Slacker and Steve - I Was So Broke 12/11

Monday, December 11th


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And no idea what this is a story right but I think it's gonna inspire us to talk to you guys about the age. Just when you got so when you show broke key had to do you just you had nothing you have nothing. There's a new stress is more troops to the millennial generation is struggling to search survives. I'm more and more colonials are selling plasma while. You make bills. You know that's not news I mean we Bowman knew enough for ever. But it police are saying yeah there are just catching on it's due to the elements that new to us how much you think it now. Oh for plasma gas back in the day it was like thirty or forty bucks or something 175. Oh that's right you were doing the son lived on the regular you I would do it. Why you only stories in the local bonding do we need to be dead arm. Well Mike we would back in the days and days we would plan and doing on Friday and we would go. So let him span our plasma out they did you back to send the letter never there's a tanks like holders and then you think you've got Beers Wheaton. Right after just a cheap buzz to death. You get paid if they knew would hurry up a major because my plan he had a box of rocks or some Yankee stones or wow and you are down cheap but and you would do that. What I find fascinating is that. This news stories I don't see mobile renewals are hurting unit come up with this new thing and complete the at all to ever so I did not know about my remained college used to all the time. It feels really weird went into the blood back. I heard it's cold and usually do it once a week or you reboot I was sort of once a week back and I don't know how can you can do and now here apparently they're paying up to a 150 a week for now since SL my remit was making about 15135. Shots. And he's real death. Do it once. Dude the plasmas likes good stocks could perspective it's a sixteen point eight billion dollar market forecasts to expand in the coming years jet now it's 1094% of the world's plasma comes from here comes from. In its review from me I don't do anymore. Just I don't my plasmas and in your domain but I think if this goes funny likes six acres could fit in yet so. But Don broke millennial have created an instructional YouTube video. Bomb on. Images of plasma they're not finding jobs further out seeking Jones mood I think it's a little bit of both I think it's also they want more stuff than their jobs can they they assume because they are molecules in the grow open house with the TV and every room and I Patterson thing Els in every room in load as a organization. Oh my colleagues but when your parents were Tony side they couldn't afford everything you need it right so then it. Yeah see there it is that's a little millennial. It's they won it all they want it. Thank that's righteous but so for plasma to decide that night. I shook yeah I mean well hi Dave. It was a user testing going on early morning wanna know it is actually it was I don't. I don't know the process I think he'd be all right OK I don't think it tests for drugs that's dressed you know I was oh great thanks. Yeah. We now or something I so we've gotten so don't read this IBC is what we want from you we want. If you've been so broke. Yeah I had to do. Some and I mean the and that I think is like the nicest thing not more so we'll move there's this person who sound soaking wet pair of wind breaker style pants in an Alley. Covered in dirt. And whatever else is in the food went home grabbed garbage bags and picked it up like the dog poop you know like stern inside out home since this. She is needed they needed close close I was so broke could afford clothes so I picked out. They said they still have amended paints which they can afford to wash them first for you know they definitely had a wash OK why sometimes clothes are hard to come somebody did something. Somebody would enough money like you if you soiled your peers she's like leave our. I mean I met someone else's treasure someone else's we'll start cramping no speed and I know where you're report announced new and had a would you have to do. I try to remember we had zero food in the house nearly one day get some flour and some butter. It's like took some oil or annoy a heated up some butter and record the flower there. Or maybe some pay get I don't I don't think you were mad I don't know it was the only float through. Yeah or some good and you torts yeah you know just anything that was turned into a solid and remember and tossed up a little bit it was like Brady in like yeah. Are they guys better somewhere and egg may be ready mix in the I don't know what I did but it meant catch up that's always think that three things that I had for that week. It soy meat whatever concoction I had. On the still occasionally eat yet this that was India's. So why but how do I you know I can't play. So. He says that's what I may get a Zelaya was welding masks are sure there's always more stuff being an ashtray that aren't happy that after a little they have always got a new when I when I first left home I I worked at Costco and I would work like the overnight shifts and the only thing that I could afford afford to buy at Costco. Was like those big things a corn dogs you know she's so I literally. That's all I can get I would be corn dogs for every meal. For months on that and I mean I had corn dogs for breakfast lunch and interview series all the meals a day for a solid month you can find three different things that chief and his very well it was cheap and it was quick and I didn't have anything to cook with Sanyo is this like it. Microwaves do you've done and it was super cheap I would you know what works great if you don't have opinions and stuff is just using the regular old to have the four wheel. Through lids I would make them cook stuff on formally put in the other and just whatever will does everything this feels very much like a prison cell. Prison tattoos are Hillary knows who I lose what are the other ones so they're not ultra they don't have to just be so broke I blanked you know you rife so broke a blank. Another person says I had relations with a co worker. 'cause I needed rent money. She offered and we got paid for me just calm when it took so organs and I know I've seen you look at them and you don't have like I am hundred make sure I'm rent. Do you know we worked this up see we don't we don't have that luxury. No one would pay disable this is that same. Yes and no one would take either of us for that so. Be sued or something I'd do or don't in class or whatever it is if you've been so broke. Yeah don't lower yourself to something and we wanna hear your story actually. Yeah I thought the kinds excellence in recent rootkit what. I was so broken grad school that I used to flow loans to myself that I would break a hacker from one checking account how it with a different checking. I like about nine or ten days of glow before you worry about putting the gas. Called hiding sons and isn't that illegal in all. Yeah. I am I really tired like I did the same thing you know you guys somebody told me I wasn't I didn't do that I would like I did like three credit cards and would be like a much needed cash advance some stellar. OK Miami's. Is and we run review your paper yes. Yeah I did not give not a good figure is Nubian but it sometimes the security idea right. But are you okay now you're not still sloping as you color that the. No I'm not flowing anymore now and you know I wouldn't say emirates but I'm outflow. That's also amazing you gonna call the attention. We can teach you some things about Rahman's he has his readings and things about it. But the donut coffee daughter sometimes yeah they do a coffee maker is they didn't have any dishes. That's broke through that it expects flat busted my car. Yes I do feel like they did in the copy may here at 7-Eleven now all we're doing just bought. And direct my nose tackle that hey this is the guy is so broke you blanked. I would use duke coach you cellphone stores well you know carriers and act that you could recycle. Old cell phone that I would hate to cellphones and Sheldon Monty today. She's so it would just dump their junk phone and you would just you did what ten bucks for a yeah it not a piece. I don't know that there's so why now there's anything immoral or wrong about that lies your you didn't get the system. Yeah I did. It wouldn't work now but you know back then it was just fine. Good for you know nobody stop you there like they see this seedy looking character going in cell phones don't like the trash anyway right. That's ridiculous nobody cared. I like that wins on the roof on days you've truly gone David. Tailings. Yes so Brooke you blanked. I critical aren't funny I brake pads and my card and I let my aunt and borrow my car. And they went out log you in jiving and she actually crashed my car. Always. Sooner. Oh you got you. You've got an insurance claim awesome letting your friend take a songs. You gotta respect now. Yeah I don't we simply don't bring clients and let your friends drive you know what's good yeah. Talk how you did you seem like you're mad at her like you had no idea what was going on. Well no I listen did you get a new cartoon. And it. It you lost a friend who here. Perhaps he wasn't hurt no right. On. Nominees we'll play 90 yeah as you know that's I think zoom. Hannah. And guys you it's so broad Tebow ranks. Why did you remember a few times that hit my mom let's say OK it's time to go and be a great input at herb street and that's not all. Am looking I you know I hope I realized our power detect it. At all. She could she couldn't afford the bills and she would just stands the food in this. And now. Well if she would say oh no matter how horrible and a night. Look at prophets leading you look at are looking at. They're using blenders turner Christmas time and I saw halo. Today which she did what she had to do to get through that's Smart and I was. He's all of all of her clothes that he pulled everything. They I'd finally the team I know. Compare them all in the that we either. I like your mom I'll be legal bureau Dominique give her thank you good golf. So why I do when your power goes out in this summer brought me just homeowners lose so she probably would pay her bills in the summer and then convince love the most candy. Yeah I. They waited so Brooke you blank. A couple of years ago IA got a free trip down today yes and I they've spent a little bit too much money as you do when you go to Vegas yeah and there was and then the company based out of there that does some amateur porn and so I was. Looked him up signed a little waiver and shot lead video feud get my way home. I made 800 bucks so mellow than bad. I actually had a Billy great rest of my time now I had money to play around so that no regrets I did have to you have as a homage to YouTube at my best friends that kind of Mack told me to go for it I used their middle name from I. My take and it. Aren't you worried your parents or somebody's gonna find your porn things. If they find that porn there out there we got a lot more to talk about.