Slacker and Steve - Imposible Odds 9/22

Friday, September 22nd


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Steve on the day. Odds of some of these things that we have nots. It's impossible right eat there's there's. There's no other wage that's closer to impossible. We want if you've got an impossible odds kind of story but slips. He sees how close you can get to some of these stories and you can do all the stories we have right now. We knew some had less. High school golfer. In Pennsylvania. Two holes in line. In the same round you out he was only played like nine holes I think. I I know grown men who have played golf their entire life. And it never gone home and you know this kid comes bopping along males to she's a teenager. And so some mathematician. On the international hole in one registry that's a thing if I wanna be a part of though tech. And quitting his job in going to the hole in one registry it said the odds of getting to hole in ones in one round are 67 million to one cent. Pena. He's winning powerball is tar balls a little bit higher odds and intimate body he's close he's very 67 million to one any got two and one round. You have with the part that suck so by getting a hole in one ms. tradition is that you have to buy everyone in the clubhouse and drink. They don't buy you would drink you've got to buy them feel like she's teenagers who maybe doesn't have to. A home run was the rules are met as I say so. Erica I don't I never heard did you relief and yeah outsource part of zones. The I mean they won't on that nice appropriately. I don't call other people guys. And go hang out a country just wait and wait for people who score all ones armed errors there was clearly you were talking about I know. I used to watch prices rise a little bit yeah I so it's a showcase showdown riding big wheels spin the wheel and if you get like hundred on your first spin and you get an extra 25 or ten grand. Maybe even green I think they you're automatically through unless other people getting HIV can tie you both tactics and the dollar is the thing. You have to get that's what's your goal was to reach you have to spins out early the rule is if you're second spill and equals takes you up to the dollar you get an extra ten ground so the first contestant episode has recently of price is right got to spins it to 101000 bucks nest in decks contesting gets up there. Did the same thing gets 101000 box no way exactly imposter that pop or a possible third contested steps up does the exact. Same place now we're all tired of boxing got a new tie breakers so the first contesting goes spins and gets the 25000. Dollar bonus. And he's. I don't see you don't puree and okay so okay. This next contesting gets a certain spells against the Tony 5000 dollar bonus Nowak yes. Since they're all in 101025000. And where they may god as a showcase yet they're still I thought we deal with the end didn't she say yeah. And how much of the third person designed. Blanked out of resolved there's like oh god it's. That's it was the most astronomical odds of anybody has anybody done not somebody's got to know this that's got to be power but thank you say three people hit it and then to become addicted to other bonus back to back to NASA bats stack yeah itself costs about currency. A home. A four year old survived drowning that I will take dose shield I don't worry those sort of does it like remember week we Medicaid and was underwater for twenty minutes yet had to do was shoot have been dead. And the impossible odds he's not only not dead. Always doing he's thriving he's just a normal kid great kid and the other one we don't have time to regal searchers we really wanna get your impossible odds stories. Multiple grand drunken junction Colorado winners of the lottery. Two people one million dollars each in the same town in the same way in the same week there are the odds of that. This gathered the suit so astronomical dude but there were looking there can you kind of suspects were brought. Autonomous town for the lottery doesn't intentionally spread out and say we're per million don't know if but the odds of two of the tickets go into the same place at the same. In the same week with all yup. All these geographical places it could be its dream junction Colorado sorry if you don't you're not familiar. Not Omega is no longer respect it's not like now two tickets in San Francisco may be a little more believable as a population right dense grass the spirit genocide to. They're Roland. The lottery digs yet right or you're also suspected cheater or there's something going on their so if it fuels. Defied the odds are the stories that involves impossible odds we wanna hear us terror war. Hey impossible odds. You will not believe that my grandfather grew hot button. East goes up. You know in New York area action on green and he had I. Would always claim that they need birth Reverend Billy Boyd McCain. All platforms like fifty years later. My game only. I live on the opposite side of the country needs hanging. Next for the couple farm foul it yeah it is mainly providing years. And you know have been a lot of ram between that you have a that we weren't back closed for the kids you know they would like right there by hate than all the thoughts hopes. About a year later. We. At barbecue rural neighbors come over her. And I learned their last name. Okay. We hit it rains only. And I saw where a guy. You're living nice there and solely boys snake you're you're free your grandfather played next do you want me opposite coast. Father. God program but none had this grandfather. So our grandparents. Were bad he is. A million years ago. Can you believe god and live next to show their code so it. Any in and it's not like she stayed in the same neighborhood you're literally on the opposite coast while our military history. Any follow it that cradling. The odds of bats and need you sound and art are you are you guys tight now are you the root zone leaders who know her roots. I'm chipping crap I mean if it. Stanley explain you know grapple with always talking about the relief only boy is there was blood clot yes. Numbers and welfare. We only time I'd say that's it there is some sort of seat and magnetism happening between you and men and condi sampling on the odds there yeah. Hey you've really gone terra I'm Melissa. Yeah yeah yeah I impossible odds. I got ate it and I know wedding dress. Perfectly quickly I don't want this. There and play the live chat every 100 dollars or less and this one happened could be one was on display on the floor. But had a little bit dirt on the bottom. And it would do originally tried that 3800 dollar wants. I'd hate but he's a hero or sometimes a length. I wanted to know they Britney. As a you're the first one did. Rabbit or something you're the first one or how good she. I didn't look good on the racquet and I put it on and literally what I like up beat movie where you know. Although there are heard in it got bigger and try not and yeah all the wedding dress that you and I step back in the crowded. Well. And everybody dropped violent yeah. It's the. Socks did you get married and a human have a husband or boy for good. Classic and iPod and I didn't exactly. Did you mean buying Halloween. Shot. Are you. But not living a good time we hadn't putted eight or eight base and you know oh. We are Indy didn't we were nineteen. Yeah wow. That's impossible lie is saying good job on that thank you I'd sell it. I don't suggest that you are being rocketed did it take you to a dry cleaner and then slid down anyway I Temi. Well yeah I impossible odds. Might have been an Atlanta and it isn't now weighing in is battling an annually around the. And having it blew them through it wrapped heart can't. And they were they drive by shooting incident but I sure like light. At a hard. And that seems phone through possible it. Why are you serious. Yes and Samsung flew him to get pain or are you. Or a new song. Of course I mean I feel like you're a spokesperson our phones yeah and our bullet through a series sort of not really disclaimer doesn't really do that the we think would happen if you and I don't under our nick would stop it I love apple so that are not. At all. That's. That is some scary scary stuff is the odds and background good for him though thank you for the call I he's just. I kind. Impossible odds. Yeah so I made gated to a different mix. And a during the time when I skated them and they've both got doc and post named it's Jolene. Want to see you didn't tell either weren't didn't tell all mixed. There was. Not another dog named Jolene. Well thought actually married the second neck with you play now yeah. And I still have Jolene if you play now but when he was thinking of like the name these current chairman I was like giving every name you could. Ever discs and he was like I don't you name it Jolene. And those still to this day he doesn't know her story. More. Oh yeah that he's nick 2.0 and you bet you that was your first Jolene dog. That is just. That is really weird thank you for that car you slow I mean what that's not a that's not common and I always listen to Neiman dog club Rihanna. It. I impossible odds. And I had my idea. Colon and I was working at the weight champion and I had a girl try to buy a drink you. We know she's she's she's lies your own idea across the bar going known to anyone sharks managed I. Arianna. She ever hear you so memorized. No she. I didn't ask or negotiator handed over before I cannot. And that she didn't want my opinion I mean not the not notice that my name tag that re enact. Is Eric let me that's awesome all the gin joints you know. Townsend she did. That is awesome thank you for the call if you wanna keep this going to school or more near impossible odds stories on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.