Slacker and Steve - Heaven and Hell 8/24

Thursday, August 24th


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And there's been a debate going on this show for as long as the show has been around that's true ends. I didn't write the whole time but I haven't been able to show you bet I'm right you you thought you're right this whole time which you haven't been able to prove your rightness in general biblical and I am I am I read it. I'm ready to blow OK she's you know the first man you what I'm angry. Attitude isn't a I'm Richard Donovan we're talking about. When you die here. Is there life after death okay. And I said that. Even though there's some science behind like your brain stays a lab for a couple minutes maybe that's a damn bright white light is and and your brain tells you you're gonna see your. Dead puppy brain in your own goal long you know. Charlie you know stops. On it maybe that's all just an illusion and there really isn't. Did you hear more of your more of a literal Bible guy like the if you die like we sought to wait for the rapture and only 120 by a 128 or something you're right you go in the ground and I judged yet we have to wait till people returned to judge you and that's when you go to the governor help Italy's here's the thing. There's did on the Internet that is now gone what do. The speech absolutely oh some food to construction. She he was on read it any drowned EU did a thing here today he drowned a year and a half a goal. You're and a half ago he experienced the sensation like he was traveling in the moments before he was resuscitated by left our food. He says I was gifted knowledge of where he's. Weird is a good souls go. And we are doomed souls are sent to do Seoul says when you die you know you're dead because one of two things will happen to you be traveling through what will look like a tunnel like shooting all around owns a total of play again. We're it's always that tunnel of light or you'll be armed in a dark place oh Lola you you being a place to come to nothing to fear in darkness all around. Okay he goes into a lot of detail about the dark place seeing star. Was led. There detail because it was dark securely see much good yet details of the says the place has if they did what dog just sort of try to follow along. We use this way in school they're trying to explain gravity do. So this leads to follow the example I don't net. And it. This do you don't read it could cause he's risen Isaac Newton poke poke so I'll be after I also rose so okay. Don't know what that word means size immune to risk the facts after this big guy goes on to say for those of you who. We even lose both. Says the place has no light in this place you'll know your in hell. And that he'll be there for all eternity I saw this glowing chord because I was guided to and I was fortunate enough to see something so amazing. We with a glowing cord was in the dark I already glowing record is just like just reminder of like maybe. That's that's your that's the escalator to the good spot so follow the glow can word is where you want ago. If so when I die if I see a glow I'm I'm sat all the horror. This guy southern glowing Korb he was being led now all of seen him earlier this that's bad the glowing reports bad is. Nobody and I were talking about those guys I just wanna say this the concept. Of hell being fire and brimstone and and a hornet beast and man. Scary like for me it's. It's big it's like wait you wait he's happier sour cream yogurt cottage saying would you paid big just a this is almost scarier because it's like the glowing quotes know that felt. But nothing the darkness the abyss the yes and you even said something deadly coffee or you said what did you say it's a cheered the foreign you. Here's the furthest away from God's love. You're in the jar or dinners there was so you're coming around to it noted though some sort for hells are some in the dark of someone around in the dark and there's record. Way to gloat gore grab back all eyes feel. I don't lie and why they feel a little bit like this is the darkly. A false voter thanks and I am and I'm standing room fight your glory glory there's no little plans on all chair now my going door at. A water you're you're you're not okay here's the darkness since the fifth and the emptiness alone far away from the gods off the sorry both.