Slacker and Steve - How many people would it take to colonize a planet? 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th


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Staying on and don't know this about our show. I'm the dumb one. And neither did the Smart ones go I just books martyrs of the killer for me but you can't learn from Good Will Hunting a reading but you you actually retain knowledge you you so you continue to read by you you know interest in sacks in little sings about definitely for a taxi. Do you call it anointed there are times where it's just like you'll stop something awesome like what how do you what's the why do you. What it's like I don't have that ability but just so women in this situation might come in right now Coca. It feels amazing because I know something you don't know what you what are you know I know why you go scientists got together. In came up with you know we've like talked about. Colonizing Mars are due going somewhere and make an. And we could do we send people on this one way journey to Mars they're never coming back so how many people we have to send. Oh to keep our species. Localized features now the biblical answer. Is too. Well while number one female one male bright day that many zag now. But he did down into the messy parts of life since withdrawn the Stanley treat that bad boy do I expect. Sooner or later term. Moves you when your sister are familiar Reilly teases the species alliances were you when your mother you when your link there's it's awkward it's just weird yeah. And so how scientists have come up wins based on line. You gotta have a a widening swath of breeding population you gotta have the effects of outer space or could be some sort of salmon there could be some sort of two makes different you know. He's a celestial events general house described asteroids or whatever. They have a number. Most people. You would have to put on a planet to keep the species alive though and it would last over 6000 years. I the dumb ones to the fact that I know the number did you get the number one they include trust him I saw the story and Manila when I printed it out. Every doctor in the number every time you. Everyday yeah. Still it is because I read scientific journals so old I read anyway. Versions just a cut that alerted one and I just saw I had mine and I'm like what's next and know. Your right I do and I've noticed how pretty easily how do you think. I just. I wanna go into the Imus say I'm not gonna what dollars in the sale of thousands but none of the anti Semitic element bring it down to allow it. Say this subject I million cheating. I haven't seen it I know you're cheating in NHI I heard you save a word on your breasts and I and I I didn't adapt and after the story. And it makes me so mad you're cheating Renault because there is the word jobs. Sure there's just sits as a scientist said it would take just blank people. And it's just like taken just out you I was in new super hybrid Derek how why would you have gone ten. 2002010 is without a doubt but now loses jostle guys how many homeowners say it's in the Saab also a us house you know I'll put to say even less than that I'm gonna say. Policy 505. Under a hundred people up for your price is right rules because I dismiss. Let me give TM pro I don't have a price is right yes here we are similar. 800. People carry what it takes to keep the species don't like yup. Oh no I was close. Serve days sick and wrong. Earns less than 500 people less than 500 that you just couldn't explain it to be cataclysmic events could wipe everybody totally agency ease her. So yet and yet another yes. You know what this is now. Know how good radio listeners is thrown out number this is the tomb and the same numbers in each other and I go low are. Now what you have to ask yourself some if you're sitting in your car and listening to this it's listen viable what's wrong with you can see why are you listening to two men just go could. Lower. With the high error this lesson 500 also draw haven't done LC 250. They're going over to remove ribs was. Only need less then sue sue seeing much. A. Why why. Was I I am too low. You know you. They're laying this is bug OK here is nine. Eight to 81 of his with a summary chromosomes we have. Now really they forgot he's not yeah. It's elites did you lesson that you end up maybe getting with a cousin my language you usually ninety days people didn't. Won't keep this species alive so we knew 99 is always there is gonna have to undermine your Somalian is freeway on your trip. So sick joke.