Slacker and Steve - How Do You Brush Your Teeth 2/16

Friday, February 16th


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You. You know what I don't understand what don't you understand quantum physics. Know what I don't understand is you and I actually agree about this but you're trying to find a way to (%expletive) me off. Studios. Are we actually agree on something I want it does give young guy no doubt pretty well. You give us we only. You're just likes to do a few of new tool and should put drought like what. You dream. The greens are OK I don't usually you. I would still you can't let the world has seen a kid because remember the same page articulate how timbers that are ha. There's no C this debate that we're having. It could have been we could have had is been going around the world it's it's it's another Twitter today and if you haven't heard about it we're about to bring it to you. And what we need on our phones or. Taxing us or discipline social media. Are people who brushed their teeth in correctly cook because well we always say this I read a story we are. We all do the same so we're doing it right his apology. We're doing right we are doing your own house so the brush your teeth question is this and we're not talking about. How do you I don't wanna hear it you get more done than anybody had ever met in my life so whatever you're doing. The right way. Just say end just a grinder in Paris that's yeah so. Here's the way you brush your teeth what do what the question is do you start. By rinsing your toothbrush or putting water and toothbrush forty start with a dry brush and then put that stuff on and after you put the stuff on. Pace taste it stops when. Historically it is a good group hopes to do you guys. What you're baking soda guy you're right Steve you're driving saying I mean you got your read books by candlelight. Are what what does. I was shocked a first of all I would usually uses a toothbrush. What are you even those old utensils and Lula da playing to tell you what human was sought the sonic care we will use you know it is hilarious why. What people don't know but I do and I will call you out on it. You'll literally passed me the name of that just before we went on the air as it was hard to do when you love them like sonic care so you. Down we see here we are it's yeah. It's it's you could say you use solitaire and I know you don't often are you. You use OK you've high technology guy so you got 117 years ago you ravens are bought one and you never use and Strickland the original and I haven't. It's like them I'm broke down but it's never been used its pristine it was always my wife and bottom on the same but our bottom like Costco now eventually and utensils. Jack would Barcelona cares cost of doing it was a two track of them she rushes like seven times and and amateur three times a day guy purse still works and mine is just do and that's weird and it is weird now unless she switched him hum. He's she scratched out that's what you general Mike got you know. So the way you did you and I both actually do it is. You start where I I wet the brush yes. And then apply the pace today and all well and it again that's gas in it and you I logic behind batters just habit. So this actually this W thinking why am I doing its ally why are OK so I wet first I'm not sure why because your making it slippery you're the pace here and I hear is much to the bristles at your wedding habits I do it anyway. But I think that when an agenda tempered dale maybe the paste yes casino gets kind of squiggly out of control some but when I did downed so. The tamp it down you hydrogen water so if you're not well paced wet persons who to we once on the sound we want you tell us. Why you're not. Are we derogatory. You better way then paste wet. It's what it pays well now snapped. If you got a better way than that explain your logic is logic you're close on your logic I do it the same way as you know what the initial wedding of the toothbrush. Is because. Don't know if you're living in an environment where your toothbrush goes into a hermetically sealed container that never gets touched by the atmosphere. I don't it's in a drawer so I put out the initial all. In the the toothbrush is actually a clean and also like wind. You know you see those pictures were made send you a picture of the tooth brush brush her but books and it's like a couple of look what I did you know whatever I did you know your maid service and that's what we don't have made in order to the morals so close. So I make sure it's really it's. Well I think it's more your head that you're actually do decreasing it or did little guy or get some hot water I start a high honor the guys that go hardcore locker room. What are the toothbrush is in fact yes and apply your daily taste and then clean water your hot water now. Well it's already hot guys are over but they still do we know my next. My next thing after the based on I literally like water running and I liked it's just like. Did you run into a waterfall. When you just it just goes under I don't like get it wet wet again. I don't want to. Knuckled it to back off the bronze is legit site is run and under we got a sprinkler or just a yeah isn't running up okay right wonder are you better motion and you can always tell you make that sound I sometimes I do back from an out. It. Indicated if I got two bigger chunk of paste on there with security I got to commend you or your mentally sound because that's freedom to do so and then and then brushed away that's how I doubt and that's a proper way to do Oca. So far nobody does it any other web promising next. I want to meet this dude there's a guy who says I went to toothbrush and then I put the paste. On my tong. Why don't you don't see that's what this guy just bought many grass I don't I don't ask for these and it's like your Bob Ross and that's your palate it's a good pitch and happy trees on my Mohler how and why did it for. Like what. I'm an AMBER Alert is the good and they really. Yeah I mean yeah. And I'm yes how am I think it'll blow the love that can you brush your town I knew I can't IE RUK were supposed to and it's why that's why don't you tonnes grade I don't love you photographer is the thing it is. I can rush yeah I gag on my gag reflex he's. Zero went out it just now when I was doing net in my songs stories on my I was started their was violence. Yes somebody else please say Blake. What was the other things and resist. Well they see your bristles got to see it stays argument as well use sandpaper so there's a chimney. The other reason I went first. Is as you now. I have a problem with dry things in my mouth. This guy can't even finish a popsicle be construed to be I would love woods yeah being dry and being in my I don't pulling it out of your yes like the tone scrutiny when you have to do nothing when you didn't throw culture both the tugged oppressor we didn't want more Freedom Hall got. It's awful so I think might my initial wedding. Is partially eaten and I see and also partially ease of some sort of to get to bristles to make sure that they're not as Toronto and wet. Did your soul on. I will the good news is this no one's calling so there were world do they weren't right. If somebody out you say coming to a whole loans valiant announcement my stuff is working in here. You need you need thirty seconds here a moment has worked very well on the rivers and reasonable. True. Your bristles out of control you complacent and boil water make you know. Ought to know that I. Destroy your dishwasher new technique select pull it straight to visit them. We're just I knew until like twelve cents that's the other sections and if you're looking for a draft one I can tell ya my values as soon what is actually right now. This is what I didn't wanna admit. The toothbrush or use right now. Is minions. Cartoon and it's and it tells you what did you got the main why don't or. Asked does it. Your veteran. Nobody knew it reminds you to do what we are admitted he actually exceeds. It's. What do I asked my kids got kinda violent towards him or herself. I'm like I kind of like tonight so you can borrow matches from Donald tell you exactly what today.