do would you go all day on this and everybody pretty much everybody else on the phone lines. Are saying she's right. Are a little nearly all day now they're not object. So well all. 80. All you. Dude we started this whole thing trying to back down off the gay thing and make it more about the influence but the more you talk the more you sound homophobic. The more you only tell probably done a big day. I don't think that's such a tad. Miller. No Paul but you think today is he hangs out with someone gay it's gonna rub off on him would you really thinks. And I I don't know I don't know why I don't even have to put our talent in that situation. We choose where Eagles each policeman that I would either in Chile and Udall. I'm well it is the choice made for Brittany today obviously it's not binding it's not a legal contract but. Look man we thanks for coming on you guys they think you are that's it I don't know I just think I doubt it doesn't want his son to have to go through. Extra stuff amongst the kids in the got us a deal was bad and just becomes a whole situation I I understand they seem to he turned into something different bread at the end there if you guys have any other words for Jaeger Tyler we'd love to hear him on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.