Slacker and Steve - Hurt for the Holidays 11/28

Tuesday, November 28th


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Steve. The war I don't think we'll talk I stand Kamal you've gotta agree with real boost with the with the I don't it's not a huge industry thinks there's this thing. Cool hurt you took a look at what is his arm just want. The worst things in other human beings ever enroll kids die so there's this story do I Denver dated. Tom was roof was on his roof and hanging Christmas lights you know. On while his eight year old held the last coach there's some analysts say eight year old on steroids for awhile and has an unlit unbelievable core. Yeah no doubt about why don't you fantastic plan you know bomb. He realize at some point it was not a good idea started climbed around her slid out from under and he fell about eight feet all as a broken leg dislocated ankle to the top. Couple surgeries tees and he will now be laid up for the holidays that sucks so. We get to what it is so insane about this story we as a release Steve. To your mind up what we wanna talk to you guys an album book here when you've got hurt for the holidays yeah that's sort of fun to hang in light solar peers and we broke up the deal or I mean we've got some really interesting little things like. Getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome spreading to me Christmas cards Obama here's where so we're. Almost side over here we want hurt for the holidays stories. On the side over here wing Steve and I were discussing this fellow who hit blood is eight year old hold the latter and then falling. Does not address the story. Armed. Firefighters paramedics have to come 'cause he hurt himself this firefighters. Stuck around and hung the rest of his lights for a couple. All the hype that's also Rose Bowl was not alone I recall. Austere Steve said. I can't quote it exactly what can I think I in years I've known you a big I do pretty mean sees. It's the old school downloads there. In my not paying you liked the insults I didn't that was I OK where it is I do their job and I don't. Fire but I'm just gonna do was cute it's a sweet story. But know OK club now are you okay. What are what are what he slipped to zero on the card was included. Here's your mind. Literally this song is ending her mind which she's not certain this no at all. Yeah. I know really well. That the united his call I've wondered was you have my local prior guidance of over. Assortment of treason and I don't like to. And I am saying no they. You would not really yeah you gotta currently. All due at all. Clean his elbow and whole nother ball only in the hole on holes you can go yeah. That's continues after middle or something crazy could. Good if not did you do about the whole of their own Glenn we see that is blue I was a little fire than these guys have to move. So steep a ground rules that make sure that in your head put on the unit known. Have been right putts out there and there hang in life is like. Our credit markets the irony in all of plot along and they're going to know the hugs and let them know we're. You answer that takes a little scoop. If I was them out what I would. Look like sort of higher position. Did you not call grandma did I. Take I got color my needs to deal with you see I mean come on your country you do you. Just say what if there is a fire I'll tell you what if there's a fire they should. Though we do you have to climb down own business is he never firefighters. The latter is that all. Max yeah to put. I heard that yeah. Like the feel good story I don't know yet are we aptitude for the rest of his time yeah. Concerns to my C drive I would medical. I. Israel are very good and you know I don't are a roof sweep all you name is Glenn. Olden holes. If after living a tragic. Like that is it less and it's and then slowly though this letter and find his eight year old Ricky is Lou you'd. It's a seal he's hurt for the holidays but is it's Iraq yeah about a new houses and buildings are right. We saw in the news and all of Denver or to the ground now we know the rest of the story if there are too busy you know. Cameron the Mary know well apparently. I'm Merrimack New Hampshire Maine and was injured while. Putting Christmas decorations up with a metal pole. Okay ever ask you this and then make a special little pole to do your trees and stuff like that outside orgasm one have to come up with the race Campbell are all making your home eighty type what are you doing minus fully engineered. Thank you to its. I do I usually don't. That stings you I cost or whatever that you can show but tenure track lighting neagle. Okay now on the news three extensions or whenever soy take this thing that goes over the bowl oh should I take us. And I grab one of my unused dry cleaner hangers all of us so snip purse and some duct tape. Gonna make a little Hulk and then every year due to hold the wrong way to pay. Snacks among some. I think that might only have a last year contributing to make a new look it's a double pronged hook whose you can just call us fired upon. This just got a metal pole at least what might say oh yeah. And you know he's beautiful tree overlooking the lake ten billion watch played power lines and goers out he's like. It. All could you go ahead. Set me it happens every year that's that's what you want her for quality stories you won't have to be about holiday lights used. That's what is TV commercials Lego Harry and don't put up your own martyr are still like it seems like you wouldn't have to say that. Bloodshed to thank chancellor Angela I promise you a golf club next or is trying to get. I like your coat hanger at the using code it's it's actually has a really good question yes the fire Freddy's coming back to take him down. No you send the eight year old yeah. The old original letter surely isn't it's. Sounds easy you. I used to literally like we have one of those big pitched roofs GAAP and my dad would take you know like tie downs they use in the back of the truck now yeah fashion like are climbing harness all of the talk and put me in an envelope let me down this shingles on the roof you should. Tied into that's so that I could put their Christmas I was literally dangling off the sidebar of two stories about it like to write downs tied into our news. It's it's too late to Cotto protective services are now there. Does caucuses don't love for music you gotten hurt. On the holidays the studios some examples are just putting might sound a dude had a foot injury after Christmas shopping in sandals too much. Oh that's yeah I'm 37 year old man suffered pain forgot angering Christmas even kicked a picnic table who. I already set the 86 year old dude got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. After writing too many Christmas cards want you to stay heavy car I should tell the challenges like super rhythmic signature stamp. It's cracked. If they can Shutterfly today. You've been hurt for the holidays we got to get her for the holiday story we wanna hear it nation. I'm at now. And so we have had started so I entry outside that we eat. Are wrapped risk Christmas lights and it's two outlets did that we had these long pieces to what I'd bet my good camera altitude or polite. On what he was making them put them all out. Certain wanna mystery how Madonna is sort of Camry in the old. Oh my god. As he struck me into one of us spikes you know what I did. It is what slept so. Hard between Atlantic better fractured attempt. She is so your crucifixion going on here. That's what are gonna say is not how things figured out how to fix social problems like make a conclusion but I don't like our people cook. Just drive I think dramas so he's got an elected to succeed and nail through it is his foot down and all. No it was so you don't have to be heard earlier about getting we're just put so I want you might actually are awaiting new. Except about a case slips out from under its flight yeah structured to chip they had him so arbitrary July. And that makes sense now yeah I guess that's not know it's still not a big deal how long does that take to heal with the. All right. So yeah now seriousness. Of the Holocaust. And since I had a lot of that is yeah possibly awful thank you Nathan Michelle. We are in TIA personalities. Yeah my boyfriend NN I might go back and switch blades. The Christmas last year. How hers and it's just who I still don't even look at. No it's okay yeah that's awesome. There are a regular guy and and then you pull the trigger and then deny it pops well you know tanks. And they're outside smoking a cigarette in the dark. And his nephew would holding hands and you reached Larry when you grab your. I'm in doubt it would close but it was opening he pulled. It's a hoax. He had great tenderness or. She'll vote she eases the problem. I don't know if you guys noticed about me but clowns whitening cream need Guam would different things or my versions and injuries and hands as a as a guitar player all injuries. Fly week pushing me. Just opening it and incident at the time that's. That idea is he okay does he worked. We still smokes and how to go there a physical therapy. During Christmas stuff stuff will leave it to. Mike there's this whole thing going on this kid whose life could be or is like yeah look he's still some extra. You in the gulf of coached. I was wrong and I can look we know it's. Our job and you are. Down in my lab string a light speed and ready to hang them up and I didn't wanna get the latter back doubts or any honored. Chain linked fence that is the gate park saudis realize that the gate was not latch. On the date and that tried. Is literally about three inches away my crotch they have but eighteen states. Okay. Urals federal water you could argue that. It was pretty scary out and likely an oddity there but there you have bought AG which later. It may still have a scar today. It's a I'm just three every man woman and child to her labor it's like I'm doing a what did you hear last row I just want a little extra. Or more are you it's such say you're gonna move at least. Hi my son's case is appealed to president for his sister would sprayed on the installation. Of its three days. It stuck there armed then. Then to get it out it was still wet it is peeled to their skin had to call the emergency room. Peeled off there's yeah. Ordered you'd get the sprayed foam insulation off and one of the he did that dukes was my son in law. And well he got there where. Went up a boutique hid their presence inside out of a styrofoam box and thought it was a great plan which. I'll go this year we we're paying him back real good bet that. This is.