Slacker and Steve - Houseguest from Hell 10/18

Tuesday, October 18th

A list has been compiled of the top ten rudest things you can do at someone's house. Messing around on your phone came in first place! What happened when you had a houseguest from hell?

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Steve are there. Something you'll never have to deal with IE no right to you don't I don't have any movie you ever let me say trust no. Does your BR house just driven hey we want to Damascus from now you're really wanted to go you're doing I'm sure you think you can tell Steve if I didn't ask. I tried to climb up and might help you can move cables through your wall says it's true I would get bitten. I was gonna cleanse my house before because I feel like you know what I think it's funny I think. I mean sometimes you say things that are facetious in your being funny but I think that's absolutely true now I really I see you come during your house I'm like oh okay it is more go my mortem is this standard for I don't know what this book. Vascular. Yes no would you you're invited ovaries he would spend the night I think we should make a video series of this I think we shouldn't I know them slackers spend a weekend. South and Steve spent a week and it's lacquered although I don't want Israel does not funny you know if I their children's lives in jeopardy if he comes in my I would call social services myself TJ come in my house did not at. But don't your house will be the both welcome any time cleaning word help determine when he's tallied three do you know we can't tell you yeah. There's absolutely no way we're going that would be held Africa I'm I'm already out and out and Alan what are we pay to not do that yeah well yeah. And so there and we won't know it if you had somebody come to your house and just be ouster from now or maybe you. We're house just from hell somewhere break there's a list of the ten greatest things you can do when your guests in someone's house. On number ten. Bringing you now without asking who does that and people who do that they assume that they're packaged solution no I'm always bring my dog every worse when you finally ARA. Is to be losing the dogs are Ted. Yes you irked her. Or am I know I was like act a little Daniel Drummond I would always resided no doubt I was asked and if you were told no you wouldn't show up would you correct. Foot leaving your body you. Wallet and ideas like normal packaged deal isn't it you need mode Joseph it earned by turning down sued when they are strict parents and that that's actually been polite you know wasting your food army. So that's a a house just not to turn down food you're supposed to eat everything your offer but I see no. I'm right I'm always gonna wasted so much to tell you know you don't really need something new you like he's taken one look at it and find it repulsive it looked yes so. I opt out so I don't just put some might play each other from side to side. They cut it into parallel Graham so looks I ate some and they're stashing your baked potatoes here however who hasn't done that does all this now tinsel and another one of the hook for consider. Odd number eight clean your feet on the furniture. Okay that's just we all know not to do that. Audio you take your shoes off improper you'll see right up on -- you take your shoes up and every house YouTube by a guy to feel it out if I know you before him they know what to do but if I get in there I enjoy a might ask for a look round. I don't again you just don't use do whatever you want to drive some people there's so militant about it here's what it is I don't somebody's house and you walked in and it got a he's clearly gone and how well did you and bought extra shoes to release drug at this point play to. Sure the game and staying there is that you're not the Asian. I'm if I want dean and they have that I respected you know take my ships but it did if I walk around their house I didn't disagrees house stand like seven dogs. Like three kids I don't know what so they're harmless easier each across much of now and then there's dogs here everywhere else so. My shots just aren't welcome but your kids grow. Okay now putting all over the floor can Troy Ellis. Zags I'm back to the front door. Like wading through all the. Students only shoes you've laid out and if there's only 380 earlier but there's 27 pairs of shoes if you aren't much yeah that's. I industry is obviously this closely that he just take their shoes off that there are wearing socks in their bare foot. So do you put them know the dangers Doug or it is on March around your filth and I don't that it RNA articulate as they start to watching you see condensation coming idea. Your eyes clearly reds went through and so it's in well where there was only one set. Doesn't matter Barbara about those guys you're like yeah. We're said okay. Own so I. Do you would you eagle on today's messing around on your phone is number one on this list yeah I'd like to be dubious Cuba number two and a rich it was average of as for the Wi-Fi password I don't whenever it okay. I want to say this if I don't I'm telling that I could senators think you can separate gas network to just has like you have. Okay exacting secondary password he can turn on and off I don't. My password is really involved. OK I think it's one of those ones it's like just seconds. And it's not just upper case lower case number regulate exclamation point it's all thank. So when asked him like. Just hand your phone and all put a net because I have it memorized osu you would soon understand there and go. It killed 794. In the world birdie yeah I think student. OK so they ask you will accommodate but do you find that rude basically there Syrian and give password entertainment easier and your morning. There's a what they're asking if the F kids and their kids have an iPad and wanna do something 00 wow I don't until it okay but you're just at my house and you just makes you came over to light chitchat. Analysts sudden you're good you gotta CPA. And I suspect you can hear what works Endesa is like. Finally just got to shorten it stuff like how you go home where you already know the password and gloves it's a few putts I just the other. I think I think about it it's been two weeks later so like I think they're leaving him like dicier fonts I didn't hit forget this network. Actually it later. As some good costs down for my house for child porn Mike's stuff. I realize this guy's been parked in his shed ES ten Quasar. They played a block away from my house sucking off my network now. So yeah I know now at your right. Not give my network name often I'm good to me either. If we want we want you to tell us if you doubt it somebody like ask us from now. There's a couple that we got from Raddatz debt debt debt we really got to get out here from some guy was at eight makes had a friend over. His in his house guest said I need to go to the bathroom. He's gone for like twenty minutes. He goes in and ask him to try to find a guy. She's not there she's on the guy's mother's computer use them. Her bruising. Adult films walls having relations for one. No but I need to bring up the story within that happened to you will once I'm at a house yes. Just downloaded maps street Patrick modes makes it's just because Torre did I'm complaints to the points. Did he think they did. Provider of my Internet sent me a thing going you're not allowed to have the Internet anymore you and Al Gore save your bands from the unity was late he shut down the server farm yeah us to think. And they wanted 7000 dollars mindset you've got the bill for that my heart and guess what I did. You paid the bill for that. With his credit card you did I was pretty wiley. It's. Yet a couple of choices here. I didn't tell the entire university Europe porn guy in what July 10 place specifically and there was some very specific seat but. Several bought cheap bit torn did several in a series of follows a whole series. After it was like. So did dig something set in and then Johnny enormous seems something's thirteen yeah. Series let's enjoy I don't know what are. But I dangling plot lines of anyway we can keep going with the easily read and hear your stories who what did you didn't he would if you were the houseguest or maybe somebody somebody over and they did something creepy in your house him where is looking for your house suggest from now Jan. Oh yeah I house guests tomorrow. And we my has been his best friend got a fight with his wife and came up with the latter how and I came home the next. Morning and he was sprawled out their living room having relations with themselves. So watching a lot of really healthy idiot. On your TV here on your own computer what was he won't like I do not know this doesn't matter maybe it would it would it would streamed from my husband computer. There yet my husband helped apparently was adding that. And maybe he was taking care of this or who are these. Think yeah. Yeah I have children. My children in the house. They did not come into the living room but yes they where it made it come on Whitney that they went upstairs argue that we're very lucky that you burn that coach with him on a bit. Somebody tells you have on our floor he was boom and an extra one and he's millions move in the smorgasbord around the C. All the Philly actually not new carpet so. Yeah I would have my doubt yes definitely think it it it. Oh my god that's us that's definitely a terrible house guests thank you feel you. Mary yeah yeah yeah I house guests from how news. Oh my goodness OK tell I had a friend. From the other day she came action and you have to put this baby girl like a little while to get herself on her feet overnight or in a letter to dinner outreach and. Tumor turned into two years. To you as you resolve you would enable. Yes this costs he has. Yes look at it goes unpunished what is. What are you how do you get some big hits they got squatters rights now it's normal series house is. Yeah yeah actually had this well. At you they'll see is well I like dirty Blake Blake. Slick ladies they lure. In places they shouldn't be and they're throwing things in the trash it's. Past. My prayer or reflection of hoarding them I don't know why. She was keeping her views. Are getting the yes. He makes subtle hints or you're just like hey you've got to get out of our house now this wouldn't go. Yes. Well we that she would give us excuses there's not a worm trying to go to college did she leave Blake. I'm applications around ten block a lot yet she never know none of that happened she had a job but she never Qaeda or any thing. One and one half my yeah I hate to ninety resumption this you just cost me my little weekend at Steve's salary so how. I'm pretty sure he's afraid that I'll never leave out the size of the yeah. Oh my god configure the coronary feminine look we know I might I still you he lets you tap. Sarah. Yeah I use that you are disguised. House just rebel. You are so our good friend in town for a couple weeks that would create entry whipped cream and while she was looking for Charles. She won't always be shopping surely be out you don't have mining machine that we are dealing Gingrich. I'm but she never actually started to RBIs and gives you some group we are cool. And I found Merrill. Schubert and are you almost hurt. Not only does it. But it could try to work something like platonic production without your you don't learn how it worked and I knew I had to pay her. I always. So really seemed to work and you're paying you're right she was doing good she's doing it. There is that I knew your house she was having relations dudes for money. Absolutely every dorm captured Irish gave me my other crime and am very it is warmer water why what you are doing be it shark. And cull one bear Carmela and yup. My diaries Steve your mind vocal illegal acts for which she did as though it. As the owner of the brothel if that girl got buster which she would Sarah have been the obvious we'll see you all even though she had no clue. Yeah that is you're establishment you were legally responsible for that property you abroad here. Said. For. But yeah if she should take some dimension and I always say gun runner shouldn't do it big time you can do you would you see a different guy every night. Potentially. Pretty much are with regard yeah Craig's list does inside. It's. I'm well. Well that's a terrible house Gisenyi Jazeera I cherish. Eight yard youth house guess from now. Term when I was in high school we had my brother's friend comes to you without her we can't law appearance on account and such. I come in from outside and went up my grandma when I walked in my room he would like. My Dresser looking in my control work she's I think what you do you think he kind of brushed me off shouldn't stormed off and I didn't really think I jab it. By he was going to rendering charge. And I what he was going to the restroom that and I immediately clear an EE I heard it creek high meet. So I turned and looked at the door and lips seeking an army logic and roster why. I know it was disgusting old bella I did like child my mom and my brother about it each. You're not allowed at our house anymore after that but it was definitely creepy. Good I don't want to see answer but I have to ask how old were you there. I was fifteen and he would. I ever faced seventeen maybe eighteen. The is created. That's what hurts and I'm telling you right now using my sons ever gonna have a friend over now it's time daughter love a nun who never have changed. Know that there's zero chance his friends are ever setting foot in my house is gonna be going through Jewish or is NASA dolls do you want to enjoy it while. Thank you great call Sharon cherish arms you can you. It puts you gonna go through girl's underwear drawer you don't want. What good is that in the towel her underwear assume what he deserved to cure only good when they're on her. 'cause you don't want a mile you're raw alfalfa climb when they're off and I had no winner exactly yeah. G story Tara didn't look at me you clearly don't know where I can win lose risk she's got it's here is an opportunity to touch outside. And the. Yeah I got. Friend from college wanted to come home with me for the weekend and app if it could be hit a lot agreed and I pitcher. And perera momma got power and she ever touched a washing machine and it's. Broke it I doubted it expects. Okay and then you're always out. Don't count actor had good guys bring home I keep and I get what he acted and came out like not not record out. Harry attributed to Q everywhere Turkey the green about ten like a. All love you. Does this I mean this was the end of your French and it has to be. No doubt. I didn't talk to ever need you are modeled my propaganda either. Yeah this is separate whites from colors nano you yeah she's during the colder air at all. Gotta clean my bullies also today the Holocaust started this high seas spin cycle thing you while the. Say expected somebody else the condition of our current. What can you talk to bring a stranger match your ass I definitely had a friend. Unmarried friends. Who spent the night in my house who we will we went out to dinner and he was like he can bring Wii U we met this girl to Barneys I can and might. Arm wanted to use my place for your glory into Delhi need you no I normally I'm I'm like you but in my in my in my life would be weird without knowing your children. Syria. Nothing you really comes in she saturate. All right guys. How's this from now. Yes so about six years ago my. My father in law showed up. What does your wife. EU group strange in my life they haven't spoken about ten years on my. He so loved. You know thing to court all these bad in Mountain View opinion it's been about a week you stand with the body. Blast favorite or you about the head out. We promote elaborate story. How he's gonna leave a wife what. That you can find a job you're going to be really want to move back here and not spill over you and working out for them. And real credit report barely know the moment. He's. There and until you want to go back. We didn't end and take care of all of a very clearly. See it is and haven't seen in ten years is dropping oss and and as Swedish immigrants in your home. Our watches her Russian man. And you can look I'm slow him in new life that we had never met before I never met him before rail or merit. Who'd read we will. We've been at about four hours in the conversation the night before we thought we give them trying to convince us that this was a good thing. Why did you let her stay. Not OK. I. Who aren't aren't I mean it's easy it's a presumptive knows it's nice normally yeah a zoo animal home. Therefore we accommodate me we're gonna need some things we thank you for the comment Emily. And here I am here to meet yeah 'cause just from now. Thought I had a road and friend of mine no prayer with some other friends that we were haven't been during an amateur Barry you and added they've and I can we can't really got to count. So. The red different in my he had attacked the he's in a wheelchair. Well usually when you go to the actor actually gonna need my help I'll take iPhone education is bound to commune on loan and help them. So I attribute any penalties that Null. And you wouldn't that there are I don't even online at least probably that hour because we have got Carla at a gas station into the bathroom and their. How much time. US house you can even OK okay that's weird. Well but because we have attacking you moved well the quick takes a minute you know. So I got the door I can't check naive that he was trying to find so. We all went to bed that night the next morning my friend came in my bedroom and that. Hey you might wanna get up because they're so numbered seal. All over your rat her. Minds. It's truly all but he knows I mean equally knows better I. The only mayor and it literally. All over the floor or on the feeling the ball. You are not sell your. I don't even know how you must act now. I'm like no wiggly worm will sing the roads is pretty good things as they lose my own (%expletive) like it's okay not only when media anymore in my. Oh steering and then thank thank thank you. 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