Slacker and Steve - Is it Good or Is it Bad Carbs 8/20

Monday, August 20th


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Staying on day. It was time for another one of those bombs is a good is bad draw so let's funds every other day Simoneau was good yesterday is bad today in fact recently we've had some even flip on the same gangs to this one's abouts. Outsource I know carve a bad right guys that's what they preach all the time Carlsbad Carlsbad. You've got to give your you gotta get your sustenance from us no matter what you're doing none though come what are all the diets on the JQ do okay to. I let you know what I don't know the names of the diocese of I just like to hear you trying to say -- as I don't look or no do you know Doug it's gonna did you we officials are along named Tito something yeah we try to dig in dig to its host cities as they tried to dale yes Keogh has recently I guess I was having some sort of back problems. And I went to I thought it was my kidneys and I went and I did your analysis and said. Are you on the Tito dies die because US key tones. In your. Urine and I'm like I'm not doing what the hell was not even try and but I guess I was just dehydrated desk anyway Tito diet. Atkins Diet yes and the ever popular. Lay yo diet oh okay Leo that's right forget about the our armed they're all. Different diets where they say carves bad everyday and like pro senior seesaw else. But avoid cards like to play that's a universal law of avoiding cars in general no bread no lake Rais all the things that are really start gee Matt how did you help. Back Falwell does like 121000. Why it's it's tough talk to. Low carb diets are now back another okay what's researchers analyzed previous data collected from a bunch of people in the United States. They found. If you get all your stuff from. Protein and none from cards you're not living as long sore body actually means a little bit of the car and stuff. Cause more than a little bit but he knew all around the people who receive between fifty and 65%. Of their calories from car herbs. So house while there are calories from currents. Have the longest life stance although I got what is said Dick Palin's four years longer. Then those who got a 30% or less of their energy from carbohydrates the resources we car reached up to. To live healthier and longer we're supposed to do cards are easy with a healthier just live longer. So many. I see here that's all live for drier. It's tougher to take some Ralitsa 85 considered yes you're going to be a wall wrist she wins if a hardened arteries a while but she can't die. Has your I don't confuse it's an upside. Yeah so if you're doing the thing in your getting like zero of your Dubai you weren't you word according to this you're literally shorting your life. My four years so this is why you Wonder Bread alive because the of this exactly avenue this is why yes nothing you do with a lack of discipline. Tests for ST you outlive all of this and we all got a leg look in the mirror and go watch. Just.