Slacker and Steve - Impress a Girl 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th


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Staying on the day. We want to people who have done something really stupid to impress someone after you every guy and pretty much every single story that we have. Is it got it is sort of where we're likes trying to impress a girl is kind of work calling this for lack of but we don't take stories from. Girls are trying to impress the boys. But I feel like any girl who's gonna call you now is gonna call and say yeah no this 88 did the following six exactly try to blow my mind. I'm sort of with this. There's is already this kid in Bellevue Florida. Is Israel. His ideals and Z it's like Israel about the heart and anyway. Com his uncle is on a police officer so this eighteen year old kid broke into his uncle's house stole his police uniform. And his police cruiser or use took you know for a ride picked up a burgeoning media buddies. Even pulled the car over and responded to. Responded to a call to break up fights outsize seeing ensor. Only gets busted troll this crap we do you bust up the fight it even sick you roll up desire is this yeah. But it's like good shot what are our drug. Mom you know Boston does on gone gone home notices hasn't been broken into good. He's been arrested on eight different charges grand theft armed burglary impersonating them on forced monopoly there. And when questioned he said he did all of this to impress his girlfriend there it is how does that impress a girl not really sure it doesn't. We think we get these things in our heads as men in the league active mode and we think of all knows what they want so if you've done some burned. It was like when I was young like super young. Lie aches for example. I forget how old I was but I have my by eight initially willing to your bike down to a couple blocks from me. And so should his large front ER erred in in the tip of the yard was a ditch. So around my bite back the back and forth and and I would go in the ditch I try and jump lower usually are you ranting to ramp all act now and one time a drive him by it was almost see him. You seem today. I I Parise wiped out now I got hurt on the insert I don't he's going to be interesting how does nightingale plays he's not rushing on oh my god. I should know but it takes only your arm gets a nurse me answer no she basically you know yeah. I started so nursed him back to. How old coach a patent protection job. Our I didn't do any of that because she was watching me through the front window and I think your parents call there for dinner so she does ram size of that disaster carcass of that Jeff Suppan and I really actually screw my bike up to the point where I couldn't really shoot all the achieved our medals through our own hands and others towards all real thrill you know losing. It's castle. And heard it was too and you can now I. Don't I did for what are the advantages of Brazil you know. Yeah would you did you get giving. You mean. I think you I was in my may be seven current super awesome NASA did you know the thing about me I you don't have to try I know you ask anybody you used to diagnose your Muslim so your guess it's the promo movement superb slacker Lou what's my permit Sacramento a year and a party yeah you've scattered debris scattered about the home and see if there's a piano and my mind tonight tonight tonight call ahead and went to Canada put the letter it's you. And look up. Sam made me look good in your regarding a breeze. So while all the all the party goers a renew their little party. Things slacker sight relief since then the piano and suddenly starts tickling the ivories and suddenly every female head pops up. Is that a musician sitting at a young as ten feet. Support this summer no. Sort your own hands away 200 slowly all the ladies of the party are congregated around you when your Casio key. It is not how we go exact. Actually now does a little like dabble what I do is I'd pick up the line that I won at our likes and like oh my god it's so loud in here let's wanted to for room. And we act like we two drinks we don't like them Tempe and I think. I'm just to sit down here let's talk surely did Susan good luck with snoopy mom didn't do beam me always what I put my head in your home. I wouldn't you know they're married and there is they knelt in the gun in my underwear on the floor to poke check if you step. Yeah and then she eventually takes for us to. Do. The Fed still your move a victim. It's so so we have we know if some guys don't some stupid to impress you like we sort of on the list like donned some then there's these stories armed. From read it where this guy and I I am this kind of a soccer he knew. What this girl's taste was. In music and stuff and they Leach I team's first narrows the range of people do as much knowledge that I yeah whatever but you share your music blaring out so she FaceBook stopped this girl figured out she's Indy Lights. Whatever she's an idea Matthews and she's in the late. Knew all of her things so she downloads all of her favorite dance just like you ramping up over the ditch your legs. Enormous even being and so when I finally share my music library. She's going to see all the could we don't see extra extra cheese music and she's going do this all into his arms and makes weeks we'd love to pick the date him forever. Any shares librarians like. Do you dare unless it's it's it's. Hey thousand dollars. I. Hope you and I. Those who do like oh. The she. Diluted share lever is not I don't need to. Hamilton I got off tees up but I would do we how would you know I didn't really don't put too judo or anyone ever my god we're the same person I wanna make love to myself. So I wanna make love to. See you're a technology guy you're good at this is something you would know I could totally different to cook who is now only if I'm stocking new if I'm dating right now I'd be there creepy is due to your book and I'd go on FaceBook it's got all my god you just didn't trip to Napa I try to elect zoom in on the photos and get the right I did the wind is July Kentucky did I I would like I know your music I know but the stores like I look at your FaceBook pictures and see what restaurants you we had kind of like. Hone in on your good and also you would be yeah. It's good go to you'll be so into investigating you don't forget to ask her how he would do your part. A lot of plays big so I took the almighty god I forgot I was doing all this to try to get in your. So now I just like the same things is your I just want to be in this. Kind of succeed unsold impressing girls. I forgive them. This. That's tomorrow and I'm glad I son's old dudes who is why I mean why I'm just may read and write to us at midnight retry ignore so I'm usually like for new if you can still have to steal a couple of we'll dig I. Don't we it's wide open if you're a guy who try to impress a girl and her girl and try to present I route orders we're just saying upfront. That we will not be surprised if we don't get a single hole from a girl doing some stupid to present yeah. Although you this dual girls you don't pretend to be in this something we always say so these what they did you try to proceed. Like I remembered this girl like I would have went in his Van Halen season. It was just like she's extra security yeah people think dogs don't students have a chilling new. Still off. Hello Alan Van Halen and then once they do I talk tour a little bit I realized she was just quoting the lead is three articles I read my going to. Just service when Joseph vs extent Debra are you evacuate about him now though there's any you know. How to she's doing drugs Soledad cold that's used it's cute and I still had relations with Tom tour. I'll always to a man he once so long probably my half of a song that I just the intrepid. The rail that I usually hang in there on the piano. Had a part in the the united. You've done some new impress our mates we wanted to idea that it. Goals. I. Use. Yeah went out. I learned that. But she. We weren't drinking at a bar and and I hate it though I know I wearing comfortable (%expletive) like girls still on the rig. And diet and who we were leaving a bar walking back to where we all come from an inch I would like K your feeder like. Yemen a backlog BP. Time should I hop back and I you know like. Couple blocks about a blocking and today he lacks are trying to dropping mean yeah guy he would just really drunk and and turn it got me in a much Kate just. We are learning he'd like you know macho he's back now. No word. And on and. I I'm committed I've got that low like I knew well. Edge and if so what should we and it happened a couple more I'm eventually like take me out. Hike all the way over his shoulder. I they ran into the man. I had like I had a broad. Burn kind of came on my lifestyle my eighth initialed. Earlier he isn't so easy or even yeah I'm not even Jack junior now Shaquille knows piggyback thing that's your own busted up. Lose the big east ilsley with a number of our legal panel met. No I. And you have your lesson to all nations pig you really gonna go. Sheila. I hate somebody tried to impress you or was a year of they weren't meantime thanks would you do us. Well I don't around twelve and only his guns and regimented way to kind of maybe a couple of months where are wearing them out at this. Well it plays and we've had ordered to get hit. To help with pain Brennaman and it skipped the vote to recommend you look like sixteen X in the. And she just could jump on tobacco lobby courses and what rent them guidance but I didn't do that when they. I didn't know practice and I was with a live animals. And. I don't think he could do great earn your mouth yeah. Yeah how far up the horses but did you did you talk about it you in the we could. Not grew at a couple. Coach yeah well that's probably the best way could have been Kamal word he's. The unit with good I didn't legally get a single girl in many of the things and so Sheila Taylor. Yeah yeah I we turn for somebody. Yes hello. Summit again gaining at the time women I it will go work out at the thing Jen together. And I can't happen to be there one day on you're out. They're so her and I decided to go off and you are saying well he wasn't cute firing from a conservative at this site in allotment Sheehan Amy trying to impress them. Current I think it'll settle that. And I like was stuck in the slot position because the lately though. Yeah exactly I. The SEC is slowly but surely compressing your spine insulation to your turning into diamonds. Well I mean if you go oh my own doing. It was really don't Harding danger and I've got a ball. Relax try to like do. Here's our. Oh I didn't go to Vermont and yeah.