Slacker and Steve - Hillbilly Hookups 10/10

Tuesday, October 10th


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Steve. Yeah I do not believe we have. Any. Choice but talk about hillbilly hookups right now there's so many going on the news and a British police used. Oh for you the type bomb on a comforter that a just and washed completely different things a little more drastic dramatic if you. Had only been software and a hillbilly hook up kind of way there is let rule my gosh. Steve's think. Joe's story goes to draw between their slide by a couple of hours doing anyway no we do it anywhere but who were the comforter largest inflow. Couple in from Florida. And I did such a bad rap. I've got arrested for having relations in full view of a six lane highway. It's in the grass next to bust up and yet how I weathering their car parked on the shoulder some them. Or. When so bust 31 year old dude Cameron and his 37 year old friend named Veronica. Red bus stop in Clearwater Florida around 6 o'clock at night. Somebody was feeling that he. They got down in the grass and he started providing her with some sweet sweet pleasure according to the story right there is six lanes of high six people who like people. Being somebody called cops on police got there she was still around. He's like yeah I got Steve and we'll talk a soft breaks back up to still be refreshed with. They have been arrested for performing an unnatural and lascivious. Act which natural. Points yeah part of no do you did you look the part of Florida no yeah. Are you kidding who's buying. In. I rest I just. Natural but homeless Sunnis are the guilty is yeah. At the the lawyer for the lascivious participant at the top you're right it's a completely okay yeah I learned that health class of absolute I didn't look at the other there are a lot of trouble. I eat I got the mood struck out on the hood of my car before. I do that wants to yeah you did I did it was might she might play Nissan for my two to state my show fans should really seemed that there was an a for writing books. If you look it was a my knees are forward to on the hood the Wii or a state park which is a federal offense cash. They sure didn't bring in a mirror in a state parks a federal offense we did both well off off. I say time. Anybody who knows you knows the way you know I always felt about your guest co write it it's like for someone you've for you to allow someone put pressure on his right. Is it your dog does when she started to go there and lead she's chopped up their what the casinos is very thin metal does not affect it and she leans back she come here and there is real life I don't know why I say yeah it's okay. It's like there's a there are in the back of the truck fairway used that was we're gonna try jet it's how could do in our mind can marks at all. It's reclining and I'm going to cyclist I didn't like me can happen but you're sick and you know yeah yes I. I just did not a national parcel when people can't attend. I have a beer or have relations technically but there another American enclosed away from the rotten public also if you have relations. Hummer yeah I introduced Enron drink in the mirror and stay Parnell might get inside my sleeping bag and have a beer and I don't care about the relationship. With sincere hello I just try to figure out through their human mummies that you. Might as I think it's really blew horns over there you know it's like restricted booze and and it's. You know little or. To. Iran. In the right. You know you said Europe or to Europe and no I'm just I actually we drive and and I just couldn't. We're still moving or lack couldn't take anymore so I pulled over the hard disk so you can now. That's true okay we're a little older now I just yes I pulled over and you can shoved a load your. I eight I pulled over its so weird but I pulled a pullover and a familiar neighborhoods. Order. No wasn't my neighborhood but I would've normally home so I pulled over into a parking lot. And we did it on leg my heel though you can it was we were on the hood of my car car. And as high as we're wrapping up I realize I'm in my and that parking lot I mean like where I take my dogs who shot slow so whoever it is knows shoot. You went to a not. Mary is our people back to I'm proud of it. I just pulled off the road those legs. It's kind of boring and like a few more on the undercard on the thing I looked up at night lectured area Brooke it was like during business hours they take it out there or else they were. I eat they were close but there are. It's all the dogs 24 hour vet clinic so there was someone inside all the movement and on the lives and I was at her house itself. And I don't think my dog isn't that. Consulate seemingly on again and that's. I don't do it does not just that the bothers married couple arrested and was. All for the Wisconsin state fair on all right there in the middle of the fair bit more dog and whatever it throws of passion near concessions in an open air coliseum inside teacher posted the funnel cake yes it's an appalling viral video it's been removed out of Iran who saved stairs he went to put appalling and there are tracked a sheriff yeah. Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie that things spirals out. Minutes. Mean you just seconds of Paul. Joke and couldn't. Do anything king James title. The people said we're here for a horse show or a dog show not to make picks. Roger from abortions totally different. That's Mexico but all those men have been busted for having relations in public beaches stern there's some beach it's more who's in Florida no I mean they had a two month investigation is one particular beach for just. 45 different suspects have showed up and for lewd and lascivious acts in public exposure. The second. Time spent two months just. Beat Juli you're just like. The days when Jason Day and so disaster but for like a year to fix a boost stop motions are. Like a legitimate. Like migration patterns of blue hair and studies. In less time and it's a good supported by dudes make him a group. That. He does you call. All I know we saw on the I. I didn't know or not cook cook did you did. So what to do now is we haven't offended everybody we want you to finish the FO sadness if you how. Had a hillbilly who got you how relations in sort of a hillbilly spot. We'd love to hear your stories on DeVon. Yeah I. By the way we have Deedee do you guys know he's a voice disguise their debt and proud of her hillbilly don't know what happened. Our guys that I. I'm so I went to go on a small mountain town and and I'm just got drunken but our email and then walked home in east and relations and somebody's front yard I don't. All of your hard to celebrate I don't stranger or if the sprinklers were currently running with the. How about right yeah I do I don't know who's right Arctic but the my friend. Render a minor. Well and they obviously didn't have the motion detector light skinned enough of that slowed me down before the likes OK I give me the wrong move. And could. And what. Small town Iowa event like some big big need to go out. Now. Yeah and it takes you know there are trying to area. And Jessica I think you for the call them and actually our guys there's somebody else is bring our I have you ever done in your own your. I was abroad rented most of my life some are paying for any or you know W them. Backyards side yards. Overall pretax or grass you guys know prom you're yard option since the I. Really don't get upset. So I lost money you colored. Behind eight several living next to be downstairs. Safari when you can just so excited to I think you're winning twice. What what are these the but so this is your classy moment life here like this maybe if you if you do this when we only take you a similar look like behind it. Like I'm dumpster where the Jesus loves. The fifth. It. We weren't at lunch break. Our high school and I know where else should know soon so it's not the seven let me know like those pink stuff scooter. And you're there today. Hope the demo locker you know picked a mock work. No illusions one and a little while to include those serial like around the bouncers vital for. Their strategy we can try and. Waste Management got a little abuse sets everybody yeah. I'll wait until you know. At the beginning where I danced with the pagan got a good it's different with. High school I mean we're high school your forced only a jubilee the cubs drew back in the car owner but the cars that he's not. Within impeachment by the dome probably I mean I mean I pictured are. My guess are you wanna yes earlier this month. I swear I was I'm picture and I don't think anybody was prone to watch it. As I guess though that the loser in these. Guys yeah hooked up and hillbilly when what happened. Heck yeah we've all been there not your boss. IDF conference from two younger what really puts it with your boss or another random. I'll bet it was that. My manager not my ownership. Boca. In his territory or mosques DA word is just close optimistic. Affirmative we need your phone system is much more complicated than we need an enemy. Here may not be the only place without cameras are not hole. This year I do that that's awesome home. I just ask any it wasn't planned. It only Ali what all of this just gamers everywhere I don't know where we just don't be right back in the day though do you guys would do that though he's thirty new job your first goal is trying to relations Greg definitely should do your first go all you're up against it. Is it kind of my take us through the truth well I think she's coming and you're still so I think it and that's. Jess. Yeah I don't really look at us. Quiet that's get drilled hillbilly or red necktie every you wanna put it but I. Arnold was cranking and I that's fine me and friends they are lapsed. Oh we expected to get down which meant. A lot of uncut green layers in the midwest especially. Couldn. You're we found out on in my kids' friends at that actually. Cops so late in his gear standing cookie every. All mil I think Doug Floyd you're more familiar ground they're only thinking I'm here to Salt Lake or sometimes I. Yeah. Oh yeah. That's not true that's awkward it sounds. And he just sat there with the O we are here and as much the whole interview with the added a rule steroids had zero. That a little bit scratchy and lady. It's no. She noticed. I admire your. Yeah it's one married her first two. It was DU and it's it's the season but he's deepened. Irons so. Hey you guys if I don't even know. I don't know if it were also on the deer urine accomplishment with the mind now that it and it. Okay yeah purely on. Little show a little seed very bathroom while waiting sir Hutton ready peeps sent. In session. Bruney is so you couldn't. The smell of tomato sauce and we'll reunite. The. I don't know we are just bored and it was a long wait and yeah. Why not. For using hoses ready nonsense to me never saw. Anymore not now at least in the bathroom so arm or or first TD lets you know week. I who you're disguised totally hookups. Show me or are rude or I wouldn't Jerry game and I had a lot I would derby and I gave him special characters. Always know. You were known you you've heard. 35 miles an hour. Amish because our car camera how mentally Kim Oakland train. Amateur and started we Purdue on our premium or amateur in and then we'll measure the local and most people. What you said you were driving and you gave special kisses. OK so she clearly was reading his butt up against airbag in the steering wheel I don't understand how. No story and I learned how to fly a little I don't know where little commercial workers getting air time to blow up yeah. Tiger see you know. You ask. Explaining how good Steve as the visual we have all we need yes.