Slacker and Steve - Impulse Buy 1/31

Wednesday, January 31st


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Staying on and we're looking for you people cool. Have no impulse control these accounts were you when you comes to purchasing things I'm sort of that way and you're an impulse buyer at your soccer I'm sort of pass impulse and pass but got little research to crap out of something. And then once I know what I want. Then it's just in my head in the beat Jason I guess it's only ten examples they're just gonna be day were I just like snapped off and by. Late this is an assembly seem to have my eye and a whole bunch of like wireless network gear. OK okay I think it. I can't even try to sexy and so men if it's just little things you put around your house or your Wi-Fi or Ozal frisbee today yes yeah researcher at nine no way did Amazon has a better price in the store right over there and every game and I've got to sitting in a wish list. And it's just so much money you really can't afford it and I know one night. I'm gonna have. One too many makers in south and we Golan. In my and it's going to be like grind animal like. At some. Network and absent the burden old special is that an impulse buy. Qaeda agreed usually you don't researchers heavily walk and violence that OII but. It's important to simply get this is your view you're part of it is impulses pulled the trigger is when you Bulger so that makes him good does it out there's there's a story to tell us about the top sings we're likely to die impulsively and they're lame this so we want you to make things better if it. Number one candy. Naughty door summit by candies are are you going no I want the community you've gone out you have sex today's the day I'm going to drive to the grocery store when America and other things make sure to swing by team needs a candy you don't ever. I think the reason that's there is just candy is you know impulse area especially for kids because of the few prayers have to watch your kids should that call at every store now has that long to get to our producer costs but there's a craft store my mall all my gosh how do you guys. Made it look really admit I don't. 'cause it's like forty feet long know to burn in another now. Here's drew bad go out candy and tall. And it like Bradley seems it just everything everything your kid who couldn't let the news. Good parts for your kids there since his impulse buy you know. My symbols I told you this before. I went through a spate we're I would by no cars almost every time I was a target you to your kids reduce the age you can remembered today and we have booed or an honest and be good start wondering you only losses are wondering too how all the draw to carts as. All right Susan to drop forest and you lost or lose weight loss to Oregon. I can buy new deck so when you get home with you do Jackie put him with the stats don't succeed Jackson of athletes and how we played Zheng does. With the real card debt. Yeah. So we do we know we have to get news at school two games in went next Sunday imposed I was close. I never involved you know I researching new boss especially because I don't like. Right now there's only one gene that fits me. The way I wanted to set me Bono banana republic. Really. I love the jeans thank god you don't like complete somebody genes we don't know why don't we always a good sharing style when really tourist time there were elsewhere in express and we entertainment and like twinkies Joyce Brothers and you had to go to banana you what you gonna beat you to shift gears here I would tell I would to Macy's and see for a little bit of strife and now on. He's just a fact no we're good god except take out for dinner. Best out of my guess it's kind of a policy for if you're a fairly probably maybe. Because I don't buy Claman I'm gonna like that with all through period but I had my wife drop off a pizza today they'll play you know just like I you are very possibly sooner do ya so's you know. Cost seek. But I don't think that's a ball since when a drink you know you guys are addicted he's an original I know what time I'm gonna have my coffee every. Books. And I I read graciously but I do you buy I I guess you put all three search and it's Reza what mood communal researchers. You going to this that this list sucks and fifty we need people who actually bought. Some still snow our our real quick little story before there was a husband and wife are both retired. They were as usual and some craft place you know when he was boards we went over to like a car auction are and so he took the bulk of her retirement Boller to sports car my manager stupid Ferrari your saw him on the spot and she comes out of her building and he pulls our roles. We are retired out of CA now are now them balls but I might might vacation coming up was kind of an impulse buy. Yeah what he would never take your petitioning your life and you and we as well that's what it's that's what led to it is we have been saving and saving and saving and then finally one night we are sitting there we like. Talking about how we had never taken a vacation we didn't get a honeymoon all that kind of stuff and we got on the computer we. Just do it started doing the search like where is good places to go where's a good beach all mechanism and we're sitting there and two hours later we had a house full light. Deal or are not all the ready to go that's how I know you're telling the Jerusalem as he didn't do enough research and earlier in the duty reserve yeah. And yeah. I do look a little more on my nonrefundable trip and apparently the resort has an island we're closing is not yeah. Went oh no it's not optional it's forbidden. Boom. And you it's not. Nonrefundable. So your goal or no and I'm beautiful no friends and how much we drink yeah you wouldn't know one man. To make it new keys there's a lot of room. And if you better you or Dell or even around here in the studio is okay now. No defray your wood burning jet so honest so there's somebody online said they spent 18100 dollars this is this. And imposed by were looking for don't have to be totally monetarily this day but they split 18100 bucks so what's called the royal blue beanie baby. The name is peanuts they dropped 18100 bucks on this beanie baby in 1999 all it was worth no. They say they just checked on eBay it's listen for five bucks. Did people in the ninety's it's got beanie babies that are gonna pay for college education is retirements they did they thought they are moving to thank you. Stocks around yes no blue chip stated say Tug yes. Eighteen. That are a hundred dollars somebody but bag pipes. With their first taxes brick type choice that was caused by Itula Mili. Oh. No hello we ran. Good and accordion. Now we love to you or bad I saw it. Trying to learn violin he owes back plays pretty aliens are hard to play doesn't fracture whatever I've bugs even your awesome. They sound back. The couple to sell or how do you think you is not messages bought this at 3 o'clock in the morning ask you don't get a bunch of my tectonic you could pull it off beat us first virtual so not to. Watching YouTube videos on bagpipe band. Jerks. That's a good point it's an impulse buys and you made a massive mistake are so if you'll. Are an impulse buy a person and it doesn't have the huge momentarily but what's the weirdest thing you've bought on impulse Jordan. Yeah I impulse. I had a problem when I drink too much led by her lungs ribs so where and makes the man whose murder case code is better. The numbers look good Gary no lab I was Japan Lagos snowboarding. She stories are Japan I know I've looked into my friends are gone starting cheat me. Moon you know. It's about 3000 dollars spare both my fiance night round trip. In your life so you'll realize it's a the next morning after hearing hearing memory like oh my god I guess recorded your whenever Tim's cooler CDs show up for putting you off. Six here's the jackass penguins took the. Pretty much better wake up but I'm like I've yet I'm in Cuba last night. I'll shoot. And US should go to Japan yet have you gone. Yeah yeah earlier it last march and actually did it again and neck leopard on Ireland. Cut cut cut looking to pick book. I don't know if we aged you should probably stop drinking and the US economy will probably crumble so I don't way to do that. That's status Tulsa. This is. You are you still in the globe put away for your room where you wanna go one day you just gotta just wake up and pull the trigger on Dubai I'm going to by do it via. And zooming into its. All time high would you imposed by. Are. You reducing walking by him. Aren't I went to the dealership with my friend you are looking for a car and they need it ended up. Somehow making me get a. Load you what can we say he did she would lose home and they're so good they announce. What you did drop down impulse. Thirty and how the heck yeah yeah this is a cook I got really close one time when I was in an oil change for sure always increases your. Dealership Deluca hello all I see mirror that you aren't your number is released yet as it does seem that much. They had all gotten deep seeded yellow since I was a nice little that's how soft the work core. The Baja you regretted. I totally your credit and a parent of the car to its later can I hated so much. Called back hurt us a worst kind of mental society is most of rumor that way I would a couple of regret regret mustang can never cat. You ask you act what's your post I. So my prime then on Monday called me on his lunch break and let me know about it he had thought I'd heard that weekend. Hopes. Duke. Had eight other people and your families you to know. Yeah. Oh yeah do you endorse me at all. But apparently a lot of I chest while were you pissed I'd be proud of madcapped. Yeah he did spoken about it like in the past thinking about the prompt Baghdad but I didn't realize that it's going to be failing each time I. You know it's funny because wasn't it last summer the summer before a slacker was started as soon turnaround we have some blame being friends who will bring that sick and they're like got to do this got to do this and it's like my wife and I won and I got all imposed by a moron like you couple are these sites and I'm like I got this bunk house 31 footer with some say don't Disney's the beds MTV and it's queen and a backhoe like our. John John beyond must go let's pull the trigger and I'm like. Really would try yes you probably do like we wish what would go out there. This story once put both CNET and we're like one shot series of sushi restaurant. But we are all I'm going to. When you look at your renting don't charge you like old school you could be I want you martyrs who saw. All you thought you got I mean it's it's a religious and sit I'd like I don't DRV but I want some health Stanley does it isn't just sit around night. No one got Steve we do you understand it was like job. Just heard on the house. 60070000. Dollars purchase anyway life's impulse and Kaka but so did she sleeping in the camper and not in bad real you know the. Have to give the but not enough that your family could come with our annaly. I'm sorry my house when you guys go up and willow willow jumped and thank you really call on Jordan's such yeah yeah I impulse nice. Let me into my mind. I am and she impossibly and I'll pack up our. And now tackle for. Yeah I just stopped it now package that would have been weird when a sort of shabbat out of our space for a lot so now yeah is how much would that. All black and the Olympics and then. It would bury it. But will help packed other third fur whenever you get a brace pretty price for that and you know this CES. Is as I don't help pack of farmers that they do you do this for the Obama paid a high was clearly morrow lake yeah it's been holed it alpaca wool exit so is what she does now. I don't know she got rid of them after like a year but they're Willis hi rallied to an extent she thought you wanna make hotbed out of that. But but but if I like your cause you got to. A twelve step program I know she doesn't get that kind of stuff also on the.