Slacker and Steve - Gross But Satisfying 10/11

Wednesday, October 11th


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You. Listed eight things then our gross that we all do know you yeah. Status Sino unleashed satisfying none of Lamar it's time and I wanna go through the list you don't did you do any of these things I exam on grossly. Do you people. You really you do if even one of these things Laura looks buy enough arm and then I would like you. We've your permission I'll see if there's other gross things all due were more of your people ask your feet. You all these but I definitely you sum up and they are oddly if you something gross that is oddly satisfying. I mean if you do some gross and you you get you derives no pleasure from it. A good what are users I mean you just sometimes you just have to do it. But like they're people for example on the list is. Picking an irritating bogeys. Like when you've got one of those ones aren't so cut yeah it's dried donors can feel it emulates duty to issue and you pull out you know. Tissue or your finger either way it's oddly satisfying when it's like you feel like. Release is from the cave wall is like. Emulate pulled down and there's that moment where it feels like your head is draining at least I don't pressure has been done like they are all my daughter to get back up the masses if there's an amazing moment we are going. Car oh my god that's amazed continue without bin what are you doing with the newly freshly dug up what do you do with the rule it's like it. Is that stark girls. Sing. Putting in the Kleenex in the my throat wet England so yes. I don't yeah but the signal I advise you where there aren't you know you're always. There. I'm sure you read do you choose second. Strikes you it's somebody when he bogeyed. Moon. Who knew I was gonna say the other there was dread and on the highway and I rolled up nexus Mercedes anyways like in affluent main man nice sued everything and I looked over and he was full on dig in. Pull out look at it right in the match. OPEC will or. Thank you concerned but I didn't know then that's when he sees triggers them now you have to I think all of the good look at the could you see the kid who was it the dad. It was cut it wasn't a dry one I hope. I'm you know people this is a trigger for Steve it is on. Why are you clear over there. No retreat and Jacki for my so that's one of the Atrix and you have a saying the U dude it's oddly the big saying it's on both Swiss and there's a new story. That says. On its from a philosophy professor at Purdue. I'm he studied. Why were drawn chew on discussing things and he says the popping the temple is the same kind of thrill people get from writing a rollercoaster. Or bungee jumping there may be to him just as he says though he says it actor Casey experienced typically typically comes with a real kind of danger while being protected from harmful effect and it's danger all you're doing is squeezes that's your dunk it's something in your brain goes this is like when you're like. And you get it. I don't get that at all you don't nothing happens to a brain one. I do our Brazilian for cover but why did I just popped it in the moved on with my life there was no satisfaction nothing trail to something you have to do when you move on. Don't you're not you didn't relish yes I didn't do well are they like and it would win you would get want to go take you really don't that we just click times I remember I had acting when I was a kid and you sit there and you like entrance and nothing would happen and you leave the bathroom like. Feelings. Empty lake didn't happen then don't want when he when he during don't just goes. I think if you give thanks empty hole toothpaste tubes like show teen out there there was no nothing free milk. They're just particular move on there was there's no release of they need Baxter saw you when I. Same thing we pulled you know let's show like that because that's pretty yeah just one big hole. All the root out every day that same thing about Jamaica I don't know but I would not. I am not a person who would go to the next level. And do someone else's. Right and you don't actually very people doing into each other all the time preacher thing you have to look at a couple of monkeys disorders causing particular church. I cannot hope Kyle Huff I guess is it right you're gonna get it you don't get it go against the wall and do this gut the how do you think single dribble a little low you stuff don't like that. Any cameras in your household utility Jefferson I'll go do your best I don't know how you couple. Framing your back like Erik yeah you're all dressed steal residue than what you paint over it yet. Kill you first what do you do yes you have women you know all I believe it. Was a rorschach sets. Dirt aside talk about the the exact sort of abstraction. At the Joseph you're okay that's weird step mom. Waiting to be alone in the passing yes that's something gross it's not to satisfy personal appreciate yours waiting to be a little to do absolutely brilliant I mean you don't find it. But you've you've been on a day need to hold an enemy you jump in your car and you just like. Belgrade know. Why don't due to my outing but I was driving the GPO but my god yeah Alex Cintron leather I've learned is that really the name yeah itself. They're leaving the gradual says do not far into this mother did. I just I don't you can going to be heated and cooled seats that's why you don't wanna see more heated and cooled patent and so do you know or don't know I. Can get to wrestle but that's the one CUK and if you're a regular like Corinthian leather seat I wouldn't I wouldn't argument is gonna sit on the surface I just say you're gonna go right through into the balloon incident as a backup nick thanks see maybe you hope you might say that in the manual if I need you to shoot a copy the manual but on a battle here a billion with. That's this could be sure you and I. Watching black and potter's on this and us taking hostage stand. Almost got to drive such pleasure from now what's what musical -- a blister and you put us I don't give it to him to start Claire Paula what are you doing that you get blisters something athletics the U should look at super athletic that I do see you hear the words athletic NASA and crusty this event execute through most. And Europe's most of the most marching is not a joke folks it's. Okay a monkey bars monkey bars. Eventually get like and you get a blister right here on your things like OK okay he's here and it pops and and you got like the whole music. Could you pull the huge chunk casino and I'm not spending that much time on monkey bars because we're monkey bars usually located playgrounds so take care okay for us pray our. I'm training for American majority. You're did you are now. Multi marble. It is pure ninja. Mr. Steele. So vocal so that's the stimulus desk you'll laugh you'll purposely give blisters you can deal was you know what I will say this OK so when I when I manage are a music store. I hadn't wake her name is Amy we'll never forget her she would now I don't and I'm not positive on the first thing I must say. I feel like she would intentionally get sunburns. Now I don't know. All I'm called line but I would walk in in my office in the back in she would be piling up. Huge mill she fears of her again but it ought to love each episode I'm Cara I was on my desk. Alltel earlier on the tour if it is and I want to inflict high heels yet I always there like peeling off sheets of horror all the sunburn. Any be different it it happened one time and it was like she's getting some relief from this or whatever match it was multiple occasions she's like copper and again. You lose your office we saw me. You wrote a row for that room no leaving dead skin don't like it. I don't want to dissect the dead skin lady's toes like at the well that's kind sewage is dry there and then do all she would like chips shed an untouched still rawhide and the rough. Yes she would make purses out of that bubble ish. Amy. I listen we got more on our list. Grossman all right more general so Terry I wish it did to your if you guys have any length and cannot win alone will monitor the very political there's so this season. Don't go. If there's something kind of gross. You have. One little Lina you won the future yes what is it I can't we don't you say this in Trinidad who only gotten out this happens to stop the press is what this so it's it's more of a chance gross thing because so every trial like two or three years I would give like they're releasing called console stones. I want to listen now they're basically like. Hardin little you're gonna have to stops and stones that might form in the back of your throat. Every once in awhile like you can kind of start to feel one come out trying to and it's like a little scratchy in the back you through and the one they just caught it. And then all of a sudden there's like a stone like a piece of gravel that came out of my throat watch and and when it comes out it is you most satisfied they smelled terrible and they look terrible when it comes it is the most satisfying to you ever felt your entire life so the what do you do you save it you put me I have a little jar next -- yeah I mean he gave it away Greg decades thanks. To say they smelled terrible she smelled it oh yeah you have to you know. It comes out well. And I don't know what to these early yeah there's something really wrong with its so sad these guys are all. I'd never even heard of the console so I'm starting I'm just what one note no I'm just jump on teen Stephen I think we should end this now yeah. I think I think like if there's something gross see you saw that you find oddly satisfying if she if you wanna play along we'll take your calls off Michael. Yeah I. OK so I'm an acidic for guys I think a lot more people do it and admit to it Jean Michel mayor. Are these signs I will find out soon dived on the good no satisfaction. You know or just sit it's against same satisfaction being in the shower that I do just being from a toilet. Same same sex and yet. Into actually less what it is now known as water flowing on me and now you think it's abuse vote on the dream but it's really not a psych slumps washing arrest them. Iranian and all now all that yeah yeah I hear that anger around an era against yeah I know Steve what you're doing and Ron Artest you're right I guarantee us anymore concerning your toilet don't I do not know doing your rice a day so hasty and wrong. The key is to keep more showers coming this way it's knocking the tee back to induce internal brown and yeah acts. And the key is not what you now on nineteen into the Dre Valentin one. Minimize the slowest key water over your feet. Exactly. Just get a better shots. Attention Michael just remark by a bus or you don't present challenges like moral usually doesn't do loans that they are clearly. Cassidy. Hi I what are you let's sign dreams. I loved to deals out other people's. Lie in other people led labor and I don't know it's terrible. It is so I don't buy especially when they're your they're you know that it stayed in Arizona ripped off of an odd. Incredible. Who purposely right wipe out nearby exe youth leagues to fresh ones that pay console the Wii assuming task Beisel put on twelve British ride your bike to school. Let's you can tell me your growth was stunted at what was she could do. You write about school you went out did you stay up with the burden and. We can get his kicker I'm not a trend at an elementary school aquae Bakalar and. And not only that she'd like to take turns out she would eat them. All right I'm out there are drugs a law judge sentenced jabbed you can pile your skin onto the sixth coach horn Mac. You're not make it a bowl of your beef jerky stick us with a John who's the guy Grossman satisfy my you've grossed an odd. I like you. Clip just a little bit my toenail and that all the rest of it off. Watch that you're doing. I don't like daddy just did it doesn't it doesn't come clean please don't let the area hello. John if you do think. You can do about it and it made some time in Europe the clip. Toenail like your sort I don't get it right. The judge please tell me you don't bite your toenails you know one of those people and people aren't they know your value Toobin not totally else. Oh sir so much above the other day but don't put myself in my colleagues. Did this isn't and this doctor night he could go. It get your hands go my shake your foot in his sock all for eight hours a day is pristine clean journey shots like this it's I am a medical anomaly I can run. On marathon. And I will take my socks host and if there wet all give you a million dollar debt our own by eight. Seat don't sweat blood and my feet don't statewide amber too they don't seem to do lie which if my wife and my wife. Jennifer she's already my son and it has. Herb and herb and I. I might beat. Do not stinks but I have never put powder in my shoes 'cause they don't need to be ulcers here while you go runs a 26 miles Rivera always here for you find a way to make people punished for lilies. Yeah I grossed itself decides. I'm here longer work and school kicking my sock hop and clean they've gone out of almost. And it's indeed a. Your toe jam near. What do you look how I seriously why you didn't so much. Soccer liar and I ain't I exercise lions just like the most I don't I think I also like to take a look at that this Eric. And leaned there are you by they're even not Indy we might ho hey my toenail let's get on only it's I don't know I let it. You're married you have a boyfriend really don't know she's an employee. I didn't watch your show or. Yeah I. Like it. Why do we got him now to our Joseph Carr. The press stuff. I blitzer grossed a satisfying. I like brick my note. You suck why the truths one or Satinder it. I urge ever read a top recruit correlate speech intonation. And her Q it is not a I see a lot of why did not map data how it deals. Out there that's. Good. Right now. I'm. Not dude you. Duke does it processing and that is wild girl yeah I do.