Slacker and Steve - Healthy Habits 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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And I. Have no idea why we find these health related stories in fielding his arm around me tell us what you think anybody. Out there's like really see it on turn in my life around and healthier. It really isn't a slugger receivers and advice don't know I've. Got an all road there is a new study out. That is just like every other study that's ever keep doing. It's a city mourns as an there isn't new study that terrifies healthy habits they can add a decade to your life surely did anybody thinking no one a month amen to go without eating healthy. Are you talk to are the heat it's just that's a common to see healthy we don't mention these guys. Spent a billion dollar or how sure are all exactly as they're not the. Ashley. Oh were you number two. Exercise regularly saw. But good news items you Allen comes. That concludes so he's healthy exercise it's too radical thing I know all of the the board thank you for tuning in to slugger and Steve here's saying that you already know but it did go to Mexico. Party member you buy the magazines I call sign the little known health tips to give you load yeah. Her students sit. So well he rye I like. But we all. I know all. Next up oh maintaining a healthy body away. Oh yeah that's that's that's that's important because the clo won the right dinner well it's you know. I didn't actually happen would they only listen I eat right and I exercise regularly make huge sack. Towel at the notes that come India captain obvious wrote this entire story finally all I guess there's two more hair. Drinking alcohol only in moderation and you hi kind of suspected you know losing. Miller Zimmer formerly come out said that ever and I can believe the last one home Bono who's this and this is the radicalism. That one would that you actually it's spoiler like you Biden saying you read I knew that your idea that is like oh here's the one thing his injury go. Not smoking. This comeback. More girl is now the fine print on the side there and the surgeon general is actually no logo on behalf skirts. My constituents to locate the pitch you can look at that it's. Well so. If somebody who's the guitar so those of you okay that's why don't the avatar. He could not just didn't pick just any year that Scott drink your blood you dig it could quit smoking and well as a revolution go to general years dear lives and oh you're miserable all. Eating good did. Constantly running and never being in bonds. Crappy life that's a good point you. And eliminate your ears like. A whole is. Not an burger and zero to wash and now with a beer and die tomorrow but. My reaction to boil. Chicken breast staff yet who I think it's finally there's something else it says armed there's a bunch of tees attitudes. That you think you're doing good west and you. Oh okay. Number one where you're dead were you caught off guard where you Beasley you're shocked Muslims and I have a Renaissance on the final hole there are other Coca number one drag strip. Alegre was Roman reasons it's supposed to be good I'm gonna tell you this I think I do okay according to this says a box of brazen sounds better than McCain you are a couple dried fruit contains about 21 teaspoons of sugar. Now it's natural Sugar Bowl. But it's a great satellite actually my kids love the dried mangoes. I'm the one they don't have added sugar coat the mangoes and sells fruit is yeah she'll. Yes so it's it's a hell that's a natural sugar but it's still everytime he's been on one of those say those diet plans or whatever you know don't they tell you that yes you're right stop eating you sync your money good when you're eating fruit I thought there was no bad vegetables that's what I learned that core has a lot of sugar in care and expose and there's bad vegetables and what are your two favorite vegetables scored just. Our next yogurt. Since yogurt is healthy snack but some brands especially fruit flavored fruit on the bottom options. Give up to six teaspoons of sugar Marcus once universe through ball do you got to allow for some nationals are your kids think. Seven year old like yeah mom give me the chilled by any grief clean. My only want strawberry explosion. In a mall squeeze the bull whatever you can book more strawberries and her dad has slowed. Just like not really hurting my ceilings. Ariel don't so open and juice. Juice is bad now I did learn this in soldiers recently an eight ounce glass of Orange juice contains almost six teaspoons of sugar. Now we were we reboot you and I never were grew up with soda pop bristles like so I was like no healthier than those sixty's and I wouldn't go to healthier but I wouldn't say you if you're like on your high horse looking into kidney crosses I drink in their Sony not. Did your. Nose trust people over there. Not SI what's happened. That's not good news I'm I'm ceiling test my TD dried fruit and yogurt they don't did you see my kids only like water really about all nice within the next thing I am dead. Routine marks. Those who all was a team site to not some rocks Hollywood of his own ones or whatever Boca innings assaulted Carmona it's like it's pretty good. I mean I'm not stupid I I I'm eating it thinking. It's important to. But it tastes like a Snickers some not on the it's clearly. Just shot close so it's those ones that are are good for you that says four teaspoons or more and some of the bad ones today yet finally if you think you're being good with your kids and give them a little bit of that continent on the side so they'll eat there. Chipped in potato and never catch up. My daughter puts ketchup on almost several she's one of those who. It's. Tables Richardson has about a teaspoon sugar. I heard there are no Osama sugar and catch have been dead we do by the reduced sugar catch up night which is a lot like. It's so ridiculous because I'm guessing in your house your ketchup container. Is like in overturn its slate looks like pony keg it's huge if he can I do it yes any cost like 79 cents a represented sits on the lives of Shia. For about eighteen dollars you can get the reduced each to sugar one in the size of basically don't ketchup packets to you can create. So much more expensive and there is sugar or he's just driving George likes. Really I now. Back towards little. Girl I. Personally. I yeah. Oh my. Juices. And that's a tough calls affairs has been on the twenty bucks were up Agassi it is ridiculous how much the organic or reduce sugar stuff you know little. Build blah and who could see well I'm not eat right exercise and we're all gonna die anyway yeah.