Slacker and Steve - Grandmas Gone Gaga 7/11

Tuesday, July 11th

Everyone has memories of grandma making cookies and sewing quilts…not everyone has memories of their grandma flashing thousands of people! What's the craziest thing you've seen your grandma do?

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Staying on the love it when wins enough stories pile up that we get to talk about the bright grannies. Gone gaga god god. We need to know when your. Grandparents. Here's the thing. I think some people might perceive this is like. Oh you're making fun of insulated Sina owner awesome no we're not at the absolute. What I believe actually happens in some cases is you reach a certain age where you go. Give a crud yeah. He's just boom Time Warner and news usually wait I've become I displayed you reach a point we stopped caring sit back and look like. Would take McCain it's possible power because I can affect international throw me in jail because the ninety's I'm there was an elderly woman. Who got put on the Jumbotron. At Dodger Stadium he if she's on the big screen she's dancing. On there was 42000. Plot. Stands. At the game between. LA whoever in Kansas City Royals Dodgers and exited out of my guy on dude was evidenced by their two or more nominally based wealth and now where the angels play. Well there and practically yes there Los Angeles Angels act and a OK so it's a separate state I don't think did the clippers lakers thing another way our Internet servers. It's thank you. You for teaching me are here for okay. On anyway they're playing she's doing a little bogey. On. And she took her top off. Yeah so there cheering for her she's dating and it's all fun in the vicious practices is all now fortunately she didn't do the full line I get beads Mardi Gras thing thankfully he had a broad based in and split she flashed her bra she adds if the 42 and the Dodgers went on to win so nobody knows if it was only ground. I'm here right now is shirt and a sailor at the and the attorney nick and I guess rally Graham the do you do you think your grandparents my grandparents Berry farm very proper and decency would seem with the very conservative and they wouldn't of yeah I ate my parents now I think our kind of we don't care anymore so I mean. My parents both just wait they Q we Adam what the time is I don't know for them it's 4 o'clock or whatever but they. Am a cocktail hour and they do it OK if through the night my parents can be very fun when they pollution conquered all hell yeah I if I thoroughly enjoying just mix in my dad a stiff vodka but I mean. They don't do anything beard once I mean my mom doesn't have a stripper pole and I know the why it's so there was one time we didn't watch we team over unannounced. In the report the poll I don't know I it was we is I didn't hear power tools in the purple gold. It. On that yes there's that. A 79 year old grandma did it take stand at a graduation party you what I've never done once so I have to respect dead on that. You haven't. Read his standard you're headed you drink beer. His drink the beer bottle after the upside down what's the point why she's on what is the flood your. Yeah reluctance to do anything that doesn't sit inside of your life doesn't want to wells itself. It's a reluctance by the time that was popular I was doubly taking part. He's got a tag that they haven't finished can we swing by a little later on it will DD and everybody's got to take it there. Whom pos I guarantee you one of his neighbors as a ten right now and their upside down let me take you over there and hang you upside down and you don't take stands and understand why it's at. It's it's it's called its cue faster. Don't go your brain. Has ordered a drink. Ever exert a pulling it still has to go to your stomach in the distill custody process to drug test Atlantic coast like you just figure albeit I drunk faster and take in my around. I think so I can't see. I don't know why you do see Zach pulled ahead on your blood rushes to your head and then when they flip you back over you get. Still it's like standing up to Saturday that the whoa and then the deer ticks that's ahead rob was saying it gives you fast has good. Rush the rash brass just that they get that rush you just put your carotid artery at the header I don't usually an eastern right cup and I actually just. We would hold her to get back yeah. All right Hillary who. Florida tech scans and whether necessary what's the upside to a ridiculous starting blocks at the track and we shot Donna PB ROK I give them that. And then you after you shot and you're holding your breath and in the new run as far as you came with no air. The kick and nice to do to do. When you come to know one of the car and you're sure mammary Italy only afforded twelve pack and they were ten of the possibly knock each other out. Do we come through who narrow thankfully. Like don't only want to be. And attract. But it's. All this is why I might need. I'm torn on this one in front grabbed his latest did you learn that that's up at a recent elevated track I don't think it might be now the name needles aren't ever listen to the track Crennel. Anyway sitting on your grandma said she'd always wanted to do that good for her so she did it. Steve's not 79. This. And obviously took a bunch of pictures of her doing it and down. Prefer she's another rally grand grand or they say she's super fun like she was even watch in a warriors game on staff curry hit a three. And she said back so lit dude and then she dad. And not. Not adapt like dead spots with Tyson did know she won't back down to the day good Cam Newton data that's the de Oca but she finally. Some she heard. I had some. I want a party without them up this is anybody even understand we're joined by remote or the phone calls about Ted stands and dab it is hey Steve some of the on there was another grainy who does this woman invited to boil over to a house and grainy clearly didn't like the cut it was GM from them and called in by the wrong name the entire time eventually took her teeth output on his nap and watched her play with your hair while running her fingers through his hair he. Oh yeah yeah. And she just win win the guy was done she looked at her granddaughter with an evil grin like there you go. I'm an immigrant. I've gone gaga I don't like the guy you don't need to be with him I like that I like to Iowa thumb give a granny got god dollars in just your father. Now yet now. A it's I'm serious I give my parents two more years and they're going to be those programs are I'd I'd we don't tell my mom duo takes it and and I think I think she'll probably do before the speech he might go Akeelah and dad didn't find it take for. They now tonight and we're going to do with the Brady's done dugout right now you guys gonna show me how to do it first though. You'll never dog why did you forever don't you just say in that. I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for Warren some master us. It's been editorial in my class it was Ted stand this and get kicked out a lot. It's. The only one attacks are. If you if you got a great grandpa we don't care if they've gone crazy we just want to hear about your crazy. Elderly relatives. I Josie. RA and any young guys got. Well my my my daughter the potato gun and it was on Mother's Day and went all Stanley bear my remedy that you want to issue up with NATO aren't. But knew she wouldn't hit it but he did I think it's huge all of vodka I didn't detect it out of everyone's. She's grab a bottle and I just hit it with the. I uploaded. She sure don't ripped right off. And that may go to YouTube the potato gun that he argued already my helping her she's cute and look at Canada plopped right now and it didn't even dolls. You're outlook you'd like her say no different about it. You write neatly I didn't pick up to it and get shot edged articulate. And didn't author Eudora. I tell grandma just it's gone and visited all flights Michael lighter fluid in the bottom two that's a tyrant are you guys made only a matter of like tin cans and then and we welded them and then we shot. What what is it CDC type now that's it's so it is you have. I would accelerate its makes. What's the accelerant to make some potato now is it gunpowder when you put in it. All week I hair spray in the bottom and then there's the little like that you disliked went on his right off. And for so doing down way to deal severely illegal night that I feel bad grainy potato gun if you really grainy Tito and go along with live in stone US's. He was just all right take it yeah well her toss and I feel good about it priest and an arm on her thank you. Just. Yeah knocks on grannies gun god no we got. I'm ready in my room or your entire thirty. We grass strip club then that ground troops brought to my table in turned around my mother was in this club enjoying yourself. All emotional issue is grainy mum has just like she was just their insane drinks over Seattle. Yeah that during turnovers shoot there and entertain recruits are good sales quarter. And my mom was in the strip grew up. And good for over what she works in stage four horror she. Often appears as your UH yeah. I'm sorry I sorry but we. I walked over there were out 1 morning and that earlier renders her escorted couple guys up my age. Out of revolves in my among the pretty well woman. On this bass sounds like she's got it going on don't bet on Q maybe she can teach Steve got to do this can stay in the well to do financing. Yeah guy any young gaga. I had both my grandparents how he got Babcock. Back in high school I got busted smoking marijuana at school and my mom called my grandparents and he told me you know how awful it was sweet. Or karma tried to my mom have you ever tried it he she said well you know what to sleep well. They lived in the mountains lady started to go get stone one night to see if it was awful and I'm you. My mom daughter lives. That's cool little big guy big just to see if they. And did they like kids. Well my grandma. Didn't like kids because she on how they need opt out of the pipe and earned her shirt. Oh hello. Hot Sandra day. Aaron Graham polite to him. In my group like give you a sleek new look calm cool. And I still have a video I'm not a video cassette to cassette tape of my grandparents giving stone age. That is unless it's followed got enough death. God thank you for the call I told us before my axes Graham punch or do you mean banked that's. Brock couldn't heal those flyers in a joint news like I team around the corner from behind his garage news I can't meet the players remind. I'm good I think that's the guy got generals sit. I grainy young guy guy. I might or might be rented an older woman is about and it's here I believe. Last year she crashed a wedding. You didn't know what people all you had drinks he ordered chick and I also got pictures of that brought it. The right number 00. On base. To scuttle the way it should she literally knew nobody could see it's it's more daughter earlier she there's what what what are you gonna do you think you're out it's still huge to exactly who is almost leave. I. You know black and I'm overheard a co workers say there are going to a wedding. And tried it would spend a little bit more about where ever domain you know I had seen him I even. And put it only get you all its I wedding sure all of it. Oh my god talk cop I'm gonna get all the now I like to William I would now that every weekend they give me the gods in. Rihanna. You guys good and he's gone gaga. So I have a great drama story that might make it turns ninety years old and this is a couple Summers ago. So when they my grandma called me racquet like you know get some of the hospital he Eric L pre cal and they like normal weight lately what's happening here. While you know we aren't thinking that it's time for your great amateur packed up and build it come on down. We end up going to current house that we're talking with parents she didn't front about it that you. I love how do you still hear that don't feel right while my aunt he decides to come out the living she goes. It turns art to not dying she got and you buy a my at a pool like great drama ended up eating at the Pope read it out. Now she's smooth smooth and he wouldn't I ain't so all of apparently thought I hate camel was dying. Let's turn now she's stoned to death CT yeah she uses high. Yeah so it you know I'm an actor like law how ridiculous look I need. And I had better or don't like I'm not gonna. It's. Huge you're we need that was did Sweden. I don't muscle I really. I've spent JC went fear that my great Abbott says that it would be. Lol how whole night. Hi there hey this season do you still give her brownies or anything or she dominant no. No it's so my aunt he actually had a high everything written by Graham Gregory grandma and my great drama no longer go to. The street their third down actually a big graphics skulls all honesty I guess. Now is the neighbor myself and our girl left the thinking it through today and for that come Rihanna. Home Brian. Our guy any young guy got. And it don't guy got a few times Yoshi signed come till later by stick to my graduation party got kicked out of my own party put out. Oh Mary Steve Cooley here it was a party your house. Now I don't know another delegate third party toyed with the stock factor to leave this you've got too much are. He sticks knocks it comes oh nose and mouth. C. Wow you're already told them but it never occurred but the best story is we got pulled over a price fifteen years old. And we also comes up and she looks at me if I can discuss slots there's. It dumped the entire box object tax inter mountain and not just talk with earth you know 3 o'clock on a Sunday issues in their spin kick trackside as you start getting in. Jeddah get out of the car broad daylight did hold DUI things so. I'll try to crate it she'd ever gotten. Water bowl safety leg she was trying to cover up being drunk. Yes you know I think element in the I don't wish you would you know. Should they should get in the backseat when the officer after I was driving to say that no there was nobody was just. Yeah I like your she's the wraps yeah she's this isn't all agree is the only word regularly tub full arena. Yeah she's super modern day U critical O'Brien IQ. Yes. Grandma gone gone gone off. Our yeah I got my daughter wanted to tell you about learning our mother momma MM AMI group public got a little bunkers still. My grill US soccer so hard that it broke the drywall. 20 OK I would tell her work to repair the drywall and then one night while they have company. She goes to demonstrate how it happened. Trips stall on the Procter and breaks a drywall again this. I. All words he gets. I don't come back with a hammer and they'll go rock Kurt to a heart. All a whole lot of news on the program well. Not unless you're a role in Maryland relaxed and you could. He didn't just nailed him onto the floor or votes as an iron and that is satellite delegate front of the company go and everything for me you know we are classics died may you for the call. Liz. News. The there from examiner for Newman and maybe good young guy a guy who. My grandma all of our. Loading your courage on her front porch and I can drop her hacked GGA gallon while the aggregate data. Canelo about it he took out. Sister. Hello former chief and is awesome sauce or is there. It could be not about to crash your daughter wallet back did you read op and then we've got other at all. Cheek and look I've dollar. Joseph yeah. Does she again new channel O'Dell was. I download zone. That's bad eggs is always red C hey you've really got to lose I will you still have more grainy gun. God Astoria half we'd love to hear about him over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.