Slacker and Steve - Instantly Unattractive 6/2

Thursday, June 2nd

Bad tipper, bad breath, and a bad attitude are all examples of things that will instantly make a man unattractive. What turns you off the most from someone? 

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Stay right there. Makes you wonder how. Seems how many things sir how. Because I got lets you normally see at a three on this list to on this list of one and the other looks so we want we want the women of cycle and Steve. To tell us. Like what are your would you take it from men to. Sarah sing. Is there are things for a female if you see somebody is completely hot. Everything's. Rock in it's you just linked completely and totally attracted dispersant on. That would aid. May current just did absolutely no deal breaker we dine no chance. Would overlook a lot of she's hot but if she's the type of girl uses cell checked out to grocery store and doesn't take her receipt with the release of remedial OS. Not happen. You're all well. Still I guess I hate my selfish during considerate. Herself and she didn't trust his right there herself cushioned bed that tells me everything right there. Whether they take the receipt that is usually good for other people to deal with that is your responsibility you shirk it. Your self centered you're fresh fruits so you're not. If you yourself resume that any help you did so she's automatically is a yup. All right but I overlook all that agency I I do. Overlooked one of them most pretty. People I've ever met YE a long time ago this is a I was you know. On she's beautiful meant she was friends with friends and he introduced me who. She had a eight I I can't play my voice is shot at this moment she had one of the highest pitch voices suicide. I was like no I don't know I don't know Monaco Mario got owners got it certainly didn't relations department. Unless she is completely silent it's going to be very distracting but just these ones. She is. If you. On your. I was at least she was it makes while and and to be honest I am now at a point where. I overlooked this were a relationship once in my life. IT IT I could never be with a smoker and Bob Coble IGI. I TY exerted to you know I love to make out yet so I am on the it's just no you know amount of tooth brushing you like that I you can. I know I don't know everyone says they don't but the idea I can tell I don't I hated it even then I overlooked because there was so Iberia mud. I thought they aren't I did yeah particular girl he's continued to dig for your right to do anymore but if your wife took up smoking right now it would be in complete deal break. Y I it's I I'd I'd like to kiss that much you can overlook it was my kids drinking I can't. When I'm drinking its Italy so you noted used them I'm gonna sound like you complete snob when I say this. Like Mike Powell. As I've gotten much when I was younger age. I liked gas stations sushi and I didn't win JT snow and now. I eight. I tastes things so differently and then a smoking person. Ease. It's mean you that you smoke I'm not judging you because I don't have to make out with you I feel it's what I Joseph I'd I'd I'd like right now that. The hottest girl in the world it's the number one supermodel she's a rockets Isaac we could talk forever wherever. Her like stopping link plummets into. And lighting a cigarette at easily blow. I'm. About a very public debate I'm abuses of cigarettes and I don't I've never I've never been out with somebody new who date so I don't know if there's a smell it's I. But you smell is arsenal. Eight there's a snow and liked I don't know if it was just his girls who smoked but it was again there was a textual there was like though she was moved the I was almost like a cat. There's a grainy Nesta alone okay I see that I don't know if that was smoking just something she saying don't I think smoking contribute you do you know. Do you think you have a grainy Canton oh you do item but I see I know it and LT caravan before you normally intimidator something. Used to smoke come around a day I do horse who loves sneak a couple of drags and go back in so you're right. So that's usually where but I think I I don't think it. I think you have to be. I snobs like me to actually make smoking a thing that makes your a person complete them not welts on the list is then I had to join an eighteen it was on nineteen number three nights a week we want you to add to our list or give you a few of these oil as a result of number three so I have I see yeah I have one injury but you're always have to have number one if you do number three you're right. Is that would have you OK so we've got nineteen days boys do to make an instantly an attractive no matter how hot they are yet on number one is bad breath. Boom there it is I mean that's universal can't really get I feel like it's curable all well and I try to do everything they can end. But I don't think it's usually using effective when he's proved your families and number two and you think you're that. Lou hello this is oh you is there one about the waitress on her wrong. He's rude period I find anyone you rude people might you can be so hot as soon as you like but really just out on the how low B two I orders this I thought it's like me you're done we eats each free. Did you have to be a pretty incredible level of pop for me overlooked it but I could not overlooking long term I could overlook affirmed for a one nighter or something but not NB it. There's one kind of weird when that happened to me a couple of years ago with the with the ladies at the Rio we just servicing each other was over her place she was on the phone talking to co worker. And they were doing what everyone does you know getting caddie written on their co workers you know bad mouthing him for some reason that was the first summer herder do it. I just was a total cash. Nest as each it was a total third time yeah I can't tell. There's so that's that I wonder if women can overlooked I don't got the guys aren't we don't usually we don't get his caddie is. I smoking like Steve said is number three new being aggressive or bossy. Would see sometimes woman like that. In the include dual. Well this is just. Oh my god please tell me that hey look I'm not gonna Grossman must work. Boobs. A chance they'll and sent a pretty goes that's it now has almost six I was almost exactly clarify what he's constantly negative. OK and I have to keep myself in check on the team but I think you and I both Asia and think we can get near. When he actually he does Karen thank you better a circle that. I didn't see it but I just as you overlooked element you're right I have two of you your your more aloof and I I I now my problem is I'm probably. Two invested I yeah I'm I think I'm off putting because I'm too I'm I'm a terror too much about everything that's like. Really to a starts its long about they decide is low no matter what if it's something I like I didn't really to ended things I think that's what makes me I'm not oak customs icon. Oh my god did you know you can get about. And it's like. Okay I turned off well and here's the other side adding Kerry did what isn't it Matt and that is okay that's a turnoff. When he cousins Reza one up everyone around him. Is all the money you need. Oh here now aren't you and you don't want anybody you don't even talk. We like yeah I don't as a guy you've ever had the pleasure of going out on a date received we'll sit down on the ice. How has your game like oh well how was yours. It was wrong with you didn't answer the question I do with another question. What are you go about reality Obama never traveled to Paris or our view it's. I'll tell you just don't duke and you're right I right you don't want to do anybody you don't answer any questions ever. But see women find that of the peeling because I wanna learn about semi listen for a while I want to know when it's one anyway to Benigno. Holy. I don't know anything about this do you which makes me mysterious which makes me more desirable shoes in the mouth opens no final. Why do nots are you know try and I am pretty sure you don't because I'm pretty sure you find that really offensive so you I try reaction you did and you hated hypocritical yet you you don't do that one I don't know top constantly tell us about his that's. No you do that line but it's about my acts. That's honored for his return to its acquitted. If I might ask him what he actually does I. Hey listen you know ever did like what Linkedin does go I have premium. I don't know did your site so Steve and I have a common login because we login as site currency right. And all come into the studio and he's on my. Ex wife's FaceBook profile what I swear to god. Yes you're right if she is like seasonal ever told you this following six people busier things she would take us. I terrorism. It's like oh my answers are excited and it's like I don't even know where your ten Joseph I don't know right away are you Joseph I see it. It is studio we get you. You're right so yes it's not view I'll tell you know cause I don't know my 'cause it's just okay. What's he doing when I know exactly. How sweet is you go on regardless who leads this isn't as awesome as we know you can make it we want you to make your own list. The hottest guy in the world doesn't think he's perfect in every way. What does that one say there's always a thing and equity groups who entered guys earlier where you mutual offenders here. What is the one thing someone can do to make them instantly on attractive. Holly. Yeah I was your turn out. Ahmed so that shooting down like if he sees hundreds terminal I cooperate instantly awake electric shock. All you re walking away from slacker volleys a gum man I am a Sheen when the only time there are four hours in the day when number guaranteed to not have done in my mouth. And that's when I'm on the air the rest of time I. Not. I love dom but holly she's not a occasionally he's in a mouse Mecca where this goes the only thing that might be annoying you do with your gum if that is annoying is you take I occasionally if some. All I can get out of my mouth and I don't. It's always the sitar music unit on my. Mack Matt pointed out you plays you'll stick it up monthly gains or loses I find it funny to Hannity co workers and I can't move on to the next yeah ha ha ha yeah so there and we don't know shot Denali fer union using these smacked her lips her why is it with the you know. I did hate I don't know like it's. Added try to be a huge step in it so much and then I'm like I just I just don't quite get there now. You know seven my guns since he's not through undercard us. Sure if I did you but it's always good I can't believe the first one I'm guilty of it's still all names. Yeah you know I what is an instant turnoff for youth. Our range. And sentinel for me I think that a goal. Just from pictures and amateur from can't actually capture and Ulster about a month of already having relations. She turned around and all means I had eight. At ease its hey do. You know you just. My arms. Couple. So they need your instant turnoff is signing out new later that there are just not Smart thing. I got I got a copy of which intriguing option won't be until the show little or the project called something like her or her directly after that she calls you try to go to. One Ebola almost half the total. The love of god tell me you said well yes. It's a bold on the judo. Actually just started just told it like does it match I mean. The month. Has used its own WebMD desserts and losing. Blue can't steal yeah. Good old days hey do your homeland of South Africa. But yeah I don't know. Just want to. Exactly as you I mean no matter how odd she was just bounces that's. Like the and I bet electronic side I never saw it and that's how it is true you always that is going to pay you this column and yeah you know I instant turn Oswalt makes a month hot what are ya. And I am lead to many as three. Only the parent the other over jarring of the hair. Okay I got no problem they royals and for my back care fraud. What they what kind of accessories is right but there are indicted there's times or more in two or three bracelets from children's hospitals and south Somalia to whom Simonyi years a time for ten hearings and and here I need to check take your mouth. But OJ that's there at your front there is no. They earn about where they jury ordinary eerie but they can't watch and why. Tell me tell you since then yeah I. I can tell you're correct because I was at Maine. It really does not we're gonna make downsize your watch is a guy you just can't relax yet you some of tomorrow. Okay can you would want any Rummy would my big pirate who during school there and yes. I. Dates for us banks in the caucuses have been really enlightening and good for my self esteem to talk to our. I'm Michelle. Yeah yeah. I may soon it's turnoff for you from them. Iron core model you know obviously for this looks like you're not Obama's I'd call my mom every night does that mean you mama's going to go. A little bit. Why. And she's almost eighty I'd like to talk tourism many more times now as humanly processing jeering women should likes that he has his relationship with a low. Oh yes but I don't I don't caller because I need. All right I don't want to didn't recipes or however. Like I just called in China Howard they went yeah. That act like you know you guys can need a commission and money to do everything one that made you know in their mid forties. You're rightly muscle makes their low tensions cooled and get to that level or are you guys that's a good one that's a huge one. Yeah I well Lou I guess we can maybe get together Michelle us the things that I'd I'd sign win I don't sit and no one's own guards under striking out CJ Silas a certain SS. What's your instant turn us. I wind ever talked about too much it's too many things with relations. As I make a. Always some reason so obsessed with a lot of silly current state relations oh my god. This. Flat out I am Miami if that makes sense and that's a big twelve also. It should not and so I mean some on the same sex OK so it's. So your day and you get when you deal with other guys all they wanna talk about it is. It's different explodes in different things he wanted to do and you 92 we established a relationship relationship where we didn't talk about to pull play out sincere or. It ought apart so it. Last I'm OK okay yeah I know all I did I say it's only. I I might be that a little bad I I do you talk about relations more than I should I do it more for shock value than because I'm actually you have consistently unless. All right here is about relation. Any gets to all but not edit it annoys. I gotta I can tell you some things I've done in the relations department but you probably don't wanna hear well I don't know this is a good thing I did any yeah yeah I. What's what's your tennis I ain't eat away at some diet oh no I probably do it alone how how how do you Textron. You are is two words not two letters and you win it. A number how much you mean an actual like how. Stratified. Actually told the guys flat out broke out what the guy and told him not why it was sending it because it drives me of the law. But Denny this is Georgia you sound younger this is your generation is so you guys on this short speaking should be. Yeah right at the. It's stupid and it makes you don't do that I agree I think it's. It's beats I don't wanna do I'd besmirch friends but she was like he started doing this divorce. Nothing compares number two in the latter view and in my mental. I why don't you decipher Daniel's eyes fixed insulin I get it that's a that's a given day you if you want ads or listen we're out of time but FaceBook never runs out of time now FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve they announced.