Slacker and Steve - iPod of Shame 4/11

Tuesday, April 11th

Last time we did Drunk or Kid, Steve lost in epic fashion. As punishment he has to put on the iPod of Shame.

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Slacker steam. Yeah moment we've all been lazy man. He shot yeah. Yeah. Now. Only go and. Cyrus. And daughter share sure do not only explanation people on FaceBook Leinart you know this is if you wanna watch this while he was. We are live streaming on FaceBook right now it's. The dot com. Slash slacker and Steve sands jump on the lives. You know seconds to pump so what happened this team they're playing Drucker kid dugout got most of them right I offered the chance I guess we'll all. I'm betting awhile ago. Needed to ensure haven't come out there. It was like let's make a four point question where you can tie it up and everything being. He didn't happen. I was applause so I thought of Siemens punishment what happens in Steve's got two sets of headphones on right now do one set will be playing the song up to this iPhone fours sixty. Best those taxes to support yeah yeah yeah. Nineteen. Says they're grateful. I'm so chilly place that only you'll hear the music okay and you'll be singing to us losing now com. Not now Coca mobile points you when it's ready get your into your code every two road today. Okay misty was gonna start peace he's going to be singing The Backstreet Boys I want inside of that must. What is your decision tough. OK so he's. Further ado we get we're gonna get sooner to this other stuff so this item but here it is really now yes now's a great area. So he's hearing the song. We count. During oh. You are. Ma. Did you. Well I mean. These. You Serb threw a no. Win. You say he's you can hear the sky. I hello there. So we. Should. Aren't just in the worlds of law hurts. Chair and reach to you. Paul are. You use today. What are an ailing back no way and not sin and a hard. Is telling you hey you know bottom moves to the tell me you lie and never blown her well she used. And I. I'm dawn fans. I don't well. Yeah. Hi what's a consensus is that the last summer doing now I think. Oh man that's so that was great that was Greg I look good center that was great Steve. Tom I eat so nauert do overreacted we wanna talk about time you overreacted to mean the sad thing is no one's listening anymore. I you have to watch out.