Slacker and Steve - Honeymoon Horror 12/13

Wednesday, December 13th


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Staying on the it's the story in the news couple's honeymoon got ruins as she was attacked by a nurse sharp stick. You know it's like you know loose yeah you're from South Carolina in her honeymoon in on the British Virgin Islands it's prudent to do it on the arm and nurse shark yeah attorneys or Bardner sharks are not as. They're not nearly as severe as other brands of shark. Some a diver. So like I still entitled certified are you certified jaskol overlook it to six shots and up. Horizon rig until you secretary tease shall you not to go or her on her. We call. I don't have put you personally I took classes yes you're right. Your professional your Iceland where did I just I all sees you more snorkel Lou our coach you sort of I stay above because in my Stanley but once mice Mike he's somebody wants to die with me just harder goal night. You've got three people their like we're trying to do what I answered a kind of like. See you and six here's what you expected G begging to dinners like that's nice and oracle attempt to become also a nice person and technical she's just IQ but right now. You need are Christian or not and it could play clock which is why did they did we were married we are honeymoon like this is we would normally I don't personally you began this. What I was gonna say as a diversion. All these years of diving I always. I don't finish now can you need to be so excited to run doctor or call nurse sharks mirror present them all you guessed I Wear it just dirt road divers jock who just. Tax it's for. Your good guide instruction like that. Sharks know their much nurse sharks okay sodas are handling so Walsh hydraulic spongy and stuff that's what I saw you there's you know and she turned and this isn't the first time I've seen it written down. So but you're not allowed to ever go in the water again I'd promised to get recertified I hope study is like Texas liked our show are sure shark. To register to. Posh you don't something clapping on her own well. Publisher snorkeling and even the diversity tool. Our she's it was her husband playing a prank until she saw a short and the corner bright day in just latched onto it. She was able to pull her arm away and got out of the water she in no way a shark bit her. She you do anything to prevent it cheese she didn't need stitches but the nurse shark as a nurse shark has a super softies. What it because it's a short priced like. And she look like shoot right slowing your strategy for sure do Tony is charged implicate she's trying to examine it she's like right literally every day it. I'm not sure what my tenth I'm changing my last position act they. And who. Doesn't steak sauce on your critical look at so. Nervous he could have been action. There's a and we're almost out of time you're so we want your stories out. Somebody. Stated the beach this well our honeymoon horse definitely shark related but it was like here's another headline did the does the honeymoon was gonna be a beach house. And around the husband was like oh my god this is huge house anybody whose grandparents turns everybody not only did not on a honeymoon. Yes get. How holds some first wife actually considered it. Breed her family and yet so important words you just don't know if she's like. Ever subsequent bush had with him to my honeymoon. I'm supposed to be going too easy for what would you. She is seeking SH could you need your mom. Your little sister is in the next room that's so rumors to give up in the next round she shook staying in a round with the it's not that's worse than a nerve Sean. Got stranded in her retain. There is something that we do and on their honeymoon in that they were unlike some tropical island in an earthquake hit. Are you see her yeah wants. Actually we need we need natural disasters for you went on your honeymoon and you literally broke up so we cheated on somebody I mean it like crippled the country to it wasn't just like Obama was out Bremer it was like a darn yeah you know I don't sleep and and hostile yeah. You have to evacuate every. Sex is something horrifying happens on your honeymoon we want to hear all about it Renee should. You guys keep honeymoon horror. That element of turnaround affect on crude to the Galapagos Islands we have declined Ecuador. Learn that they encore he knew principals who not only learn. There are a bunch of riots and violence that broke out each and finish at the worst in the country can try out the hell are holding regards here that they've moved forward. It's better than them shutting down borders as your circling the country yeah. They're all geared towards kids refueling is still only by a blaze just what is your baby powder into. Pulling out I think you got no honeymoon. Well they give us option period don't know what's it doing a year later we're not quit about two years. Oh I wanna sit we'll take we'll go to Branson. So where we can't let this thing right away I don't Dolly I am so I took it says you waited a year and a half to consummate your marriage your. How we got married and then we're on amateur a year later where you are aged. We allowed to have relations until your he's been here on the news on the honeymoon for me I'm glad you guys held off. I can tell you one of those could solve the rules kind of traditional people thank you Renee. Holly. Yes honeymoon horror. Yeah I wouldn't it went that. I don't really hurt my primary too hard later we learned cheap touring car the mouth and then tracked style option adapt to and that perhaps. What in emergency surgery everywhere. And maybe stay even though left about it he ended up having to be light slice did the next day I know it's a Florida. Hole. The asks grabbed the wrong I need your reset relations once who could could you. Now it or do whatever and people are actually start. Know what I mean like on your honeymoon he was designed strayed into trip and straight and I see you slice and I saw. I rely parking aimed at healing Florida mall at home. Literally almost three weeks later I'm really just you guys are matters anymore. You know the saying no wonder we hope you know OK now they got. That would seal off the patty goes and plays for a lively not to remove ordinance. You're so that is nice honeymoon maybe you should see colleague Eric. Yeah you know I what's your honeymoon horror. So it's my sister my ex brother in law they or getting married they got married they went to Jamaica on the hot on the honeymoon next days into the trip. He let her know that he's been cheating with a fellow dental student and that they had been going on for about a year or how so they'd Lou back together. And they get divorce immediately after that. Why are you here. I'm sure what do you Chile have come before the wedding were never teller one months. I'll. Take a look at paid for so they wanted to go he wanted to on the trip and he didn't want to hurt feelings Chris you wanna get married so about it. All we know we put an unhurt. Bowed out of punched about their past the low lit kicker is that he was in dental school. And he's still might dent just. Smoked K okay it's. Works for a what you find a good dentist doesn't. Oh yeah pretty knows. You know there are a cookie gives me gas could put any good weather there today preparing to. You got now I'm sick dude she's your sister yet but if he's says I I support you 1% this ties to write the check I'm doing my teeth are. Jesse. And yeah. Non honeymoon horror what are you guys. I am no I actually and it didn't eat anything I eat eat and what. I didn't mean after my name. Euro slipped got agitated wires. Yeah at. I didn't think and need and I had to. Eat I went on to the Dian. I was like why do you why can't and you might get height poor hearing hat and I'm really unique way to end. We are again and and the blue Mac yeah. I mean in theory maybe it. Thank my team and we have gotten and it bank account and ran. It right out of my. Yeah. Oh yeah good as. Send your husband has been married oh I'm just didn't oh. I hit I think he didn't gain a little bit. Of that song that it has. There.