Slacker and Steve - Holiday Traditions 12/11

Monday, December 11th


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Staying on the traditions skinny let me ask you this question shirt and you start I mean you can but is it. So weird to say I'm gonna start a tradition. Yes it is yet but it tradition for you when you're fairly or for the world is Lowell hit a may second guess all good. Terrorists what did you it's just war tradition implies that it has still been their big thing like I'm gonna set out. I need a new traditions are just like let's try to stand like an issue like we did last year and nearly five years and now it's a tradition. But what I wanna do is start a new yeah I want to keep introducing the new traditions into my family because till Christmas is has. The holidays is kind of jumped the shark forming oh no they're just Bartz. You know what I am not this guy I swear I'm not this guy the to commercialization. Of Christmas that's the beauty of it it's not so little Brett. They eat but she remembered that's the only Christmas we're gonna have as the commercialized wonders no other stuff I I know I've I've kind of pulled it out of my family's Christmas this year sort of job. By us through what I'm buying presents and binds present and it will bring this and it presents and that's it. And while usually told the kids. You can only ask Santa for one thing each want to get to ask for a really wanted to ask where they want and I we said you know why don't wanna do you look. One less fortunate. Get batters did more stuff don't make Santa's elves spend so much time making you you stop us now. And we're gonna go on vacation we look to toys are a finite period so that resells it and that is now there's sliding Carlos the elves working their butts off. Sometimes don't have time to make you know and if toys for everybody so if Noah and me is easy each day for five twins each now they only asked for one. That's like six to eight extra toys that they have time to make for other kids to see there's other note was in me is out there doing the same thing that what we're trying to supply your kids would toys but now you're turning MO. What I want to say church or what else right now are going. Outsold. You know I got. It's only one thing age we got it think they probably are now you know deals are saying no asked for some Lagos said does tablets like 200 somebody yeah. Because he's like well you loin and I told my debts and it's been Swedes on president. It's obscene. That is proof car clock. I would truths half Hans so I'm writing down Samsung's. Recruits 75 bench permits for change enjoy your season. I'm so that's our new tradition so no president's ever get on Christmas. We're just we're not doing exchanged yes if we we're gonna go on a trip osu but she didn't parenting you demon choice is set him down we can you view as either a presidents or we get to on this trip. But you are told me this and and knowledge and it would on the air work. I asked a question and very leading way you all do all you Karzai trillion with a nice. You how fast she got like ten presence he's in the open mall you played with him flight five minutes he set aside. Georgie exact crap again. Always express this cool little lazy river in a pool scene you're not politics an all around swerve would have been no one early other and they chose ugly it shows the pool hello I. Wow and the tables pass the qualifier. In we still get. Yeah out seed because that's important it's important to them it's important the materialistic side and number stupid it's important everyone did you have Christmas traditions. You're seeing off air. You know it's like saying I was job put on that tradition I'm good you're like all hurt and offended you certainly put on this phase Sonoma what if that turns a Euro though like I used to be don't like yup by bomb that was her saying c'mon everyone give the car on Christmas Day. I was so are we though okay commerce Christmas you know we've been I masri was performing and I don't know. You would go driver in the neighboring zero lights and I looked out for three weeks leading up to Christy sing Christmas on car. They would. Policy just now during descent there would I suspect play my Intel mobile video game or something but those didn't exist when you are. I carving you know yeah. Well myself. That's what real quick then you say they don't do you were gonna give me crap does your leg died. You are not sure that's sort of tradition to everybody thought the car doesn't look for my family quickly do we do that every year driven the car before and I've seen these Christmas lights for a months leading up to Christmas so what do you what we usually will put the kids in their Christmas could jam does it go get hot chocolate driver Ella thought taco until all the kids fall asleep in the car and votes apparent thing I give. It's on for this thing inside India Boca. Do you do that my other current tradition and I started in this sort of do we wanna hear if your make him want out or you've got one that's not. Normal traditions medium not right on what's normal but night. You opened presents one of two times Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Duca. And then he big meal on Christmas Day new mayor and watched the ball. I feel like a lot of people do like Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve like people they bring their cookies and then leave mouse or Santa and stuff you'll have fake Christmas ES and so 'cause so this is what we're asking now. If you've got a cool tradition. We've not heard of from maybe hasn't it does like Sarah. Why he's so. The cooler collar typical plus I'm just speculate why. Not to see if you don't want people see that's cool but I've seen him for a month and then let's call something a little more magical on Christmas Eve to see among Chris because you are you saw you got a steering wheel he's got a bright kids and their jam is in their likes their sealer like tomorrow morning we're gonna the tonight. Yeah great night I don't lasting their eyeballs CR Christmas he was a bunch of cool like to sleaze that's cold low cut. Dog I just did not know that I'm not a hundred dollars in my pocket I guess I'm with me this year across. I don't beat Dan but politically loaded up on hot chocolate and I think he'll come just you'll drink each podshock now I won't go home throughout. No expense to myself as somebody and I I am I thought they medical Christmas tradition too and like what they do is with their family on Christmas Day after they've all open their presents a later on watchful bordered on whatever. They all awake camp. Out in this in the living room under the Christmas tree on Christmas night placed end an eight yet lake surrounded by other news stuff and they also on watch Christmas movies and then they all crashed out on the couch camping out under this right now work as I don't like balanced which one of I think it's cool part settlement am slower you have Allen Sunday to blow ups and massive I saw pictures there's Honda's try to do you have to slow down just for the tree in your bed the art if you got a great tradition. We may adopt them know this Steve screw screw steal even opportunities particularly great traditions for guys alone with a pizza box on the wrist shot that he didn't and that's on Christmas night we wanna hear the weird holiday traditions that you do to the. I I I would sure interest extradition. Saban know Dana what's no new do you. Everybody get them belt it in on a piece there it and we predator around our neck like a necklace to end the whole night while we're just. You know what family everybody tried to get you that and I and your question with the word no. And it eating you know you get. Personal Pique your bell and third and at and say whatever has the most bells are usually all the bills into one that it's open to present just one. Oh loan. That she's unique so it's like when you go wash my car career a collection no. Yeah I hit it we're coming over soon. Are not girl edition I'm wearing my single layer and my doubts. Madame last. That's an interesting line habits you can just ask you wanna do wanna Coke would mean would you just do too early is Cyril there and got to know the Vietnam down. The which is that's a perfectly again I would do really ask to see general matter one just to calm down when you're angry letter Monica. EEye yeah I holiday traditions. Our holiday tradition that can get up really early on Christmas to each UK cash pack up the kids and taken to the mountains kind of certainly can play hockey and golf ice skating. All that's fine I'll be miserable cold outside yes I know that's those are all sunny discretionary beautiful yeah you're all tired and hunkered oh no like I guess you just I'm just surprised I'm being the native born on this and just deal doesn't go outside unless somebody personally don't know what did you tell it's me it's cute and you dual activity before he can just slide out then I wouldn't skate but I would enjoy had to hang around me you know everyone else can do that that's usually you would smoked. Probably going to end this attitude which of course is still a forest fire just sort of that I always street nick pets is Dave Cabrera but that's not how we need to do allowance. Model will only begin not serve probably twelve pierce. While he's in your kids are gonna do with their kid is in the their cats and it's kind of cool to know you started a tradition tradition you know I like it yeah you call Monica. On the New Zealand on you know when I might sore work play hockey. Check you out so it's Chris don't think the I but he effort traditions. Leave it up on Christmas even we watch a Christmas story to the displayed on all of that he has. Teams here's a matter ambassador back to back to. Yes nonstop feature that he could sign all the days. And and I I I am on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day we driver around old town looking for like aliens in people's and that. How. Yeah I think last year we were out cute I think seven likely camps. That's so that it's all video stream when you see one. And I got around look at on the TV is not just Jerry do you. Don't forget that idea for this year but yes so it's like. Christmas lights but we ignition and which makes it a little more exciting time writing aimlessly. I'd like that or you are you gonna call notice. I mean you know. I don't lake Lansing I'm definitely I'd never seen whenever your kids are seeing the movie right oh yeah. Not feel like it's much his idea but certainly succeeded yeah play along that's cool Alex. Yeah I Christmas does. So me and all of my extended family members to get together and we'd be 800 could see it. To love that spot there than teachers people you have to get some man this important enough big game like action look yes. Yeah that it's not at all while Christmas see yeah. A little bit yourself kids get a little song run need to lick the spoon yeah I think it's a hell. That's not bad then you take care of all the people on your list that's actually really it's a lot of money right it's sounds awesome don't like god. If your teachers trash men remaining gave you this I don't think kids house and Halloween has popcorn ball spread you can't Tony and I US I dollars in senior kitchen they see them Zandi I like the idea I had the money zero food for yourself. That's got for Christmas traditions are holiday traditions we take them over on the soccer and Steve Vistaprint.