Slacker and Steve - Got Back at an Ex 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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Steam. As you fired up I'm like hi I'm not seeing you this mad about something and it's like an old. We talk about how you got back connects. Ends just whisper. App for people who go weaning confess to the dangers it's kind of like authority to go in there and just saying. I would chili powder in my ex is underwear he didn't know why. There is high here. I'm just I'll never fascinates me to know when. That when a woman has told that a guy tells a woman Vince is now working forum the first thought that interest her head as to break the law. I just store hurts them in some way yeah just it's immature it's irrational and whose guys we just move on we don't need the revenge won't close let me. The need an enemy and in the I mean you district left so you would leave. At the only where so were to take calls of people who got revenge on the next it's always women it's always the story and remember there's going to be any. Men that call and say I did. Possibly. I'm Sean shrimp and their inner curtain rods just Orion lives always women that do that. I had AD I'm sorry but every time we do this topic I must say this as a guys when I break out. My first instinct is to just go sleep with someone else Oca. I don't I don't want revenge. But I'm just like daily you move on yeah I'm there moving forward yes and OK to do is one but I get dumped. Keying cars including copper and under layers in the afternoon and the ones that somebody can Bassett said they keep this car is that's mature on and hides them yet. It's definitely not mature I will say there's no logic in it. Remember you remember that big news story where it was like it they had been married for years and she found out. He was cheating on her whenever so she didn't she is Hershey like spray pain any bug up. Your happy with the whole war. And then like through all of his clothes like Sosa is suburban sitting there with spray paint on it. And all his clothes or around his guitars broken and I just everything's just really so rational sitting in the oh I saw her speak it's just I'd never understand this is I'm gonna say this there's one on this list that's kind of happened to you. Okay. It says sir I tell him you're pregnant teller pregnant and I on the air and do not girl called us and said. Hey Steve I'm pregnant unharmed and she wasn't on half. What they say if you really wanna get back to your ex and you're telling your pregnant you got to find a girl in your circle of friends who is pregnant. Have her PR on the stick. Had to be on a couple sticks and then you mailer sticks to him. And you mail a stick to his parents saying congratulations you're gonna be dad congratulations you're gonna be grandparents. So that everybody. Is light from there a lot of work and in the end game and when we get out of it. Bomb. The best case scenario he comes crawling back to you on his hands and knees going take me back how one raises baby with you good luck. And then you have Daniel like I just got a jazz against them now dragnet. Oh with him I don't allow I would be ended not a worse sound like you're doing the study is you're. IILALIL. It's just. Because it out of there irrationality we agree. Crazy Stewart actually we won't really break crazy stories and just understand that Steve is going to be judging no I didn't grow idea I'll just let did just don't. Well consider this. One man trying to convince his cheating girlfriend that he caught a nesting geese from. What once again immature but yes you're right guys do do I know somebody yeah I know somebody who did that. Somebody I am very close didn't just started telling everybody. That she had. Each one. Heard her oh you Newsom and the yes. They're related to me. One link them the bar we used to have to go to long month to get. That person out yeah started telling everybody you'd send them our X had. By the way she's he's so not just girl zero and that's so immature he told everybody that she had yet Powell yes. So that she wouldn't get to sleep with anybody else does but not didn't have the all everyone knows there's three places you went ahead on people. And Hurricane Charley was the best oh my god I stand tall and everybody. How does that play how it's it and did she was she was in a dry spell she had to come down near should come down to number wow. Jim Jones first east I should. I was naming bars or nonexistent parking teeth as hurricane Charlie's got pink he's very yeah if she. Yeah. Okay. By the way if you're under the age of a hundred million Troy Davis is to open you could put the Rezko took his place stand pink Walton for a it puts it does sort of like yeah. It's sort of like what they're though what's the name of the spy you got to remember the name is never so we're going to learn what would you give birth where you go get breakfast number odd way it's like to die no doubt that I play just lays it out act so TDs was that if you wanted to still have one more really mad beer before you went down restless if that's the usual sort of fun. Fifty all of yeah starts its efforts of the remember we're talking about. Oh your god I'm gonna ask us. To finally get back to your ex post his or her number on dating sites. Five heard now what a lot of we have random calls here wing crazy this was still doing their casual encounters and all that's that was a big thing was like they would do your girls were put out like. It's. This type of person just come to my house here's my address don't even knock walked in my apartment and insight people do it. People cool so it's annoying for the visit to answer their annoying and dangerous. There is up or do you mean just some of the people respond to that ad might be crazy enough to go like no one I incest get on another one. Acting in his or her social accounts. Here's guilty dated somebody for even a short period of time you would know their other password you even know there are passwords or you know the winning dam tis and there's always those night. What elementary school they don't you helped. Alone nearly OK I. In your end nice. Menus are posting stuff like. She. An early I don't know the next part of the game because I doubt don't get revenge on this I ever got medal. I feel like it's run out mostly Muslim males. Second how do you spell. Two key guys and hey I eat but it's a been testing to the well could soon words for the better. It's well. If you're still listening to my way I'd zone which we are. I love revenue item on the floor okay it was awesome number Shakespeare's was another pool ball all my gosh vaguely. Shakespeare's would you do you want to close down. Sure no pool halls anymore Cooper revenue Daschle you revenge on an ax you've got back teacher acts. Any somehow involves Apolo it's no longer open we're gonna like you even more so that. The police are trying to pull his back the other is. All eyes and I mean if you listen would you be doing and true plus a look at the kind of committed this is what we will follow your people gone okay very well I guess there's always. Well somebody got arrested doctor he's been arrest did not say he's calm but it got revenge on your ex or every year you got back to you they don't you whatever is he got some revenge acts Dawson we wanna hear all about it Rachel. Yeah I think if you know we're talking about could you tell us olympians can see. Well but I have no idea I. Good not only did you says something about got back in an ax is you can pull us back together that this well. Right now so minded I didn't do it that I and it will be out. We got and you play cute calling get your lap like in case you're not German like it'll be cool like we can't turn like. Why loaded car what led up I took out Q report card stole it. OK. All night. Everything all the local press or below we think youths. Like you let me take it you play Q reported that he. Well it while it not been and it looked like right well at no cost. I was moved and I. I had to get bailed out everything like all right you get paid back for any many cheap aren't funny by. And it was I right. It would. I am Steve series all shot to blow up over oh yeah. But they usually call Rachel that was actually would do. Easily one of my favorite tanks but I mean if you're gonna go for it that's brutally simple but good stocks. Bonds Matt. Yeah I mean I've got back next I think. Eight. Out of it does dedication there sticker did you do a good job so we get at least where his chaps. But let. Me ask though she sued smell nice and red storm cooks if you want it sit there. Because it sat for book that's just that's what you wanna be. Where you go and this damn deep is that tolerant. But anyway I don't play three dollars and Jerry Stiller and I think he probably goes over here not far from here with. While you know what she bails. They can think up next week you have to hang about chizik I don't know about in the Bartok so I've got to live and could've but the I need to examine the Symbian still I'd be closure to that can sit over there is Stiller it's that's the smiley boo us till six sort of volleyball thank. Now all that's right there only okay it's so obvious that the I swear that's the thing. I hope you guys are enjoying today show because we're look I'm nineteen procedure were fired redraw itself this time we'll see of the dot cartwheels. Believe you when you hear cycle is Steve reviving the things he's franchise. That's his real works here at the Taylor. Yeah thank you got back and acts. I felt my ex husband was I beat it and he would cheer. Well I mean I got fed up that I would pick corn and I filed for divorce. The court agreed we were married and I got 26 grand out of its. Are. How large guy. And he's so Symantec asked as we can use investor interest. Actually my age has played in my new house. No let's look at among over though a little nervous early on something. Other than the you're so confused during the world so I think we buy pizza big goal with. God a god acted annex. The liquid back in the charity and the boy tourniquet I'm proud and she. And he regularly across the border and now. And all the chamber word news like the only and I kind of got together at the grandma like until we took us. I mean yeah we did in the trying to that we are. And caught a lift up our random search yielding at the cart I wrote I doubt though onion really under the border trying to explain. I. It's. It's. It's not and do it and it's the like to run all but right. I'd do the job because we need you as the host is harder to do is energize.