Slacker and Steve - Hit in the Head 5/24

Wednesday, May 24th

It happens to everyone. For one woman in Spain it happened to be a one ton cathedral door collapsing on top of her, leaving her with a serious head injury. What’s your hit in the head story?

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Staying on the hi we need document didn't hit heads cut. And I soon learned that there. We literally wrap this show as exists we've all had a hedge head injuries but can we just we sit around we see light. Four or five different news stories about similar things like tied these together with. Head injuries. We find there was an elderly woman who may have suffered a head injury a one time there. Yup one time cathedral door collapsed on top of her yeah a crowd I guess my didn't gathered at their Valencia cathedral in Spain. In this huge wooden structure. Falls on the adjacent door narrowly missing hundreds of people. And then it make. Crush the door in Little League did you see a video of this or something myself stills from the video of it but yeah didn't just adore hitter crusher to them. Oh was so like you're saying it's one of those you know when he worked walked into like those old south cathedrals that have flicked a seventeen hot foot hide the door absolutely it was like you Zach. Hats and so it was too big doors and the door on the right side of the frame. Felt shut the left side of the frame cockpit door so we didn't fall on top admiral Mike actually crusher. They caught eight and it just gave her a quick like bulk as it was like before it got. I saw a lot of bone and I yeah he's old yeah it didn't feel great. She didn't show her belt she bounced back Gupta did a little GL IG did not know if she did she. You can configure the other part. But that's OK so that's story number one they got okay this story number two bombs. Arkansas a dude got shot in the head with a new aero you out. We're really means you stories into one cohesive units I guess we and why he's Diddy cool shot and didn't get nothing bad. Big story but basically the guy was out and surprise and am pretty sure he was drinking got into a fight with one of his buddies and his buddy took good the bow and they're Alonso Doleac sooner. Yeah exactly he and then so here to drive himself to the hospital you know I don't know home boy number one it was a feeling so great that he just got his car and drove himself six miles home. Before he called 911 holy super G a roll slowly narrow and says yes. He's like wacky Xenia and I got narrowed Matt's O'Leary essence of what I took the hook okay. The thumb and there's there's a couple of stories I remember Tom what do Justin Bieber get a golf club to the head you out by Ed shear and has a few months ago that night. Apparently ended. Likes to do that trick shot somebody holds key in their mouth or whatever it guys whose obesity around drinking. He does is drink of water and was just Paul allowed to use a drunk guy swings writes so reluctance Japanese dive Barley those go go also. They go to the golf course and that's when deeper suggestion hey I'll lay down put them all in my mouth and you take a club and it is so Ed got a whack beads in the cheek. They're really hurt him and stopped in cracking TV and makes me a little bit happy this guy at echo I don't know why you put like a real golfer probably wouldn't. Yeah I don't think shear and cold son Robert scheer and yet outside I really enjoy it and you know act. All's com. There's a couple baseball stories I remember seeing one recently and I asked you to your baseball guy intentionally hit in the head by baseball yourself I have here. Any did some makes major area had a might orbiter might I explode I was wearing metal rimmed glasses with a glass lenses and room. And so it hit one of my eyes had a lends a shattered my face and the other wins when flying from the right field in New York orbit cut the yeah allergic. And except. Yeah I wasn't cool had a where I don't thing over money but the blasted her like a balloon and there to push heard more repeatedly for it to heal you waited for two healer had one surgery on and so yeah out I was it was so a baseball at point blank range to. Are wholesome kid they knew I was running from first to second breaking up the double play in the second baseman made his turn to throw to first. Aren't aren't. Yeah any throw as hard as picture all. Like when you're trying to ninety miles an hour when your turn to marry you bring at all laugh yeah that was my father and slide Luna. This to you feel so the question I have about baseball is. Mike do you do you keep loose grip on the bat concluded just recently. This duke he was up to bat anyway he swings and the Astros and the the girl in the crowd was not expecting and night. I didn't see hitter but I should they show her afterwards and she had enough ace bandage on her head on her face not good we went out. Not cold and the guy every now and then million units torque on and you just let it slide because most batters complete their swing one ended. Are they so it's only in. You know it's when you're a baseball game people read your ticket because of bats go fly balls go flat and hitch is the only real you yeah you pay attention your ticket is like this release of liability for real pretty much at a baseball game she was Jack too bad half off do you remember. I mean she was like. It was not she was just chit chat and you end up paying attention. Actually come flights it's baseball. Fighter I look at exactly infallible right there but he didn't make connection just flown a Barack said yeah that's that's pretty rare birds gotta keep America. Mama I have been hit in the head with an airplane door yeah Alex heavy. Which is not as long as these one time but the whole door sell off and hit me in the head or your job was with the call list row worse or you were underneath the planes stacked in baggage in that door is that's a two doors it's one I was inside the pit so I was catch in the backs the bags. LOK. Okay like pushed the door open and got inside it's a big music is joy huge door. Cargo door yes it's a cargo I always thought it was like a passenger door the millionaire like how do not see that. Cargo hold my pushed the door open and reached her at a strollers and it's and we needed that was getting off the plane. And that's the last thing I remember the whole thing asked me 350 form found someone to get rested on the back to you had to be it would need to close the door off of me who. You yeah it's horrific incidents say you have no stealing him from that. From that incident and I played it under my skin my father built houses sold everywhere my Brothers. Has been hit with some sizable chunk of wood or my oldest brother. Guys hit my dad was doing the baseball grip on her. Uh oh they're hammering him just an hour or so. And I wanna my brother says. Oh it's sharp side more or less I think it was bad guy I don't think he got him with the clock oh landing. OK let's just let's explore the question I don't want to call you Joseph I don't want claw. I feel like come on defense clause is notes you can all right I don't know the other side's got more have to might yeah. Of the tape. Like Alec tell your dad brought all the kids still don't want to does that. We did. The companies come home holdings plenty of sleep from whatever my mom just like Eric next. The point they have so many kids have access to its have you do you have a head injury. How would that is probably like third or fourth grade I was signed on banister and fell backwards us a canister and I didn't get hit in the head but it fell on my head he waited like two stories down on my head and I'll get. I don't know what great concussion I got but there was like the series you did exercise marsh yeah go ahead grew answers this idea I think I would like for black just yeah I was blacked out for like a day and a half remember like you want Xena half my life annual given how Australia. While you're mental health like three days in the hospital after that you were coma I guess I'd Yahoo! I was out in explains it's on the Internet. 85. Also it's about the. I mean we're all there but it's a hundred guys are. Oh absolutely yeah Boogaard stuck with us this if you demanding you've got it at fixed. Injury to your scull boat she hit in the head is what we're calling it and we want to hear your stories I droop. Yeah I didn't had. Never really spooky out without the little kid my friend and I were walking through the cemetery that just near our house I picked up to big rocketed kind of over and chopped it and it went like this curve and that immediately hit great start it blew back at hidden in the forehead like a straight line. That's that was your comeuppance it's. I'm pointing out first your creeped out in the cemetery so if you're creeped out here you might be thinking there's there's ghosts or zombies here. None of which are even remotely susceptible to a rock repeat so you probably not sure don't try it do you feel a little bit but he got. If you could do that would occur going one way and it came back in a straight line the other sighed heavily like didn't go to straight Lionel the little kid that. You earlier what a big brute of my forehead and. Did you never I would never go to cemetery ever get a little creepy weird I don't recall what some have. Were you alone and emails witness this. Under the threat of my he didn't see it posed nude super quick and it took me mr. I don't happen but. But I definitely remember seeing Barack comment and it was really. I just pictured Bancorp slime they're going gee he. Tomorrow with the with the those don't sound situated at the data is you never got to match move on the show they do during our Q. Yeah yeah I could hit in the head. It would help it on the tall slim what's. Allred. I doubt I would donate eight years old and no limit with the ball didn't and then I'll put my leg hurriedly came out of nowhere and came up that did not Al called. I was. Is part of Michelle Williams but they were charlatan. It didn't. Telling wedding though he booked a half funny because I couldn't. I would I would not know that would data you are like I. I generally like I've known people who don't you Wear a light Cecil at least you don't go and I wonder you were yet but after all where else. Split in the water tank near his sons of these funds still. Out. And we're big battle lake yeah and then they get their opinion that the Taurus and I look so greatly and we like they encouraged. And he came to visit if you turn and then we'll play mum Mary. You're million dollars for the man who saved you from being hit in the head. I don't mean when you marry somebody who say here why despite can't. You're going to dolphins lose I feel like that's part of it he brought to the other to toss in the ring bearer for Kosovo's anatomy. It's. I don't know when he's you're also gonna win more. Graham why lucky Rome and I. I'm out of the year what's gonna wind Darryl I wanted to necessary bondholders. Don't looks like you know what happens blow hole. Are you let me I need to Experian OK so you're young and it sounds like you've recovered nicely right he Dalton wounds so I have no no let their guard all right thank you for the to whom how assumes. Yeah yeah I hit it in the hands of the. I cannot help save and then ideally yet had injuries from home runs as soon as well so you can actually pass. And all of this particular time now that a contrary about eight years ago and some I tried to terra pint glass from the back of empathy aired it. Net. And then Jimmy right as. So I was pretty good to have friends now. I got knocked out but they dragged me aren't the so make sure that I do it gonna be elite. I would you add on impact. And things. Oh I would like to hear eight. It would backed out they brought me in front of the irons. Q I am not celebrating outside it had to get people. Staples. Whole wall more occur after I don't know but never told you this but I saved my girlfriend's. From this exact seats. I was anyway Howard can concerts low and deep bass player of Metallica. Was like drinking a glass of ice water. It was plastic but he like she grew up in the air to the crowd and like I think he saw the water would all come out of it. But somehow through some miracle of Phisix the whole thing goes up in the air it's a project dot and you can see the water stolen and it starts coming down. At mach five Mike Mike skylab reentered the Earth's atmosphere and it's coming directly for her head and she's on my left side so if I'm gonna slaughtered away. I have to use my guitar handle. Union and you see it coming down for head and it's a last second I put my hand out in muddy hit me instead of you saved. Her from a head injury ballot Alice you're out. My friend and a bad I was glad. Needed it does stop that. In his defense you said it was thrown from the back so maybe he didn't see it come home you gotta be a look at all yeah looked at ten don't this little those. Last is it concert this story you hideous now are you okay I'm pretty way you ask them what you know. Big part of it is icons are only. She is in the wild girl welcome to the show you're welcome year old injury people here thank you thousands. Sherri. Yeah I she had. I been ahead by a court. 80 am I at shell I am I read bringing nights migrant says that interest from the and put them on her property. And the sky Teledyne drugs excited to open and best and it's. Doesn't that I had the question. No it killed foreign port says are running on to a person or property. And it started. Again the crap that they can't say so I tried to slip. Those stake in between them in the course is separated themselves. I'm bad debt course from the property all at a hackney or actually bunny hop on me and I landed on my inner. Half. And don't mean that Darren Clarke and. Do you now do you know shoes on. I did not blink didn't believe we don't know what to do and that's a good. Yeah I learned a lot of troubled. And get my port lecture about I'd stake my. In true components I have never broken a bone in my life so. Andrea. How Justin is so you went to the hospital obviously. Oh my god no lasting effect serve. He now all I had to I'd never had a concussion either and children and it was the worst thing ever I ever wanted to think as. So rough three horse fight. It's like this do you. I. Hope I have no idea out there Symbian won't immense. I thank you for the commissary allowing him to the head hit clubs Leslie. EI hidden hands. Not a big and a rock throwing however wide error and rack. Deadly combination and camping with my head's spinning air and they're down by the water. And rock like you know I'm gonna while black slash on. You're landlocked there way up about a half size of a football. It has my gun there that. We're right on top of the head would it yet why don't. It's a good time to do yeah. That's apparent I don't know we'll explain your child to doubt it wasn't an intentional until I saw Lara to adopt a doing bumper. Oh I don't know how horrible he had by a cop and I'd people in the and that closes and it's not the leader it was a gusher and. Are there are bound I've felt horrible horrible semites. Like you can loop in the ground that's doing some. You know how are Mike and Tim Storey building using so I'm home blonde that. And now the favorite thing at the bit on the floor and spread I mean I grant you that. You know just in the project and oh what you much I want spot mom. You know sit where you you're wrong. Bob it's just like you don't play all watched that one. Are all new that is out. Yeah it's a pretty bad when you do that accidentally dear yeah I was fine. All of horrible I was so Erik yeah we are camped we have step. Another. Apart from that are being part didn't drive into town we do to lines yeah. I'll yacht that's not a since I don't know what happened that you're like videos smell. This. I have to lose he's not thank you a couple of there's Snooki and. Really. A yeah so I don't. Oh yeah I thought it actually also ahead with a golf club I know I'm about ten years older and it actually didn't money he got it twenties I wouldn't comment area. Did he think he was he holding cluttered and it's why out of his hands or what happened. I was walking behind him and trying to show up two hits including back where it hit me right in the forehead. This isn't it time and money. And prodding at you want I couldn't see. Oh lol OK so you have to go to the hospital or what happens. OK I. I try and that got attacked by the medic staff there and make that it was OK so cute and all. Had never walked behind horses are goal. He would not be behind the stage you are welcome to the head injury club Howell. I. I know he's yeah yeah. Now Lola mileage if you could get extra get rich and outgunned. And out and got eight panic actually done right before her. And that when I got an extreme machine it malfunctioned and it broke in 2000 pound machine Andre aren't as it. Look. After a huge arm. Whole same team down on you. I should limit their but everyone likes stayed or around your head coach like a little bit different from the ones aren't that. And then it it damaged and I that people working and I need a little Conan I'd like my next two weeks. Obama. Solheim I know the head with your equipment like. I did it and did you sue the pants off and I do. Which all the other working on the right now I can't shacks court date mount pilgrim but pitch count it's August and didn't pan. Patted her little bit different than my optic there's a selfish and looting I'd say the kind of what should be an inch. Oh my god laid out. Well you're among friends here like I mean we're all we're all and they head injury clubs. I think sister who also. Saying that is that's not cool huh how I if you still wanna tell your head injuries story hit in the head please do it over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.