Slacker and Steve - I Had an Accident 9/25

Monday, September 25th


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Steve I am here isn't that there's guys. And we color springs girl and Hulu walked around who jobs. Oops in the in this one person's you know line all the time we can't find her on. So do you not sign. Her GMA do you need her to leave it. And here today right if you live shows up her now that's right now there's a due to the Cohen group ma'am no ma'am. And I don't and oh you know I'm saying I have had then there and Chris Cornell in my head all day going. Talk. About thumb she apparently. He goes in one of those drive your car washes yeah. And when he gets out of the car wallets running do you want to Slovakia after Tokyo I wanted to do a woman pulls you through 'cause any. It looks like keys he basically it's a car Washington I think you you're getting close but it might be the one you just all lost your own car and on the tracks and ride the Coca. He's you know aside any light. Leans on his front end there like he squats like he does Michael Walsh sick okay iron on his front fender. And it does his business makes an amber tip of the men and now they have a security camera. Pictures ever and they're saying you know this guy police bring it down the drain so it's it's close to the drain but it's not it's not. Always he's going to kick you mount Aries is leaving Edmonton. You know he's got a thing right Simmons a jogger checked she's got a sick O she asked at a sink his spirit but it. My always bronze and I know I've known runners. And when you start to run sometimes your guts just especially when you run a marathon runners Austin have an accident. Only slowly consumed just happens let your know your body just your body that's ago Boca. But this woman in Colorado Springs is. Going to a saw. Or else if it would be if it was really bubble got from being a runner it would happen in different. Different yeah. You can change your route so at least you took in somebody else's yard the second time this week manager menacing images dude. She's she's going back to that scene of the crime over and over own rights of thing that it seems like he's got a thanks it was a thing to do this in public. Must. Be okay why and a friend who did the car wash thank. What corporately pull him there and do business and now he was in the automatic one. And he would Washington. And did. This is what we wanna talk about have you ever had an accident. And it can be number one number two number three number four we don't know what number three or four are just tell us the number of the pure accident. There are times when did. You know this it just. Cut it it's surprises yet. I know what's happened to you but usually there's signs so I heed warning signs so my friends. Was. Had a few warning signs what was I can just fueled up and it was like. Three Carlos. I want act. And then died in the line for the car wash things and the signs became more obvious. And the contractions got closer and closer and and by the time. He knew that we knew we were at Defcon five or whatever we are higher showing you what church you can't. How do you get out of that you've got cars behind you ai you've got cars in front of you. So your options are. Happy accidents. Inside your vehicle. The or word just burst out of your car and autos ball and run to go big brushes corner. To the corner corner where it is dry and then jump back in before your targets past what he did. Get how old it's moon Watson your car is all web site year old socked with so open. Why it's would you rather be socked with so. War I would do it the way you did it. This fast food match. Actors you do it. Yeah you're supposed to be due to break oh gosh I know why you always bring up the story of your career and you're supposed to deliver like organs our hearts and liberals this particular case you pulled to a drive thru because you were hungry all that's a different story no and they when you got Doug eating now these are you wanna pull over and out of season did in the bad was delivering a Wall Street. Journal to a mountain town this guy had so much money I think he had a paper delivered to his house. On Sunday I was still a Wall Street Journal to his house saw OK and I ate at Taco Bell on my way to assess it and things are going wild up. And the town was a ghost town is a mountain town on a Sunday morning nobody was or nothing was open. And so. I grabbed my Taco Bell bag and had my accident in the back. Okay this is still say yes and you actually you do with the write your your respectful you know the drug and it is your parents like you did you Lester back. Oh you brought it with you. Just didn't you on this man's front porch front to back with me through on the highway in my way you know how you blow the back before you pop it. I just trusted focused on candidate. Lousy you're courteous you were cool Daniel which candidate yet why aren't you talking about instant. Your whole US and I had and we traveled together and I really don't until today I know we were our trip to Vegas and stuff I was gonna go to a program back to my room Xanadu my business and quite just didn't make it into the bathroom because it's so vast I mean those are big value as you're you've sweets ice. Migrant you know everybody knows that you are the upgrades we don't got it. CI it's like I pull my pants down and realize oh like she made it is so I had a one hadn't cleaned up a little less. I grabbed one of the liners in the trash bags or plastic bag whenever it sort of roll up my girl my underwear and that's what you were called grounds again I know so anyway because I do wanna leave them in the trashed in our room my opulent sweet. So I walked down the hall in your door was closed so I could throw in their son. Neighbors we were that's grossly always trashed here on public trashed it was out there in the lobby area where the elevators were. So sorry I jail underwear I threw him a mirror so every for the rest of the day everywhere that. I compliment not a puts you disgusting pig I can't why do or else those oil boys couldn't get rid of it. Thanks so they're now right now we want when you add an action doesn't have to be number two we'll see there was items one I want to get to this kid jumped up on his very pregnant mom's lap. Hugged her and set I love you and all that moment he had a number one accident and now and she brushed herself to the hospital thinking her water broke and give it. Footsteps speech that Syria your water. Also here and smells like little boy here and yeah and knocked it doesn't see himself. I need to access the axis. You're butter. Line is this is that if you had a an accident and you're willing to humiliate yourself in the way the we have we wanna hear your accident stories candy. Yeah and accidents. So. I I had to change my main man named to protect the innocent tanks. My boyfriend went and running and if you work one day and he had to go add. Bad bad and he wasn't making an edge and it started it's coming weeks and they are all waiting on the hall in actor now the top he. Ended up having to throw him under your way you heat. He cleaned up everything to Penske client I you know sometimes you can't clean now are without you know. Chanting carpets and mops and all that stuff. And of course he wouldn't parents Carol and community at Baghdad and he had to go back home but now all the building he was working and right blocks on the bathroom and the men and women took the because they think a homeless man guiding mullah and it. Keep food every now homeless man could everywhere. So at the back pocket there that back doors locked the back then you're locked for only employees lost count. Are they get a kid when he had to go we're like oh my god I'm looking income tax. Hug kid he's. And it happens to him a lot to think. Well he had he had turned medical issues and tell her friends that I happ and did happen. When he had to go he had to. Don't know how how are allowed to no warning signs it's just. Goes from zero to sixty really really fast hard for you. Yeah I think it's the. Every time it happened he called me he liked. Oh god how he handled got to him I am got a visit from homeless man oh allows. It makes relations interest in Monroe so yeah adjustment. We're human ecology and I don't wanna talk about the homeless minimum. Sam. Yeah yeah I accidents. Well I don't riding on the Internet I love them look now and I got that urge to be number Q do really really bad it's and I heard and no played well I. Gliding integration and jumped out at Bradley and tap into. Your own years. Is the right here except circular squirrel like tip. Put up to look at my score but easily among over there this year Murray this happened in new things that you come into my house since all. Now includes the were you riding the motorcycle loan or you run on the back. I alone and I. Good at least you know I didn't really geared to on somebody else is by it was really it's just the still kind of mean Steve. Did you just I cannot drag your bill now little bed and how would you use. Singh and low. I don't have great and I don't like M. Adding your motorcycle boots up we have some oh yeah yeah you're not really you know get none out easily. Fits well. All. These spirits up Metasploit. Yeah thank you really count stands at these Jordan's. And I mean accidents. Are right so my now wife and I would organ beating her about a month for a brown early XP I. And on the way down it hit me. A short time I I just. Not man made some gone wrong but they got to get stops that got on Iraq it did several quit. More than cube that he's all down at the jog down the backside I. Another quarter mile elect a number three or number or an I have slide down aspect bill. Give one away from public to semi wake her. And let's do this guy get it out and then having a paper burial prepared in an in depth you know you let the boxer. All I. How serious this is why don't I don't drive I don't conditions here nobody does it almost a vineyard command nobody that was the last run or did you have another round pick. The last were on the bench commando there at the way down the muck. She never knew she had no clue. Doubt she was right there it now. Oh he still together to go together we got married last month. All the Simmons held historians like an easier. And flooding in certain though it. It doesn't then you've really gone your noise you can survive that you've got so the relationship candy. God you are disguise is simply bad accident happened. However contrary to your groin are not live in and we're driving and make. Curtain hey I've party girl though they have died indicate they're trying and always at bat he and earth they stop. The bad germ I have order and I can't wait. Anyone else. Oh running across the street Cilic is fired are what Karl. Go hand in European all right you're darn. If you are there didn't realize that I don't try to grab my underwear and well in. How can act better. We love. You not an accident or. You're ordered. All well and spirit quicker court. You know you learn. You can now. So then that's go to the clubs. And as I don't. Necessarily did you leave the underwear and a five star hotel bathroom and I go. Yeah look you know batter got a little trash yeah I lunch. I. I didn't see you lose it's OK did you go to clubs still. You are. And L yeah. I can't see him and his girls were good cigar guy's elbow room. No these are gone tonight.