Slacker and Steve - Illegal Trophy 9/21

Thursday, September 21st


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Steve Todd and I fully believe there's not a single. There's probably not a single female listening who has what we're talking about how do you balance we look for people who have. And have a good word for it like illegal trophies now actually that's perfect it's like each. And he doesn't always have to be a drawn contend that you just cited. Went girls don't do graffiti you very. From. The usually not tiger's girls are tanks I'd just. I'm trying to be sexist I'm just saying right there decorum and class and who write you guys are just like men 130 bullish brides something known exactly there is it is one of deceased people from the upper. Upper area he's a Minnesota do half who. Some dudes were six and a sidewalk. And he goes and draws a big. A big mail piece and keep you dry as a joke yeah yeah. And then also writes his name's. The arm but couldn't so then construction workers I gave him in an agent his idea and it's the same name as the one car in the sink. He's actually facing a felony charge for criminal damage to property. The it costs about thirteen thousand dollars to fix it to ask me could go to jail for three and half years and Jason 101000 dollar fine plus drawing junk in public I'm sure that didn't do there's some sort of like a dream you sought. I guess my question is because I was such as I was so afraid of authority I never ice I stole one street signs. That is so he kill you Moses stops our students to use to kill people like taking away the name of the street. Yes how is that you know like GPS. Are just with the. In my heart attack more remote island or you pull the John Mortimer you do long hole it's yeah. They are marching to save someone's life and I get to this unnamed snow and all I was groom the one on the other side of the street was still there. Nobody had stolen Allen that's not the way the ambulances got. I snapped it shut up guys. I am one illegal trophy. Yeah I was I was afraid to keep it for very long editor in my room for a little venture sense it's just sell it only through the way you two we couldn't put it back doubling tonight you're right I'm gonna scale that's silly how long it took me to steal that to dude everyone thinks it's easy to a couple of turns of a bowl know these things it's not a normal tour there exists flying tool we have to go do it lynch I'd go to what is aircraft to repair shop. Look at you invested in your memo will 'cause I climbed up there and I looked at it and I just kept looking at different places I figured out it's it's a tool that's used for that as well Susan just lying tool. Finish your squad leader Reid to a collateral deal with you're sliding tool you bring the latter does not kind when you're getting in the legal truce would you claim what would you do just throws a clean. I think with one here and you guys in the night. Morse is bride and I didn't credits. A strong head coach OK or I was more surprised but it well so you know why do people you see that I never stole street signs but I know people who did and they were just go hit it with their car and then once it was down they are that's Smart one shows how would your cry budget and explaining things how can I couldn't afford to repair my car you hit it with your car tire and yet he's that he's doing you don't head forward like a demolition show everybody knows that yet. Oh my god we're doing it and I'm gonna take the rest today and I wanna hear that the ends the show I can go I don't use hero thinks they are just a pair right yeah that. Line is if there's no females listening to stolen that you think any amount stolen likes. Homes or. We still cones just you and it's all just we did still let us go out contraband gold I think Mike Seaver partisan that you're saying we when I enough and all I did was. Point right. I watched you from up here that's true slowly said in Sara Lee Clyde how. Dragon he was the least Chelsea around. And nothing. Cool about that there's enough and death that was awesome there was no mission possible must know dean when you're young you how did you I always do your graffiti guys now disguise your I had nothing on us we don't care what one time there was a big decider for support driveway and we carved huge hopscotch screen it right into with all the numbers and his work idea. And then we recently called eat you did it as a homeowner now yeah I get paid a ton of money to get their driver we got our you know and yet such sheep. OK you know we aren't always so there's a couple of clinics there's a bank a newly bill banked and assigned to the wet cement. We've we've signed what we're actual signature we called it okay it's a picture of a jungle we call with something else. Maybe I shouldn't say here it's it's it's a good save its clean but the connotations on good. So we would drop OK so yeah so scared right now. So there was these houses under construction and we were wandering around and went in there and they're about to stay in the doors and had stayed out there in the brushes so we took. The brushes dipped in staining rule by giant junk on a fresh go door. And you can stay gold brick. But that. It's so we know your legacy gets serious penalties for life every door every closet door and so clearly went over in the big PC no Mike Davis post do but not knowing that forever you can be certain light you conceive that a shining you just bring a lighted candle in the sun. There's events in our neighborhood like that help out and saying me 'cause of what about a yard yet giant daddy Bart. About twelve feet long. I don't incur a street yeah. Yeah he's always thought it's okay. And I still. How do you say generally the truth so I don't know that mine is necessary like lob breaking but my my when I was in high school my basketball coach used to have this big giant decorative seen testing that he would put up in his yard every year. It's like Santa in a slave with a bunch of presidents and reindeer and all that stuff. And what time I was out my friend ties house for something and and hard nose out of tells never comes running in and we're like why everybody celebratory donuts in the first place and also on this huge CNN display on the right into the door. And we all decide to sign it like a bunch of idiots and so then Mike. After I don't take him well many yeah I had it wore off like the whole mood we Gupta who said don't wore off and now we couldn't return it so we sat under one of our beds firm the rest of high school. Probably seen this isn't one of my friend's house is somewhere that this day that's awesome. That rocks OK so this is did this is what we're try to. We're here. What do you get when you steal just like we get stories or somebody steal and a bar 504. 400 pound bronze. Elephant. Just outside their confidence if you're stealing something for a pounced there's no way to it can't hide it. There melted down so. He's drawn somehow worthy of some things 600 dollars a pat no problem trolls like you bring new look at the exchange rate of bronze I swear to god it did indeed Stephen Erickson. I don't look at it. I'm this close is his peace and out on the real Troy ounces is always good okay attention your way out of this fight every extra points here. If your genome data. My feeling I'm with you. I don't ever remember let's go and frat house to frat house when I was eighteen college. There were stop signs there was a bowling key thing the all yes yeah road closed whatever. Going to a sorority and then you don't really see much who don't go abroad and hello to lose nailed sign for good in the Charlotte's room. In the half and the bad Charlotte I think you're right it's. Zero women have illegal trophies but if you've got one we'd love to hear your story male or female Lisa. I aren't you know illegal trophy girl. I am what are you gonna. Should I have erode worker had to sign a handicap parking science slowed total. Back at the gotta have narrowed so I'm getting my series you were drunk that at all of them right. Yeah you know at least take sensed else just sober as they I don't you ruin your cool and they don't pay there's another source Sierra road signs I just saw a story that some interstate 59. Is being changed interstate 69. And they can't keep this site we all know everything we're only go to dinner to exercise sooner. There's still a bit of that some peasant those those things are you have GM did you PP how do you know. Rough pretty suspect but do you still have all this stuff for did you end up just leave it in an apartment somewhere that the. I I I left the court ahead of the road on I happen handicapped parking I don't know where might let in college for years. I think that but yeah I'm guessing you're in college for a lot of use is the coach if it's okay I'll issue that's on snow and I don't that was awesome here. I have missed since then you've really colleagues. Jesse John. Yeah I illegal trophies. Yet though and I and in college in my friend they'd go out and we got in the habit of dealing cast also I. Who is completely lacking chemistry been part of our new front and we grab their had to put kids I think that they'll have like glorify I don't. Don't walk and only you just. Steelers and the bituminous does die just trying to go barring didn't really only hear this is I execute is so last thing you think anybody's gonna take from it you girls gone over well. And it means that general Ricky we'd like neat going on over kind of distracting and we are definitely I think we got so if I'm a couple of items. That's also you always have a collection is the we rented a Major League Baseball. Yeah big guns Hosea. And so as a weird trophies and all just. I ain't got you illegals truth easily you guys. So my grandmother chair from Paul. She she keeps the for my grandma I'll wet a in her AD and stole a street sign she she meet up the polls. And streamlined jewel and that Moya. There's something cool about that I should she saw from shock delude you. Yeah it's an old guy with the younger you wanna say what are you what are your things he say in Omaha awareness with the database to grandma's kind of a thin slice awesome Dropbox Kendra. Yeah I hate illegal trophy stuff what are you got. I'd all April the morning and timing and spray painted in your porch when he Barrington. But of course you didn't look up but but but why I'm Heidi good with the. How we learn about the idea. Can't deep well inside and I had the numbers aren't and we are like a big change but caller could be a perfect sport that I think. Of cars soon so then you just you have it in your pot rooms in your house. I'm in my bedroom yeah. Nicely done gender two girls creative when they steal guys and we just really like science called. I see exactly did you get street cred from the sisterhood so that door at the. Problem I played my boyfriend present really thought I. Does that add that after that. I tell you are Chandra and we do you thank you for the cost. Dude have you noticed I only have we taken Emanuel Carl as always juror I'm a little floored by women rock Jessica. Yeah I illegal trophies what you guys. Well I have made jokes cracked shackle on a budget. A resident on my part won't barring a short but long bear armored car dealership on the air ground. And a brief but tall construction going jury which are rejected different wonder why. Construction Lindsay Lohan is one of the things is there's a battery or something inside those. It seems to go on interpret to reach is. Somebody I knew I'd stolen wine and got one bequeathed to them from their Big Brother who went off to college and when they were going off to college it was still slinky. 08 it's I don't know. Whatever's inside those we need to power the universe with a. It is kind of hard to driving your car. Does it hits. My thanks to manage its decision on didn't affect you are kind of a club dove for blossom yellow jerseys they're Jessica. Mariah. Hi. Would surely trophy. All idea but you know an apartment building and I stole all the flags. I think it's they'll have a with a prayer mat like I really like being at home and they looked like the band like circuit board paying the debt it. All they look like debate might do good today and connecting OK well okay how many did you steal. Lake six Obama. Who severe and you still have a Muppets sillier if your decorating choice is completely you and it caught my feeling of bear lake. All your credit score or Sherry yeah you samurai guy hey you for the call that's our lay you win. As you all are. Glad to Rosie got more of those if you still wanna Brad May be put your pictures up on the slacker in Steve FaceBook needs.