Slacker and Steve - GMD: Wedding vs Vacation 2/23

Friday, February 24th

What comes first…your friends or your spouse? While the answer might seem easy, it’s not so clear for our Great Mate Debate Couple. Hear their argument and tell them who you agree with!

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Selector in Steve's son today. This. Is. Rest easy hey hey just in case this is that right now operations as real cook facets when you're standing yeah we're listening to this. Okay let's set a secret need to be the only guy Jack Morton. And Brian's mom I think Jacqueline Jones personally what's going on deck of I mean did you OK I don't know you can. We operate these Jacquelyn or Jacqueline. Are you are in the world Jackson Jesse English to some people want to look Jacqueline but it's Jaclyn wouldn't Jacqueline. Okay good source of going to give your side of what's going on. Hey Sam says my husband's brand has been made for her almost here now. They come and originally we just a really quick honeymoon we can believe in saving for a trip to figure out. To go fer real honeymoon and that's where we have kids. Cool but. Have that brand best friend seen it now getting married in the Embraer Doleac brain to be as best man at the wedding and and Hawaii. Faults. Well. You know from being beaten me oh. They plead not a Hawaii titillating. And now we won't be able to you used the money they get a year out and we're gonna have to Crist. That trip back and I don't want only to monitor and lamps when he and I really I have to its current thirty year by the time I'm thirty now. Thanks Ed OK add I just wanna disuse and maybe he's gonna make his argument Brett. Hawaii is not good enough for you I am not at its London or even date that's not what you want it's not. You couldn't you couldn't count that as your vacation in its Europe that you want. Yeah we've been talking about here at. I mean between that basically and Hawaii would be more about the wedding that really matter. Which you would have time after the wedding to go like. Vacation in Hawaii or no unity camera back to the mainland. I mean I guess maybe we can work it out but we've been talking about a year or so long Spector checked and I really wanna go. Car so before we get his side to clarify. You would like China you would like him to skip. His best friend's wedding. Yeah okay Boca me it's not always unreasonable. Off on paper but at the same time. I signed it. Unreasonable for someone to tell me. I am getting married this is going to cost you right here right thousand dollars to attract a distilling this awesome honor review of making you spend all this money. I'm yes thanks signed an unreasonably it's I just a nation lending it out bright you are you there. Yeah how they're going to guy nice bomb. What's your side and yes. Well right side is that has changed my boys my best friend he was the best man in our wedding. And says Hawaii Celine who could not wanna know what I view they got to start being sushi. On you know I mean we've been argued about this for a long term I don't understand. Why we can't you know you've bowled leg eventually we can you're not going anywhere right. Now this is a once in A lifetime thing. You but but so you wanna you wanna completely deplete the Europe fund though so when you say we can do both. Yeah eight singing act 'cause you're gonna use well the money. We can go and Panetta wanted to clearly ignore elects 56 years or so cell. Home but they did you said that she was their fur for Jacqueline to have her winning I mean your guys winning together so it was a much Nicky was nearly zero ballclub just close. Sorry Steve shows no sign early clarifying today that. Are you judge to make sure I have often I'm with a Bryant would would change he's your boy. I guess he makes him paid five grand to go to your wedding I mean are now zero so do you think as your best friend she would understand if you relate. Do I just can't afford it DC she's you guys are tying to say that. I mean maybe you blood. I don't know I. I don't know what more take good care of my best friend I've known since. You know we're like Boy Scouts so weird that we're done high school or college roommates. And I think you would say you would understand but I com. You know I don't know. Here's a deal if you and I are best friend Brian I would absolutely not stand I I would take you when you set I can't afford our gasoline understand. Until I heard or saw on FaceBook. Hate. Jack and I are going to Europe next week. Don't be like wait I thought you couldn't afford plane is seconds bet that's where it starts to get them from JT that's I don't work either you tear up your date. Or your you lied to your three prioritizing the money that so it's I mean is this if this is a tough tough thing. Arm right. Jacqueline do you understand it I mean it it just doesn't matter to you that hit this is a huge friendship. The promise Al Arab I don't. Bag it matters mean like I really understand where Brent coming from I know why you want to get exchanged wedding but. I think we already prioritize the money or something. Ridiculous and I ain't. I know they proposed a trip back intact and a trap then and we in the family you know it is both Enola mobile look at it in money I can't thank you very expensive and we really want to family. Well we've already been seen in our money to go to Europe and bill. Seen acting as ghetto wife Elaine would be like a report everything our honeymoon money not the other way. And I see that you guys are planning this trip. Much longer than before Shane decided upon reflection no matter what their money's. Purposeful or wrongly it's if you already booked nonrefundable tickets is Symbian on here a year ago. And since they're not bot. It do you write us a little leeway good news is that what much whatever for go to Hawaii or Europe it's taken care of the money is guy you've got enough money that's your thing. And the thing about the money is dirty work forty hours a week and you actually get another job maybe or Jacki to get a job I mean. This is something we discussed but that's kind of a source of picked up on bringing up. What's most do. I guess let's give some jury members in here I think you guys are in a great place and nobody's. You guys are close to break up over this right now it's just let's. So this trying to ask is a real quick Kessel let's say run don't pitcher weigh in you have to go to Europe instead you're not gonna take it out and Jackie the whole trip. You're not gonna be like well because I don't and Jacqueline adjust our superhero if you lose you're gonna be Colin what this sounds like average citizens would you be cool and Hawaii right that the. Yeah I mean I hit it into territory any marriage over but. We just can't come to a conclusion not her town and hate and terror attacks. This I don't like this one because. The answer seems obvious you've got to go to Hawaii. But I think hard about it sites if you've been saving up because your furnace leaks carbon dioxide and you plate you don't wanna die. You're not a stranger so earnest money. On a trip to. This is something it's not the same as a furnace but it's something that they both agreed they were gonna two. Years ago they and saving this whole time. They have and all the sudden this change monkey wrench wedding thing got thrown in there and now there make in red dress is a real quick yes okay so she was was Brian's best man. The Syrian pro quo always good to say is there are even Stephen type of saying hey. I was your best Manson no. It is a live up to the being the best man a suddenly he's the tea Bagger. I I see that icy gaze is a wedding more here. Locally menus. You scheduled a trip that same time that's not great news. I just stinks I'm gone back to economy to the very beginning. When somebody says a destination wedding you've got to expect you eat their customs you have to know there's going to be some attrition there's always blocks just can't. If I didn't I didn't destination wedding my parents wouldn't go that. Only because he couldn't afford it they don't wanna get on the plane right it's just not enough to know. As much as these people are your best friends and your team leaner cousins mama but some just teeing it pull it off CU. Expecting them to pull off this kind of devalued ass in my opinion it is. Unless you're willing to kick in some money for him which nobody can afford them so. Are they going to Europe with the money that was earmarks of that or is it gonna suck and they have to go to Hawaii used to have it sounds ridiculous but that's what you're using you're. Or Hawaii. Who wins the great made today. She example let's get much okay well it's one more time if you wanna vote ought to like on Saddam's. We're we're playing a horse that examination of the suggestion in this you can vote otherwise gloomy dreary numbers on the phone. I understand there's a lot of people on FaceBook focused on one particular thing and these guys wanna address and I don't know wasn't Dresser but. I'm made his Jacqueline Jacqueline found a lot of people are talking about how you don't have a job so you don't really get a say why is it why don't you have a. Noah and there's certainly said actually she does so I doubt you were part time and but she she makes pretty good money so. No my batters in the center that's one of things they bring up some crowd has put us you see she does aren't actually. It's sort of that. It's an anti black and all right let's most if not some let's get some jury members in here and figure out. Which have to eggs look so weird is great made like nobody loses in this thing trying to raise and then there's. It's of a nice place yes. Let's see let's start with mark. Yeah right you guys. I precinct number one you married Jack or you'd marry your best by the number two. How would let a let down that might best bud had let down my wife number three post. And is in a minute you put anybody or anything else to turn your marriage and you're simply can't go wrong route. Leon yeah. Yeah I see if that's the first one out to turn Boca how you feel about their brain. I mean that's that's his opinion that's fine now on our merry it is you know it's like safety fifteenth until May and that's why we discussed everything so. Whatever on that so. Leave. Yeah any nice. I'm I'm sorry I am totally with Brian here I think that that's bad and how bad are still on and the fact that it cool IE it's still a different culture Rich Galen vacation interpreting incredible beautiful with each. And the fact that she's kind of being I ate my opinion I think I'm being a little bit ready about it like it yeah not and it's not one like turn into you cat leapt even Nicki Colin and when you're on the road you'd still. You're not going anywhere. RR yeah people say that's just playing really I don't. Sending Jacqueline but I must say this I'm a beach guy I love going to Mexico I never knew why I don't know why. But if somebody told me that I'd say the thought all my money to go duel of the board dive staying in the least at the last minute delight. So many don't go to Europe instead I feel like Obama that's not what I lights yeah I. I can Zacks they're not as fast as they had their heads this entire time it's your bureau of. That's true and it came back and thanking match. It's not hair shirt you know I heard yet like I kept at it like you know putting on an apple. Well for me I think that they can that they wonder much has been imparted here like 200 and she's an incredible life. Making that it only Kerry to be like any local YEE like it's still pretty incredible that we can do longer each other but it kind of like. Currently that's just that he got they care about your act. And then turned it only can no more comfortable I am sure it at between mature and then I think it's really really don't care for her to catch can make can choose. It can really really on. And she easy to take it out and Jacqueline knowing that Jackson would aid. Brian and not go to the yen at eight it's it's human nature it's it would be hard not to do that a little bit and I think Brittany. I. On my ball is going to Florida Jack. On honestly I ink that they weren't even that money I mean of their play and what to go to Europe in nice changed there I don't think ever really the opportunity again. That'd they'd go oh especially bad kid lightening get in the way that we put a want a life time opportunity for them. In the fact that they never had like a real honeymoon no I think they need said go ahead and you get an adult. Learn you had to call a home Brooke. How I am I am totally with Jack and that's when I'm are tackling. And you can't go ahead and save for your honeymoon or a vacation and then just because the trend excited to get married. Just drop all that. And I mean what happened that the sky get married again for the second or third time do they have to keep on following him wherever he goes I mean that's crazy. And that's the big burden put on somebody because Hawaii is so expensive. Airline alone is going to be. It's nine better get this 15100 dollars per person. That's an immediate and eight it disappears around Tripoli is not yet well but I mean it's mean and I wanna get all weird and it. We go to Europe for cheapest flights to Iceland. And it's awesome Caroline is beautiful up there I think it was OK I take. I've. I got a quick opinion here and I don't think it does anything to do with the trip I think it's got plenty to do with the two of them decided on mutual goal and him backing out on it and putting an outside source between him and his wife. And if you wanna stay married a long term and he got to grow up you can't do that. Wow he's. Thank you afford your vote arm we're gonna get a couple more here and then we'll tell you guys what's what the where you're going I guess I'm Elizabeth. Yeah hey guys. I'm Brian. I just got married off I'm about Jacqueline age I really get Rasheed going at all bad flag. That's brain that's Brenda and all about being there for your friend especially when they're almost the only each. And you gotta compromise is it together for a long time I've been with my age I'd been for eight years before we got married and it's all about compromise. Haven't stricken wife Amy get this honeymoon. European thing gonna go anywhere ansari an eight I'd like to hear that. Taken out of your trip push back the baby compromise. And little little crafts aren't. What I see you call if one more person says Europeans can and go anywhere and you among lose the truth I am because just a wash. Go to your original re played this entire made to me when there's some tragic event in Europe play. William meteor hits it hinges Weis and also always had about a third. But. The guitar and the Randy. Yeah I. I'm in Bryant I don't yeah I get really start to question whether or not I want to come between I had an approach very close friend for any cats are really long time I think they go to Hawaii. Okay. Even though even though this money was earmarked for something else. It okay light a beautiful place and I'm sure they'll have a beautiful time. What does this money was earmarks for her cancer treatments the world won't blow. It. Just trying to see airline is just it's like this should never steer between guy and his best friends I just did there are times where you do little. I'm almost doesn't higher life really got to be very careful about that any relations are important annual get so many inner life that. Are there important now it is important went to him. And she's definitely important to him and they're important to each other they got to compromise. I 88 Q here's the thing. This has been the closest great need to be whenever you I don't know what it's like I come FaceBook and it's Lawrence is literally tied and it right now there's only one vote in the leaked. Who's winning on FaceBook. Towards the end Ryan pulled it out and by one vote. On the phones. Brian one day and Jacqueline. You guys are gonna licensed how resilient since. Marleau CLO. You are you good with a Jacqueline that you're going to be good with it he can be fun all. Bull always always the so it's. I see it. It's going to be great here's the other thing too Crist is going to be there and change why it was great friends and Jackie and so world. Well we would hope she's going to be there because they're getting married so yeah no it's going to be and moms hang on guys have a great time in Hawaii yeah. This morning I left to have a discourse I I know they know that's that's the verdict is we've always said but I want to voting to continue you guys got it. Because I really feel like the voting that's cute when she said she didn't have a job and she did. Does have a job you did on FaceBook yeah you got an early advantage by saying she doesn't have a job in their floor. She she doesn't have a right to need that money but she absolutely does if he's still do you wanna vote removing all the voting over to the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.