Slacker and Steve - Husband Won the Lottery 10/23

Monday, October 23rd


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Hala let's start here. It's much laid down the challenge is there a single person listening who's willing to admit it if they came into a bunch of cash. They dumped their significant other it's a tough one. Serious probably at least one dude we. I mean a couple dudes there is many voices geyser meet this show has always been about honesty drew. If you would dump your Sig other we usually hear. Get inside your head a little bit it's a you're out. So you just sit there waiting on your lottery ticket or your great uncle Charlie day ticket. And if it happened you bet he'll. 3032225. 423. Nuts not thinking that it's fraud when you're trying to do that. It is. Technically she's got every right to half of that cash and if you take the cash into one and trying to flee the country residence. It's Canada's different laws so with a with taxes or this student Janet had gotten lucky and won a six million dollar lottery jackpot. Now my knowledge is Canadian law which is rudimentary ambassador. Because I've done so we don't suffer that lottery company out of Canada duke. They don't charge taxes on lottery winning anything up in Canada are you win something you don't get attacked right yeah 06 million dollar lottery winners six million dollar estate they've put six million dollars in your bank account but I write ten. We'll dude he has tried to hide it from his food Karl Malone. For so. On his name is Maurice to both you think ends and it's close on the endurance his values. He won the six million. He packed his bags to his passport and left town. Now. It's not as Weis necessary to call in the husband in their butt. Some people are saying he's really just boyfriend this story says husband drove our I think our intern in any little they are pretty she looked estimates they said they were living together for a couple of years and meaning necessarily hadn't half com. Hadn't signed the papers. Ops. She suspicious when he did fifteen loads of laundry. But you feel if your kids can afford dry cleaning Rwanda Bosnia and like yeah. I plan on buying muscle cars in the state in the country if it's we still can do is sorry million dollar so it's not Mary to. Then did she that's a little bit different now is a common lung Kennametal crap. Is amazing my guess people on the and with all. This is sad yet amazing Jackie. I hate you are disguised. You win so what you would you would bounce if you came in the money. So we did. Are you married. Reporters. Oh pollutants they picked them so much that. It's. He's got her wish them well up from. Our. There's Cooper future in this particular relationship. Is really remain goal. We're both premiere turner for convenient and you read Concord remember own pro. Barring a lottery win and win or or on some windfall from an inheritance you're gonna stay with dispersant. We are all songs. He how much money assuming you miss from coast to insert notre. It lights a 100000 would be enough for you to bounce it doesn't have to be a 100000 need please. Fifty. Dude do you understand the whim I don't you understand my brain at all designed. I'm like a person who wonders if Jackie isn't my wife's kind of thing I. Ain't like I put all my wife's got a number of her. Did so yeah stick though. Let it go I love you but I tell you any advice for sushi would she would divorce suit asks I I don't know. It's poor rating I might be there might be different. Most just look at so you love them now with that Jackie. Chloride. Group does not in order to bring good changes for you stops I'll bring it makes the CI. Bird or 2000 would make you leave forever let's. Listen to. This year and Jacqui I like I don't know which dual goals on me for the Howard.