Slacker and Steve - Got Out of a Ticket 11/16

Wednesday, November 16th

Nobody wants to get pulled over and get a ticket. It's costly, and if you have to appear, it can take a whole day to resolve. No wonder people try to come up with any excuse to get out of getting one. One South Carolina man tried to get out of a DUI by spraying body spray in his mouth in hopes of fooling the breathalyzer. It didn't work, and he was arrested. What did you do to get out of a ticket?

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Steve are there. Our money only you know about must face this week. We need gee all I'm more need jaunt to give up I know but like I believe he does bull bleep think I am. Did I believe you and you know what's in that instance he had to deal would you had I had the choice I was. And I was in trouble you are and you do the only thing you could do and it worked here's what. OK so there's a story in the news and it prompted this whole thing we wanna hear how you got out of the ticket if he'd like if you've gotten a ticket. And media you're police officer and you wanna call and be on DD here and now. Always disguise and and tell us the sure fire way that we can all get out of tickets went to get to grow quickly we all tip just keep her mouth shot. That's that is actually a good idea speak only spoken to him being nice and apologizing where you put your arms up I still don't Waco well I've fob notified ruling milieu Liu of soft keys this or your car I guess you take those how I hate you so much on the cash and then yeah you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and wait. Sort of put him out the car so we so he does Michelle we're gonna write that night especially new attitude that waiting to drag your hands you everything you possibly can to make his job at her job is. Look like out. Ledge that's a I drills on the outside and caught the series is to think I. Don't know like I always have a family member that's a cop and they told me to do that so that way doesn't look I have been through the drill I'm like already got an in with the top and now you know what do you do when they say who you like the shirt. These are no no he lives in Washington is Scott in Washington and I knew that's who I say have a friend that's in the business of Leo is. It is bully I remember isn't a law enforcement and that's where I picked up those he always told me. That if people some this is a pretty over he wishes everyone would do this and he told me before do the following that's. Actually Smart except I I actually do have a cup. Friends who. I usually tells the cop who's pulled me over. I have a friend in the forces names Troy in there like in any double whenever the sinus Iowa because I don't try I don't trust. Jolie's. Don't mean to show that was curfew no sir for coming. Think the drug under the current shot in the media that. So here's a story that got us talk about how you get out of the ticket. There's nude you know Rock Hill South Carolina they got pulled over on Monday. I wanna cops unswerving any actually hit a curb yes. On as the cop approached he saw Patrick sprain something into his mouth. We got to the window in the general the window down you realize what he sprayed into his mouth. Was axe body spray though the so clueless so we're make him saunas and I don't hear it Patrick got the axe body spray would fool breast lyzard Patrick had been drinking and how to turn over Patrick well does that add spice for has alcohol units so. You can just look at its you've increased your concerts again chaser ROL contest if the yet Patrick is is he failed. Three roadside sobriety tests. IC was over the legal limit on the breathalyzer as well then charged with a deal sue. We'll do you know we're kind of having someone this guy's tournament most sudden out of nowhere slacker type settlement what it's I know this guy works wasn't acts. It was even worse trucked Condit lost. This Cologne to root for the Bloomberg noted that it would also lead this university tomorrow's phone topics. What was the Cologne when you were in college because their fifth okay. A truck. I don't know I would like to do all. I'm not the black autos so it was too soon because its age did you see bottle. I wanted it's bad blood. And he's just gotten off. Wishes you were driving around with us. He's having your gold bucks a month high. Honda Accord because own juicy chase Jason and all I get a little call under Ager from some hot Betty. Let's listen while he wants media and if yes so. I'm driving. Between. ECU. Boulder. University of Colorado boulder growth and my hometown of long putt yeah and I don't appalling but on this road and like 4 in the morning in your mind was clear. It was actually the opposite thing but I citizen I don't lessons or drank and drank a lot of bar and then had relations holiness you get home to big debut was a Big Dig a little boys that's. So I'm doing that are a hundred and some miles an hour off on this road. And I tipsy myself mail one of the cops on the right now and right when I said that I I slowed down and I got down like Aaron eighty issues. And just blew by. In here dating and you're done by. I'm like I'm done I don't like there's a daughter and I'm not a mile drive from my hometown there at my college anymore I don't. I would like I can afford the lives on tips like a Dunham goes over. It's over. I was screwed and there's a pulling over a light. There's my draw on Wall Street my glove bonus. Hit once in the mouth all my guy I remember that correct it's horrifying. But still I knew that when I rolled on the window I was gonna look. Like any. Smell lease frat boys and hopefully not smell me like a drunken college student right or roll the Leonard I drove the winner Downey resides. Thank you just taken aback with the overwhelming and I was like I just got done with a date these nights. Well why Larry Obama like the terrorists are gonna kill me it is nice I like daughter I to this meeting taken in my okay quebecers Karr wrote to speeding ticket I didn't get. Outrageous and note which you guys are our eyes but I. End of your life and he wrote me some lights I don't know 75 that was Joseph I swear I. Writing about this none of this is good don't do you just don't drink you drive don't speed drive the speed drill into I don't drink your car don't you try to do is things are dead. Yeah amenities like maybe wanna switch to brew this. Everywhere I got out of there you could have been a heck of a lot worse so hollow that did you throw up after he took off not actually kind of grown accustomed to sit you hit eBay sites to try to find dropped -- off the experts you don't have somebody knew my grandparents' garage O'Brien for August just whenever one of the site is actually best I had to save the honeymoon delight youths try. Option for come so then we're having this conversation and 010 our lovely Mattison now. She she knew she works at us and them. We asked have you have you ever gotten out of the ticket and have you or some friend of yours I'll friend of mine's only assures a friend I didn't always like this like how well. Does porn birth rate and the trigger advocate and I don't have what. Whenever they show is blocking off from the bars really 2 o'clock in the morning and couples are over is gonna charge or at public in time facing him. She got out of the ticket by having relations with him all backseat at this cop car yeah nearby Alley shot. He's you know. How you probably don't know this to do you know whose idea was did she say I'll do that to get out or did he say we can we can pay the fine right now it was her idea all the way. Jet how he said if I will you know absolutely exact personality copy may be the scale. Classic Alley will do first off the back seats in the cruiser there's no other associates it's all metal spent a lot of time better. There are a washed laden or. Yeah one of them shows. It's also their error there's you don't need a lot and then there's a dog very into canine Yahoo!. He's Christina and I'm pretty sure the offer wouldn't have been all you have to calm. And no TD drive her home and BJ ever -- up. What I know it's you know none of those taken it all down. How high these Shia needs. You know they get off that all the time Assad affect I know police officers doing that maneuver cruising borrowers that that's why it's called somebody's called have a name for an innate in the cops hope like fishing and every giants is they don't look high girl yup. All of the canine guys we Carol on what else they can't the what are other business class yeah Howie. Is that lets you took. Other stories before we get to your getting at and T want my favorites is Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon. No not about NASCAR if I know people hated him only and and then there's a big rivalries between drivers and stuff when Jeff Gordon joined Dale Earnhardt junior's team or something enough. When she got pulled over for speeding ticket and the cop comes team up and it was like he did tell the cops. Was one of the guys that I scorn in his right and I know I can't do in your car and he's thank you seen a junior to get cuffs on debt and he had junior on the phone to juniors welcoming to the team and he's handed. The top of the alone in junior says whatever he says like hedge Baylor guard gene. Number 88. Please don't look for in jail in a rainbow color that it did. The officer his bonus is happening is you're freely. At. Maybe I should this risk ware junior Kurt he's I don't know did hold overs junior's numbers and yeah it's. So I heroes in this town. I'm used to adopt. Everybody I'm ju bet he's really can we. You guys so I just maybe I can these be union if he's going to sound like you're not always what you say he's gene. I. Up you're W boy Colin hang show this genius. You do it must friend Steve you know he's not for not banner at the close. Pretty good it's the full court. Good thing on Mon horsemen. The story I also have a friend who got out of it take did he he happen to be in the same state that you were when when you got pulled over. And luckily he had stopped at a fast food restaurant take all of war gods we got pulled over and he just grabbed the bag of food opened it up and got screwed out all over his over his lap and the cops came up to the car and was like. All of us sorry I didn't realize you read you like yes our Ed just drop half my cheese pressure and get everything back together toros are all over the place. And the guy was like look just being more government have all. This smell of the fast food and move past this and Elena there are yeah. Eddie Jones burn the junior yeah. Did you murder that the deal did. I don't aren't so if you got you've done something shady. Or you've got a pro tip on how to get out of the ticket we'd love this idea David. Yeah I would you do. Well I was I was beating and I had my daughter in the back and just after taking her out toppled an older person's beating having a Slidell and in that. Expired registration. Have I told in the that those trying to Sochi I don't normally dry there's. And the only Rick give my daughter asleep because you've been crying all right well you're right in the cheap each Cilic that it bounced and that a. While I don't play you would call small child did you and we did the cup team this car appear to be a salmon and well silliness why is that so you got a very sad that card about a half zero. I say he did he came up and it likes her arm I don't mean the bridge she's sleeping that's the first time she slept in a week giving. So anything certain blitz burn knock you very much about it. God they sleep no ticket in all not a religious warning in and out there. Exactly says amen I've been there vessel locked. Whatever it's very nicely done nice and Iceland they it is. Listen to what we've got our first DD here. But these guys are. Can't yeah yeah yeah I hope I don't know. How do you notice there and I. Yardage. So I have been a different stage. I think I hope they are. Back arched. And heard about our good. Well that's the courtesy on Internet law enforcement extends other law enforcement members saw as a wife Sarah. Why did I not. Why are converted or immediately Papa Burke. Bowl. It would be a bully but here how I gotten caught but they didn't do it occurs we are and are there over completely. I just pretended your office Serb entity blank you're like hey sorry and they were like okay tool. By. We are I told our. Well you know Colorado I was gonna go for big time bowl. I saw it all you do is you had his badge he showed it to the top of the car goes well you're married to a lot of Brasilia for radio know why don't pretend. Actually a good guy to. Half. Well and that's when we lost unity forever Laura. I spoke perhaps hold on I've got a voice is guys are on you when you don't need it sorry sorry your own voice is guys now Laura well getting into it. OK so quick meaning a picture. I would speeding 75 in 35 that construction zone just bought the car so what are registered I didn't have preferred insurance. Hammered and I had open container in my. He can't tell us. So you're running. They're like James federal prison time notre this is not a traveling violation this is a guy do promotion to sergeant. That yet. OK yeah. All he'd call me offer and realizes what I lacked name it is what my last name is an app that kind of media dominate my family. It was a big deal that you look. On TV your whatever they recognize not they've asked me about it but yeah I'm a little stressed out is that I understand died they can have a good night. Would she know what to shock to you go on all of the all of them really jam it legs EDU sixteen you you're drunk. No god no I did the roadside Olympics and I guess I pact gives you got your car and you passed a roadside. Yeah plus your highs so maybe that lets look at the map with the bat. The war. I got. Shadowed that some did you impressive yeah. If I was going to weighs about some nicely done Laura age you sort of go Laura de. To be seen now I still have clean driving record and pay less for insurance helps generate just. Yeah my eyes didn't and a zillion. Okay it's now. I was with my sister and this a couple of years ago my cousin's bachelor party and we were super age. And I'll. On that we just got breakfast and we were driving down that road and my sister was going really really acts and she spell her biscuits and gravy. All of our merchandise at a euphemisms taste is that an actual thing that happens to think we know. My sister literally was eating lobster binding and then it's Dubrovnik everywhere all over her and that. And out of nowhere cop pulled up and pulled her over and she wasn't wearing any issues. And it does it could think Hebrew everywhere I how to get out the car in game. Stuff out of the back of the credit clean it up she ended. She starts crying and you'd like I am so sorry and like all of this stuff like required to bring change. Typically you know really aggression we needed to get some action. And your bank like Coke and government stay out of I had. No you included under she gets pulled over again and get out of it by cranks and the attendant to it better get pulled over again and start crying again and get on the best. You out of any very walks. Okay no but an. I got pulled over after I got my likened a couple of years later and I got pulled over I would killing each Ironkey beverage known as sticky I'm in the school go to. I didn't didn't work sound and had kids in my car I got pulled over cried and he gave me itch again. Paul case she she's a pretty soon okay I'm just you know I guess when we know which ones where the DNA Smith Mario it's his one and well yeah no WikiLeaks are ya got it's not to your eats you did you like you go to schools on yeah and how one fast. What else is doing let's yes absolutely no way of my apologetic and we appreciate it. If you. Thank you buddies. Christie. Yeah I getting out of ticket. Okay sorry you know. That monopoly access to out preach when he kept Kurt shock to your mouse or winning outright souvenir distinction I carry one in my life and he started poorly equipped armed terrorist in my own income shouldn't. You didn't know. Actual monopoly card to get out of jail card totally out of it we're all part time ticket term and they used to get you my card backed chair. Well it is a doubters because Christie your hot as well Steve let me. Out of jail free card is a natural magical thing OK okay 108 Christie Ari are you hot. I don't know I need someone think outlook. If you think the fact that the that the. I'm trying to get nominated I hit a storm by a monopoly UCL lowers when I get out color and I think you're gonna cost you guys are diabolical. Rugs please keep given us your stories on the soccer in Steve FaceBook page.