Slacker and Steve - Homecoming Photos Went Viral 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Staying on every so once again. What is going on what happened now I don't I don't like talking a thesaurus ATC in case you're new to the show here's a little background. I. Spent my entire. The elementary junior high high school career. In my basement shredding on guitar became one of the best guitarists in the state baskets are sincere in Colorado voted one yearly contest. We now played shows all of the country lived on tour bus. Just couldn't got our first record labels where they've managed to screw you over and it's just never panned out and one day I gave up on my dreams and decided to do radio show with you I know you can't sink down to this don't singles. You can see via how was ordered is now I can never make my dreams come true the and it's. One of those things where. I try to tell my kids know you know. Keep trying. It'll your dreams will eventually come persevere persevere hard work pays Oscar. You're eventually gonna break through blah blah blah even though I have to tell them it never happened for me it's you know even close thing you know and then. Some chipotle work courage it's like to discover what washing dishes and becomes a runway model continuing London that's right leg last month that happened she was a dishwasher one executive Malone runaway mom dad acts like centers some fashion person has is off. Craven some taste so how am rolled their land that's super tall dishwasher JH. I want there. And now she's it's a great story well it's happened to get well still matter how. How much I worked hard to fit if at all I need to do because it was worth it just I just told Larry maybe it's you don't and shred a little guitar while I'm shred chicken in the background didn't happen. To pull it happened to differ. This time it's it's somebody just add New Hampshire's all Ohio State University okay this woman she's in nineteen year old named a knocking I. Marleau liberals highway I wouldn't you say yeah I could REI by the way in case your greeting this is why why I'm arm. She was at a homecoming event at Howard university in DC. When some photographer. To get a ticket total for he is an instant Graham creep her account called the sunk. He posts the pictures the pictures go viral. Comments on the photos urged modeling agencies to sign this biochemistry student as I should ease. She's just girl who. Grew up in New Hampshire after moving from Egypt with a family in 2000. And out of nowhere. She's being offered not one but multiple. Big dollar nude modeling contracts. It may. Under which a man and yeah for years divorce a year and he's never got to a dream job and these girls are just biding their own business somebody wants bio amber whatsoever free assault from the those are your children. It's tough tough nothing. Well voters so they knew speech to your Q okay yeah is George you're at all. But the chance is just there are other ways again and wait for your dream. I'll always come to you yes.