Slacker and Steve - GMD: Workaholic Wife 10/13

Thursday, October 13th

Sarah and Rob are on the brink of a break up. Rob is at his breaking point because Sarah's job is a higher priority than their relationship. If she doesn't scale back on work, he says it's over. Sarah says that if she continues to work hard at her job, it will be better for them in the long run and if he truly loves her he would understand. Whose side are you on?

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Selector and Steve. An adverse side we'll get this straight. It's not a I don't know what these guys play. What do you know it'll probably make it worse job. Content and we thought Robin and Sarah today and I think worst hurting Wyss. Robbed. Compact. Yeah I don't who don't learn what brings you degrade need to make. Are you ever to have a low on the radio there's elements problem. Students. Mayan. Better perhaps. I feel there is a little too and bolt weird work. In to the point where it's become an issue where I'm feeling neglected in our relationship. The guy right. Subsidiaries are a little glimpse at what the story were you mean like how do you feel neglected. Our later public. Are goksel all right but I don't plan out a senate seat football rode around with a much French you know. Before this season and then you know shut it down every weekend because I know our public and strength. Like idol. I liked Suu Kyi great but I don't know it and make it very chaotic and do anything nutritional support. No I can't even like watch because you know address that you don't win your your better happier to set aside time somebody you do together. I can't even launch game the throne. Because you know you're told to watch it together quite how much do you learn what it's six I go to run like you know episode one. So I can't even do any big win. My feet because where she where what where you what when why how why she neglecting your I don't understand. Because working more important but that's what I'm trying to get to let there extinguishing it multiple order I feel even its work toward to the point where we do absolutely nothing. Together. It is is she just got a new job for a new career this is been going on a while the same Dahmer. Now she's a working girl and she you know just sent her which her. Her argument to me it's always will listen you know try to do that now I don't work hard outs really important that I you know busts you know possible so I can get ahead in the company and then you know you have a nice you know pull OK and insurance and everything. Do you want but you have a job or OK I think mirrors stay at home or something in her Boca auto car. OK okay I'll do you guys have kids. No it OK okay and on. I'm a little the DC and Jesus. Did to go back to Steve's question is this recent worries. It has she always this way or just getting worse as she's in this current position. East yeah she's always been very driven from the logos of course you know it's good to. I admire that so I would territory or I would say in the last. Colleague. Heard at least the last play a year year and a half citizens I'm title of a medal. He did you know and it's clear reached earlier roommates or go to each other well enough. And this is legit it's Ellie she's fighting an excuse to get out of the written away from the relationship for you. I mean that's legit is is more work she gonna spend more time and at the job okay. Well OK yeah hi yeah I see our case is always introduce she's dominated so go ahead Sarah what what why are you that. Avoiding your. Well I'm not trying to avoid him. I was trying to be patient and lit and then rob you know I love you you know the. The contemporary. I mean I'm working very hard and climbing the corporate letter action you know we don't have kids yet I mean yeah we have to sacrifice because I live. Living up in the company and not just the way it goes. And mean no longer say yeah yeah I understand checker first book I don't understand not being able to take a week also did you go on vacation. Well of course you can't pick a week off right now honey I'm trying to get loaded I mean. Living up in the ranks you know especially our woman I don't even work that much harder. And am that. Don't know I understand that's what are you better. No I get that sort of socially all the hard work put in when it comes first you basically you know logically laid out hey I did XYZ. Goes cute aren't valuable to this company and my plan is he beat sheet in the next five years. Right I mean that's what I'm gonna do and I hope that you can hang in there let's meet me in the senate are ever. And yet the worker us straight. He has been. Yeah away like what you know like I court you know what you wanted to do related you know when you can't understand that I want that on myself and our. And be supportive. I was telling him support it under my complaint is we don't screw anything because you were consumes literally all your time. Do you see exaggerated when he says that searches that's latest I. I understands. They know he people can be driven in more Tenet can take over your life but if you don't have a least a little little work life balance. EU who you you would your marriage won't change it so. I understand that it's just really hard right now and I don't get to say one walking out the door I've been like somebody's going to be promoted. For me I mean we have time on the weekend. You know like I had a dinner wherever you are hard working years you know and I'm not gonna get where I'm going to try to lake and every evening at home half. It's true. No or yes meantime I don't return toward reading email the deep you know staying out of the great camera view is he's. Is this how these things you can't read I'm home I mean most. On the weekend. We had being home Libyan president are two different things go right. No I. Well okay like OK I I think I think we gotta win like let's let's get some jury members in your. I think Bobby in big wants the marriage to work he does. He wants you to be a different version of view and I don't know if that's in this of really tough thing to you got to choose between these basically seen Sarah dear a female in the modern times which means you should be able to do it all juggle career and business over here and keep the marriage over here have been be the mom and edited out. You what this is sounds and I don't mean to be but it's kind of like old school at the role role reversal. How that's a complaint that you don't pay attention appalling work is always usually from the female disk and now she's and empower woman on the business world she's right if she wants to succeed as business she's it's gotta be this way sure I'll support it she does and you know what this is not a victimless crime. I know rush trying to keep up her weight and stuff like that he's got needs. But if they're if they agreed that her profession was gonna take. Precedent doesn't sound like they never had that conversation also you know what I mean it just seems like her careers are going she did it but I'm. I guess to further your point if it was a guy he wouldn't have to come it was like right. If we want nice things I just got to work harder to exact you've got to be so for me yes and he's not following in that mine but it's. If she really is Skyping all we do in an email I think at some point. You can have the best career in the world you will be single. I mean there are suck everybody yeah she's got to be prepared for that evidence proves why rob brought this to us 'cause it's like to to that point on all right so to eat eat him if he if there's anybody you could help them find out work life balance. Arm will take that but I mean just him what you heard I mean he's complaining about what sort of game thrown there on. It's really important or is. Is her saying I got to do this so sure there are some bolts of how she does but there may not be able to them if she keeps going rob Sarah they need your help. What's Dixon jury numbers for you guys Sean tell. Yeah and okay I really hot right because I don't. They had I. Need to show in real life and love it more important than money. Clearly eighth inning when he thought it company. You know having an IQ your putt. Thinking cap any day where it's hit a record he gets directly act the way I mean that you're not gonna LM lending that money not gonna beat you any good I need you. I. You know people are and then my kid Sara are very a man. Think I mean maybe you're not climbing the corporate ladder lake I am but I you know I don't think I can really. Really feel I mean I have a job that I have to work really hard hat and that's how it is right now. So I know I met a key to eat at your job it's more important than your husband or your love for your. Dot that's not what then do it doesn't have to be a distant. I mean. We're married grandmother. I'll leave loved each other and you know and we work I mean at all. Part of blank I should not make that choice and he doesn't he can carry it yet they work because you saying you're neglecting him. And it PW we're both the mud he wouldn't be saying you're neglecting him. Thank you very much are well we're gonna. Thank anyway. I let's keep going here's Eric. I hate you guys. Okay I'm not our mail. Byrd a parent I believe Durbin and get a nickel money care now or your arm. Aaron I would kill. While. We don't expect that's why you gotta work so hard but they beat you you know like you we're looking Tora Libya and all that work not even how we are in that department. I'll look back and what you are more social he'll score. I'm colonel whom. They figured impromptu just ask you. These are any part of you that I don't I do not I hate cinema not seen as an I don't. Just is critics argue the wonders if she's so driven to work because there might be somebody out there works much damage the other is up. Upstairs ten that's how it happened at work and also asks is it is that a concern for you all are you just think she's super driven. The idea apparently to there's some guy named Benjamin Franklin it's. I don't know I and then she came here that is not an issue for it at work. I do you trust her completely put that Wilson that's now on it does come to you know going out accounts serve business what ever you go to a hotel there is an open bar and a bunch of guys in suits got through the air it's true I'm I'm not saying I don't trust her putting this whole business world is slightly. We can't. I'm a strong woman now and I know what to do and like I listen about works is there's about advancing you know I have very clear cold and again. Which you can understand and you know be proud of me and I don't think it would be the same conversation. Did you know that there year old marine. Our people and Hewitt on hard and so much. You have to roll or. Rupert I wouldn't have to transition to the door honey I'm really humble perch from got a time last night well we'll do so maybe. We can I haven't we. Get your more committed to the relationship then they knew perceive her to be. And she's. Guy. IE arrogant self employed and I am I thought I may have. Exactly that in situation I have been my career. I don't make if I don't work wherever it's nice and we can. I think it would very hard to map out exactly and lying so low needed. Is we were able to. I had certain days and an afternoon the couple he'd need a beach that were decided. You're at the end I don't do anything I know and they insert in order to. And we're very very well. NG your phone's really does a basically your ceiling set up get a scheduling and but social times scheduled to see you know just say no matter what or watch it you know it's a lot but look here send alerts and so I know you're you're being facetious I mean. I might be what it's gonna take to save these two yes sir is gonna schedule imminent. Yeah it's a lot easier to do when you don't have kids you guys need a mix of guys are ever think about having a family and you you're at this point right now you're never gonna make an employee understand. Alleys. Yeah I nice. I am aren't terrified. My fiance and I are both it clearly go the full time job two of them. Verbal very busy we rarely ever see each other usually to sleep eat and we every now and then have a Sunday early to go on dates on her opponent so I definitely understand the situation. But like if it's kind of crazy and if she's trying to improve their lives and basically did improve her career based. That's really important he is obviously very ambitious career based woman. And eighteen still respect that. Got out like completely respects. Hurt you know ambition and drive and career put you to cheer on a mission to you get a Sunday readers that you could to every ball that well after birth Sunday like I'm down to compromise walked one. Well I think I'd do a bit from come trough. He needs god you just need anything at this point I did I mean. I really hope that when we get to the end of this you guys can find some common ground because I bet you you sound like a cool couple yeah Laura. I I. I. I actually kind of similar. Kind of reform me my have a handle apple handout and I elegant and very male dominated district trying to work really really hard. I must Bear Bryant but. It took maybe three or four years from my husband's work for my husband. I that he needed it more home like we're bound to we also have a three year old. I'm but they actually did a lot about some terrorist side and a little bit too much meeting at the time did he. Same amounts. Broadside. Yes rock Ari. So used using C sound and needing. And yeah I mean. A little bit younger I didn't have the same carrier and I felt the same way you'd never hold my head and sometimes worked seven days a week. He worked at a at a C he's always working and it was insulting to me at first and I wanted the same thing especially for a three year old and then you know I. And now where more financially secure but we both don't spend a lot of time but. That same no that we have found that out. And I compromise because our relationship is very important to act I think there's definitely about the need to be how humble. Direct financial security that breeds love actually he just done an increase is it aiming. Yes. I'm I'm I'm Robert I robbed site. My husband works full time investment global high. And I stayed home and that a week I have to come up with a calendar we're getting that block out an hour ciampa we had just spent my butt and I understand. The need for warning that attention and then I think I understand Jeremy can she get so involved a total war you're working till hire agents. And like I had a bad he just. Get so involved in the words he kind of forgets to block got pride about flag you know have blocked it out for him. Nice that's a good compromise because marriage is a business basically in his business. You know what any disagreements a good point did you come over the top welcome your stark I don't seem one at a low yeah like a boss are. Stephanie. Yeah I. Okay I'm amber Frye here's why because you glued to connection. I have permanent same situation and be current at that. We are now in therapy and he had more time apple work thank you sort of made it times. Who will be connection to porn. You don't. Hi thank you for the call I guess I just wanna say this you're you're seeing on FaceBook where we're gonna do the results now guys in them. Hopefully we're gonna find this common ground who really sees the team is resilience. Rob. Barely look at all the words but until he's telling us on the phone's. Not quite so barely known rob. Rob wins. So. Time for you to. Slow down Sarah or find a way. Two to spend more time with the one that matters is that some thirty usurped. I don't. I don't know that's gonna happen I mean all black parent unit brought up the issue with cute and how. You know at some point if we want to have kids like the way we are now that I could. It's not gonna work out I mean love I don't see how the did you land that you can except even I don't know maybe it's not gonna work out between us. Wounds now you you don't mean that. You. I don't know I'm starting to wonder I mean all I wanna do it. You know I were married and I do want to follow lay career path and that's not acceptable and I maybe it won't work out. You could get fat guys. Yeah well I guess that's that's how you feel look not open I wanna discuss our move radio. Yeah. Third blunt this idea on this does any else. These PL I got orders call your office stand try and book a meeting then it's you can talk about. Guys this was not there are really good suggestions it just hang on right they're don't do when he named Brad thanks for coming on though yeah. Our street still lives ruined a hypocrite and she's so sweet employer. All right well that's obviously not great to mean if you have more suggestions on for them to find a better. Work life balance just at the hit us up on dislike currency FaceBook page.