Slacker and Steve - Hit Your House 4/4

Monday, April 4th

We like to think of our homes as safe places, but sometimes houses are just targets for crazy drivers and falling debris! We would love to know, has your home ever been hit by something unexpected?


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Steve I ask every once in awhile Stephen I sit in a room and we talk about lowering or do on the show up. And we decided to try something that we know when our hearts is going to fail miserably. That is today yeah. I remember the last time I had this feeling Ohno was we knew and I decided to talk. About whether or not potatoes would float. It's Fred we had a little hole to duel over a cut Muster more than one get all the I mean we. Down in the weeds on this anger and the good and and I like to think to that one worked out for us you know on paper looking back it sounds really stupid. This one is going to fail miserably without you guys level of potato floated this. This potato floated stupid but see you can relate to the zone I can but I don't think anybody else here well we want well if you're human being listening. Who had something hate your house. Seat already. Yes I feel like switch fiction of potatoes well let's all those mangoes demand does well to do that barrier and well toilet that's where we are assassins took the all we wanna know is if you move. Oh god please call so I'm picture. I think it's got to be kind of it's it's got to usual rule out. On a computer screws the next I am that kids kids of eggs or would you get your house bar are now you what I was the type of kid that would have bombed your house I got my house slowly a bond. Might this is my old house them. I typically you don't remember this like three days after I had just gotten tainted tax blue. And it just might garage door resist Shockley let me Hershey bar through and I want to tell hasn't. Song no vote remind her why why is what it you know when they see through you I don't know. Armed so here's the deal. Is how. House in Mesa, Arizona in apparently strictly in the fight if flight path of you know when planes are taking Austin and an end and down landing. Whatever the Mesa, Arizona airport as a guest on someone called 911 as they saw a plane. Coming in for a landing and something fell off of it in something substantial. Yeah significant it was going to be substantially better word bomb cops arrived to find the emergency slide. Had fallen off the plane right so like something triggered it. Can you imagine people on that claim they have no slide. Always boasting its pretty good. So. Take for us why you don't arm. It like it inflated and sell off to a good slate I don't I don't know what I will Arnold inflation it would kind of shift we brought to sell it out. It's quicker than good point. This fellow players and maybe just shot out the whole unit and it hit their house yeah how does these people's house. They aren't they heard a loud bang and the whole house shipped since it really doesn't like to vigorously insulation flying around and drywall little old to. So anybody out there and someone got a Krauthammer calls so far this. Okay answers is music all right. How does an eight year old New York man thought his furnace had exploded in the middle of the night instead he found a car have been driven into his house stallion the base of any wind out of the Mayo all hot. I called when he heard a Big Bang. I'd dispatchers and get out and houses and hold this announced in May and growing out of it saying. See I don't find that Impreza because house hit our house a car hit my parents' house all the time rate almost. Louis. This sounds like an exaggeration. I'm gonna say it once every two months house hit my suit to guard in my house when I was growing up it was weird when it didn't feature how do. Certainly don't Friday or Saturday night we did we'd wake up in late Saturday or Sunday morning go putt. There's no nobody suggests hunter yes ma I grew up on one of the strangest streets in Loma Colorado oh you mean certainly no holes strategically to go to Europe. She strengths dictionary and Obama no extra destruction still direct hits as opposed to current did not give you just shook. Bringing us there was an image of the Coca the glare of the armed those super straight night. Or this street just do it's it's like driving through the roster there's not my street. Was still great the entire way except directly in front of my howl there was a Kirk dole isn't. Should occur started like. Two houses down from us so when you are drunk driving home on a Friday night and it just denominations were average drive and straight. And you not look in and you don't see it occurs. I don't know why you would choose to. It's a common. Going swimmingly. So you had shot. Our drift its yeah yeah hail of gunfire pitcher. I don't like to make a little hole for themselves a hole. Honestly cars were hit his legs my dad tat part Massey Ferguson tractor to try. In front in my house of the cars which had data and that's attractive mentally there's no way joking anywhere in your principal amount of Colorado and instantly I didn't even understand no hole. Now she's so they wouldn't really your ports insecure Portugal just landed in our front yard Nicklaus hit RF front porch. We have like this flat stone towards my dad my whole episode like you know if you've never seen you you've even got to fly solo act are ready. Let him out or whatever and you've seen into between them well every sir we did our whole rebate and with smaller pieces just somebody broke down. Oh are recruit who we end we it was like mosaic tiled what little little time is it. And it really noted knew I just didn't. He's just it's yeah. But it's so insurance the so called mixed in any so we have another story dead my goat. And where is Alan Cohen is our analysts as you see this happen to know. Sometimes they would hit a parked car at my neighbor's house. And launched. Seemed our police took my neighbor works for the times colleges unused borrowing local rag I don't. So we woke up one day in my neighbor's car was our. Our house. It was like why he was I. Drums I know somebody's kid he is Cory what resources. Are nesting thing happened down because simply move away from the demolition derby out. No tracks are my dad liked the curb of the road and there. There's a couple different stories about what are you call these things going bump going bombs yeah I was like little nuggets are big gold nugget of the blue juice is Lou Jews don't out of a plane hit the house birds hit my house almost every day. What the Omaha I don't understand they just don't they don't I do I don't know what they're thinking I did they think it's an abandoned place and they're just gonna fly straighter than I've seen here and everybody I guess. And it's it's not a yeah that was six I'm sure you can you do short and is short sale that. And then there's another. There's another story of a meteor hitting a house a year yeah. This woman said she heard a loud doom and sound on a hot rock she's her first out was whose threw a rock through my rueful. Ul and early eighties or one your neighbors as other narrowly machines are all rock hard announced again it's true sure there's or you're are firmer root it's a seven cent. Meter squared up to San music so it's pretty significant. Those are cruising to actually technically when it hits earth it's a meteor right but they still good story anyone tart everything's about. And I don't if you wanna go into I. I'm so. We're dead in the water from this week to say you learn every single news story we are in fact. No one's. Is there anybody out there who had something significant or interesting has got to bodies fall. All on your houses while tree break I mean trees break we asked whom that's. It was higher floors I. Do isn't it is stripper who after all proud of my parents and I had. I don't blame tries. Now we're desperate for any calls and I over here setting the bar higher we're giving suggestions for the potato slow thing and FaceBook. A specialty yes spoiler alert they do so maybe you can. We know that. It's always good to go Google I just tell myself but it was sick in the world hits your house. Megan. I guy when that your house. Actually a neighbor's house but I. Car really let it I want I went also. A dirt pile that they have the front of the house and went straight into the second story about how it's. Bar and that second story of the house. It's like hanging out like to have back calf was just hanging out of the cited similar do you want to introduce ambassador. And I don't talk. That is awesome Tex if you get a bird. I am I know actually there are under people will be out but it it went right true like where there are all up I asked her but you can imagine some kid waking up and a night with a giant bank. And a car to Pena and an older. It is a signature again bang when something hits your alleged. Until I knew I know would have Byrd hits a window in my house it sounds like an explosion so when a car insurance you can't even. I imagine though reverberations. And O'Meara crap yeah. I'm exercise. But to help probably the easiest season series director who sees this this. Wow so this was a person drunk. IE you're had a big hit the dirt pile was laying around the country music and don't just say it's doing hardware. OK okay it's. Also doubles as a rampant and someone is driving it was sure it won't call meg and expect another one more cold and I thought we were going to generally. Jealous. I can I hate what narrows down. I'm okay fill a trampoline. King I have always. This is. So I would actually probably if I look Scully spent a year old I am in my old Howell. And socially Ben and we heard this huge baying like in the middle of the night and I'm in our thirtieth storm. I'm obviously a big storm. I am I guess the wind a cabinet pick up the neighbors trampoline and it landed right on top of our roots up straight down. Did you Solana there yeah. That's yeah and yes it's yours now. Jones I. Got married a trampoline. Laid out our group including cool. Sandy in fort bouncy house that's been done up there six. The authority to your own room a silly walks didn't do damage. He actually didn't do hardly any damage upon coupled shingle blur out. Try to look at Carter was and I'd and the trampoline intact keel and elected and they buried the lead kindred have been on the next day. I don't put on their roof. She added I'm gradually just there are huge compared to Richard how good does a number of children there's a absolutely is craziness that got a good reason. On any given Sunday in any small South Dakota and how big it is a generally margins are results that you did Jared Yaris that bugs off and let's consider going to continue shale. Andrea. Yeah yeah guy behind your house. Am I bald eagle. Shot up this little America please your path series' huge. Aren't so we didn't and neighbor had like where Alley street where has it really big Lindell. And I would just play in the living your an island does it's there the paper agonizingly without I didn't hear the bald Eagles are the honor courage. We've seen and knocked himself salute to tell him. No it did knock him out of here like once I got my mom and let me touch it but we waited for like twenty minutes Sasha and I got up and kind of wobble or all of your school. All three minutes to ask some series I just keep birds if I died that way am I have the little ones dude typically it's. I mean they they sit there and they walk around kind of like their warped and may eventually like follow her all my nose several but it did Bennett bald eagle mean that's a bad sign that the federal sense to kill one else. Your property. How does that deadly weapon. Just to see if you do all the Eagles liberals out yeah after coral. Wow. I'm so yeah he's bald Eagles still living in your hood of the towns after that he was like that's. Yeah. Yeah I really moved to lake to six months later aside or not you still wrangling though they're not. Who came along I especially like I guess I can figure. Sanctuary legs. Obscenity test runs over here at the end that is really weird sense that you're going to figure eagle do you like seize arms are it's. Yeah it's not a whole life's. I like an eagle complete and I'm like we use that as an analogy this hey he's just I guess is just one of those misnomer is that we've got out Erica. They got a good deal. They're okay. The supply back to always nobody at all. How did you know he did like hold my fearlessness just the top hundred eagle brand is he's gonna resist. Scores three credit Chris just a secret accessory credit Ashley. Yeah I pitcher house. Well once prominent comment can't count but it happens and it well. The current primary and there lightning here or are probably every three months. So really every time parent but and it depicting everything I'll let you go plant then went into without again. Little cult that's not what you eat my outfit all you keep secret each other aren't going to be all about that ever got an. What does she is your father safe food. It's earned if your classmate got a top bird that's what. I have no idea like our problem not like this aren't open even the tallest one of the entire west it would just it. I guess what gonna draw iron on that but it was completely creepy how every play is. EEB for each yeah and artwork I had three or. I would zapped everything all your appliances got fried candy re doing they can do and all wanted. They replaced or consider watch her entire. Port I'm better. Are not like. And his side at some point your homeowner's insurance serves a guess hey we call BS on this year's like. Robin balloons on your head wearing like like storms that are. No idea I think a lot I'm doing like I that it didn't you blew the entire I did it get off. GQG even sell it I mean you guys don't ask. Yeah I. Oh look I'm I think after like a fourth or fifth time. My parents have like had to nudge that we were in that it was kind of like it in the house until late at night finished building their other run that went well. Other think I really hurt like we're dieting. Know what list that part of nights you don't even know I don't have to disclose that. Lightning rod. The. I don't judge sir I didn't panic it. While stage you've really gone as is a hard just like unplug everything every night what were you stuff you what you mean you wanna keep it. Millions. Yeah I hit your house. Downtrend unconventional. Saying growing up my tablet the principal of the elementary school by our house. And spell the word book we were constantly getting egged it and keeping it. Okay anger. I rarely. Get really personally yeah and so one finding marry. Where I'm lying in bed and my bedroom on the on an hour. I'm keeping my window and I'm Erie and I lineup the window ready to defend my dad's honor. Well you know. Me and beat somebody running off into the darkness and I'm like yeah I love. And then the next morning and look at them every Luke. On the tiny. And it turned out but wanted to hit in my neighborhood who had a crush on me was trying to get my attention on you to sneak out of the house. And. You're hot. He was sore on pennies and all then you tip your V cartel your twenties. Word got out or. Romance. But I should draw a Don do it's it's it's the whole. So sees. And he would never admit here and I asked him awhile later like you. You wouldn't know. I DNA disadvantaged men and knows you know if you we're now. At the palm and you've ruined your budding little. That's the thanks to all. Lot of things in her house there. Christopher. Yeah yeah yeah I hit your house. Yet so I first time homeowner and I'm real but I know my neighbors heard every drug user then and it but I don't go around like a mountain. Condemn my neighbor's kid ran headfirst into the fight in my garage and had a brick wall not consult call you bleed over the side in my house. It's all kinds of stuff up but I have to ask our resident drug user yes I saved yes you're doing any drama makes you wanna run head first into the breeze how zillow. Yeah. If you're gonna guess which drunk nor Obama visits I do is it that enhance the buzz this. Covic yeah absolutely hop on the do you have to pay for that do I do is act and all your property this. Well thankfully and no damage to his country did depend on a brick wall that there were a lot of blood that I had to create a because you look at his plea nullified in my in my house there's stuff you. Owner has an. So everybody would have likened it in a personal lawyer let's drill whenever it is not until couldn but my house. A lot. Hello miles that's Ozzie really going cruiser with a hunt joins. And I pitcher passed. It. A person. A person picture nice to see if he can't present and the neighbors group. And he's slept and he. Allen hit Arabs before he can't stick around. New rules he's heard the son of mayhem on your roof. Well I heard it in kind of thought something that I didn't know what I what I. Couldn't and and then it was the Turkmen and he was crying but it was its credit because Peter had our house and not. So instead of just following the full 3040 seemingly broken and now. With so it was nice to your house is trying to catch that's not a. You're out of the rule I'll. They you really go joy. All so weird we stand corrected many of you that's okay your house you still wanna tell you story do an online he spoke dot com slash slacker and Steve fans.