Slacker and Steve - Hurt for the Holidays 12/16

Friday, December 16th

A Florida woman was sent to the hospital after she was ran over by a float in the Pensacola Christmas Parade. What happened when you got hurt from a holiday related incident?

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Steve are there. I even. Don't you are bent you'd. Do you celebrate the holidays nearly not really anymore or do you just another day is just now. Imagine if you've been harmed I was trying to think back to normal years not as a kid. Or they be emotionally. I was not listening. To everything I wanted but still no I never. Like physically fallen off a roof putting light supper I will drive we accept emotionally hurt. Now anime and he's. I'm with you got hurt on the holidays like. Hurt by not because of all we'll sort of those I mean night. Good dumb to know you were I mean yeah I slipped on a nice slow. Dane so all in on the ice. Okay this doesn't really weird. Did you ever slipped only I ace and you fall and you get her in her try to take our. Slipped on the ice and not fallen all the way down. And it actually hurts find morals vs is because. You do something with your body catcher so you actually it's like what. And you hear that like you rip something yeah cracked open that it means. Being Brian's on that Muslims have gone down and I'd be there that sucks about that so you have to go to like emergency care then these yours there knowing with the you don't wanna deal with units into office on holidays for Lebanese want and not have anybody. She's actually just a I still the deal was shot. That's a stupid people are I. A Florida woman who has been run over by a floats and now Pensacola Christmas is parade and indeed how did this and so was she standing. On the side she's 59 when she stepped out into the streets let me find a reason to step out of the street Wally huge pro ray yes hello this is totally block apparently she what she stepped out to arm trying to pick something up. It did so Serb candy and permits illegal. Shut up to you got a gold digger don't want to be Kidd talked Kim can you keep his kids who'd run mistreat you mowed over by floats so young they had to have kids of buckets walk along the sidewalks concur is a lesson you actually went to a Christmas for that is our I heard you right I should. Yeah. Is still going to do on my yards so rich yeah. With a little good who's done things castle say which you don't like spring to ensure a rig Yahoo! or it will bring your buckets with you more borrowing and see your disposed to. Sure that is it was a really rushing to the stream and plowed over so we we knew little little doubt he can run we will run right at the slowly you have to throw that would pay him do was a bit but I mean they would take assist fools. All of your barrels of hurts yeah. Any dislike. Always wanted to cry did you pattern all digital. Hey now I did and when it got a little they did they would under hands. All lightly underdogs soft ball tossed a Q are there yeah it was Steve across the pavement you have to stay in on the side we could jump mistreated to let it come to you yes yeah and it eat it so now all know that god turn now and in Canada rate do you I I basically just walk with a buddy displeasure here they're grab what you want. Well it's not so they could be anyway. In Pensacola they may still throw candy is this woman steps out to pick something up. On the she was apparently bumped from behind and fold forward. So I was foolish to. Hey how are OK if we don't all see you want to wait and you don't I eat fruit outside. Shoot. Ordinary men are already well. Don't. Any way she got hurt from always. Officials say safety person walking with a float. Saw her fall and pulled her own C head a homeless half of the floats tires they get the flow didn't run over the last torso of the woman on set I want that's and it's still what do you it's just. Thereby delaying the parade all forced thirteen million. Cows all the disease is yes our nation is more the heck out of the way here Russia is this is not a partisan noise here you know deep into the phrase and aliens you see Miriam. Lazier the newest is the last thing enumerated might see just say she. Did you hear freezing cold. I off. She's racked everyone's policy yeah. Miriam millions is our first first hurt for a holiday stories. There's there's a story also that says men over the age of fifteen or most prone. To getting her for the holidays was because I guess men over fifty. Arm still sync they're young and it's like you're beautiful losing all over the Chris Scott Sherron you got you didn't I see do whatever and eventually they they their their bodies don't respond the same way. And something bad happens to on the see and they get all pumped up Doolittle d.s dad do some to his body. Oh in Ramallah he's frantically looking for his headphones my dad he's super slowly this artist on this other shorter wall leading brand. Another woman tried to run over ex boyfriend while he was putting up Christmas decorations which is like you've seen animal yourself in his new girlfriend and their kids or some good gash she act. Acts for sure that's we she's 47 years old she had almost no contact their acts for a long time. But she cranked out some Christmas tunes all and drove her Jeep to his house drove through he's you are off and tried to run him and his family over Albright. No one was injured but the joy ride cause more than 500 bucks worth of damage associate cloud over the loosely the bulls in the yard of his bar weighs she she'd tire tracks through all of this stuff all leaving a trail of broken lights and don't. In her weight she used to destroy the whole salie grumpy she ruined Christmas for ever she hurt everybody for the holiday sang during disaster another really. They're side question do you like inflatable us. I don't actually because most of the time urges is live in the day there I don't think you play doubles or just a terrible things as you drive by insists it looks site. So your tried very hard once just can't just it's mostly clear as you are Christmas yeah. I don't I don't like them to the Little League you. You said to join the show yes Erica stick. Are dead how is your dad heard thought I guess so when I was a kid just like Severino was hanging on our office room plane on the computer my dad was outside hanging up Christmas lights on the roof and you got to the very edge and somehow I don't know how but he fell off the roof and landed in the bush is so I'm I'm sitting hasn't sitting at the computer just off last. Like out on the street fighter window and my dad yelled as we go out to Iranian and have tea and up is need like broke his leg had to have to meet. All right. It was bad because of the holidays yeah UNC Carol Bono yeah quality I'm all braced thing going on all our on the couch the whole time I just take him to the bathroom. I thought I did not and I actually did yes Sony into Washington. Going back to that's not yet heard from Don and then I found this story tee there apparently there was a 54 year old guy that was hanging up Christmas lights in his front yard with a metal pole would trying to get him up in the tree remained didn't look up and hit the earth they hit the power line. Got hit with 20000. Border electricity and I'll know he didn't hear had its busiest entry burns on his hands and exit burns on his lay. She. Always she's not only going to Scottsdale I don't. I came up Christmas like the metal plates that won't be asked. Nor does that bodes as usual the trees I did ask these countries still use a broom and don't do something metal. It's like. Always a largely open to knowing he's over there could be a little bit. I would again. If the fight so what do what ever happened to you if if you've got hurt our lights or something bad ever you like your ex strolled through your house today however you not hurt for the holidays we'd love to hear your story Jason. Yeah I I thank you nice. So nobody lived on east of town whose Christmas stay calm here four Wheeler and about ten acres. Interventions teenage son has got these big inner tubes. Like floating on the river. And we got a good idea to lash one bitter truth behind the four Wheeler and Australian around now. Yeah so that's terrifying idea the kind of it's terrible terrifying. Dumb dumb dumb idea yeah. Which we'll also for about fifteen minutes and then laughs I number one on the corner and Allen on the American. You know law and it's now recorded Sydney saw iron and overran. And kind of smashing actually. Prologue. And got about 24 stitches. My Schafer so holy geez you not see the law that was covered by snow is that why you guys hit it a word you were you thinking could ramp it. I saw the people driving did not see it so I'm churning and I just gonna stay on the same course you know like yeah yeah I here's what's new out yet. Game. The health. Good thanks how does your feast. She's fifty a couple of extra and I know my third period we'll go got a little bit of a dark room. Even if you did all you might not always good. What are you doing. And my hero my buddy from when we were kids so we can act like it yeah hello go to. You know hi. I have never tie it you don't know I mean personally I know. So we know it always ends like this. Some steak you critical time the snowmobile across I'll clean is your best coolest book like the same day which knows rose. Everything looks the same height. So I'm doing like mocks my crosses steeled herself there's a ditch there are there is that you can't see who's supposed to do bring your path slowly in the new theoretically say to you turn around a little flyer 120 per cent or where you Vanilla since its link in the bottom and get to this did you know south. And if Della. Yeah I heard for the holidays. So I actually aren't making it cute story gingerbread house hurt competition or while walking in the park yeah I was in the offense up his flock into the parking lot I was pet tricks. It's trite to say the gingerbread house economic hell. Along with my heart and my eight streaming media calling my shoulder. They may list and I know how and how it and the release surgery on my other. Some leases. But she user driven out ten and a broken into Red Bull. Like had a patent and this happened what was best case scenario for you what was the prize. Why don't you and I we're gonna kitchen manager and an elementary school so we are taking a few Latin you know the best school near the back kitchen and then we're gonna auction off a little kids. Also lost at home puts a lot of new doctor Q were there at least sixty anti teacher the Rosie show people that you weren't lying if she does look like. You know guys who. Yeah I'll bring it gingerbread house he would never make it he's like lab is gonna cross shelter gingerbread house for tonight's download my driveway access. We are fortunate our parent and a janitor and parking lot and Sami volleying in the middle of the parking lot so let him slide and I think he is. Yahoo! is the release. Its soul it's our. We kiss you and I remember once you listen you residual pain for the rest of your nice drive you 'cause of once you did you do right now since the. You know I have a car bombing trauma made on my hand and work the way he used to like secret things like hit like. As soon. Do you was definitely her for the holidays here and there I think you will do gingerbread house sensitive consolation prize today. Jessica off. Yeah I heard for the holidays. Sean three or four years old reading round house punch you in the Christmas tree and bush I did tried to go out the screen door with chopsticks in my hand to check the screen door chop stick wit right you might cheered us. A columnist Leonard in my eye each had multiple operations that night. Slowly she relaxed everything good Krugman. Know why is why you re with a chopsticks anyway aren't like I don't. Every Christmas theme we have Chinese surge it oh yeah tradition is right we are not anymore that yeah. Every Christmas Eve I picked it up didn't. I'll write my I it does not chaired by itself right oh also I correction and send and. It's been a whirlwind. He still do Chinese students how. How much does this every Christmas age I would so I don't know about the due to ask I always ask is Chris when somebody entails and cell phones and when did you pull it out did you go to the doctor with a you don't have them pulling out. No I think my brother tried pulling out. I pushed it back and. Yeah so let's in his name. Really bad one she pushed it back and she went a little chicks are. Okay I'll you why would you put your I ordered her until your brother even anywhere here. And that's a good look yeah. In truth she could make it likely that Starr from the Christmas tree. And Hewitt stranded me I'm running out the screen door inch and so my mom wrap my head up at a Powell know and it's still bleeding treaty to. Hospital and I pretty narrowly. No it's just us it's common Jessica. Apparently we've found somebody that wasn't its. Wasn't physically hurt for the holidays they have not emotional blow holiday pain going on I ten. Yeah I yeah I hate her for the holidays. Yes so what are about seven years old. My parents or the Serbs have to go open some presents Christmas morning. And we didn't add the whole bunch jazz after that we always do a little not wrapping paper plate and there's five kids little louder wrapping paper. It's also trashing him so our parents tell us to go ahead he yelled put all of our choice to trash bag so we can actually bring into our room. Wolf they also had those pick up all love wrapping paper and dirty trash bag home nobody decided to actually go ahead and grabbed my bag it's always fun. Yeah and now it's seven years old and thrown out so I got literally nothing. Home. Roll. You know then and you ask you to seal all you just play within and then their. And radio. My guess that's a brutal abrupt. I imagine these toy out pictured like theme he's totally easy always soaring and girl likes. Oh yeah and then they're being crushed in a vacuum would trump series and asserted. This looked at the poll might do. That's a tad Smith did your parents say go do a few more toys do what happened. More moderate they would play next they're actually so and they they just tried getting me some. I mean it kind of worked in hand and let you know else you know release does. For one day you were toy lesson is just the typical man yeah that is CL that is an emotional pain KC ten. Real quick and it's really for you don't going emotional sense. You know Mike heard on the holidays emotional side right now I know your dog arena. You came running down. Dogs when they don't feel good tender wanna hide. So the best place to hide that day. Was welcome under the trees to wounded and she had she had this like cancerous borrow from the night before so and she marched. That oh my car zone all so there was like Rick acid was eating the tainted my knees are soulless. I Santo less means I thought I mean the most I am I now know that seemed to didn't do that didn't think she just died of natural causes but it was like we still. I know you didn't dawn. Why jogging is. The I think that's enough the emotional side can open strictly looks go to. It's not know what is healthy yes you can actually you guys heard through the holidays. I had on about a week before Christmas Kabila government snowboarding. And I got a little terrain park had rail and stuff so I ended up falling at the end of Burrell broke my. Well on salt by color boundaries dislocated shoulder. She's. Small size of your collar jobs yes. The ball global young woman Amanda speeding needs. Mr. tanner there. You got your race you would like you can't mostly to its full size of your card which do you do anything for yourself can your arms move. June but it. It hurts too until I didn't like here Vegas. Only executive Buick does for four amber. I'm an improvement British Christmas. Your mom had a Diaz could you did you wipe your own behind it. Okay did I just. Just curious how how do you actually lower jaw just like this yeah definitely Sox are thank you for the calls act John. I hurt for the holidays what happened. Now when I was 10 Christmas seat morning I was sitting down and watched my dad played a video game and upholding Jarrett top my ring finger. And I immediately feeling the U I read it Alice. Along came then mail hanging on the. Dad did so you're closing the folding chair Powell. I can't Wear it and the worst part about it was when he took me kitty ER. It doctor it's been emailing you called back under this scan. How X Tex I take you know. I figured I'd teach you just growing new wanna masks oh god. That's why they put big cubicle backed debt that they NATO itself eloped but Mandela also talked about six months later. On row all that's did I mean to me at least six day I just CC did you that's almost worst is and there's actually put in the new. Your finger nail this. Oh today and it. No nothing he just shoved it back underneath there sons Eric. Holder rep almost regional political presence one handed. Yeah how how old are you. About. Half the might tell you right now my son would die. He could only do everything he could handle actor music hold your breath and went and avenues that adds I mean dude it's. Right now he's just he's nice I'm not doing as find another way to do our wow thank you for the call John. Let's talk a dare I had a whirlwind single. If you could hurt on the holidays we'd still have to hear your stories over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook needs.