Slacker and Steve - Gross Things You Eat 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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Eight. I don't even think we should talk about this lineup. Is this whole single handedly shut down every industry. As it relates to food security to deal little deal rarity changed to a two day because of this and I'm shocked because which you're not compete which gave up is something that you live on it is. You're never gonna do it again I don't know if I can't do. You know surely Soriano. Dude this is what everybody did lose the joys from their lives up to and happen if the comforts of the on mirror fifteen and gross things there's just listen we can get through the whole thing. On. But like number one it's fifteen grossest things are eating right now it thoroughly and it. Unless you're eating nothing but a whole foods and I don't mean this chain but like. Food you grew farm to table kind of stuff to you you know the butcher. And what he did to the chicken and whatever. You're probably eating some of the stuff big time it starts with flame retardant least soda yeah. It's a toxic it's in the flame retardant. On. And it's in. I don't see an angels. It's a lot of different support as it is like Tennessee New Britain broke. Like mountain. And for our Morin yes and the senate and if and the stuff he did he juror likes like how your life saver that's everything huge I just keeps the artificial flavoring chemicals from separating them to the rest of the liquid so this flame retardant stuff is in a tyrannosaurus they'll direct you from spontaneously combustion but outside of that it's not good or. A it's. The positive side let me go back to it now okay you look like you're smoking and paint him but there's pain chemicals in salad dressing but not blue cheese that's the suit has always been the best and safest is true of any you don't know yet dozens and I eat it doesn't say that is it says it's commonly used in paints and sun screens big food corporations and it's a lot of things we eat. Including process salad dressing. Carty Kremer and icing. He's the only signal on I can't do the next Maggie much truth is Alan what is it Chela but welcome back getting must. Maggots or fly larva end down. Dayton legally can have nineteen maggots and semi four mines in a three and a half and skim milk thanks all the white Bynum in the little jars implement he talked. Those little glass jars it's good those are okay those are mad timeout you pretending you make your own pizza. All's gonna say they'll do that Korea at the store government by a frozen ones I'll go ahead in the U. Grabbed an extra jar among whites what are you looking to meet new government does that coal mine and we buy and who has actual ingredients for stuff to their friends of I decided shocking that you don't just. You actually will act more pepperoni to a pizza or any actual where I grew up my parents would I like to frozen and duller to Tino is Pete says up. And then I got to sit there and cut up little green peppers and make does that combo or the meat lovers as blanket the no no no need to cook cook so you gotta. We got to sit there and chalked up to sort of don't know what it's like that I would never put mushrooms on it you just get the little jar. I understand I will never put mushrooms pocket I. All right 'cause mushrooms are nasty signed a little things and now we know they have maggots and god now all we shied away from so what do you think you'll on a sea change viewers a changing right now because little. One of those owners. And he didn't he showed a tape without it right what time he was adamant he goes after reading this I am done you kicked energy drinks recently to the new couple years ago. Flame retardant and they're now resist I don't knows that sort of thing and finally on the day. Cloned cow stomach is in cheese yeah. What does that even mean cloned cows stomach you they take cow's stomach and cloned it banks. And they've put it in cheese with. That. That's the suits he's not wrong it's a clean out these flesh eating bacteria are are in Nam what's it in. Budgeting bacteria once it is okay the majority and a lot of meets. But the ones I need to. Steve restraint on the money out of the hands down years is always going to say it was a butcher block if you go to the butcher's owner Daniel get me. Maybe with less stuff senate. Went I just started. A coworker just told me stop by and they can in the package well so this is my first combine nature and from the knee toner clear black label they commit to meet them both. Blackley was Buckley who is and that's the hormel the best kind of thing only that's the only deadline we kind of I don't know specifically but I'm just saying this probably go to the blitzer nine traits and all they did too to make them stay in the packaged and bulk. Pink for a longer okay they put a bunch of stuff and it how long do velocity you that day though Dominic eat bacon probably tomorrow but then you have to have beaten otherwise it because it kind I don't just start you didn't brown and weird you know my last week's right that's not to answer. I'm wants a flat after. It's you don't you know he made that stupid on the alarming you put on a piece of wood junior shot lack Dover didn't do it your mama Platt member he's now seen things on your data quick a ball up. But some sort of side they don't have a high school it's. No but it gave you lose something that make you sick shellac. It's a black lab who kept. I would do all these but I just got your numbers are you get the sense I debts cleared for skipping and since your immaturity and we had 37 X. If you like you meeting Vanilla or raspberry flavored. You're probably having not careful. This is scientific desist from a scientific facts so just prepare for the next four words. Bieber anal gland juice yeah I always thought you experienced in Oklahoma senator. I was just trying to describe we go. No I'm just saw BA DJs did you it's a better smelly orange brown Simpson's no newscast story on it literally comes from a beavers. It's combined with the beavers and T to mark its territory and in a lot of processed foods and beverages and amber Miller raspberry flavor flavor is your favorite get as they beaver territory must smell may. I hey you don't think. I didn't mind you just do I wanna go sniff around some yeah. The hotel I don't know I think we should just leave it there when you imagine if we let's what does Elisabeth it's okay. If you're eating any saying the next few days just don't go to our names.