Slacker and Steve - Going to Hell 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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Staying on the you know I love about doing something like this one day you're just gonna justified for a O clock whatsoever and because that's who you are well because you have acute through the we neither know why you're going to how well there it is slip so one thing you've done. Or either didn't rat somebody else I mean it's. This is more out. Personal things you know realized I don't a lot of things in my life that I think it can be forgiven for. Dow one thing you is probably he can't for you know on the there's a Missouri were. Men who was caught on camera stealing a treadmill. From a front porch. Now Steve justification will begin shortly but he. The homeowner's son said he bought the treadmill for his dad. Who is battling bladder cancer and he needs it's going to stay in shape during media treatment but the woman the cease. Alleged thief but she didn't know that though she did she was just stealing a treadmill she didn't know it does dad had cancer and all the other stuff but. But to the judge jurors know right you don't saying it's it's one of those things where. You stole and maybe you think. I just stealing from some suburban people that's great but then when you get to the early days like yeah I know I stole but like. I made amends I do a lot of things and I was doing to a cancer vision. Oh our act on his newest no I did not doesn't matter so she's not shield children. I know she's you're trying to slop back because it's this it's locked up sloppy you Shiite. Just let cancer patient would have magistrate now had she not been imports prior. So we'll be looking at that way I yeah it's it's the way eighty yes I wish all the fat whole twisted. I'm like so. That's that in a nutshell is linked to have you done some then you're like dat where yet there's Tony different stories about cancer that are so disgusting. Her leg that is pretty low moms. Are they won't Marmol without her tendered her child had cancer and up. Armed. Her four year old daughter she pretension cancer she raise money for medical 'cause she she builds people out of like sixteen grant. They're resilient and other dude did the same thing he said he had cancer he stated and got thirty ran out of friends and family. You know it's. No that's complete that's for sure your own health for them to get you your knowingly saying you have something. The you know touches the heart strings and everybody and they just give freely there's NASA is and you know you don't have you have to teach they should ask though they should you got to prove it dude prove that he's got so so this is zero right. This is you somebody's leg standing there at this street corner on. I have leukemia take an uneasy chart. What I mean that's and well yeah that's what you say you want to come up with say they have that a woman show me so if you ever you. I watched you give money by people for no reason you don't ask for a shark to your your crooked you really weird if they produce a charge would pledge or show me a bill from the hospital. And well why don't like going through your local wrecks and Turk can't. It is still water. Els for not jurisdiction around my one. It's. The ski Austin she sees things in what. My head hurt. And there's very little feel I can and you terrorism or something you've proven are you guys you know a lot of senior go find me pays for my seniors and although things I'm keeping my tenure as the most beautiful their comfort her. So this is the other line Eckstein is our Greg just before we're talking about doing this on the air he's like oh yeah as usual or even died. These are these people are gonna help there's like seven different people who have stolen. The big red channel from Salvation Army. And all I was saying is clearly the people the thieves needed that money more than anyone else that money was gonna go to people like this anyway so all we did was just. Look at Korea up the process. You have the hall that heavies. All call the channel but it did I'm change it. Sure mills sound D'Amato met they did as a day death so again note crucified and buried them early I get the money was going to him anyway right. Not all of the stuff. So what are anyone of those channels that somebody just dropped bunch has sat did you Wii is in the or rare more than one that had ten grand and it recently they've people putting grimsley got a stack condos inaccurate and our ten grand. This holy smoke and there was somebody too much a rare coins and recently as well. They're putting they're coin collection now they're just they're trying to donate. This why is there we've donated so these thieves they went ahead and took what they needed in the past on the rest of low pressure to an end user I'm sure they're like oh my god this is Soo much. It's not like I ever say tab in jail and serve. See what you guys to know that the main reason that Steve is defending certain people like tennis is as a child seat. NATO charity iron made a little cardboard box and went door to door there was like. I do my hero movie avatar was averaging medals all and Marissa mare starts you know employers are you lose. Did you know that. Remember it means is there policies would stare at cern they live in new Guatemala. And my people gave money and I die but by about some pot and so it's depends wells. What I just did the cherry said he announces nor I mean I mean I think it kids needed to. OK I never said the money was going to anywhere I just set out to electing ma I'm just use I was yeah for a charity. Which turned out if you keep my car dealer. I do things is slowing your scold. Hills before tiger's so dirty dirty dirty people well who did you all if you've done something real voice disguised as crap out of you oh my god we really already have one knows what those people. Your people. All robber car chase me OK I worry doctor Robert. If there's a reason if you're hanging on by a thread knowing you're going to how eventually you we won here why Robert. Yeah you are disguised Robert you please say it's not true. Are you know our movement or where to look you and you do well we didn't score Bartlett show those doing the appropriate at Abu. Alms bowl alternate Oklahoma are you where. Your patent that way and are okay. And we didn't on minimum bumps in the group and I. I pulled out mart group out Q what about those of the other people what people will go to Auburn it got our equipment our viewers are kept chancellor. And a pair of our property and equipment or who we're poor career Eric RR OP cultural left hook. Hello well. Because I may have done this I know everything. He tells us he's good with that. You'd pretended to need to win because you plus our all star bird that's dirty. The promoter partner. Why partial oops what you wish. Wow. Absorb your legs you dig sixtieth surfer drag show man this is not ideal all million. How you guys are why you don't health yeah. Okay well Aaron I went. Married a guy for a half. You I'm sorry your phone just broke up you know him for what. How do you make it that's what how do you I don't understand. How does that happen. I I'm dating this guy and Lulu. I did a lot of money and it until you like you're looking into buying property he. Well. It's important also went to be written and I column Margaret and I like Catholic Church girl I got a little quiet. We got married and after three years in the divorce and then I had to man and I was and I got it. Are you nicely though that's a whole lot. I I find it ironic that you're the person who did so mad Pat Williams some guy gets cut in half by a woman who is only units from the money for the money from the beginning but now your phrasing made Megan is so proud that we do know voice this guy deserves you don't see your name you're. Yup you they spun back to yeah. I. Ironkey new way you know I'm not. And a I aren't into whatever else you can. Include the money it's not a black every kind of quiet and it could be an agenda. True plus on his it's buyer beware he should've seen what he was getting into with you. You legitimately. Maybe you stayed with him for your married for three years so you probably a couple of years of courting Indian by the house on you this list. Put in five years for free house job this was a good job isn't really what you did it. Logan looked like after they climbed. So you can O'Donnell O'Donnell and we know I think that it really what on earth is that. Good for you still fourth year planned for a free house is nicely done in these. Is it free and clear you don't have to make payments it's your house. While all the guys on our respective merely geyser EDC. And you got a car. All and you have kids have been very meaning you gotta you just got the materials just. Yeah well I've got to you know Americans don't even call meg and you're going to count I mean. You're also a beauty like the queen now. Gift come may end up. Guys when you go now. I'm not actually not mean my best friend have to wage or years ago when I just say the accident with three other people he was asked yeah. I know his family when you really overwhelmed sell one of the girls' let the high school as open up a golf I'd need for him. And she actually posted it with over 5000 dollars. Matter a whole one of those people donated thinking it was going to the stammering and she telecast. And. It's usually too who see blocked all of its spread that all of this feeling on social media. She hasn't gone to any of you know memorial there any thing though nobody knows what top what governor. But it. Oh man would you really sell everybody you know outs for five Graham has been. All my ideas. I'm we've found out that she would actually posting on the anniversary which is discovered that men. That she met Kevin unfortunately can't you block everyone nobody can comment on anything. Learn. She. That's pure even if she's running hell when she gets thank you for the column man's and yet another VD year old boy Cisco's George. Sorry guys why are you don't else. Are you wounded and offer huge coup rerouted military. Putting them on the computer and been following a report. What why would you why why why did did something wrong do he did he spied did you in some way. He's. Multiple current Merck would mark between smoke there are sure they're emotional grip there improve given to Russia fell. And so you you snuck in and put porn on his computer dishonorably dis your records. No she had he he got caught and got in trouble. Well he would few leadership or I don't know how much trouble you'll permit we guarded him. I know what we grew. You brought a country down that day George you you hurts if you fuel. Eyes against Oregon only I want to like he's. Absolutely Ennis so he's getting executes a slow road to watch you for holly you wish you good. Dream who's conine guys.