Slacker and Steve - How Much Candy Can Kill You 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Yeah this is the subject it's not going to be close to a lot of parents hearts here on the how much candy can Julio yup it's. Think yeah well when our bodies reject because we go along. You think our bodies and except 800 pounds of sugar in one sitting. I would say this you haven't been around children along time because of some restraining orders but on the that the you'd be surprised they can you act pretty fast. My son ate so much candy yeah act. And yet tell hours later this so she but he just he could have kept eating but he got. He got in erupted I think I don't see I think you're right your body would eventually go into like insulin shock or something so the but arm of this is this is science they prove in this there are scientists that are telling us how much can be it would take to kill you if it. Black licorice is the first one to talk about dream that talk about it the who's who's still eating now while they still make it soft and anybody in here though. You might. I do like you're an idiot what is normally that would Ali that. It's not your favorite flicks. Keep I don't understand people I had an uncle you love him giggles I mean I your favorite but you'll eat it rent right but there's something so. Off putting about the taste of what Koresh foul there's it's like saying the cost medicine yes. Medicinal eat eat it totally and I had an uncle uncle Clinton. Loved. Black licorice used to go to the story might truthfully to save likely Kirsch is a little bit of a misnomer because only Christian radical Kurdish. Anything else is not actually look Kosher the chocolate in the the Brad the stronger while all the rats that is not. Not really live harsh immigration task to be the black does bombed. We told me when it. Decently do you like Brazil's sort of there ever those things they're called little thing. Like the one is Al's I don't know if those are the little flat in deal could obtain literally see they taste like and it's also adding an S and that. You're Thomas a little Christmas and lend a skinny but I don't know those who try to get a little pastry staying it looks like a painting they treat you put it in this cell maker. It looks like a waffle maker and it's like a lace pattern on its and a little. Crunchy sweet cracker whenever I look at it needs like some people make lending to cells from summed it settles around I don't I was Marcos saying I'm so I yeah I know. Yeah some people make a lemon went and should most people make him with this injury like. Yeah. It's honestly believes in black licorice is a color of their ways you can look at it now it is just looks doomed him to it sucks here I guess the bass is a chicken salad egg salad exit and yes it in this massacre his nose yes it they're nasty. Anyway lack the courage has. Blister arisen in this year rags and blow in it. Promising amateur to taste take does it say. Two ounces of black when Kirsch every day for at least two weeks you'll start having problems you'll be dead. I wish I hadn't read this on the air because now we know he likes it we consumed internally at the okay. A today are none none none so yeah I eat black licorice and moderation. I guarantee you there's like three people listening on the planet who liked it. And they're all seven years to cut cut cut back a bit but neither one. Cool hip young person you know that's like an annuity block blue Koresh yet not sue there's none none none whatsoever you're you're tool fool if you liked it okay so let's get on to the real study. Is this a black or first person. It is Alamo monotone and get. According to scientists. Thirteen point five grams of sugar per pound of body weight it's at the same time would likely to only focus like you used to go bag of sugar. There's we can make an injustice that entitled kill me to thirteen point five Graham's I knew I was singing the song and I knew I look at it it's easy pitch Sal how Michelle. Yeah I'll I'll say again. Jail oh this whole thing. A white person pitch. And then show all about detail. What color you. Yeah I'm. It's. But they say they need to psych PR OS CIA UT TO that one scene that. No tact. Shoot Wu yeah you don't 'cause I have a spasm which are you know I don't know if they see shoot like there's a loophole on the end prison doll but it's still a chance. I'll get it would literally no I didn't give you. Well anyway so up. Person who weighs a 180 pounds. Really the port this is public service that you Emerson alive we are slowly city so it's. Thirteen grams per council you do surging grams times a 180 pounds. You get 262. Fund's size bars organs are what kind of put candy bar but they're they're they are indeed yeah the grams of sugar per bullet and Snickers and Mars and all those who thinks so I do that one sitting. I could you connect you will. Oca but he guaranteed it to assist you want a real good music that's. Yeah. What more zip yeah. Another snag. 1627. Pieces candy corn I was here as trivia did Decourt. One to sixty over 16101. Sitting will kill him candy court today can I tell you one of the proudest moments of my life graduate 1600. Employees and recently. My children who don't. Who who are the new the new generation they don't know anything about anything they don't understand what's good all they like his video games all they whatever. We were visiting somebody's house and they had candy corn. In a little candy dish. These are people who I wouldn't eat candy corn out of their dish because it was probably there from six or seven Halloween to get on the both my children were terribly disappointed to dig into trying to. I was like. OK I will I'll just some later I'd I decide it was that parental lost yeah the next time you went to the grocery store. They both reminded me. And they made me buy candy corn. And the three of us. Sat in my truck. And pork down an entire back let's OS its wheels and each other my children dare you hooked about community who they are. Did you corners and give us use Mao you guys saw what difference does it can be cut it if you're acorn has taught me it is not just instinctual thing it's a learned behavior that's rather.