Slacker and Steve - GMD: Teen Daughter's Halloween Costume 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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Selector and Steve. It's O. UNAIDS Halloween on the horizon in fifth and on the lands right in the middle of Halloween that's doubts daughters costume. And steal love. Dual appropriates the lift champion or not hey you know still it's Purdue. And we have Stephen in Grayson and Lee Stevens known for Stephen. I hate to tell us what's going on May be weekends to prove you wrong I mean help help keep them. Aspect. They had met. There aren't very evident this Ouattara Carter always follow it. Says that I'm wearing that wonder what we're out here at the other death order or at first very glad. But this copy of it it straight later reveal that her young girl seven year old girl. Cat who. Seventeen still living under fire grew up biter. And there's probably about political. Grid that they have addressed go to her school or want that. Embedded. All under stress. What what's inappropriate about it is it. Cut you short in those in the lower region is cut Chiu revealing in the upper regionally or all of they have what's what's. It cut short and both great. Low on a cop who a bottle as it like at probably Wonder Woman but that we get it inside that. Properly it might daughter. She wants to where they respect. Urquhart ought a ought to let. Added they I guess is that banged my girl would do they want to use their lobbying group the only thing you're sexy you're so bloodied Burt. Following the site everything but it. It's so. Inappropriate bad that we as I've been there we've raised our daughter better that worked out about. It is bigger body to attract so bad you want but that's said it. Very outgoing bought into that there's a girl you had. Barbour street Smart lecture itself book or verdict no. She doesn't play up that. She's practically empty and all. Oh yeah the young couple are welcome Byron looked. There's been a really sort. I have a says Watson there any. Well I mean you you don't she's learned your roof new rules here house but let's find out what grosses OK with or personally disliked. There is a yeah I can come. Here I might have oversold and Derrick well knows we're out we're opening went splat yeah. Well he said its first out what what. Why are you OK with it. I mean look here's the thing I Wonder Woman is the community everywhere it it still immersed in debt in today's kind of iconic pop culture. And I mean look at it real like. It's such a great example. That. Act character has that for women and I don't think that it could bat bank it's you know really want to dress up with it as her Peter Damien and Blake. I think they're great powerful role model and honestly. I think she didn't know little. A little sensitive about how we're dealing list Karachi and I think because it's a daughter that heat inkjet. You know when I think bitch she could be wearing a dress down to the floor and he would find a way she's too good slightly revealing how color. I say I didn't. Honey lake and c'mon Mike beat you at nine I don't noted that the the portal he's got a problem or or or if you are. Current starter after all water or. It's step. A look at your I don't know where he learned about the dress code which I completely understand. I mean it asks the big issue pushing through an apparent short underneath. Egypt fool no chicken where you know annual cheaply throw unlike evenly Gupta a nude colored leotard something underneath it not gonna be. What's her like going to parties and stop us. And probably drinking against us wearing that costume that later on that night and through the holes Halloween we did. Didn't know that I yet. So until there are so. This is not a lot let me let me finish. She's 17 years old I am okay with her underage drinking of course not in terms of just speaking about the cops can't. I mean. What do you do when you're seventeen your parents told you that you couldn't do something you didn't anywhere you know she's just gonna packet in another back into it she gets under way with Michael we all had to immediately switch like you might as well you know find a way where you can compromise the habit -- each bowl. Writers and at. Sitting there having a giant argument about it I do I don't think that it's worth at. Should have. I understand Stephens shiatsu little girl you know we she's older now is frankly Internet. I was highway I was in that position I was hired to ramp worker at the sport crowd there are sponsored dog and I know that I was born and it's by revealing so much more you're not. It's not just fun game you're putting yourself. At risk as a lead they held because it's all it's all implying something big guys got the Fed made little. They don't think are wearing their custom for myself. Well no Wonder Woman because there's. A good bit role model for women and you want aware it could you put the DNA out there yeah all their thinking about. I'm boys. Arbitrary it's not a running around in her murder and art and instant. Greece addition. It the same time. You know we can't just not let her daughter being achieved that she wants to make these little worried about. The choices that supposedly. My boy you can't help himself from making I mean that's a double standard it's not fair. Okay place. Well I mean here's the thing I don't know you guys agreed to come on here and lets people hash it out so we're gonna where did you bowl site we might even ask teenagers. With some advice to call in and say he's. You know the Wonder Woman won't be though the suggests letting this thing out there I don't know I hang on guys let's. Let's bring you some jury member story don't shoot she is a very empowering. Powerful a figure for young girls for women all of up all females what is it. I know that movie was directed by a woman mixed with the sex appeal rights that's that terror you would think that if and when a woman directed Wonder Woman she might Jones. Toned down the appeal part yeah. Made her a little less. It's its reliance on. I mean she could have been pushed her to Wear a suit of armor not just presented a sort of power yes he did exactly a peasant dress her hoop skirt. You know the exact same powers but I mean but it is Halloween and people sexy it out yet so I don't know what if you trust your parenting. Is it just the if you trust your parenting you would you define this right I think he's RAZR all right thank you got to trust her eventually should sparkling eighteen. That's it that's the thing sites. I don't know how I eat their deeds she's gonna put in her gym bag and just him wearing on and you're so I'm Stephen says no to the sexy costume but she. She is seen at this point closer to eighteen so should this matter. She's pretty good except do you have. Good. The Olsen Twins do check out never have to cool that fact I had yeah. Sorry could. The times a stream of consciousness gets me in trump I don't know so yes Stevens like I. I don't I'm not ready router in the sexy yeah I guess I believe is the first time their run into this buzz saw many RTC and my daughter's legs. 78. And some of the costumes are in my womb. Which is I've done what. There so Stephen says no she says yes what say you law. I'm all right guys we're gonna get some jury members and hear or feel free to jump in they say something you don't necessarily like listen. Yeah I know. Being there are many other ways to build beautiful I can't even eat you not need you gotta eat well. And three girls. About teaching them respect them all and bella in my opinion and she and it wants consequently when she gets old kind of cowards just because they do what they want to be clear we have. Bob at the end of the day I want them to feel like they respect them all and then and nephew are going to or they can not back and how they're not all because they can grind you. All technique openly should be declared way they they have the rest I mean they're all twenty Internap. Actually think in a cock in you mean like that and garlic I don't know why. Actually brought on a seventeen year old and a daughter like it should not have to read and are the sorts MP. Sorry how OS that's Google assure recent Gracie told you well bliss. I don't hear the bank I I am completely respect the fact that you have daughters and the way you would like to read your growth and a term that you're doing a great job however. I don't think the content that can be it's really not. On this day and Mike is that if they want to just wrote something on underneath that to have it be a little bit more suitable for school. I think that that is the 100%. Perfect compromise. The weights and not a bit. It is the very revealing it and I appreciated comments very much could that is our trying to raise art garner with the morals and values and have. Respect personnel and I didn't that we did get a bigger sides that it sir of this same. I mean. Small seed that. I didn't have to think doesn't make any firm independent not gonna it's. The conscience to chill well it it certainly hurt like it's supposed to her and that bit and honey I'm sorry that you're very old national junior way of thinking. And it doubles. You know we have a fourteen year old aren't if you want to go out and work hot and that it you know and he he go to outage. Is the hole or something and he's not wearing a shirt and of course I helped them. Capital but because our daughter is a is that you know within that at an attractive soon to be one and it could double standard and I don't eat berries and both of our children who'd be going out I'll. And it took us okay. I didn't with the coldest night. If you don't announce that Sarah Sarah are either. I. I'll plan at all Kirk and mom are all I eat at their opinion BP Gary as being a parent. She almost eighteen. Are born you make it beautiful can say school Dirk curry at higher. May or alternate alteration and had a little break here at very few eight at her appealing. No published or you can have fun and yeah there's the difference between. Dressed being. Q an appropriate age appropriate and it directly or lake. A street locker I don't feel like either one of the spirit of what they're either one or their child outer tower. Dressed to re run in Korea are freely. I have a young our young daughter slot next hearing what their wealth spectrum are only play. Spain that we're eating our aerial war. Young winning. Our that he. Any legal team that your body these that your current species like I hit the cheap tracked all of the guys around you. Cheat their hands to yourself. That you're. Tired you know each that they did not my body by eight. Back Bob. I don't understand. All of Darren Garnett Barrett yeah but aren't all Oprah and then move he already young and I say. So we are Russian women sacrifice. I. Should have to extend. Yeah yup I didn't think you could call Sarah and I just wanna point out something that's a little bit off topic him and next time somebody's on stevens' side. I'm just missing here and go up through the whole thing way. Yeah and some I know I might do for you should know I don't propose I know you don't vibrant young daughter I'm your Eagles yeah. It's jam I'm your girl dressed wrong nominee until that's not Rachel. Yeah. Even if I pitchers aren't they always drew. Appreciate what people say that it shouldn't be on the women's side but as a woman you leave the property college at a very young age yelling at the world is now what we like to be good feeling that there are you imagine the blood perfectly lovely each. Perfectly traveled pretty perfectly dagger and even without I'm gonna think I'm cute sometimes you marvel and I and a good women YouTube horrible thing. Teaching your children not only eat modesty as a matter of protection but not even matter at upper back and be able to have. Cue cards that are somewhat actually needed a bloated and out there if you look at their Wonder Woman movie she's wearing number eighty constitute all of which are Chiat. She would maybe she wears one more secrets and I would grace that's where where she's wearing trench coat in the Fedora. And it about the double standard in my head. Recognizing that there were all in our heart play is that how we happen to be carried a weekend address the way that. We drove immediately basically you wouldn't rarity to try to paint it as an Adobe bank. We don't do it because you recognize it is. Probably not really reasonable and it's important credit seventeen year old could imagine it's still being developed. Omar Rivera and content create an. I agree with a lot of misunderstanding but in the pool into. That would keep an even taking account of the fact that our our daughter is also a cheerleader so that. Outfit is not that Arnold and I much yeah Blair. They know what he and 100. Unsupported after being cheerleader and running around. Certain most of the time so it like I just. The fact that now all but that the content for Halloween. Each so close to what you dirty wearing her cheering dated it. Very integrated audio little little lower. It costs are all open it is lower prefer bigger at the bigger Spielberg just should you Wear what you artwork featuring her values were eager. There have helped her. Don't value just teaching them to do rap seem advantaged. Think she should valued at practice but he's only want to go where no one in dozens and added. I sputter they're firm that. One more in here and there were to tell you who the winners and from what I understand it's it's pretty close. Actually. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm mom I'd. Call. All I needed all I am in nineteen almost twenty years ball well I'm pretty well the old eighth. In my opinion it's hard these do you put. No hole we caution you that it can reveal it Connie you know and then all though he's almost eighteen years old but that ain't what you are. We're indeed. Her own and how do you do it. What great it would be in her own more days at that point the view that. Critical lesson I mean I hear yours and what wears it. Where is it Adam thanks I think I've stunning dad pulled away but it was back and forth it was kind of money but it was but Stevens there Tom but in the end it's a songs that counts unfortunately and down. And grace wins on the phone spoke. So staying here all opposed even Khloe ten slowed enough balls hey hey hey I guess that's what all means for tricks up its. I was out on there are probably weren't as well. On the phone you should scoot clearly it's part of Baghdad there. Well I mean we have a bunch of people we don't it's that popular any aspect he allowed. It's pop pop pop pop off talking about how bad things colosio and coral column. But I think that is as well played Grayson out of the scene and you be OK it would mean it and make the modifications do you have you. What I'm taking away from the Stephen is. If it didn't meets the modifications of the educators. I think you're gonna have to let it go dues are cool. Yeah I can I get a he would bet and there will we will. Our conversation whether our daughter is now here are out of not sorry about cool but I carbo wherever he goes elsewhere you exactly where this custom. But. It's trust. It was a very good school within the current ticker covered through their roster features so. You know I thought February. We'll update you happy Halloween mask you can convince you. Don't look the pictures 001 woman costume just. Important I was buildings to come down on me like an Angel. So anyway I still won about I mean we've kept it pretty respectful she seventeen. We'll take more of your votes over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.