Slacker and Steve - Holiday Hypothetical 12/8

Friday, December 8th


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Stay on yeah okay. A holiday hypothetical hypothetical. Has what we need we need some we need some moral compass people what's electrified calls says it all organized. So often we get five people who have moral compass who thinks that they have a good parks. Seoul could sit in church so like you know what Wright is annual wrong it's and you know even if you give I was something's. That's still kits can still be on even if you buy their thriller that kind of special morality is he's come rallies and stuff you do when nobody's look at. I deer in the wild it's I did it really is nice to educate knowing that you're not getting it caught it. The legality is pulled out of your morality. C.'s law does legalities school as long as I'm good legally outside of values in order really care provider got people with morals who like on the phone to complete just like you're gonna get to save what your answer is this holiday hypothetical again but we. Everyone needs to adapt with a grain of salt knowing that you have zero moral fiber a day. This comes your mouth more often than almost anything is. No older that's moral values that's the basis of morale knowing he's. Some are yeah. Her doesn't matter if somebody got harmed I know what's wrong but if no one got hurt the process that is not really wrong rice is no longer heard that is there's no book has yeah you're right. And she never finds out. No no. I do know about her nose hurt that scenario. So no armed manages heads do us all manage caught up its pattern. I Jordan some moral compass people on the top publicity our show this material on I know I ask you let me relax. Actually even. I'll let the fiber the more focused. Five people could never mind about the morality we did it's I didn't pulse success are basically don't want we don't wanna set the bar so high stakes the. Slogan. Zone has a moral situations of course pose this question to ask that you should do it on your radio show when it OK I will try this arm. Sarah small Smart okay we could be a target but small chart works better hope kicked it forward the moral side. Your small Smart. And you're in the toy aisle buying something for somebody you're looking and whenever for you'd violating a restraining orders on for hope and you see our little family. A little drilled a little Stanley Cup kids saw a small amount of people in the film not through the little people. Yes a shot just one can be little people do it all helps it helps the theater of the mind trio. None of them are over four foot sand the is that how did you consider it's. This whole thing was supposed to take my ball shot nine much I don't know I go. We take an author of the ditch underwent. So there's Stanley I was. Average hockey people if if if as small Smart okay. I'm I'm always leaving you open if you wanted to know. Are we just. Go all Portland neighborhood popped up and Wal-Mart are we talking about here. You don't with a toy aisle particularly pretty over it. There's a camera couple kids of parents whenever Oka and you can see the kids like. Obama without dad didn't. Chevron is an icon and and based on the look of them. You can kind of tell it they probably don't have a lot of money. There's something about that look at the the kind of there GM it's the dirt on their face as the let's face it you're like this widely. Shared our tour last week when it it. Whatever but family interference wobbly clothes and just tell that they're kind of like. You want growth candles for heat than light yes you can tell don't care if they're. They have the iPhone four com. So quick it's uncut the I now. I'm trying to give you an upgrade that you can just tell by their smarts on the oh I'm so based on that you can tell the dinner and the money whatever. And the kids kind of didn't move onto another area whatever and you see the dad you see one of them it might sit. When this scenario was set initially you automatically assumes that he did in fact. You see one of. The parents. Steal the toy did their kids want but burger try and stop being shoved in other insider told. What do you deal do you say something to the store. Do you say something to this piece. Or do you let it go because. This is a little baby Christmas miracle they're gonna they're doing something where you are done now you're kind of you do your your kind of saw what you with the Christmas period if Powell what CC that's around I am doing now because the little daily Christmas miracles nice. The morality says the that person. Is still shoplifting absolutely there are and what you do Stephen. I do all of the above I approach the people I approached the store I approached the cops I approach everybody that I am your list of approaching. Can I say something yes. Your line while putting your dorm I'm not lying you're the guy there's no matter what the season the day the reason what ever kids smiling closed Durham Jason. It's still we said it's the breaking the law they're still stealing. When it's factored into. I always say something about you what you are indeed don't get involved you do if you are approaching them you're right not approached to write a story you're not doing exactly I probably didn't you notice that dad was do or the mom the parent was Jewish and I know that lets you sort of similar to that I had a perfect. A I want you guys know we're calling this holiday hypothetical so all the alleged crap doesn't even need to be in an air because it it didn't happen and I national small partnership with smuggling close people stealing but in this final thing I see your say that word alleged does this kind of helps over the anyway you're right I would not get involved but if I did it. But I did see that I would do directly go to the family. In humans and give money. OK I would go Merry Christmas and they would know that I feel about their lot in life well the problem with doing that's always you said only one parent was doing the stealing which means the other parent has no clue so I go up there give the money suddenly one of the other parent XUL. We're usually just yeah yeah a joy causing a rift in the Stanley now this site. Even though they were doing the right not the right thing you're doing things for their family had to do something wrong to do right. Sean. You are not who would you do. So I worked out exactly like she had written out either gone the extra moment and we're short on time might shun him down twenty ally and how America that's Erica whatever the right that saw him warm nice sixty. Does it to alleviate the adult awkward yeah yeah since June the twelfth. You what if they would have pocketed the cash and gave him and still still a toy that's still out sets up to them. So you did the right morals are right I feel better about myself I don't really care how they feel that we heard some friends former small Smart and we all pay more results factor it's not Ashley's. I polity hypothetical what do you do about it. I can you blame it different than Tom and that people act like. And I get the money build your kid can have at our. And Josh that's awkward don't they kind it is I. Right heart and saw a guy shut some down his pants and it was just like we both had the look of light. I don't know would you and I you you know yes he does and I know and I know that he knows and I know and its users look the other way did you. I followed him out of the store a tolerant towards the front of the sore and he made a beeline now but it's like to Billie teach English. She's clearly. You have to sell the attack at. Most children many who don't. All the children as that is the whole thing which would you say that they walked through their files so I would just be approaching the two parents that. We're just one guy OK the kids were the girl whoever was Rick I Heather. Yeah I. It may I would going confront the parent and ask them to do. Right they seemed Detroit back in given them. If they didn't do that that I have probably told the store slow to sort you don't you're not everyone people shopping mayor to do anything I. Oh OK but I think the chances the parents giving taken away from the kids then that it happened to that central yes. There's a history they error. Yeah yeah which you're not reckon the other three strikes you're out troops which and yeah that's trailing you by reporting and you're not you do it's not on you stick your runner up. He's in. And yeah we use. I well I concur with Nikita the other collared that I related content that parents that I and all sympathize. Everyone had a hard time and I think that I let that pat each of the children pick etiquette. And let them know that there are other retard who the available rather than to make that decision because they edit or ample but their children but. Let a lot of other people that the right example during the holiday keep it. No so you make a dead pull out the item in front of the channels all put it back at them and let them look at. And her brother. There we disappointment because that's the correct answer by the way where is it and you have to be able to make sound effects which are malice Roy please just stop right Emily algo. Like yeah. Arms around I can tell he's guilty guilty until about this guy actually has.