Slacker and Steve - GMD: Tainted Christmas Tree 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Selector and Steve. It's. It's. Days. Harassed because this will really battle over three. Personal claimed that they can all be out of the ballpark just. I thought I you know we've really yeah it's happened relations with strangers. Oh you'll see where are you lost one of them I'm trying to do this but I don't we've never done it before. Pleasant Samantha. I go yeah let's go ahead and start getting your argument OK and then actually implement maybe this'll work Clinton. Content yeah. Or worked are there any. Yeah yeah OK okay we double steal on the song yes it's let's get to the argument you're Smith you go first. Seriously though. It's pretty good. And IR YNE I need to start we lived together and I wanted to let our current cart split tradition and went to go out a gay you know. And you extreme media real screen. And I plan decorations to go there and keeps you want to keep that I called streaky at. I am so I ate just one of our own thing you know like her own couldn't change and without starting on. Owen and he wants them. Bring history in his what what it what's what what's wrong with history or does he have a tree is. Mean it that's that's my question like what what's wrong with thrill I get there really nice street I know I know about a real tribute but. You know I know it's certainly but it's a really good quality tree and there are all the food ornaments on it and like the think probably worked like a couple hundred dollars soul. I don't you mean why how we need to get rid of it will bring it to seem like a big way to announce. Yeah that we came don't need to treat and illegal immigrant aren't. I mean I'm really immediate channel court actually did shear and you've seen it. Actor you'll get me here pretty determined. The pro on here swords or trees that they had together. They just treating had together like all of it's easy like cannot deny. Very rarely accurate. Where are you ornaments. I mean there's there's there's different levels mean it to meet a tree is a trees is a big green thing and I don't know that I'd be. Act concerned wins this eat you know some other girl put onus on entry buddies are you wanted to instill some fruit. Her horror what what don't we talk and didn't renounce. I mean the whole thing and yeah blank you know not third gear into the hole which free honey it's just. I mean I'm not blaming at the only way an ornament at all I seen or heard anything I'm not lakes. I don't stare at them an stink about her in light they're not like that little memory you know a lot then I hate you know. Late meditate on her. Evening immediate threat that they're boost. The discord women Fleming whatever you play each noted cruel traditionally oriented likely get then I had a little bit Max Pollock. OK you guys yeah. The same time so there's a session on the trees. Yeah and yet I mean there's tons of cool ornaments on the tree play from your asks would sure hope not I mean all of the eight and some of them are like we happen you. I them together bark like they were like these special H. You know deterred you know each other they reduce. We just happened to Kelly collective group which yeah like well we're together but not completely. An odd I don't raining tomorrow it. Okay. The Kindle so that does this kind of thing where where a couple gets married image he has to burn his bed because he shared it with other women tend to favor. I don't need to combat sanitary operate at. Hitting. Norris might I had to get a new general to do the book is the women wanna get rid of eighty Trace evidence that. I don't he'll make. Meaning it's not that pertain to keep the wind like we're gonna get married eventually like white and I did their current living out there irked at the together LA. Why not to start everything rationed can look back you ordinance which means so much Armenian saint. Like oh my god that the dark first. Get together and it actually would like I didn't pathetic looking election and we have kids on the road at the lake. Public health goal actually is leaking memory like ala mark together and out of you know me not being a part of those other memory is the other part that it's. I don't wanna do that and it sounds sounds I mean it sounds logical is just a financial thing for you. Yeah and it's like I'm just I'm not in that leg and you know when the change here I don't like I don't relief to the free in the order mention that way you like I hate I'd IE Domtar to discipline but like I don't experience that. Like coordinate what they're really cute so little lake. That's. A nine. It's not expecting mean that way so that's way I don't fit into this I think you need all that protecting laying it felt like I'm not. And me have been at LA LA at Christmas you know to really take yelled at me I really live truck there that we have OU. I mean if we have all these Christian that is ahead sure ourselves. What's the big rush to legislate it practical in light. You know work on our budget like we said we would you know and the lake will do that next year you know look let's flip. You know mainstream and that act on our planet you know I. Noble turn three and I think he'll like we can't even do a little Charlie back country but I'd rather teach your LA yeah. Crashed at little crest another then you know have. Ghost of girlfriends past condoning the court and her boyfriend and you have yeah that's flake all your word that's here's a story like I'm. Wage. Santa. Just ask you one question. Are couple questions did you have a boyfriend before Andy. Do you Wear any of the same clothes and you will remember it previous point I heard jumped. You know. You do still didn't buy it. I think that's an artifact from a past relationship. Do you bring you those close something you're wearing that it'll cost you when you made sweet sweet religions together I mean all of Singh is going where where ending that war this mattress no brainer got a person. Christmas tree. We are not torn apart then like if you know. Any came naming you played about bothered me I take it you know let me. Right because I learn it in him and it in a relationship for a marriage if one reviews uncomfortable with the other what's what someone else is doing that none of the ones I like stats different a one mill was know forever hang on guys. Are gonna try to ease some help here I don't know if it's gonna work and a while this one's tough war where you're right you've been through is so did you when you got married you have to purge year old. I urge let's see eye towards my mattress for sure OK I'd purged. Heard CD's I urged parts of talon you can trust Boca because it was like I don't want to let you Google this right restaurant and do run into each other and yet. Arm but the reverse might treat. Your all ornaments that you had with that a pretty good at this may come as a shock Tebow I'm one of my trees very sterile. It's not it's not it's there's not a lot of church until its site I just. Gold and silver medal silver and blue or whatever it is. But it's not your child hood ornament that you putting ominous note there was no more limited primes a sticky and I went out and kicked out he gets a cut. First thing we heard at Indiana our first Christmas together ornament IC that artistry daddy daddy bizarre it's important Samantha wants him to purge all those legendary key ornaments and you have on your tree yet because she had ex girlfriend was with him at the time some other girl was putting those on the tree at some point get this is important to women know. Did I see Weiss of this is important as some of it's definitely important to her so I see both sides but did he dummies are those money just by what do you do that tree. You should short win even donated to charity and I know I know there's people who need stuff to submit a noting he's a tree you're right I think Samantha wants to see that tree burned because in her mind it will work. Were eradicating any Trace evidence in the past girlfriends. So you guys decide some anti anti should they keep the tree should they can they keep the tree and you will take some compromises here can be key to train just get all the ornaments. What's the right thing to do to start a new. In a relationship. Yet to purge everything from the act tossed or not I got serious injury numbers in here and tell you if your tree shopping later. Jessica. I guys guys. Aaron how I. I have to pick up I am unheard of but I do believe there's compromise and the reason I'm on her side. If you mention he's not super came back today. Did you ornament Eric doesn't have the memory that. That she didn't think he had started not attached then why not let a person who is more passionate about it. It's like quote unquote win net win this fight it's he's not that passion about it but he do you think that. Term I think they should keep pitching. And you should immediately at. Keep a tournament right you get only got a dead so ornament from my vacation to attack united get over. I mean there are some really cool warm and there legs I mean it's. I haven't asked her to get rid any of herself from past relationships like absolute enemy England all I care home care. And yeah. And I do doesn't it doesn't bother me so why is this being mayor they feel like I totally get. Which he wants to have a real treaty in light you know so people are real treat people would like Garrett that it would end like I understand that led. Blades the ornament turning to not like what's what's the deal. They're blown glass that's all it really is as some minor really classic. Owned by kids. That he's. Hey guys I'm on AMD I write a cubs. Yes right it's not sickened tired of everybody having to urge every week when I get in with my boyfriend. I parked my staff keep our kids don't weep blended together we pride in being together. Let me give security relations and this verdict yeah it's. Clearly your primary allegiance that the judge really important and I love creating memories that we can share our life and it. Did you understand that they and he still gonna have the memories of a past relationship with. The rest of his life a toy or reduce the uproar and ain't old folks need in my own all right good point. OK but it's just I wish I keep going back. And I understand just because that you and I are creating. New memories of why we have to like in Korea did everything. And like start from late this big this new era oh. I mean how are they like like Hillary display I mean either airline age limit of how many memories and experiences and objects and all the time saying it's. That like one outs can contain I I mean leg tell me oh my god I. And finally get it up too much you're on the show according very a lot of alumni I think we're about we're not a do you not like you know. That Adobe creative team are reaping what it very late in the extreme and you can allow the hi this is not there from easy bird. I yeah. I gotta go as some have done this we just went to the same gangs we spend all day at Black Friday trying to not a tree that we both love. We've both had trees from other relationships. We decided we shared ornaments that were. Kid or. It and stuff I didn't I'm in the last thing I want is the person that I love now so look at. Walking an everyday from work and see a treaty. That reminds herb Meyer access. While while the only you know we are all a little bit about Serbia did we do this. There I love my girl so there's no slow hard court here and that's all right yeah and I again this morning mostly news birdie to Lindsey's. I. I'm and I agree with command guy and the only reason is because. I'm at the turn color that it. Obviously very very important to her and didn't mind so much he keeps asking why why why I'm gonna just pay the a perfect example. Kicking your battled in a relationship and at the end of the day I need you don't really understand they're not okay. But you have to decide are you are even excited just to be right are you going to say OK and then let you be happy so if you don't mind either way. And it's really sort of her. Complete further down around there's going to be each thing that really matters TO and boring Q Anita she doesn't understand why he would want Perry to go along with that because it matters to you. Oh mark this one down and keep you remember receiver. That's yeah. People are Blackwell didn't cut yeah okay could take your call Lindsay here's the deal Andy. It was close. Was closer than what you just or is it knuckles always a landslide. Or her oh yeah. And what gender was really isn't exactly it's this I don't gender lines comes illegally Dunn's yeah. But in the ends on the phones she got. A few more votes than you do need no sooner free shop and later small and ornament shouting his name only trick shot affairs research company in new clothes shopping and almighty god and you start your hair that way our bilateral and I mean legs and a million expensive thank you you've got to change everything to move forward. Because I don't know man act he. I mean yeah amount practical like American out there. So nice for you yanks and our guys. Yeah I'm sure yeah. I think we saw yeah nobody's match cocky but we are.