Slacker and Steve - How to Cut Toast 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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Yeah essentially what this show does is armed. We look at the Internet and go what are people fighting about and let's just talk about that kind of you know this is easily the debt like we've done some musical he might save site. Whether or not. Raising your luring your airplane seat is rude and all this not store your glasses you're covered up pretty historic day so the New England same with your distance when you put your sourcing your dishwasher Tynes out trying to Valentine's up his right down on the oh my god do not his closest to the spin anything with a water comes out of third down of the popular at all little girl stuff is. Slowing down on them might dishwasher my boss dishwasher. Welcome detention Nelson who could actually I've never gotten I you know me I don't read manuals but when I got a dishwasher. In the Manuel who literally had. Diagrams. He was like page one. This is in place in late show you how to lower the odds of plus or any and every line. Tying up the cease its German made their toll due in Germany the word America so we do. Heinz. We know to you I'm so here's our debate today and you can chime in on it or you just listen to us fight it out. How do you cut. Toast to a personal isn't it is but this shows about honesty and personnel. Even person old personal message askew. What before we get to the shape what do you use to cut the toast with a using the butter and I can use in a serrated knife from disuse and nobody serie did you mean. Yes. I don't know if it's serrated your circuit with the patties serrated. Yeah I it's a serious ones I've seen Serena from now. I would say. Singer great singer Dinah butter knife he's here now you just does yeah you're disease how we use yeah I don't you really cutting it is much is bludgeoning it and he's staring at me and that's Oslo yeah. OK so. Say you've got your perfect Steve I'll give you one better you got. She is laying in their MacKenzie just carved Turkey denied the pork to you gotta electric night like no Steve you got a light Saber. Made a big cut bread with the don't is a tiny little. Host cutting light Saber. But the technology comes you tell me when light Saber technologies out there is erroneous I wanted it to the players once. You just cut you cheese and church with the moon and yes I can't always always you have your toes Saber out okay. What shape do you cut you're just inside and single I live alone I'd you know I'd cut my toast but if I was going to do. I would do a curly do it the wrong way. I ask you why you qualify that was your single. Because I don't he's I was listening to you guys with kids and little zebra and a good point he never cut his Sosa when he was single we got married and sort of his first kid. And you have to circle you're toast it's mandatory yet you have to be OK so then little. We gave you know you can't afford the Saber Towson hello this. Hertzfeld who's still got that you've still got a nice so yeah sorry about it written in my broken. And which job. Which way you cut and all it absolutely diagonal everytime no question of that and why is and here's why my kids to hate the crust and I feel like if you do you need through the middle order whatever. You basically like trying to eat the middle of the mouth guard when did you actually connect such as if you cut it I actually it's a lot easier to get to the center part of the bread and and eat your way through the inside of the crust there is if you cut it straight. I which way you go I don't need trust. Me you know so I don't eat toast I don't understand people who. And it little he was talking and earlier today about lights. You know we're not go to breast show us all our lives it bringing you context do introduced I get all mad. If I'm like he did Saturday I do the hate that I do the exact opposite outrage any side you have when they're like would you like. Toaster this did turn and AM like anything other than Brett creamy candies for me fruit. Bring you a small child I don't want but it was hard. You grew up horror yes enough to the media blow for Brennan's about a middle East Coast I ate toast and I was young but I yet and I'll say this my parents never cut it I understand. What do you give us a cut stuff yeah I don't come on and you could see much use. I don't because it is easier but give kids yet why don't you do. I'd never much snow. Who wants. To keep this why kids keep moving back home till they're forty years what I. There's just warming cut this year would you have. Just seem to really hands and like human each is she. Usually just him finish here it's a fury have a condom like 50% who do you just take the other one honeymoon is putting a bag and threw in the fridge that. Yeah do you ever wanna eat a sandwich out of the French I'm sorry I don't have to be with its like maybe an hour. We have to values thrown around this thing isn't what this is the fifth tangent of this like. I like when my sandwich is seems sim haven't blt is some. The batons warmed up tomatoes coal and GAAP and you don't toaster an idiot but like some of you do she's got this combination and yeah McDonald's big deal teaching their tracks putts I thought the call oh. If you put a whole damn thing in this trade is just weird it's not the same seriously tomato salad staff inspect your blitz even understand which. The peanut butter should be room temperature so when you were cutting your toes to what (%expletive) how would you how were you. Never cut toes you yeah I DOC. Why why no amber. It would you know. I had chosen a kid it was like a whole piece of toast and legal matters are put on it butter. And brown sugar. I am so there's no such that's what I grew up at all no I just we've butted him they would argue either to me of Jane you know me when GL EU outside. Hello. So we have restaurants and bring you that story because he cut place for peace is that it's all tall and they put in the little packages of jelly or one would never be enough makes true too much time. And I know some plays as a restaurant to date field to the bottom of the toes in the economy up. But to me put it upside down. So the butter part is down. There's our guy knows we have to I don't know that's that's still quite this that's another reason what this country's home a real quick Q and I are no cutters have a little cutter that's why don't like you we what you qualified at yeah. Well yeah I what are you. I actually don't cut my child and I don't tell my kids but they do routes 80. Groce soccer God's gonna cut to grow chiefs who doubts what he's doing with that what Mo. We re go all it is. But he didn't. The you on the corner you duped into something and you tomato soup oh you can still do that none corner military court is getting more on the Myanmar. About Japan that corner and did I always eat that I teach first by the corner and councilmen the league did the missile than union. You put your whole mouse in your tomato soup I guess if you're not sharing your medicine be your right that's just me Williams. I how you cut your aren't just. I don't British style. We got our attention and hello Paula did she six. Little something extra what does it look like I lose you a question. If. So again but there are playing and we've got. Regular differentiate you need to expand your girl I'd give more so please let me a little squares. Now become an end we got one leg tried but we do it and die and are. There. Since a lot of content colder. By the time we don't god and they thought I see. You know. Well. And the wonderful little doubt about it begs the Guatemala played I beg you get the OJ you know more public opinion. Don't do that with them recited the would you would worry me more surface of told to get I don't know if you to laugh about your little finger I don't wanna say this but I don't think we should ever try to get away you know British know your knuckles and they don't know gold because your job search committee chairman sue out of toast now and adds I'll try and.